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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 1

The Kingdom of Izieole has a great Leader, King Nosa Obayuwana who won the hearts of his people. His people were free to lay land disputes, complains or any matter concerning them. His wife, Queen Abosede was also kind. The widows in the Kingdom never lacked anything. She provided them whatever they needed and also help the sick too. There was no day they ever saw their queen frown, she was always smiling at her people. The villagers loved their king for his compassion and allegiance and they loved their queen for her kind heart and simplicity. 
King Nosa Obayuwana, a tall man with broad shoulders sat down on his throne in his magnificent Palace. He sat down waiting patiently for one of his chiefs, Aigbokia. The head guard led chief Aigbokia inside the decorated Palace and left their premises to stand outside.

Aigbokia, a funny looking man with bright eyes. He stood in front of the king. “The chosen one of our great Kingdom, I salute you.”

King Nosa raised his hand. “My most trusted, my right hand man, you are welcome. Sit down.”

He sat down on a chair positioned by the left side of the king.

“Aigbokia,” king Nosa called his name. “I know you came here alone to tell me something on your mind. What is it?”

He sighed and shook his head. “The king of our noble Kingdom, I cannot lie or keep things from you. The elders, chiefs, your people are not happy at all.”

His face covered with surprise. “Why? Is there anything they have asked I have not done?”

“They need an heir to the throne. We need a Prince in our Kingdom. For how long do we have to wait?”

The expression on his disturbed face transferred to a sober one. “Hmmmm..Aigbokai,” he said. “The queen and I are waiting for the gods.”

“I know but you are not getting any younger. Take a second wife!”

“You are not only my adviser but also my friend. Is that the advice you can offer me?”

“It is the best advice my king, the people have waited long enough. They love you and the queen but something needs to be done to make them elated.”

“But I love my queen. I cannot betray the love I have for her.”

“The queen will understand,” he said. “I am sure she won’t have a problem with it. You are a king and entitled to marry as many wives as you desire. Even if you take more than twenty wives it does not change the fact that our queen remains the queen of this honorable Kingdom.” 

“The queen is more than enough for me. My father had one wife, I don’t want to be different.”

“I understand my king but this is the right thing to do.”

He touched his chin thoughtfully. “I will think about it and contact you when I have made a decision.”

“There is nothing to think about. Take a new wife.”

“Give me time, I will also discuss with your co chiefs about it. I should go and rest now.”

Aigbokia rose on his feet. “You need to rest my king.” He bowed down his head. “I salute you the great one.”

“Go home in peace.”

The king had only one sibling, his younger sister Isoken who was married to a fearless warrior that died in a war. The king sent some of his warriors to save pregnant women from being killed because they refused to bed with their king of a particular kingdom. He died fighting to save them from the wicked hands of their corrupt leader. Isoken did not remarry after her husband died and had no child. She relocated back to the palace to live with her brother. She was a black and tall woman who is never afraid to speak her mind. Isoken approached the chambers of her brother’s wife and sat down beside her on a long sofa.

“My queen, the beautiful one.” she said.

“Isoken you are always praising me,” queen Abosede said. She is an attractive woman with abundant features. “You are beautiful too.”

“Truly my queen, you are indeed beautiful.”

“Thank you my wonderful sister in law.” 

Isoken facial expression changed into a frown. 

“What is it?” queen Abosede asked. “Why are you no longer with a cheerful face?”

“There is something you need to know and I cannot hide it from you.”

“Tell me.”

“They want the king your husband to take another wife.”

The queen smiled.

Her reaction startled her. “This is a serious matter! Smiling will not solve anything, you need to take action.”

“How serious can it be?” she asked. “Do you think this is the first time I have heard about this? Let the king take another wife. We have been patient enough on the gods.”

“But the priestess has assured you about giving birth to the future king of our Kingdom.”

The queen shook her head. “I am already old to give the king and our Kingdom a prince.”

“You are not old my queen. Remember we are the same age.”

“Let the king take another wife!”

“No! I have a say in this matter because the king is my elder brother and you are my best friend. I will not see something bad coming without saying or doing anything about it. My instincts never fail me and you know it.”

“Even if he takes another wife, I will still remain queen. Have you forgotten our tradition?”

“Shift tradition aside, I will never accept another wife here. There will be a big problem in the future if another woman shares the king’s bed with you. I want the best for you because I love you.”

She touched her on the left hand. “And I love you Isoken. I know you want the best for me but this is the right thing for the king to do. I desperately want to hear a cry of a baby in this palace. The people of our Kingdom have been patient with me and they have tried.” 

“I also want a cry of a child in this house but I believe the gods will remember you and my brother. Have you forgotten the prophecy that says you shall give birth to the heir? Have you forgotten so soon?”

The queen sighed. “What if the prophecy is untrue? I can no longer wait.”

“The priestess can never lie.”

“I cannot wait anymore my dear Isoken.” 

“What if she gives birth to a son before you?”

“Then it is the will of the gods!”


The queen entered into her husband’s room. He was standing, facing a window. He unnoticed her arrival. 

