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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 2

My Muslim people I greet una ooo. Happy Eid-El-Kabir.
The second wife Abieyuwa was submissive to queen Abosede. King Nosa was joyful about the closeness of his wives. Whenever Abieyuwa and her personal maiden Eseosa goes out from the palace no one dare cross her path without greeting her. Esoesa was always giving reports whenever the king and the queen are together. The second wife was fond of showing respect to the queen at her present but behind Abosede, Abieyuwa would curse and mock her.

“I am still not satisfied with the behavior of Abieyuwa,” said Isoken to the queen.

“You assume and worry too much all the time. Try to be close to her.”

“The gods forbids bad thing for me! When I know she is pretending. Wait until she gets pregnant, then you will see her true color.”

“How can you tell she is pretending?” Abosede asked her.

“I used to hear of the unkind things she used to do to the underprivileged after her father’s death.”

“Forget about that. It could be a rumor and remember people will always talk.”

“Do you know the problem I always have with you?”

“Tell me Isoken.”

“You trust too much.”

“Are you saying I should not trust you?”

“Don’t! I have never wished you bad but don’t trust me.”

The queen smiled. “I know you are saying all these because you don’t like Abieyuwa and you don’t want me to trust her but I am telling you that she is a wonderful person. Every morning after the cock crows, Abieyuwa comes to my room to greet me, ask what I want to eat and also prays for me. What more do I have to ask from her?”

“She is a pretender!!”

“Then let her pretend as long as it will bring peace to the Kingdom.”

“I will say no more about this to you.”

“Let it be so.”

“What is the sister of the king of Izieole Kingdom doing in my territory?” the priestess asked. She was a middle-aged woman dressed in a white gown. Her hair was white with cowries decorated on it.

Isoken bowed down her head to avoid eye contact. It was also a sign of respect. 

“I greet you the eyes of the gods. I have come for something important.”

“Is the king unwell?”

“No priestess of our great Kingdom.”

“What do you want? Speak!”

“My mind is troubled,” she said. “Ever since my brother married another woman I have been having sleepless nights. I had a dream that Abieyuwa was chasing Queen Abosede with a cutlass.”

“You have to be prepared for what is going to happen after the birth of the heir.”

“The birth of the heir?”

“You can look into my eyes and talk to me.”

Isoken raised her head and saw the priestess eyes pure white! Fear gripped her.

“Do not be afraid." the priestess said. "What I see is death in the palace. I see danger, I see love and I see pain! Be prepared!!”

"Danger, love and pain?"

"Yes! You have to be brave and strong in the future!! Be prepared!!!" 

“What can we do to avoid the death from happening?” she asked anxiously. “Who is going to die?”

The priestess eyes turned normal. “It cannot be avoided and the gods has refused to show me who will be no more.”

“I am ready to do anything to stop it.”

“The king should never have married another wife.”

“You should have tried to stop him from making such a terrible mistake.”

“He did not consult me first before embarking on such an unnecessary journey. He should have waited for the gods. The queen has made an awful mistake but the gods have forgiven her. They understand she did it because she was scared never to hold a baby in her arms.”

“Does the prophecy still stand? Will she be the one to give birth to the future ruler of our great Kingdom?”

“We shall all know when the time comes. I will say no more.”

Abieywa dressed in her best attire and went to the bedroom of the king. She wanted to tell him something that would cheer him up.

“Tell me what will make me happy.” King Nosa said. 

She grinned hard. “I am two months pregnant.”

He widened his eyes. “Are you for real?”

“Yes my king.”

He embraced her with so much happiness in his heart. His face brightened up after hearing the good news. He could not hold his emotion and hiked to the door.

“Where are you going to?” she asked.

“To tell the queen the good news.” He replied.

She rose and walked closer to him. “Don’t you think it’s best we keep it to ourselves?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t think it’s best we let her know for now.”

“She will still know after your tommy becomes bigger.”

“By then I will be more careful.”

“Go straight to the point Abieyuwa.”

“The queen might hurt me after discovering I am pregnant.” She looked away from him.

His facial expression changed lethal. “This should be the first and last time you should ever say such a thing about my queen. I am warning you Abieyuwa. Don’t ever think I will change towards my queen because you are pregnant.”

She faced him surprised. “But my king you need to calm down about this.”

“I will not calm down if you don’t behave yourself. Respect yourself in this palace and I will treat you right.”
“Well, I am pregnant and I need more of your presence with me.”

“Meaning?” he asked. 

“You should spend more time with me instead of your queen.”

He dodged her question. “Should I still tell the queen about your pregnancy?”

“Can I stop you from doing that?”

“No.” he answered and walked out of his room.

The queen danced round the king after he shared the news about Abieyuwa pregnancy. She was thrilled to hear the good news.

“We need to keep this away from the people,” said her husband. “I want it to be a surprise after she gives birth.”

“The people have to know about this,” she said. “This will prove to them that you are a man.”

“Am I not a man whenever I am with you?”

