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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee) Episode 17

Hector went over to Mrs. Alice and she was surprised to see Hector. She wiped off her eyes with her wrapper and went to meet him.

“Good evening ma.” he greeted her.

“Good evening Hector. Please what is going on? What are you doing here?”
“I will like to talk to you privately.” He led her inside the house and ordered the men out.

“Do you know them?” she asked surprised as the men walked away.

“I will explain better after I ask for your consent.” He fell on his knees. She widened her eyes and grabbed him to raise him up but his weight could not allow her.

“Please Hector, you have to stand up.” She pleaded with him.

“I have to. I don’t know if your daughter has told you about me?”

She sighed. “Yes.”

“I have never been in love and I never believed in it but ever since I saw your daughter, I have never being the same. I told your daughter to live with me but she refused. I know what I have done is childish but I wasn’t thinking straight.” 

He dipped his right hand inside his pocket and gave her some keys. 

“I bought the house just because I want the two of you to live in our house for some time. I want you to have this place but I still want you and Renee to come with me. I do not want your daughter to know about this for now. I bought some clothes for her, they are inside the boot of my car.

She was short of words.

“Please say something.” He said inoffensively.

“I want you to stand up first.”

He rose up.

“Do you really love my daughter?”

“Yes and it’s with all my heart.”

“Are you sure you won’t abandon or break her fragile heart?”

“I will never hurt Renee, I swear.”

She smiled. “You have my blessings my son.”

Hector face brightened up with an unpretentious smile on his lips. He hugged her unexpectedly and thanked her greatly. 

“What do you want to tell your parents about us staying at your place?” she asked.

“I will tell them you had accommodation problem and you need to stay at our place for a while.”

“What about telling them the truth about you and Renee?”

“I will talk to my father first about it tomorrow and my mom will be later.”

“I don’t think they will accept her.”

“Don’t bother yourself,” he said. “My father will not be difficult.”

“What about your mother and your sisters?”

“I will handle my mother and as for my sisters, Hillary opinion does not matter, my elder sister will be happy about it.”

“Thank you Hector.”

He nodded politely. 

Mrs. Alice checked for some clothes. After that, they walked outside together. Hector informed the men to take the things back inside and lock up the place after they are through. He would contact them for their balance on Monday. 

“I bought the land where you built your shop,” he said as they walked towards his car. “You are free to use it if you like.”

“You have done enough by giving us the house.”

“Well, just know that your shop is intact if you want to use it.”

“Thank you very much.”

They got to his vehicle and he opened the door for her. 

Renee turned back to look at her mom. “Are you okay with it?”

“With what?”

“Following to his house?” Hector paid no attention to her and he turned on his ignition to drive away.

“Yes,” her mother replied. “We will stay at their house for a short period.”

Hector drove away and diverted to a suya spot before heading home. Hillary and her mother were in the living room watching a Nollywood movie when they arrived. They were surprised to see their employees back to the house with Hector. Hector took his mother to the room to talk with her and his father.

“Why didn’t you lodge them in your hotel?” his mother asked after he explained.

“Harriet,” Mr. Henshaw called his wife’s name. “This house is big enough to accommodate them. I see no big deal for them to stay here for some time.”

“He should have consulted me on the phone before bringing them here.”

“This is my house mom.” He said to her.

“And this is my husband’s house too, I am not saying they cannot sleep here but next time ask for my opinion before you take any decision.”


She gave him a side eye. “What were you discussing with Renee this morning before going to work?”

“Don’t I have the right to talk to her?”

“Harriet,” Mr. Henshaw said. “He wanted her to do something for him.”

“How did you know about that?”

“He asked for my permission.”

“Do you know what he wanted her to do for him?”

“You are beginning to talk too much you this woman.” He turned to look at his son. “I will see them tomorrow morning. Inform Ebube to take them to their room.”

“I will dad.” Hector said and left them to inform Ebube. Hillary shared the suya among everyone.

The next morning Renee and her mother thanked Mr. Henshaw for allowing them stay in his house. Hector could not take his eyes off Renee from when they went to church and came back. Whenever theirs eyes met each other, he winked at her.

Michael called to ask Hector if they could hang out but he refused, lied he was sick. They planned to see at lunch the next day. In the evening, Hector approached his father in his room after taking his drugs.

“Renee you have to wait behind.” he said to her as she was about to leave them in privacy.

