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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee) Episode 3

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As early as six in the morning, the next day, I woke and took my time for a clean bath before I drove home. I left the two chicks in my hotel room. I had paid them off even before we had our groove. The night with them was adventurous and kinky. They spoilt me real good and we had a date to meet again in two weeks. On my arrival, my parents and Hilary were prepared to go out together. My mother shook her head without saying a word when she saw me. My sister avoided an eye contact with me. My father and I spoke before Monday the driver drove them away.
I dashed to my room without answering Ebube when she greeted me. I took my bath again, wore a blue shorts and white singlet, and lay on my bed. I could not close my eyes to sleep or rest, I was very hungry and at the same time paranoid. My cousin Michael disappointed me, insulted my integrity for talking about my personal life with my mother. I knew he had advised me several times to discontinue my technique way of life. I bluffed him off because it was none of his business. It was my life, my beautiful composed life and I was brought into the earth to enjoy it to the fullest, no one born of a woman could stop me. Maybe if anyone could, he or she has never been born. 
Michael Ike is three years younger than I am. He is the only child of my mother's late sister Naomi who died of a heart attack fifteen years ago. My mother is two years older than her sister and they were very close during their childhood days. People mistook them as twins because they looked alike. After their parents died, my mother took a modeling job and took care of her sister needs and even after she married, she provided whatever Naomi wanted.
From the lips of my mother, after two years of my birth, Aunty Naomi went abroad for holiday but when she came back, she brought a very heavy load pumped inside her stomach. She revealed that the man responsible for the pregnancy denied it. My mother was ready to fight for her but she told her it was not necessary, she did not love the man anymore and was going to go for an abortion. 
Mrs. Harriet Henshaw, my mother, the fighter persuaded her sister to keep the pregnancy that she and her husband would be there for the baby. After some months, a baby named Michael came into the world. My parents fulfilled their promise and after the death of Naomi Ike. The day she died was the saddest day of my mother. She cried, cried, and cried, and became very lean and pale and her beauty subsided. My father begged her for months until she decided to have her groove back on. Michael was like a second son to her, she loved him like her own. 
Michael went to the same school with me and he finished with good grades. My father and I helped establish his own car business and he managed one of the eateries my father had. With my parents connections he sells cars frequently, he became a very rich dude. He was also engaged to one of the fattest woman I have ever seen in reality, I have no clue what he saw in Ndidi and she was not ready to watch her weight, she could eat until she fell asleep. I had pity for my cousin but he did not for himself. He said he was in love and that love wasn't about the physical but the matters of the heart. Bullshit!

Michael had crossed the line for revealing my secret. I was mad at him and by the time I will finish dealing with him, he will regret it. Was I going to talk to him about it? Never! What I had in my mind was going to destabilize the shit out of him! I yawned. I was damn hungry. 
"Ebube!!" I yelled her name. Within a blink, she ran down to my doorstep. 

"Come in." I said to her.
She unlocked my door and sailed in with her head bent down.

I made a face. "Why is your head always down whenever I talk to you?"

"Nothing sir." she replied sharply.

"Anyways I'm not interested in your ugly face but I am not a bad person. If you keep on like this I will have to send you away."

She fell on her knees and began to cry, begging me.

My mouth went wide open, I never expected her to cry. "But Ebube I didn't beat you so why are you crying?"
She wiped her eyes. "I'm not crying sir."
"So I'm a liar?”

"No sir." 
"Don't worry I won't send you away, you can stand up."

She rose on her feet. "Thank you sir, may God bless you."

I gave a one sided smile. "God has already blessed me. What did the cook prepare?"

"Mrs. Bola didn't come this morning."

"Why?" I asked surprised.

"She called madam that her husband was sick and he was rushed to the hospital this morning."

My face fell. "I'm so sorry to hear that. I will give her a call later to check how her husband is doing. Do you know the hospital he was admitted?”

“No sir.”

“Okay, I would have given you money to meet her where ever she is but I don't have enough cash with me, anyways I will see what I can do about it later and let you know.”

"Okay sir."

I like Mrs. Bola, she is a very hardworking woman. I glared at Ebube. "Anything to eat?"

"Yes." she replied. "There is boiled plantain, sausage roll and garden egg sauce with dry fish. Aunty Hillary kept yours."

One of my favorite food, I smiled cockily. "Who cooked?"

"Your mother sir."

My eyes widened out of shock. Ever since Mrs. Bola was employed, I cannot not remember when last she cooked.

"Okay." I said. "Microwave my food and set it on the dining table." I never liked the idea of eating in my bedroom. It was either at the dinning or in the kitchen.

"Yes sir." She answered and left the room. I sat down on my bed, thinking of what my mother discussed with me. I knew that by the time she gets back she was going to query me. She was a control freak, a narcissist who could do anything that would benefit her. She could be nice and later turn into a wounded lioness, a chameleon. In other for her not to probe me again, I had to call my fiancée. I dialed her number but she didn't pick. Melissa sent me a text that she was in a family meeting.

I replied her text: “Let us meet at your favorite restaurant by 2pm tomorrow after church.’

Melissa replied: 'Okay darling, I love you.'

I saw no reason to tell her back, I did not love her and it would be heartless for me to deceive Melissa.

To be continued.


  1. Dear Hector, plz let Melissah go since u dnt love her... dnt marry her out of pity!! All dis richkids sef... mscheeeeeewwwwww.
    I love dis Episode#thumbsupCarina#

  2. Nice nice....pls make it longer I feel bad when ever I finish reading it

  3. Nice nice....pls make it longer I feel bad when ever I finish reading it

  4. Interesting, but please make it longer. Good work Carina.

  5. Love it

  6. Wow now this is a great piece. Well done.

  7. Interesting, I'd be sure to come back for more.

  8. @Temitope... Thank you dear. you are awesome!
    @Akuoma.. . Thank u love.. I will make it longer.
    @miss cute.. Thanks! where have u been?
    @Vivian.... Greetings!
    @Gloria.. Thanks for your visit!
    @Onomiroro... Thank you. please do come back!

  9. I didn't want that to end...Carina more please?
    Nma's Blog 

  10. really enjoyed this,, loved day fact that he wasn't so hard on the house help this time around, cool, well done Carina,, and like Oliver Twist am begging for morreeeee

  11. A very interesting read indeed... Carina, u are good at wat u do. keep it up.

  12. so interesting, more of this

  13. @Pamela... Thanks for your visit.

    @Ebuka... Thank you!


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