“The king of my heart,” she said politely. “My king I greet you.” She fell on her knees.

He turned to her direction. “My queen you are welcome. I did not see you come in. Please stand up.”

She rose on her feet. “That is because you were deep in your thoughts. How would you have known?”

“There is a lot on my mind but there's no cause for alarm.”

“Are you still thinking of taking another wife?”

He raised his left eyebrow. “My queen, how did you know about this? Who told you?”

“No one has to tell me that there is pressure on you to take another wife.”

“Well I have decided not to marry another woman. I believe the gods will remember us soon.”

“I know the gods will answer us but now is the time to take another wife.”

“Abosede what do you mean by that?”

“My King, I beg you in the name of Orishimen, take another wife.”

“Do not call the gods name. I will not! I cannot betray you.”

“You are not going to betray me because I am the one asking for this. You will take a woman that can give you children. Do this for not only me but also for the Kingdom, the throne and our people. They have waited and waited.”

He sighed. “Do not say anything more, I will do as you say.”

“Thank you my king,” she said. ”I promise to treat her like a younger sister.”

“May the gods protect you and answer your prayers.”


“My chiefs I greet you all." The king said in his palace.

“All hail the king of Izieole Kingdom.”

“I called you all here today because of a decision I have made. I know how enduring you are all have been with me and the queen. I have concluded to take another wife.”

Aigbokia spat out his popular slang. “Oputuputu! The King has spoken.” His lips were filled with smiles.

Murmuring ensued between his chiefs and they spoke up together. “All hail the king of Izieole Kingdom.”

Aigbokia jumped up on his strong feet. “Oputuputu!” He turned to king Nosa‘s direction. “We are all happy, cheerful and bellyfied.” He touched his big stomach.

“What do you mean by bellyfied my adviser? You have come again with words not seen in the dictionary.”

Aigbokia rubbed his belly again and laughed. “It means we will no longer be hungry for a prince to take over this Kingdom after you.” He sat down.

Chief Asemota rose. He was a tall and slim man with a long nose. “All hail the king of our Kingdom. May you live long.”


“This is a wonderful news to us all. We are pleased about the good news. Thank you my king.”

“Thank you chief Asemota,” king Nosa said. ”You can sit down.”

He sat down.

Aigbokia spat out. “Oputuputu!” 

They all roared into laughter.

Chief Obaseki rose on his feet. He was a very short man with a handsome face. Sometimes they mock him of his height especially by Aigbokia whenever they have arguments. In a heat of a quarrel, Aigbokia once told him to run to the oracle and cry for making him escape being a dwarf. 

”My King I greet you.” he said.

“I greet you too.”

“Is our generous queen happy with you about taking a new wife?”

“Oputuputu! Another irrelevant question coming from chief Obaseki.”

He turned to him with an angry face. “I am not talking to you chief Aigbokai. Mind your business!”

“Quiet!”the king ordered. “I do not need arguments between the two of you today. I do not have the energy or time to settle you both. The queen was the one that persuaded me to take another wife. I was not interested about the idea of sharing my body with another woman apart from my queen.”

”My king there is love in sharing.” Aigbokia said.

King Nosa pointed at him. “I have had enough of you! This is not a celebration for me. I just want my queen, the people of this great Kingdom happy.”

“I understand my king. I am sorry.”

“May the gods always protect the good queen.” Obaseki said.

They all chorused. “Ise.”

After the meeting, chief Aigbokia waited behind by the King’s order. 

“The chiefs are really happy about it.” king Nosa said to him.

“Yes my king but have you decided who will be your new wife?”

“That is why you are here. I want you to advise me on what to do next. I mean whose daughter do you think will be right for me?”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”


“Well, there is someone on my mind. I wanted you to decide first before I tell you about her.”

“Who is she?”

“She’s the late chief Osagie’s daughter.”

King Nosa touched his chin for a short moment to think. “I remember he has an only daughter before he died. She has no husband?”

“No my king.”

“Summon her, I will speak with her myself and see if she fits the requirements to be my wife.”

“All hail the king of our great Kingdom.”

Conversation between two young women of Izieole Kingdom. They were walking together along a muddy road.

“Have you heard the latest?” Ese asked her friend.

“Heard what?” Omo asked.

“That the king has agreed to take another wife.”

“If that is what you have heard then that is an old gist. As for me I heard he has decided to take the late chief Osagie’s daughter as his second wife.”

“Really?” she asked surprised.


“You mean Abieyuwa Osagie?”

“Exactly.” Omo said.

“This is serious ooo.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know how rude she is to the poor people of this Kingdom? Ever since her father died and left everything for her, she carries herself like a Lion in the jungle.”
Omo laughed! “Don’t allow anyone apart from me to hear this ooo. Anyways I know how she is.”

“She does not have manners at all.” 

“She must have pretended to look nice in the presence of the king. And for him to accept her, I am sure she must have rolled her eyes like that of a cat.”

“Do cats roll their eyes? You are very funny.”

“I wonder who made the King to consider her a second wife.” 
“I pity our queen.”

