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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 3

Unforgivable Housewife will be posted tomorrow evening.

“Queen Abosede Obayuwana oooo.” The town crier said walking along the streets of the Kingdom. “The Kingdom will miss you. Your kind heart to us will be missed. You left us too soon. Queen Abosede, there will be no one like you. We will miss you the great Queen!“
The palace and the people of the Kingdom went into mourning of the queen of Izieole Kingdom.

“Oputuputu!” Aigbokai said standing close to the king who was seated on the throne. “You have to be a man and forget about the queen.”

“How can I forget the woman who always put a smile on my face?”

“I understand how you feel but you have to be strong for your children.”

“Her son will never know his mother.”

“And her son will always be grateful for having a man that loved his mother. Queen Abosede gave birth to the future king of our Kingdom and I know that is what you want. You should be thankful.”

King Nosa sighed out loud and shook his head sorrowfully. “What happens next?”

“Make Abieyuwa queen after the funeral.”

The spark from the king's eyes made Aigbokai turn away. “I do not need a queen now. I don’t want any queen, I will rule on my own until my ancestors calls me and my oldest son will take over.”

Aigbokai bowed down his head. “If that is what you want, so be it.”

“No one should dare question or ask me about it. Tell your co chiefs.”

He stared at him. “Your wish is my command.”

“How can they declare that animal the future king of Izieole Kingdom?” Abieywuwa asked Eseosa in her room. “Have they all gone mad?”

“My future queen,” said Eseosa. “The head guard watched everything that happened. He could not be bribed. He insisted he was going to report to the king, I had to beg on my knees.”

“May the gods strike him dead!”


“How dare that common guard. Who is he not to accept bribe. Is the queen not dead? How could he still respect and be loyal to her after her departure?”

“I wonder.”

“I want him eliminated!”

Eseosa stared at her with her mouth opened.

“Don’t just look at me,” said Abieyuwa in an anger tone. “You have to say something! Don’t just open your mouth, you have to talk!”

“I am sorry my future queen but it will be very difficult to do and remember he protects the king.”

“I do not care any longer! He will be replaced!”

“What about the son of late Queen Abosede Obayuwana.”

“Don’t ever call that witch a queen. She is gone and should be forgotten.”

“I am sorry, it will never happen again.”

“I will do something about that evil child,” she said wickedly. “My son will be the heir and nobody will stop me, not even the king himself!”

“What about the king’s sister?” she asked.

Abieyuwa hissed. “I believe that one was pretending to Abosede. I doubt if she can protect the child.”

“I do not believe she was pretending,” Eseosa said. “That woman was very honest with Abosede Obayuwana.”

“Let’s cross our arms and watch what will happen after the burial.”

“Okay my future queen.”

The priestess and important people visited the palace to pay their condolences to the king. King NosAa informed the priestess that he was not interested to make any woman queen.

“I support you on that,” she said to King Nosa Obayuwana. “Who is looking after the heir?”

“My sister and the personal maiden of my late queen.”

“Can the maiden be trusted?”

“Of course,” he said. “Osato is a very nice and trustworthy girl. She is capable of protecting the future prince.”

“Not only will your son be protected by mortals, the gods will also protect him.”

He smiled. “I will forever be grateful to the gods.”

“Make sure you allow your sons be close. They should grow up loving each other.”

“I will do that, I love the both of them equally.”

“That is exactly what I want to hear. The problem you are going to have is if Abieyuwa bring up her son.”

“What do you mean great one?”

“Tell your wife not to corrupt the mind of her child. Tell her not to bring him up with hatred towards the heir. It will be disastrous.”

“Disastrous?” he asked worried.

“Yes,” she replied and turned her back on him. “The Kingdom will be affected, People will die.” The priestess walked away without looking at the muddled King.

After the burial of the Queen, Isoken went to her brother’s room with the heir in her arms.

“Are you troubled?” he asked his sister.

