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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee) Episode 4

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After I finished my beautiful meal, I called Weyinmi to see me immediately. I waited outside under the shade of the car park for thirty minutes of his arrival. I heard the horn of his car as he parked outside.
“James!” I called our gateman. He rushed from his mini flat to meet me.

“Sir you called me?”

“Of course I did. Open the small gate.”

“Okay sir.” He left and opened the gate for my friend of twenty years of friendship.
“My chairman!” he hailed me as usual. I rose to hug him and we sat down. I called Ebube to bring the chilled vodka in the fridge in my bedroom.

I faced him. “How was the skinny chick you went home with last night?” I asked him.

He signed. “I didn’t enjoy her at all, inexperienced.”

“But don’t you think you should stop taking girls you meet for the first time to your house? You always do it all the time. It’s wrong my friend.”

“Look who is talking, don’t you do it?”

“That is once in a while, especially when I don’t feel like going out and my parents are not at home.”

“For me, I don’t think taking a chick home after meeting her for the first time is wrong unlike you with an open relationship.”

I smiled. “Let me take that has a compliment Weyinmi.” He laughed and I joined him. Ebube came with the cool bottled of vodka and set it down on the mini table in front of us. My eyes went to her. “You see why I always complain about you, you are incompetent.”

She stared at me with her mouth ajar.

“Close your gutter. Can you not talk? Did they tie your tongue in your village?”

“Sorry sir.”

“Sorry for what?” I asked angrily. “Are you saying you don’t know what you have done?”

She scratched her neck nervously and fell on her knees.

“Come on stand up and get me two tumblers!!” I screamed at her and she rose and flee. Kneeling in front of my friend just to make me look like a bad person. 

“You are too hard on Ebube, chill.” My friend said to me.

“Weyinmi please shut up, the girl annoys me.”

“I know she’s not your type but don’t be harsh on her.”

“I’m not harsh on her because she’s not only my type but also the fact that she’s ugly, black and illiterate. For the past five years she has been with us, can’t she use her common sense to go back to school?”

“Why can’t you talk to her about her education?”

“God forbid. She’s old enough to know. Last month she completed twenty-two and at her age she does not have a certificate, she is a secondary school dropout. Is she still a baby that does not know what she wants her future to be like? Does she think that the money we pay her is enough for her and her family? She sends eighty percent of her monthly salary to her parents, I doubt if they are saving for her.”

Ebube came with the tumblers and dropped them on the stool. She apologized without me answering. She turned away, and left us.

Weyinmi spoke, “Well, I think Ebube...”

I cut him short. “Enough said about her, let’s discuss why I called you.”


I poured some vodka inside our glass cup. ”I want you to give me reports on the deals of Michael.”

My closest friends Weyinmi and Felix were also friends with Michael. He knew them through me few years ago.

He looked at me in a strange way. “I don’t understand, why me” he asked. “Why can’t you tell Felix to do that for you, he’s closer to him.”
“And you are closer to Felix. I want you to use the information you can retrieve from Felix and report to me.”

“What kind of report?” he asked me.

I cleared my throat before answering him. “He’s business deals, contract, and sales of his cars.”

“What do you intend to do with all that?” he asked me suspiciously.

“I want Michael to feel sorry for himself, I want to wreck him for a short period.”

He dropped down his glass of vodka and exclaimed in shock! “What! You want to do that to your cousin?”

I hissed out very loud. “Did he think about that before betraying me?”

“What did he do?” he asked quickly. I explained. 

Weyinmi said, “Chairman, he did that because he loves you and he wants the best for you. Please don’t do it to him, remember he’s getting married soon.”

“Getting married to that Ndidi, that Whale? That chick is with Michael because of his money and she will run when things get rough for him. I know that, right now he has invested in a deal of a large amount of money, I want it down the drain. I don’t have the details but you will, must find out for me.”

“Why can’t you tell Felix?”

That’s because Felix values friendship more than money. I know you like money more than anything in this world and I will pay you two million naira for the information of the deal and five hundred thousand naira each on any new information on the sales of his cars.”

He gawked into my eyes in complete shock. “You want to waste such money on that? How are you so sure what you intend to do will work?”

I smiled pompously. “My name is Hector, have you forgotten?”

He carried his glass cup and drank some liquid and said, “I will do it but I feel Michael don’t deserve it.”

“Nonsense! If Michael can think, talking with my mother about my private life is what I deserve, I will give him what he deserves.”

“What does he deserve?”

“I replied him. “Destabilization.”

The Henshaw’s and Hillary arrived home in the afternoon from their outing. Ebube welcomed them at the sitting room. They asked after Hector from her, who informed them he was sleeping.

“Did he have any visitor?” Hilary asked after her parents went to their bedroom.

“Yes ma.”

“Male or female?”


“Okay.” she said and left the living room. On her way to the kitchen to get a glass of water, her phone rang. She opened her handbag to check the caller Id. She froze at the caller, her sister Hope. Did Hector actually tell her about her secret? She asked herself. She refused to pick but had to after the second call.

“Hello big sis.” she said.

“How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“Where are you? I need to discuss something vital with you.”

Her heartbeat paced faster. “Is there any problem?” she asked in a scared tone.

“Not at all.” She replied. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“With the way you sound on phone.”

“Hope I’m ok, I’m at home and why do you want to see me?”

“It’s for your benefit dear. I am close to the house, expect me there in few minutes.”

Hillary sighed out of relief. “I will be waiting for you.” She hanged up.

“Are you sure about the wedding?” Henshaw asked his wife after coming out from the bathroom after his bath, with a green towel round his waist. Harriet lay on their big and magnificent bed.