“Yes oh! She is a mother to us all and I wonder what she is passing through now. I want the gods to answer her prayers.”

“Me too,” Ese said. “What a shame.”

“What are you two gossiping about?” A younger woman asked them from behind. They turned to look at the person. Their faces cheered up.

“Ose how is everything?” Ese asked.

“I am fine ooo.” Ose replied. “What were the both of you discussing?”

“Nothing important,” Omo answered. They continued their journey together. “Where are you coming from?”

“I went to pay a visit to my uncle.” Ose replied. “Do you two know that the king is getting married to Abieyuwa Osagie?”

“I think everyone knows now.” Ese said.

“The marriage ceremony is tomorrow.”

Ese and Omo stared at her stunned.

“Is it really tomorrow?” Omo asked.

“Yes it is.”

“The King is really serious about taking another wife.”

“Very serious ooo.” Ese said.

Ose added. “No one is invited,” she said. “My uncle said it is going to be a small ceremony between the King’s household, his chiefs and elders.”

“So the people of this Kingdom are not invited. Na wa ooo.”

“What do you want to go and do there?”

“Nothing o! May the gods protect our queen for us.”


The small marriage ceremony between King Nosa Obayuwana and Abieywuwa took place in the palace of the Kingdom. There was enough to eat and drink. The sister of the king Isoken was cheerless about it. Her instinct told her the new wife was going to be a big problem, not only to the queen but also to the Kingdom.  
What if she gives birth to a son before the queen? She questioned herself. She felt the queen was only desperate to have a child in the Kingdom. She warned her brother not to marry a second wife before the marriage began but he bluffed her off.

“Abieyuwa Obayuwana,” queen Abosede said to the new wife in her chamber the next day.

“Yes my queen.”

“I am happy to have you here with me in this palace.”

“I am also happy to be with you queen of our great Kingdom.”

“I know some people would say I am taking this peacefully, some might be saying I am pretending but no one knows what I feel inside my heart. The pain I have endured for not giving birth to a child after many years of marriage. I am in my forties without ever carrying a child in my womb. It will be selfish of me if I did not persuade the King to take another wife. I want you to see me as a good person. I will never wish you bad or cause harm to you.”

Abieyuwa smiled. “Thank you my queen. We all know how nice you are to the people.”

“I do not know what the future will bring to us but whenever you bring a child to this great Kingdom do not ever deny me the opportunity to carry your child as my own.”

“My child will also be yours my queen. I know you are a very peaceful and humble woman. I can never deny you of carrying our child.”

A smile sprinted across her lips. “Thank you Abieyuwa and if there is anything you want from me, do not hesitate to let me know.”

“I will my queen,” she said. “But there is something bothering my mind.”

“What is bothering you?”

“I don’t think the king’s sister likes me.”

Queen Abosede gave a weak smile. “Isoken likes you but she needs time to get used to you.”

“I do not think she approves of the union between the king and I. Maybe she feels I am a bad woman.”

“Then prove her wrong. If that is what you think, show her you are not spiteful or wicked. I know you have a good heart towards me.”

“I will do as you say. I will show everyone that the king made the right decision to choose me among other single women in our great Kingdom.”

“Good.” The queen opened her arms and hugged Abieyuwa. 

Abieyuwa grinned mischievously and gave an evil eye look behind the beaming queen.

To be continued…on Thursday.


  1. im loving it, your characters are real. your phrases are also commending...... well done.... looks like its another type of ola rotimis..... ill be reading....still your fan

  2. Interesting. I'm glued.


  3. hmmm... the kingdom is already on fire, chai Oputuputu! Carina what if the queen is pregnant without knowing?

    Oputuputu! okay what if another woman emerge from no where and claims she had a child for the King when they where young?

    Oputuputu! the Queen has a good heart. hmmmm...this really reminds me the story of Abraham, Sarah his wife and Hagar.

    Carina dear this story is very deep and requires wisdom to tackle it. i Pray God to continue to filled you with his Wisdom in Jesus' name, Amen.

    Carina dear, no offense please, I noticed typical error when the Queen went to the king's room.

    *His raised his left eyebrow. “My queen, how did you know about this? Who told you?”

    please am sorry if it's not an error. thank you!!! cheers!!


  4. Oputuputu! Nice one Ck
    I could imagine the scenes in a movie. Ngozi ezeonu as the queen, olu Jacobs as the king,the trouble maker actor,slim average height who has used words like ' Ovoko' in a movie ( what's his name again? ) would be Oputuputu chifOputuputu chief new wife will be ...... stilling thinking....

  5. Oputuputu! Nice one Ck
    I could imagine the scenes in a movie. Ngozi ezeonu as the queen, olu Jacobs as the king,the trouble maker actor,slim average height who has used words like ' Ovoko' in a movie ( what's his name again? ) would be Oputuputu chifOputuputu chief new wife will be ...... stilling thinking....

  6. This new wife is a time bomb...!
    Nma's Blog 

  7. Ok had to come read part 1 first. Almost tot it's the kingdom movie I watched

    This is different. Welldone dear



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