Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Smile! It won't harm you!


Recently, I asked someone close to me why I rarely perceive a smile on her face. I had no other choice than to voice out. She replied "nothing amuses me."

As it gotten to that? How can? I was surprise by what she uttered because I know her to be very a nice, kind, brilliant and stubborn person (lol), so why the straight face? Anyway I advised her to always smile. There are a lot of others just like her.

Smiling is an expression denoting sociability, amusement. It is also a sign to show happiness. Even when good news is shared to people like them, they put on a hard face even when deep in their hearts, they are happy. So why that face? Are you a sadist? People who study psychology such as Freesias-Magalhaes view smile as an affect display that can communicate feelings such as pride, love, contempt, embarrashment and happiness.

As long you should force a smile, don't do that because if someone notices it, you might appear decietful to that person. A 'genuine' smile from your lips can draw attention to you. Proverbs 15:30 says 'A friendly smile makes you happy, and good news makes you feel strong.'

Please always smile. Smile out of love. Don't hold it back. It shows you are friendly and there can never be a dull moment spent with you. How can someone be your friend when you are always frowning? How can someone get close to you when a joke shared with you can't make you smile? How can someone get close to you when your thirty two teeth are hidden? So put on a glowing smile after brushing (lol). A smile won't hurt or harm you.

Good morning and have a great smile today and always!


  1. I learnt that smiling and frowning gives wrinkles and face maps on time.
    Chuckle and giggle without moving ur face flesh,does that help?.
    I like dis blog.


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