“Hector,” his father said, “I hope there is no problem?”

He took a chair, put it beside the bed, and sat down. “There is something I want to talk to you about my life and it involves Renee.”

Henshaw looked at Renee and back at his son. “What is it?”

“I am a very happy man and it is because I have found someone that makes me cheerful. I am in love father and nothing can stop me from having her.”

”From having who?”

Renee appeared nervous.

“Renee.” Hector replied.

His father laughed to their astonishment.

“Why are you laughing father?”

“You think I will surprise because you are telling me you love Renee? I know how many times I have seen you look at her with those eyes. Most times you come into my room you look at her before greeting me."

The three of them laughed.

“We have your consent?” Hector asked.

“Renee, please come closer.” She did and he took her hand and Hector’s own to place together. “You don’t expect me to say no, to refuse, to deprive my own son of his happiness when I have mine. I am an old and sick man, I don’t have the heart to say no.” He released their hands and signed.

“Is there anything on your mind that is bothering you?”

Henshaw glanced at the two of them. “I know I don’t have much time here on earth…”

“Dad don’t talk like that.”

“It is the truth my son,” he said slowly. “The both of you must listen to what I have to say. The journey I see the both of you will not be smooth but very rough. You will go through so many trails, but don’t give up on yourselves. Fight for each other no matter what comes your way.”

They were all silent.

“You have my blessings.” he spoke to them.

Hector rose and hugged his dad gently. “I have always believed you will be by my side.”

“Who am I to stop you from loving the woman that completes you.” He said and informed Renee to leave the room to talk to Hector privately. She thanked her lover’s father and left.

“Is there anything else?” Hector asked.

“Have you told her about Melissa?”

He frowned. “Not yet.”


“I want to tell mom about Renee first.”

He shook his head. “No, your mother can wait but Renee has to know. Have you broken up with Melissa?”


“Oh my God! What are you doing? Are you waiting on the wedding day for you to say you are no longer interested? You know the kind of father she has, a powerful politician. Despite my friendship with him, I have never involved myself in polities because it is dirty and risky! Do you think he will side with me because I am his friend? No! He will fight you with everything he has if Melissa is desperate to marry you. You need to act fast because things will go wrong if you don’t.”

Hector was too weak to talk. He paced round the room thinking.

“Hector say something!”

He stopped to pace and said, “I never should have asked her hand in marriage, I only wanted to please mother.”

“Because then you knew nothing about love but now you know, will you give up Renee to be with another woman for the rest of your life?”

“Time waits for no man. You need to do the right thing and be prepared for whatever comes your way.”

Hector tightened his face. “I will think of a way out.”

“The earlier, the better.”

Mother and daughter sat down at the balcony. 

“Mom have you noticed something different about Hector today?” Hillary asked.



She shook her head.

“He has been in a cheerful mood today.” Hillary said.

“Hector wedding is coming up soon so what do you expect?”

“I do not think it is the wedding, something is up his sleeves but I will find out.”

“What will you find out?” Hector asked behind her.

She turned backwards and scratched her neck. “Nothing bro.”

He smiled and walked to the front of them and said to his mother. “I want to get something for dad and Renee is coming with me.”

“Did your father give you his permission to allow her follow you?”


“No problem.”

Hector called Renee and they went out together in his car. She was wearing one of the yellow gowns he bought for her. He stopped after driving far away from the house. 

“Where will you like to go to?” he asked.

Her eyebrows rose. “I thought your father sent you and me to buy something for him?”

“No.” he answered. “There is something important I want to discuss with you.”

“We can discuss it anywhere.”

“If you say so.” 

He drove away to a public beautiful garden. They walked to a quiet place and stood close to a big tree.    
“What do you want to discuss about?” she asked.

“I want you not to get upset or walk away from me. I know I have been a little possessive…”

She widened her eyes. “A little?”

He laughed aloud and his set of white teeth flashed at her. “I admit I’ve been a douchebag but it’s not my fault. What I feel for you is new to me and do not blame me for my possessiveness. I will change and be the man you want.”

“I don’t want you to be the man I want.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to trust me. I want you to believe and have faith that I will not do anything that will hurt you.”

A happy smile ran across his lips. “I will never hurt you too and that is why I want to tell you the truth.”

“What truth?”

“I am engaged to be married soon.”

