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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee). Episode 9

Renee Kemi Kayode was walking as fast as she could to meet up with her mother at her place of work, a local restaurant. She was in a hurry to assist her mother who would be the only one there now, except if their neighbor’s son was there to help her serve food to customers. Renee is the only child of her mother and late father who died after her childbirth. During her childhood days, her mother did different kind of jobs to take good care of her by making sure Renee never lacked anything. Whatever she wanted, her mother provided it no matter how long it took her. Despite the fact that the woman who brought her into the world was poor but hardworking and strong, she prayed and wanted to be like her, her own mother, her role model. 
At twenty-five years of age, for the fact that she was a graduate of business administration, she had no job, she would lay her hands on anything reasonable just to make money to assist her mother who was her only priority. Renee promised her mother she would never steal, involve herself in something illegal or sell her body to make money. All she did was wash people’s clothes, clean their houses or babysit for working mothers and be paid. She needed to take responsibility to take good care of her mother. The daughter every woman wanted because she was hardworking, respectful and brilliant. Her mother was a cook good but she was the best, a fantastic cook.
Before her grandmother died four years ago, she taught Renee how to cook and gave her, her secret recipes. Whenever Renee cooked or bake at home, her neighbors would come knocking on her door to taste her delicious food. This made her happy and filled with joy. It was going to be a dream come true if her heart desire becomes reality. It was a dream for her to own a big eatery in the future. Renee was a beauty, chocolate in complexion with beautiful skin. She had brown eyes, her body size and height was average. All her life, she has only been in one relationship, not because men did not want her but she was certain her prince charming was yet to come. She broke up with her last and only boyfriend because he was not the one and she was not ready to offer her body. Renee was a virgin.

She was getting close to the restaurant when she heard a male baritone voice.
"Excuse me, excuse me." an unfamiliar voice was saying to her. She halted and turned to see a tall, slender guy.

"Yes, can I help you?" she asked impatiently. "I'm in a hurry."

The guy smiled. "I wanted to ask if we could go somewhere and talk.”

Renee left eyebrow raised. "Talk?" she asked. "Talk about what and I don't know you."

He lifted his right hand and scratched his head. "I know you don't know me but you will know me better when we talk."
"Oh really?" 
"Yes of course."
"Please what's the time?" she asked in a thoughtful tone.
He glared at his wristwatch. "It's 11:30am."

"Young man, it is 11:30am in the morning and you are here trying to woo me. Are you not supposed to be at work?"

He widened his eyes. "Excuse me?"

"If you are not jobless you should be in your place of work," she said. "Well I am not interested. I know I will not be fascinated in whatever you want to say. Kindly turn your back or move away from my direction because if you do not, if you continue to follow and pester me I will scream rape and I promise you, you will get the beaten of your life. I trust the people around me.”

She turned and walked away leaving the guy completely still with his mouth opened. 
What kind of a human being is this? He asked himself. Two minutes later, Renee finally reached her destination. 
When I arrived, I went over to check on my mother at the kitchen. I saw her seated on a wooden bench and her head rested on a table. I am certain she was very tired and for that I am so unhappy for not been here early enough to help her. I tapped her lightly on her back to wake her and she raised her head up and gave me a welcoming smile.

"Renee you are back.” she said. “Welcome.”

“Thank you ma.  I saw Daniel helping you to pack the plates. Is the food finished?”

“Yes. How are you?”

"Mom I should be the one asking you that. I am sorry for coming late, don't be upset." 
My darling mother Mrs. Alice Kayode signed. "Why should I be upset at you my daughter? I know if you had been able to come earlier than this you would, so do not apologize. Have you heard me?"

"Yes mum but have you eaten and taken drugs?"         
"Renee!" she uttered my name. "I should be the one to ask if you have eaten and yes I have taken some drugs. You worry too much my daughter.”

“Why did you cook little?”

“I am not very happy.”

“You are not happy?” I asked her surprised.

She nodded.


“What kind of a question is that? Don’t you know why I am not happy?”

I thought for few seconds and remembered the reason for her sadness. “Oh! I’m sorry about what happened and I also feel sad for Mrs. Bola.”

