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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Depression and Suicide!

Written by me.

Depression and suicide cases reported breaks my fragile heart. Depression kills faster than AIDS. What does depression mean? It is a state of low mood aversion to activity that can affect a person's thought. Some people don't even know they are depress. They may feel things are not working fine with them.

Some people that finds themselves depress are either hopeless, sad, helpless, worthless, guilty of something,
empty and restless. Some people get depressed because of abandonment, loneliness, bullying, negligence, child abuse, heartbreak, sickness and even joblessness.
Depressed victims feel life is over for them and nothing can be done except they run away, attempt or commit suicide, which is not an option. Have it at the back of your mind, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If ever you see anyone exhibiting signs like: Making comments about been hopeless and useless, calling loved ones to bid them goodbye, losing interest in what makes them cheerful, always want to be alone, talk about death or sad all the time, please be concerned, ask questions and show that person love. Report the case to close family or even friends and not foes. The rate of suicide cases in Nigeria and overseas is alarming and disheartening.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide prevention, between 20% and 50% of people who commit suicide have had a previous attempt. I believe when there is life, then there is hope. No one deserves to die prematurely and a painful death. NO ONE!!

If you find yourself depressed, please talk to someone close to you or a matured and a wise person. Think about happy memories and smile. Your body is the temple of God, so it shouldn't be violated. We have no right to take our lives just because of being depressed. Although it's not easy but we must fight it out to shame the devil. The bible condemns suicide. In the bible Corinthians 10:31 reveals that the holy spirit dwells in those who are saved. It is our responsibility to treat Him with respect, and suicide is not appropriate.
God made us all in his own image that should give us the strength and courage to fight off depression. You can find a new hobby to occupy yourself, eat healthy (plenty if fruits), make new friends, PRAY, create goals, exercise, go out, change the way you think, always remain positive and go out have fun, IT IS ALLOWED!!!

There's hope if you believe and have faith in God that everything is definitely going to be alright.


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