“No my dear brother,” she said. “I want to make you a promise.”

“A promise?”

“Yes.” she replied. “I want to promise you that you should never be bothered about the life of your child. The late queen was my best friend. I will never allow anyone to hurt him.”

“Are you saying you want to bring up this child in the palace?”

“Yes. I will take good care of him until he is old enough to be on his feet as a man and not a boy. I will nurture and bring him up like my own child with the help of Osato.”

“You are still young to get married,” he said. “I do not want to tie you down.”

“I have never thought of getting married after the death of my late husband.” Isoken said.

“Are you really sure about this?”

He opened his arms and hugged his sister with his son. “I will forever be indebted to you. You are the best.”

Isoken grinned.

King Nosa raised his first son to the sun in the midst of his household, chiefs, elders and the people of Izieole Kingdom.

“I present the future King to you all,” he said in a baritone voice. “He will be called Imafidon!”

“Oputuputu!” chief Aigbokia uttered. Abieyuwa eyed him. “Prince Imafidon Obayuwana!!”
The crowd cheered up happily. They roared in laughter.

The king gave Imafidon to his sister and carried his second son. “He will be called Ozazuwa!”

“Prince Osazuwa Obayuwana!” said chief Asemota.

The crowd applauded. Everyone could not stop smiling except Abieyuwa and Eseosa. Abieyuwa became angrier after the King informed her about his intention not to make her Queen. She tried all her possible best but the king remained adamant on his decision. Because of the shame he brought to her, she swore to make prince Imafidon life a living hell. Abieyuwa could not believe her eyes that Isoken was always with the prince. If she was not with him, Osato was there to protect him from her. She was enraged by their loyalty to the late queen and the protection of prince Imafidon. Abieyuwa gave Imafidon a fruit to eat when he was five years old but he showed it to Osato. She threw it away letting him know it was an unhealthy fruit. Imafidon did all his possible best to be close to Osazuwa when they were kids but he was always rejected. The future prince showed him love, his younger brother showed him nothing.

Years passed, the king was seriously sick, he had gone blind and nothing could be done to regain his sight. The priestess was quite old but still powerful. Prince Imafidon grew up to be a handsome man like his father and well known by his people as a respectful and kind man. Whenever he goes out with his personal guard/warrior Osaigbovo, he would greet the elders or even the young ones before they salute him. He helped the old men and women in their farms and tried to put smiles on the faces of children.

Prince Osazuwa is branded for being unkind, ruthless and disrespectful. He was good looking but his wickedness made people see him as a beast. Whether anyone was old or sick, Osazuwa expects them to lie on the floor and greet him. He had his own personal guard Aigbe, who always gave him information about anything happening in the Kingdom. Before a man is ready to get married, he must present his woman to the prince first and sleep with her. Sometimes they are lucky when prince Imafidon gets involved in the matter by stopping his brother. Osazuwa flogs old men who refused to give up their lands to him. He was engaged to Adesuwa, a princess of another Kingdom. 

“You are twenty nine years old already,” said aged Isoken to Imafidon in his room. “You should look for a good woman and marry.”

He smiled.

“I don’t want you to smile just like the way your mother used to do. Get a wife!”

“But I have not seen the woman I love.”

“Look for and stop parading yourself in the Kingdom helping people without getting anything in return.”

“There is nothing bad in helping people and I don’t have to ask anything in return.”

“I am not saying there is something bad in helping them,” she said. “People that benefit from you should assist you to look for a wife.”

Imafidon laughed. “Oh my dear mother,” he said to her. “You are very funny. The right woman will come.”

“From the sky?” she asked.

“No, from the ground.”

She tapped him on his hand playfully. “I am not joking. Your brother is engaged to a woman.”

“But I have tried to persuade Osazuwa from getting married to her.”


“She is not a wife material.” He answered. “She’s always insulting our people whenever she visits our Kingdom. Adesuwa is a trouble maker.”

