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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee). Episode 16

Renee rose up on her bended knees. “You want me to eat with you?”

“Are you surprised?”

She stayed mute.

“Am I not talking to you? I demand an answer.”

“Yes I am surprised.” she answered him.

“I want you to sit down and eat with me. Is that too much for me to ask you?”

“No sir.” she in a soften tone.

“I will be mad at you if you call me sir again.”

“But there’s only one chair in your room and you are sitting on it.” 

He stood up instantly. “Sit now.”

She walked to the chair and sat gently like an innocent child. Hector went to his door and opened it. He left and came back with a plastic chair he put down opposite her. Renee quickly uplifted.

“Sit down there!” Hector uttered. “I did not bring this chair for you.” She sat down back on his leather chair. Hector walked to his door and locked it with his key.

Hector gazed into her eyes and winked at her. “Relax your mind,” he said. “You are save here. I won’t bite you.”

She positioned her head down not to look at him. His eyes terrorized her inside and she prayed deep in her heart not to have a skin contact with him. Hector sat down and gave her the fork placed on the tray and he took the spoon. He began to eat. Renee eyes went to him. 

“Are you going to watch me eat?” he asked her with a smile on his lips.

She had no answer and quickly removed her glare from him. She joined him to eat.

“Tell me about you.” he said to her after he ate a little. 

“Are you not going to work?” she asked.

He swallowed his food before he replied. “Do you want me to go to work and leave you?”

“That’s th..not wh…at I mean.” she stammered.

“What do you mean?”

“Is not that I want you to…”

“I need a yes or a no. Don’t beat around the bush.”


He smiled extensively. “Good girl. Now tell me about you.”

“There’s nothing really to say about me.”

“I was told your mother is a widow, what happened to your father?”

Her fell face and he noticed. “Oh I’m sorry. There’s no problem if you don’t want to talk about him.”

“I never knew him.”

“I am sorry about that. I heard you are a graduate of Business Administration.”


“What are your plans? Do you want to look after my father for the rest of your life?”

“No. I tried hard to get a job in the past but it was unsuccessful. I know after this place I will save some money, get another job and work towards having my own restaurant in the future.”

“I can give you a job at my restaurant close to my office. You can manage the place for a start.”

Renee shook her head. “No sir.”

Hector frowned at her. 

“I’m sorry,” she apologized sharply with the look on his fetching face.

“Will you work there?” he asked. 

“No. I want to continue to look after your father until he gets well.” Her face changed instantly and she rose up on her feet.

“Where do you think you are going to?”

“I need to check on your father. Everyone might be wondering where I am?”

Hillary knocked on his door and tampered with the handle to open it. 

“Hector,” she called his name. “Why did you lock your door and do you know where Renee is?”

Renee began to fidget.

He stared at her. “You better stop shaking.” He sauntered to his door and opened it. 

“Have you seen…?” Hillary halted to finish her statement at the sight of Renee standing close to Hector. She pointed at her. “What are you doing here?”

Hector spoke. “She was doing something for me.”

“But why did you lock your door?”

He gave her only a stare.

Hillary turned to Renee. “You can go.”

“I am not done with her.” he said.

“But dad is calling her.”

He tightened his face and faced her. “You can go now.”

Renee walked out from his room very fast.

“Why did you lock the door?” 

“How does that affect you?” he asked and walked to his bed, took his jacket, and wore it.

“I am not suspicious because she’s not your type. Did you threaten her like the way you did with Ebube?”

He chuckled. “I have never locked my room to threaten Ebube.”

“I know but what do you expect me to say?”

“I expect you to shut your trap and get busy with a job.” Hector said to her. “You are dressed up already on a Tuesday morning to go where?”

“Please don’t insult me.”

“If you don’t want me to continue to tell you the truth, mind your damn business in this house and be useful to yourself. Inform Ebube to tidy up where I ate.” Hector walked out on her and went to his father’s room. He smiled at Renee as their eyes shot at each other. He knew she was the one for him and nothing was going to stop him from having her. His father noticed his stare and cleared his throat to alert him.

“Father how was your night?”

“You are just asking me now?”

“I’m sorry, my mind was somewhere else.”

He grinned at his son. “Why haven’t you gone to work?”

“I should be on my way now. Can I borrow Renee from you for few seconds?”

Mr. Henshaw’s left eyebrow rose. “For what?”

“There is something I want her to do for me.”

He agreed and Renee followed Hector outside to his car. He turned to face her. “I want you to remain here when I get back from the office.”

“But I might have been through with your dad.”

“I don’t care. Stay with your mother.”

“What if my mother has finished before…?”