Her eyes went wild! “What!” she exclaimed. “You are engaged?”

“Yes but I am not going to marry her because of you. My mother forced me on her.”

“Have you broken up with her?”

“No but I have been avoiding her.”

“How will avoiding her stop you from not getting married?”

“I will break up with her but I have to think and be smart on how to go about it.”

“When is the wedding coming up?”

“In less than a month.”

“But you have to break up with her now.”

“Yes I will, I promise you.”

She folded her hands. 

“Are you cold?”

She nodded. He pulled off his jacket and gave her to wear.

He held her left hand and squeezed it very tight. “I used to come to this place with my elder sister before she got married to her husband Peter. Whenever we wanted to get away from our mother, we come here.”

“Is she the only one you came here with?”


“Will Aunty Hope accept me?”

“She will not only accept you but love you.”

“What about Miss Hillary?”

“Forget about that one.” He said and looked into her small eyes. “I have never kissed you but I won’t tonight. I want to promise you I will never abandon you, no matter the obstacle, nothing will stop me from having you.”

“Promise me you will never betray me.”

“I promise.” He hugged her for a long time. They went back home.

For the past two days, Hector made sure he saw a glimpse of Renee before he went to work. He would come back early from the office just to see her. He felt alive and peaceful. He kept on ignoring Melissa calls, sending her text messages that he was very busy and he promised to see her by the weekend. On a Wednesday afternoon, he had lunch with Michael and spilled everything to him.

“You will never end up with Renee.” Michael said.

Hector’s eyes flashed with anger. “Is something wrong with your head?”

“No.” he replied. “I am only saying the truth. Melissa, your mother and your future father in law will never allow you marry Renee. There is nothing you can do to prevent yourself from getting married to Melissa.”
“I will see Melissa this weekend and explain things to her.”

He hissed and shook his head at the same time. “You are wasting your precious time to do that, but are you really in love with this girl? I need to see her.”

“I am deeply in love with her,” he said. “You won’t believe I have never kissed her.”

He was shocked at his statement. “Hector Ebuka Henshaw, are you sure about that?”

“I can never lie to you my brother, I just want to see her all the time. I am not saying I do not want to kiss or even make love to her, I am just holding myself but I cannot take it any longer.”

“When will I meet the love of your life?”

“Whenever you are ready.” he said.

“I will come to the house this week.” He rose up on his feet.

“Are you going?” he asked surprised. 

“Yes, I am still running around for my missing cars, we have not been able to capture the criminals.”

“I am really sorry about that.”

“I will call you later bro.” They shook hands and Michael left him. Hector called Renee on the phone, informing her to dress up. He was taking her to see his elder sister.

Hector drove over to his house, he knew his mother, father and Melissa had gone out together. Renee came out from the compound wearing a white knee length gown, blue sandals and a light make up on her face. Her long hair fell down to her shoulders. She appeared very beautiful.

When they got to Hope’s place, she was surprised to see a girl with him. Renee greeted her and sat down. Hector took his sister to the kitchen for them to talk.

“Who is that pretty girl?” she asked.

“The cook’s daughter.”

“And what is she doing here with you?” she asked confused. “I thought you came to ask for what I brought from France?”

“I am not here for that.” he said and smiled widely. “Sis, I am in love.”

She bounced up out of joy and excitement. “Tell me this is true?”

“It is true.”

“How? How did it happen?”

He narrated everything to her.

She hugged and began to cry. “I am so happy for you.” She looked at his face. “I am so overjoyed that you can actually be happy.”

“Please clean your tears.”

“It is tears of joy my brother.” Hope said and wiped her face with the back of her hand. “Have you broken up with Melissa?”

“No and that is why I also came here, I don’t know how to go about it.”

“You never loved her and I am very sure she knows. You have to see her and break up and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”

“And mother?”

“Forget about mom,” she said. “She won’t do anything and I will fight your battle with you. I know it won’t be easy but we will the win at last.”

“Dad gave us his blessings.”

She smiled. “That’s my dad. Put your mind at rest if mom does not accept her.”

“I don’t give a damn!”

“Good.” she hugged him again and hurried back to the living room. Hector followed her behind. 