“Can you imagine she will be going back to the village to stay with her husband’s relatives?”

I stared at her shocked. “What! She wants to leave that job that has been sustaining her and the family? Her lazy husband…”

“Renee! Speak well of the dead.”

“Please mom, let’s call a spade a spade. I will speak the truth no matter what. You and I know he was a lazy man. What if Mrs. Bola did not have a job, their children would have died of starvation.”

“May God forgive you.” she said.

“And may God forgive him and accept his soul in heaven.”

She frowned and glanced at me. “You better change.”

 I sat beside her. “But how will she survive without a job when she relocates?”

“She will start a small business there,” she said. “She saved some money.”

“Thank God for that but it will pain her to the bones. You know anytime she speaks about the money she makes from her employer, she is always cheerful and now she is leaving her job. I feel so sorry for her.”

“I have good news though.”

I turned to look her in the eyes. “Did you win lottery?”

“You can say whatever you like. Mrs. Bola offered me the job.”

I was surprised. “She wants you to be the cook there?”


“Did you accept it?” I asked.

“Yes, did you expect me to say no?”

“I really don’t know but what happens to this place?”

“She looked round the kitchen. “We will find a way to continue to sell food. You can take over.”

I told her point blank, “I am not interested.”

“I know that is exactly what you will say. I am proud you dream big but you have to start from somewhere.”

“I know I will have to start from somewhere but not here.”

“Right now I know you will rather cook free of charge than work here but this place can’t go just like that. I know what I went through to get this place despite the fact that I used plank to build it. We have to use this place and you will handle it.”

I grumbled. “We can rent the place.”

“For money to buy slippers abi?”

“But you will earn good money at your new place of work and I might join you there. Remember Mrs. Bola said they are very wealthy and nice people. Although she may not say the truth, I am sure there is a black sheep in the family.”

“So you don’t believe all of them will be nice?” she asked.

“How is that possible? All these rich rich people and their forming attitude. Well, I might be lucky to have a job there. When are you going?”

“Tomorrow and have it at the back of your mind, you will not be going with me.”


“Because Y has a long tail and two branches,” she said jokingly. We laughed together. “Anyways, how was your outing? Did it work?" 
I hissed. "No. The stupid boss said I should meet him in a hotel tomorrow before he can offer me a job."

"Can you imagine?” she said and shook her head. “Why am I not surprised? Some men will never change."

"Some men?" I asked surprised. "I'm beginning to think all men are the same."

"Don't talk like that. There are still some good men out there Renee. Your father was a good man.

My face changed soberly. Anytime she mentioned my father in a topic we were discussing, I get shattered that he was not by my side just as my mother was. Even if I never really knew him, I loved and missed him very much.

I said to my mother. "If he wasn't a good man you won't always say nice things about him. I only hope all the good men on this planet earth are not married."

She burst into laughter and held my both hands. "Of course not my dear, it's not possible. Are you saying that you no longer believe in meeting your prince charming?"

I put on a non-smiling face. "I really don't know mum. I don’t know what to think anymore. I only hope I will get loved by a man who will treat me like I’m the only girl in the world."

She smiled. “I know you will find someone that will love, care and provide for you. My prayer for you is not to drive away your true love     with your kind of mouth.”

“What kind of mouth?” I asked her.

“Don’t tell me to narrate your story.”

I giggled. “Well, on my way here I advised a guy that wanted to toast me.” I narrated everything to her.

Her eyes went wild. "Renee you mean you told him all that?" 
"Yes of course." I said proudly.
"You and your mouth." my mother said in a worried tone. "No one will ever know that as little as your lips the words that come out could make someone commit suicide." 
I laughed at her uncircumcised joke. 
"You are laughing Renee,” she said. “This is a serious matter. The way you talk to men sometimes makes me scared. I only hope it won't put you into trouble one day.”

"Put me in trouble?” I asked.

“Of course, please caution your mouth when you talk. I do not want you to be in a situation you cannot remove yourself from and I don’t have money but only you.”

“You worry more than me but I will control what I say to an extent." I said to her smiling. "And I know it won't get me into trouble, I promise."

To be continued…. Tomorrow!


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