“That is not what I mean. Let the chiefs and the elders know about it first and hear their own advice.”

“I will let them know.”

“Where is Abieyuwa?” she asked heading towards her entrance door.

“She should be in her room now.” 

The queen went and opened her door and motioned towards the room. She knocked on Abieyiwa’s door.

“Who is that?” Abieyuwa asked with an irritation look on her face.

“It is queen Abosede.”

She changed her facial expression. “Come inside.” The queen walked to hug the second wife but she pushed her away.

Shocked! “Have I done anything wrong to you?”

Abieyuwa rose on her feet and eyed Abosede from head to toe. “I don’t need you to come close to me.”

She placed her hands on her chest. “What did I do to you?”

“Leave me queen Abosede. I do not need you to affect me and my baby.”

“Affect you and your baby in what way?” she asked aback by the sudden behavior of Abieyuwa towards her.

“I want you to leave my room this minute,” she said harshly. “I don’t need you to affect me, period!”

“How can you talk to me in that say? Have you forgotten you are talking to the queen of this kingdom?”

She glared at her from head to toe and back to looking at her face. “You call yourself queen yet you cannot cure yourself from being barren.”


“Don’t call the gods name and pretend like you don’t know.”

Queen Abosede stared at her wordless. Her new attitude got to her.

“Defend yourself if you are not barren.”

She pointed at her. “You are mocking me?”

“I am simply telling you the truth! Leave my room, the future king is inside my womb.”

Abosede shook her head and left the room.

Young and vibrant Osato, the personal maiden of the queen ran to meet the king’s sister to alert her that Abosede was seriously crying in her room. Concerned Isoken suspended what she was doing and went to meet the queen.

“Why are you crying?”

Queen Abosede narrated everything to her.

She hissed and placed her hands on her waist. “Did I not warn you about her?”

“Is that what you should be telling me?”

“What do you expect me to say?” she asked. “After all my pleadings for you not to persuade the king to marry another wife, especially that goat that parades herself like an antelope.”

Queen Abosede began to laugh in the heat of tears. 

“You are laughing instead of you to cry more,” Isoken said and sat closed to the queen. “I don’t expect you to stop crying especially since Abieyuwa is carrying the king’s child.”

She laid her hands on her head. “Ah! I am finished.”

“She is pregnant and already calling you barren,” she said. “What will she do or say when she gives birth?”

Queen Abosede dropped her hands on her laps with tears dropping down from her eyes. She looked at Isoken. “What should I do to stop this?”

“There is nothing to be done. She is pregnant!”

“The prophecy is not true. I was never the one to give birth to the heir.”

Isoken rubbed her back gently. “Do not talk like this,” she said. “Abieyuwa may give birth to a girl.”

“What if she gives birth to a boy?” the queen asked in an anxious tone.

“Like you said in the past, then it is the will of the gods!”

She cleaned her face with a wrapper she carried from her bed. “I know you are angry at me but I need your help. Should we visit the priestess?”

“For what?”

“I don’t know. I am confused.”

“The deed has been done. All you need to work on is your relationship with the king. Abieyuwa will use the opportunity to drive him away from you but I know my brother. The king genuinely loves you and remember, juju cannot work on him. Put your mind at rest.”

“I only wanted to make the Kingdom happy.”

“I know.”

“I have not been feeling well for some days, I am just managing myself.”

“What is the cause of your sickness?” Isoken asked curiously.

“I don’t really know but I believe it’s malaria.”

“Are you sure?”

The queen facial expression changed questionably. “What do you mean am I sure?”

“When last did you see your monthly flow?”

She thought for a moment and blinked her eyes. “Isoken!”

“Yes my queen.”

“You won’t believe I have not seen my monthly flow for the past two months!”

The king’s sister bluntly rose on her feet. “May the gods be praised!”

“It has never occured to me that i have missed my monthly flow."

"That is because you are always thinking. You can put your mind at rest now."

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Abosede asked Isoken.

“You are pregnant my queen!”

Queen Abosede sprung on her feet and hugged her sister in law. “This calls for celebration!”

“Relax, you need to keep this as a secret.”

“Also from my king?” Abosede asked surprised.

“We have to be sure first before letting the king know about this. I don’t ever want Abieyuwa to know about your pregnancy when the doctor confirms it.”

“I will do as you say my dear Isoken.”

“May the gods of our Kingdom always protect you.”

“And you too.” They hugged each other again.

“Oputuputu!” Chief Aigbokai uttered in his house in the present of Abieyuwa who came to visit him. “How can you turn hostile to the queen because you are pregnant?”

“I do not like her.” 

“Everybody loves the queen.” Aigbokai said.

“I do not love her. I despise her for sharing the king with me.”

“You met her first in the palace. Don’t be greedy Abieyiuwa. It is because we have been friends for a long time I persuaded the king to choose you.”

“Don’t dare insult me!!”

“Oputuputu! As it gotten like that? You are shouting at me.”

"I am your king's wife!"