“Renee stand up and hug me,” she said merrily. Renee rose up and hugged her. “I am so happy that you have made my brother fall in love with you. I know my brother can be stubborn, annoying, and controlling but he is a good man and you will make him better. Whatever he has done to offend you, I apologize on his behalf.” She glanced at her brother and back at Renee. “I prepared some food for only two but we are going to eat it together as family.”

“Thank you ma.” Renee said.

“You don’t need to thank me.” She took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen.

“Where are the both of you coming from?” Mrs. Henshaw asked them the moment Hector and Renee walked into the living room.

“I have told you to leave them alone.” Mr. Henshaw said to his wife.

“Mom I am not a baby.” Hector spoke to her. Renee hid behind him. “I took her to see Hope.”


“Harriet! Let them be.”

She was boiling inside at her husband for taking sides with their son instead of her. “I will neglect what you did today because of your father. Mrs. Alice could not tell me the reason her daughter left here with you but this must never happen again.”

“Okay mom.” Hector apologized.

“Sorry ma.” Renee said innocently.

“Sorry for yourself.” she hissed at her.

The two of them went to their separate rooms to have their baths.

After taking his bath, Hector wore only a blue jean and a white singlet. He opened his door gently and peeped outside. He sighted Renee along the hallway; he tiptoed and gestured towards Renee and clutched her right hand.

“Where are you taking me to?” she said quietly.

He did not answer but carried her into his room and locked the door. He pushed her gently against the wall and smelt her hair.

“You smell good,” he whispered into her left ear. Renee gasped and she trembled in sweet anticipation. He pressed his body against her. His eyes darkened as he glared turned brutal. “I want you to kiss me.”

Venerable Renee without hesitation unfastened her mouth, bit her lower lip seductively, and gave him a kiss of affectionate sweetness. She tasted like chocolate as their lips glued each other, electrifying sensation rushed inside them. She clinched her arms around his neck and he held her firmly by the waist. He released his lips but she wanted more. He raised her up and set her down on his table, tossing away things to the floor. The passion burned him. He licked her neck and crossed over to her chest. Her right hand travelled below and she felt him hard. Her body shuddered as he slipped his hand under her nightie.

“ don’t want to make now.” she stuttered. They were breathing very fast.

“I will not make love to you,” he said. “You will be the one to tell me when to make love to you.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Shut up, you talk too much.” He kissed her irresistibly. She groaned as he caressed her body. 

“I want you Hector.” she fell helplessly in romance. He stopped.   

“What happened?” she asked surprised. He dropped her down.

“I want you to use the key to lock yourself in my room, I am coming.”
“Where are you going to?”
“I need to go talk to my mother.” He said and opened the door.

Hector strolled down to the living room to see his parents and Hillary chatting.

Hillary rose to him and spoke up before he did. “I was talking to father about my monthly allowance.”

Hector frowned at her. “Don’t spoil my mood tonight,” he said. “What about your monthly allowance?”

“I want it increased.”

He hissed. “In your dreams, I give you two days to start calculating what you will do otherwise your allowance will be slashed by fifty percent.”

 “You will do no such thing!”

Their father chuckled and his wife furiously glared at him.

“Really?” Hector asked and shook his head. “Ask yourself, will I really reduce it?”

She stared at her brother’s eyes. “Hector please.”
“Start behaving like a woman and be independent for once in your life.”

“But you will be getting married in few weeks. I do not see any reason why you want to reduce it, we will no longer be living with each other again.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, I will be staying here.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I am no longer getting married to Melissa.”

Mrs. Harriet jumped up! What he said felt like a bomb to her. Mr. Henshaw remained calmed and looked at his wife. Hillary stared at her brother dumbfounded.

“What did you just say?” his mother asked him.

He turned to face her. “Oh! I came here to tell you something before this tortoise came to block my way. I will not marry 1Melissa again.”

“That will be over my dead body!” she yelled.

“That is none of my business!” he said in an angry tone. “The wedding is cancelled.”

To be continued.... Friday evening oo... lol


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    1. There is definitely going to be a ghen Ghen moment. I'm patiently waiting for it. Lol. Carina won't disappoint.

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  4. Ghenghen.... trouble about to begin... Hector about to unleash the demon in Melissa loading....
    Would Hector and Renee's love be able to stand the storm coming soon? A rhetorical question!
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  6. Ooh gosh! Oh gosh! This episode actually sweet my inside body. Can't wait for the banging, @Carina, I trust you for that area. Can't wait for Friday oooo.

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