“Remain in my house until I get back.” Hector said authoritatively. “I want to see you before you go home.”

“But you can’t just tell me to wait for you when my mom and I are through for the day?”

“I can tell you anything and you will obey.” Hector opened his car door, entered inside and turned on the ignition. The gateman opened the gate.

Renee took a deep breath. She felt save in his presence and she did not want him to leave her sight. 

“I will see you later.” he said and drove away.

Joyfulness took over her. Renee blushed hard and went inside. All through they were together, Mrs. Henshaw was looking at the both of them through one of the living room windows. She wondered what are son was discussing with her cook’s daughter. What troubled her mind was the smile plastered on his lips all through their conversation.

Renee, the happiness that I have found in you unexpectedly is exciting, for me to have seen you in my house means we are destined to be together. Nothing on earth can stop me from having you. We are going to be together forever, I promise myself. I am thrilled to see your face again. I smile hard just the thought of you. I know when I have passion or adoration for something, I stay addicted to it, I never want to let go. Renee you are my addiction and you are going to stay by my side even if it means dragging and forcing you. The happiness I felt for the short moment I spent with you was thrilling. If I spend eternity with you, it will be marvelous and spectacular.

Hector drove down to his company and arranged another meeting the next day. He called Hope to ask how she was doing and when she was actually travelling. Hope asked if he had hit a jackpot with the enthusiasm in his voice. He laughed it off, saying he was just happy and when she comes back from her trip, he would let her know about something important.

He assessed his files, called the car dealer who informed him of supplying him the cars in few days. He did his necessary operations in the office and ate little for lunch. He was on his way back to his office from the eatery when his phone rang. He glanced at it and he frowned immediately.

“Hello Melissa.” he said after he picked her call.

“What is going on Hector,” she asked. “I have been expecting your call.”


“What kind of a question is that?” she asked in an angry tone. “We had an agreement to see me today. Have you forgotten so soon?”

“Oh I forgot.”

“When did you start forgetting to make love to me?”

Make love? He asked himself and shook his head.

“I totally forgot.” Hector said.  
“Are you coming to pick me up at the office?”

“I have an important meeting to attend now.” he lied.

She hissed over the phone. “Are you trying to save me for our wedding night?”

“Melissa I said I have a meeting, I am very busy.”

“Anyways, I sent my P.A to your office not too long ago.”

His eyebrows cocked. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” Melissa said. “He dropped the bill of most of the things I purchased for our wedding. You are to pay the money to the bank accounts written on the sheet. He gave it to your secretary.”

“When is the deadline for me to pay the bills?”

“A week.” she replied.


“When will I see you? I really miss you.”

“I will call you later.” Hector ended her call.

Hector you are the love of my life. There is no one of earth that can me otherwise. I feel so alive and peaceful when I stayed by your side. The way you looked and smiled at me sent waves and stimulating sensitivity into me. I do not have anything but true and undying love for you. I will be yours forever. I will remain loyal and obedient to you. You might be powerful over me, controlling but it has to be to an extent. I admit I might fall for you, be submissive but I will never be a fool for love.

“Are you okay Renee?” Mrs. Alice asked her daughter in the kitchen after preparing dinner. 

“Yes Mom. Why are you asking me such a question?”

“You have been smiling to yourself throughout the day. What is going on?”

“Nothing mom.” she said with a faint smile on her lips.

“For you to say nothing means there is something that is making you to smile.”

Renee sighed and peeped round to see if anyone was coming towards them but she saw no one. She moved very close to her mother and whispered. “Tell me you will not freak out or shout if I tell you something?”

“I will not freak out or shout, remember we are not at home.”

She spilled everything to her mother.

Mrs. Alice stared at her daughter with her eyes and mouth opened.

“Mom say something.”

She swallowed. “Are you playing with me?”

“No.” she answered. “It’s the truth.”

“No wonder you were shaking in the kitchen when you went to give Hector his food. I thought the reason you did not come to the kitchen on time was because you were in Mr. Henshaw’s room doing something, I never knew you were in Hector’s room.”

Renee giggled.

Her mother’s facial expression transformed into a sad one. 

“What is it mom?” she asked her in a bothered tone.

“He will hurt you.”

“Mom you have started again.”

She placed her hand on Renee’s left shoulder. “You are my only child and I will never do or say anything that will hurt you. Hector is a very handsome and wealthy man and you are just a cook’s daughter. I don’t want anyone to break your heart.”

“Mom he will not.” 

“Don’t talk like that Kemi.” she called her other name.

“You call me Kemi when you are very serious with me.” 

“That’s because I am telling you the truth, I do not want him to deceive you. I saw a woman with him when I went to his office to give him lunch.”