“You better leave your brother and allow him to marry her. Face your life and focus on how to get a good girl to marry. Remember she will be the future queen.”

“I know.”

“So what are you waiting for?”

“I am waiting for the right time and I believe it will happen soon.”

She gave him a sincere smile. “I will always support you because I know you will make the right decision.”

“Thank you ma,” he said and smiled back. “Where is aunty Osato?”

“I think she has gone to the market to cook something delicious for you.”

“I want you to advise her on my behalf.”

“Tell me my son.”

“She has been a good sister and aunty to me. She is not getting any younger.”

“If it is about marriage I have talked to her about it.”

“What was her conclusion?”

Isoken sighed. “Osato said she promised your late mother that she was going to take good care of you.”

“But I am old enough to take good care of myself.”

“Osato believes her task has not finished. She is determined to protect you.”

“I have my trusted guard and warrior Osaigbovo. He will protect me and remember I have been taking private lessons with him. I know how to fight, I can defend myself!”

She shook her head. “Life has not yet started until you become king. Wait and see what happens after you take over this great Kingdom.” 

“I want to kill prince Imafidon!” Abieyuwa said to a herbalist she visited far from Izieole Kingdom.

“Woman!” the native doctor uttered. “I have told you he cannot be killed!”

“Why?” she asked angrily. “Is he not human?”

“Of course he is but the gods are on his side. They are protecting him and his late mother spirit also guards him.”

“You are saying this because you are not strong enough!”

“Quiet woman or I will curse you.”

She looked away from him. “Apart from death, what else can be done?”

He hardened his face. “Since you want your son to be the king after the demise of King Nosa Obayuwana, I can make prince Imafidon paralyzed.”

Abieyuwa turned to glance at him. “A disabled man cannot be made king,” she said and smiled. “I want it done!”

“I will give you a red rope to drop across where he will pass. It's either he pass through it or place a foot on it.”

“Consider it done!!”

“Give me a minute,” he rose from the floor, went to a calabash, and dipped his left hand into it.

“Mother, are you sure this will work?” Osazuwa asked his mother after she came back from the herbalist place.

“It will work my son,” she replied. “I am doing this for you because you deserve it. Your father married me because he wanted me to give birth to the heir but I have no clue where that useless woman got her charm to give birth to that bastard.”

“Don’t mind Imafidon! He’s always pretending to be a good person to the people.” He beats his chest with his right hand and widened his eyes. “I will be the King of this Kingdom.”

“Very good my son.“ she said. “I will help you achieve that.”

“Thank you mother.”

Abieyuwa left her room and put the rope in the doorstep of prince Imafidon's room. It was a red tiny rope.

“Prince Imafidon!” she called his name.

He came out from his room and greeted her. "I greet you your highness."

“Please come close, there is something I need to say to you about your brother.”

His facial expression changed into a concerned one. “I hope all is well with him?” he asked and moved forward to her. Prince Imafidon unknowingly stepped his right foot on the rope.

To be continued… Wednesday.


  1. according to the native doctor Prince Imafidon can't be killed because the gods are with him and that means the gods are more powerful than the native doctor.

    so let see what will happen, is either Abieyuwa will get back what she brought or Prince Imafidon will step on that nonsense and nothing will happen to him....hmmm power versus Power! the battle of the gods! wow!

    I enjoyed every bit of this.....no dull moment but full of actions and suspense!

    Carina dear, more power to your elbow!!!


  2. Hmm God of the motherless will protect him

    Each episode keeps me wanting more

  3. The Gods and his dead mother will protect him.. really nice and fascinating story

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    Good job Carina

  5. The heart of a Woman sha...
    Keep it up Carina

  6. The heart of a Woman sha...
    Keep it up Carina

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    New episode up on my blog @ www.itsdidisblog.blogspot.com

  8. This is getting more interesting! Good job Carina

  9. I felt like I was watching the real old nollywood movies. E.g things fall apart


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