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The Versatile Blogger Award

I've been nominated for the versatile  blogger award by Diary of a naija mom and Pheezycorner Thank you to the beautiful ladies!
The Rules.
1. Thank the person(s) who nominated and share a link to their blog.

2. Tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate blog/blogger that you have recently discovered  or follow regularly.

7 things about me.

1. I love God and my Family tremendously.

2. I'm obsessed with Football (Team Liverpool  Fc).

3. My favorite series are Supernatural  and Bones.

4. I love to write, create stories and characters.

5. I like cooking, travelling, dancing, listening to music.

6. I don't like dishonest and arrogant people.

7. I can't wait to release my first novel and be an Author.

Rella's blog
Nma blog

Thank you for the nomination and I wish you a beautiful week.


  1. Congratulations... You deserve it.

  2. The aspect of you I like mostnis the ability to write a created stories...its really a natural and valuable gift you've gotten.

    I can't wait to read your first publication.

  3. Me too. Kiss kiss dear you deserve it.

  4. @Amaka.. Thank you.
    @Uthman... Thank you dear and God bless you.
    @Miss cute.... Awww.. Thanks! kisses

  5. Congrats dear u really deserve it

  6. Do u like supernatural too? Thumbs up gal. Congrats.

  7. @Pamela.. Thanks you..Yes oh! Supernatural is my favorite series. Love Dean!

  8. @CARINA: Congrats on the nomination,about time I see a lady who loves #Supernatural like my sister does who got her brothers hooked in the 1st place...Dean and Sam Winchester would be proud of ya*lol*hehehe*Now add The Flash and Devious Maids both now in Season 2 and won't regret it,best regards now and thanks for stopping by my blog...

  9. @ Olu.. Thanks! Love the Winchesters. I've watched the flash.. someone told me about devious maid. I will try and watch it. Greetings

  10. Congrats on your nomination.
    You love football? That's great

  11. you love football? That's a good one.

  12. I see football, congrats on your nomination sweerie..Keep it up

    Looking forward to your first novel..All the best

  13. Sweet thanks for the nomination, will let you know when I put up a post. You really do deserve such an award.

  14. @Rella... U welcome dear. Thanks


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