“Of course I’m sure.” she answered him. “They will discuss about the date of the wedding when next they meet.”  

Henshaw looked at his dearest wife of many years of marriage, he cheated on her only twice with one woman and anytime he remembered those moments, he was delighted. He loved the woman but he loved his wife more and he was happy she gave him beautiful children, a remarkable son who at the end will inherit most of his properties, investments and name. Hope his first daughter, his favorite, he knew she was just like him, strong and hardworking. His last born Hillary, the beautiful and the most pampered one.
He said to her, “Hector does not love her and you know it, don’t allow him get married to Melissa.”

“Well, I pretend not to know he does not love her but they fit each other.”

Henshaw sat on the other side of the bed. “Don’t allow him. It will be a great mistake if he ends up getting married to her. He will find someone he truly loves at the suitable time.”

She sat down instantly, burning out of anger. “Is it when he turns fifty he will love? Your son does not know anything about loving a woman except his family. He can be nice, kind hearted when he wants to but also ruthless if he desire. Melissa is the right woman for him and no one will tell me otherwise for me to accept it.”
“You are angry because I am saying the truth.”

Harriet sighed. “You don’t know the truth,” she said in a calm voice. Getting angry with her husband over their son’s private life was pointless. ”He will love her after she start having children for him.”

He glared into her eyes. “No one forced me to marry you.“

“No one is forcing Hector to marry Melissa.”

He smiled. “Time will tell, time will tell.”

Harriet frowned at him and lay back on the bed.

Ever since Hope got married to her husband, Peter Jones, a successful lawyer Hillary became very jealous of her sister. The two of them had gone to one of their father’s restaurant for lunch. A very tall, good looking, dark and well-built man in a black suit paid for their meal, his eyes were on Hope and he begged her to have dinner with him the next day. She eventually agreed.  Hillary could not believe at her she was not yet married, her relationships does not last up to six months, in fact, her longest was three months and twelve days she calculated. She knew she was more appealing and sexy than her elder sister, ugly Hope who had the man she craved and the most annoying it was that this was her second marriage. The first one ended in a bitter divorce and the union did not produce a child because her selfish sister did not want children. Hope married Peter, a widower who lost his wife to diabetes, she left a son who they haven’t met because he was in London studying and living with his late mother’s brother. 

Whenever Hillary was with her sister, all she could think of was to poison her to death but she could not do it, their father would always say family comes first. She loved her sister but at the same time hated her for taking the man she covertly wished for and loved.

Hope arrived and dashed into her younger sibling’s room. She knocked and entered into a painted pink room with lovely design on the wall. Her rug, bed sheets and curtain were also pink. The only thing strange was the size of her bed. It was very small which she liked because she hates to share. She stared at Hope, the woman sharing the man she wants. Hope rested her back on the door.
“What do you want to talk to me about?” Hillary asked resting on her bed. “You have ten minutes to talk because I need some sleep. I just came back from an outing with dad and mom.”

She smiled, her little sister cannot change and she will do everything not to pick a quarrel. She knew that was her plan. “I want the best for you that is why me and Peter concluded you will be the perfect person for Ibrahim.”

“Ibrahim? Who is he?”

He’s Peter’s friend based abroad. He has been living in America since he was ten years old. He’s back in the country and he wants a beautiful woman for a wife.”

“And you think I am the best person for a match make?” she asked angrily. “What do you take me for? You think I can’t get a man to marry me? What the hell were you thinking?’

“Hillary you are getting me all wrong, I just felt you will be happy about this. Ibrahim is your kind of man. He is tall, very rich and educated.”

“You forgot to add a Hausa man?”

Hope laughed jokingly and went close to Hillary. “You are very funny. I won’t deny the fact that his father was a Hausa man before he died. Ibrahim converted into a Christian few years ago.”

“You and your husband had the guts to mention my name, trying to pair me up with a stranger. You two must be out of your mind. What an insult!”

She stared at her sister, stunned at her words. “Don’t insult my husband. We only want the best for you.“

“This is a joke.”

“I’m not joking. I want the best for you, my sister. I love you very much.”

Hillary grimaced. “I’m not interested!” she screamed. “Leave me alone!! Get out from my room!!!” Their mother rushed into the room panicking.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

Hillary pointed to Hope. “It’s Hope, she is disturbing me.”

“Good afternoon mom.” Hope greeted her mother who is shocked to see her.

“Keep your good afternoon to yourself. I did not know you were around and you couldn’t come to see me first.”

“I am sorry, I…”

“I don’t need an apology or an explanation. You cannot barge into my house to harass your sister. Go home and do that to your husband, please leave Hilary in peace.”

Surprised at her attitude, “But mom how can you take side with Hillary. You did not even hear my own side of the story.”

“Story or not, you are disturbing the peace of this house.”

To be continued....


  1. Wah sorta mother is this!!? I pity Hillary, u go turn 50 for ur papa ause... Devilish sister

  2. Hmmmmm, this is getting really interesting. That's why I love lovey-dovey stories. Looks like someone will end up with Ebube, but menh, the woman was harsh. Hillary my love, keep waiting lemme clone Peter. Hahaahhaahahahah.

  3. I really don't like wat the mum did...And Hilary is an over-pampered br..t.
    Waiting patiently for next episode.

  4. Just discovered your blog. I will have to go through all the stories to catch up. Nice. Click my profile.

  5. Ebube ! And Hector ! About to wed

  6. The mother is doing Hilary more harm than good. I just pray she realizes it before it's too late

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  8. Nawa for this mama o,,,,at the end of the day Hilary will blame her mum for her misfortunes,,, thanks Carina

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