“Really? Have you forgotten you are supposed to bed with me after the marriage ceremony?”

“For what?!”

“It is to compensate me for giving you the chance to be the second wife of the king.”

She turned her face away from his direction. “I will give you what you want whenever I like.”

“Time waits for no man,” Aigbokia said. “Anyway, the king is my friend and the queen has been good to me and my family. Abosede does not need hostility from you. Show her love.”

“I cannot mingle with a barren woman.”

He shook his head.

The doctor confirmed the queen was truly pregnant. Abosede was two months pregnant and when she informed king Nosa, he was moved and shed tears of happiness. He swore never to reveal it to anyone. The king’s additional wife continued to remain aggressive to the queen without ever knowing her secret. There was a time Abieyuwa pushed the queen to the round and rained curses on her. Peaceful Abosede only prayed for her. After few months, the second wife hid her shame after finding out that the queen was also pregnant after noticing her protruding stomach.

She planned with her maiden, Eseosa to poison the queen few weeks to her delivery date. Abieyuwa went to meet Abosede and plead for forgiveness. She begged and cried. Queen Abosede had no choice but to forgive her.

“I do not trust her!” Isoken told the queen.

“She might be for real but I need to be careful.”

“Abieyuwa can never be for real,” she said. “I want you to be suspicious of her whenever she comes close to you.”

“I will.”

“I am very serious about this.”

The queen gave a smile. “I know you are serious. I will be very careful.”

The queen’s trusted and personal maiden Osato carried a glass of water for Abosede. Abieyuwa stopped her on the way and lied that Isoken needed a helping hand in the kitchen. Osato refused, said the queen was very tasty. Abieyuwa screamed at her, that she was capable of serving the queen. She had no choice but to handle over the tumbler to her and left.

Abieyuwa peeped to check around her to see if someone was coming. She dipped her hand inside her bra, took out a piece of wrapped paper, opened and emptied the content of white substance into the water. She presented it to the queen, behaving like a saint.

“You can go now,” said the queen after receiving the cup of water. “Thank you for bringing it to me.”

“You are welcome,” she said. “Why don’t you drink the water so I can return the cup?”

“Abieyuwa, you don’t have to do that. Osato will do that for me.”

She agreed and left.

Isoken and Osato burst into the queen’s chambers nervously.

“Did you drink the water?” Isoken asked her.

“I did not!”

The two of them sighed out of relief.

“I was shocked and afraid to find out from Osato that Abieyuwa insisted to give you the water.”

“You should no longer be afraid because I threw the water away.” the queen said.

“Very good!”

“What if there was nothing inside?” 

“Can I have the permission to speak my beautiful queen?” Osato asked.

“Yes my dear.”

“I peeped at madam Abieyuwa and I saw her pouring something inside your drink.”

“Orishemen!” uttered the queen.

“I ran to meet aunty Isoken to let her know immediately.”

“Thank you Osato,” said Abosede. “May the gods always guide, protect and lead you all the days of your life.”


“I want you to always watch my back. I cannot wait to have my child and don’t forget that I will continue to treat you as my own daughter. You will treat my child as your younger one.”

“I will my queen,” she said cheerfully. “I promise I will always look after the future king of our great Kingdom.”

“What makes you think I will give birth to a son?”

“I believe you will give birth to the heir of the throne,” she said. “I will never allow any harm come towards him. I promise to protect him with my life.”

“May the gods bless you for us.” Isoken said to her. 


Abieyuwa became worried that after three days nothing drastic happened to the queen.

“This woman must be a witch,” she muttered to herself on her bed. “Or maybe the gods are protecting her.”
She sighed drowsily.

Queen Abosede and Abieyuwa began to cry in the middle of the night together. They were going through labour pains the same time. The head guard and few of his other fellow guards contacted the Kingdom best doctors and midwives immediately.

The two women went into different rooms for the birth of their unborn children. Chief Agbokia and chief Obaseki stayed by the side of the king to calm him down from getting worried.

From afar, they heard the cries of two newborn babies. The king could not hold himself from smiling ear to ear.
The head guard Osas came with two matured women carrying two baby boys.

“Who gave birth first?” the king asked impatiently.

“The queen of our Kingdom gave birth first!” an elderly woman carrying a beautiful baby answered.

The king beamed. He was very happy about the news. King Nosa carried his sons one after the other and pecked them on their foreheads. The doctor who attended to the queen approached them.

“How are the women doing?” the king asked.

“Madam Abieyuwa is doing well my great king.” the other elderly woman carrying a cute baby replied.

“What about my queen?”

There was silence and sadness in their eyes.

“Have you all gone deaf?” he asked and was annoyed by their silence. “What about my queen?”

Isoken with tears flowing from her eyes ran towards the king and fell near his feet. She grabbed his legs.

“King of Izieole Kingdom,” she said soberly. “The queen is no more! Queen Abosede Obayuwana is dead!!”

***....To be continued on Sunday.
There will be an erotic short story on Saturday night! *winks.


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