“Do you know the woman?”

She shook her head. “No but I think they have something together. She was disrespectful to me and Hector apologized on her behalf.”

“Maybe they are business partners’ mom.”

“You can’t conclude like that until you ask him.”

Renee widened her eyes. “You want me to ask him?”

“Are you scared of asking him?”

“No.” she replied. “But if he has someone he won’t be interested in me.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt my daughter.”

“I will not get my heart broken,” she said to her mother. “I don’t know why I have this feeling he will never break my heart. I believe in Hector.”

When Hector arrived at his office, he did not bother to check the content of the big envelope his secretary gave to him. He did not stay long and left before his closing time. He cursed himself for not collecting Renee’s number to hear her voice and check how she was doing. He called Hillary who informed him she and their mom went out to distribute the aso ebi to some invitees. Hector hissed at her before cutting the call.

He arrived home and Ebube met him at the doorstep.

“Where is Renee?” he asked after she greeted him.

“She is in your father’s room sir.”

He walked passed her to check on his dad and the woman he loved. Hector knocked and walked in to see Renee giving his father a glass of water to take his drugs. A graceful smile splashed on his lips as he stared at her.

He glanced at his father. “Good evening dad.”

“Good evening my son. How was your day?”


“Good evening sir.” Renee greeted him but he bluffed her off by not answering.

“I want you to see me immediately you finish with my dad. I want you to do something for me.”

She swallowed. “Yes sir.”

Hector excused himself and went to his room. After Renee was through for the day, she left to Hector’s room. She knocked on his door and he informed her to open it.

Hector came out from his bathroom with only a white towel round his waist.

Renee gasped at the sight of his tone abs, fresh and spotless body. She turned to face the door.

“Stop there!” he barked and sat down on his bed. “Where do you think you are going to?”

She was breathing very fast and he could hear her.

“Turn towards me Renee.” he said calmly.

She continued to face the door. She closed her eyes and prayed deep in her heart he should not come close to her. She would be helpless and weak if a single finger mistakenly touched her.

“Do you want me to turn you myself?”

She opened her eyes and turned towards his direction sharply.

His lips curved into a deep smile. “You always make me smile Renee and for that I will never make you cry. I am not going to come close to you because if I do, I do not know what will happen next. I want to ask you a question but first I must warn you never to call me sir again because if you do, your mother’s job will be at stake. Don’t disobey me again.”

“I won’t.”

“Good. You should know something about me, I am never scared to say what I want and what I want is you. I have never felt like this before and that is why I have to see you every day. I want you and your mother to live here with us. I will look for something to tell my mother for her to agree, as for my father, he will not have any problem with it.”

“You don’t want to tell your mother the truth about me?” she asked surprised. “You don’t want to tell her the reason you want us to stay here?”

“Do you want me to tell her?”

“My mother and I will lose our jobs!”

“I will give you and your mother your jobs back.”

“It will be complicated. I see no reason for us to stay here. ”

“I don’t want you to see any reason.” Hector said. “I want to be able to wake up in the morning to see you and also at night before I go to bed.”

A smile formed around her lips as their eyes romanced each other. Her enticing eyes invited him.

“Do you want me to come over to you?” he asked.


He appeared amused by her reaction. “You don’t have to shout Renee. I will not come close to you for now. Do we have a deal?”

“A deal?” she asked confused.

“About staying here.”

“I can’t.”

“Why?” he asked. “Don’t say no to me.”

“I just want us to take things slow.”

“Leave my room.”

She gazed at him stunned! “What?”

“Open my door and leave my room.”


“You are not going to deprive me of my happiness. If you do not want to live with me in this house, fine. Leave my room Renee.”

Her eyes were getting wet. She refused to allow him see her cry. She opened the door and shut it. Renee went to the visitor’s toilet to weep.

Hector rose up and walked to pick up his phone on the table. He dialed his friend’s number.

“Hello Weyinmi.”

“Hello chairman.”

“I want you to do me a favor.”

“Okay. What is it?”

“I want you to help me find something.” Hector gave him the details.

For three solid days, Hector did not utter a single word to Renee. Renee would go home and cry because Hector was not into her anymore. She wanted to apologize and beg him for forgiveness but there was no room for that, there was no appropriate time and opportunity for her. He neglected her all through but when she was not looking at his direction, he stared at her. He had his reasons for ignoring her and he knew it was for the best. Whenever it was time for Renee to go home with her mother, he was always very angry.

“You have been keeping to yourself for some days now, what’s going on?” Hillary asked him in the living room.

“Leave me alone Hillary.”

“If you don’t want to tell me, that’s your cup of tea. Melissa is unhappy with you.”

