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Sunday, September 06, 2015


I want you all to help me praise and thank the Lord for his unconditional love for me and my family. Robbers came to my house this night but they were unable to enter, my room window was targeted.
 this is the second time in 8 months. So scared. I Thank God for his love and guidance. Pls I wont blog till  on monday or tuesday morning


  1. Awwwww sorry darling

    Thank God. They will never have a way in Jesus Name...

    Take good care of yourself and remember today is a thanksgiving sunday!!!!!

  2. Heh no wonder
    Thank God ' He is always faithful
    Thanksgiving Sunday indeed

  3. Thank God for his mercies. What is not your portion will never ever be your portion in Jesus name, Amen.
    Your home is protected by the Angels of the Almighty from any intruder, Amen.
    Thank God.

  4. I thank God for your testimony... Me he continue to be your shield; may He guard and guide you and your family now and always. Amen.

    Take good care of you Smiley.

  5. Thank God for your life and those of your family members. He is a faithful God. I am so going to miss Hector and Renee all because of those bloody thieves. Happy Thanksgiving Sunday.

  6. That must have been quite scary. Glad nothing happened and that you are safe. Best wishes!

  7. Thank God... may God continue to watch over u nd ur family. tkia of ursef dear

  8. Thank God for protection. The Lord will be your refuge and fortress and under his wings u shall be

  9. God will so punish them for scaring the hell out of you to the extent of me missing my Hector and Renee. Ha! baba God, dont forget about these thieves matter oo. Deal with them abeg.

  10. Thank you all for your messages. I'm a okay by God's grace. I will post it tomorrow. I was writing the next episode when the hoodlums came. I will finish it tonight. Thanks!

  11. May the continue to protect you dear...
    pheezy is back

  12. herd luck oooo. but the enemies will never prevail on GODS own children. amen.

  13. Just reading this.

    Thank God for his divine protection.

  14. Thank God for your life. For he will continue to give his angels charge over u, to guide u in all ur ways.



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