He looked at her. “Why?”

“You don’t call her anymore like before and remember your wedding is coming up soon.”

He was silent.

“Won’t you say anything?”

Hector touched his fore head and signed tiredly. 

“Hector, are you okay?”


“What is it?” she asked him curiously.

“Nothing.” he replied. “Has Hope travelled?”


“Let me know when you are going to visit Peter.”

“I don’t think I will visit him again,” she said intensely. “Hope called me before she travelled yesterday that she will be spending only three days in France.”

“That’s better,” he said. “I really need to see her.”

“For what?”

He got up on his feet and plodded away.

Hector left the house very early on Saturday morning for the cars arrival and he had others things to take care of. Renee anxiously waited for him to come back home but he did not. Around five in the evening, a neighbor of Mrs. Alice called her that she should rush home. The cook panicked and informed her boss and they allowed her and Renee leave. They got the shock of their life when they reached their house. Hefty men were packing things from their home. Renee’s mother ran inside the house.

“What’s going on?” Renee asked in a confused state.

A tall black man holding some documents answered her. “I am the lawyer of the owner of this house and I am sorry you no longer live here anymore.”


He gave her a fat envelope and she took it to check inside. ”That is the money your mother paid for the house.”

“This is unacceptable!” she threw the envelope at him. “My mother and I will not be intimidated.”

Mrs. Alice came out shedding tears. “I don’t understand what is going on, Renee what do we do?”

“Mom relax your mind, I will sort things out.” 

A woman came to console Mrs. Alice.

Renee turned to face the black man. “Can you explain what is going on?”

“The house has been sold and the new owner wants the occupants out of here.”

“Where do we sleep tonight? Can’t you give us some time to sort ourselves out?”

“No but you can talk to the new landlord about it.”

She sniffed her nose. “Where is he?”

“Check outside the compound, he parked his car there.”

“Please what he’s name?”

“Mr. Hector Ebuka Henshaw.”

Shock swamped over her. She hiked to meet him in fury and saw Hector seated inside his car, pressing his phone.

“What do you think you are doing to me?”

He glanced at her. “I am not doing anything bad to you. Let’s go home.”

“I am not going with you, even if it means sleeping in my mother’s shop, I will not enter your car.”

He cackled mildly. “When last did you and your mother go to that shop after you got a job in my house?”

“Hector what did you do?”

“I bought the land. You and your mother have no right to step on it as from today. You will be arrested if you lay your feet on my property.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I just want to see you every day and spend more time with you. I want you very close to me.”
She loved what he was doing but still annoyed at him. She was happy he still loved her despite bluffing her for days. 

“I forgot to ask you,” he said. “I hope you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Yes I do.” she said it to spite him. 

He handed over his phone to her and she collected it. 

“Why are you giving me your phone?” she asked puzzled at him.
“I want you to call your so called imaginary boyfriend and break up with him in my presence.”

“You are so full of yourself.”

He grinned. “Don’t you like it?”

Renee gave him his phone back, walked over to open the passenger’s door, and banged it hard after she entered and sat down.

“You can break my door if you like, I will buy another one.”

She folded her hands, breathing hard.

“What about your mother?”

“You have to go explain to her first before she can follow us home.”

“So you have agreed to follow me home?”


Hector beamed. “Good girl.” he said delightedly to her. “We are going to make a perfect couple.”

To be continued… on Wednesday!



  1. This kind love no follow oooo. He is so authoritative. Well-done Carina.

  2. Wednesday lounloun.... hector is as proud as fcuk!! Bt I still love him nd Renee...
    Kudos Carina

  3. Ck, you are a well doer. Thumbs up to you..
    Hector is so full of himself like kilode... It's so irritating.
    I feel the problem is going to be from Melissa and His mum (issues concerning class I guess).

  4. Hector's love is controlling, possessive and choking. His type won't allow u have male friends. His Jealousy would be so out of this world.

  5. Hector's love is controlling, possessive and choking. His type won't allow u have male friends. His Jealousy would be so out of this world.

  6. Ck, you are a well doer. Thumbs up to you..
    Hector is so full of himself like kilode... It's so irritating.
    I feel the problem is going to be from Melissa and His mum (issues concerning class I guess).

  7. Awwwwwww....*tightly hugs you for this long and interesting piece*

    Nma's Blog 

  8. Lol @ to be continued on wednesday before we start shouting for anoda episode,I really didn't want the story to finish mehn,l love ds story,kudos babes

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  13. still fastening ma seat belt, if u like make it friday or even saturday sef, no wahala i dey well well.

    beautiful storyline, more power to your elbow!!!


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