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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 4

Isoken placed her hands on her head. “I am finished!” she exclaimed at the sight of prince Imafidon’s two legs the next morning. He woke up with pains, his legs swollen, and bringing out black maggots with a foul odour. It was disgusting.
“Mother,” he said to his father’s sister. “I feel pain!”
She dropped her hands down, “I am sorry this is happening to you my son. The gods should take control over this.”

Imafidon closed his eyes and tightened his mouth because of the aching he was receiving from his legs. He opened his eyes and looked at her. “What are we going to do?”

“Don’t worry, I will look for a solution about this,” she answered. “What really happened? This is not ordinary at all.”

“I felt something yesterday.”

“What do you mean?” she asked and sat close to him on his bed.

“Yesterday when highness Abieyuwa called me to speak about my brother, the moment I stepped forward to meet her, I felt a surge inside me but I never felt it was something to ponder about. Right now I feel helpless.”

She sighed. “What did she discuss with you about your brother?”

“She said I should advise Osazuwa to get married to Adesuwa very soon, that he was delaying the preparations of the marriage ceremony.”

“That is a big lie,” she said. “I am very sure she is behind this your predicament.”

“Let’s not conclude on that. She might not be the one.”

Her eyes were angry at him. “Don’t you ever say that again, I have always told you to be careful with Abieyuwa and Osazuwa.”
“Osazuwa is my brother.”

“I know but that should not make you fall a victim to them again. I know you will be alright, the gods are not sleeping and they will help you with your condition.”

Osato knocked and entered the room. “Orishemen!!” she uttered after she sighted Imafidon’s legs. “What has happened to my prince?”

Isoken explained to her and said, "The King’s wife is a suspect."

“I have never trusted that woman.” Osato said and turned to face Imafidon. “My prince, give me the permission to confront her! I am not scared because your health and safety is my number one priority! I am ready for any punishment that will be given to me!”

 Imafidon managed to smile despite the discomfort. “I cherish your love, honesty and loyalty my wonderful sister. May the gods reward you bountifully.”

“There is no need for that,” he said. “I do not want my father to know about this.”

“He has to know.” Isoken said.

“The King is unwell,” Osato said. “I do not think the King will be able to handle this kind of news about the prince.”

“Nothing bad will happen to my brother. He is a strong man and I believe nothing will happen. We need a solution about your legs. Two heads are better than one!”

(Udo Kingdom)

King Osaze of Udo kingdom sat down on his throne to talk with his daughter about her engagement with prince Osazuwa.

“Father," said Adesuwa. A tall, fair complexion and slender woman with a beautiful face. “I have assured you that prince Osazuwa of Izieole Kingdom will definitely be mine.”

“But he has not fixed a date.”

“You do not need to worry about that. He loves me and no one can come between us or even stop us from getting married.”

“How close are you with his mother?”

“I know she is a stubborn woman just like me. I have her support and we are close.”
“But why can’t you go after prince Imafidon?” King Osaze asked. “He is known to be the future king.”

Adesuwa smiled. “He was my first target but he had no eyes for me.”

“I want that Kingdom down and you are my only hope to make that happen. I want you to be their future queen.”

“I know father but you have not told me the reason behind your revenge.”

“Forget about that and do what I ask of you. Can anything be done about prince Osazuwa becoming the future king?”

“I know his mother is working on that,” she replied. “I will visit her very soon.”

“After the marriage, never ever forget your mission to tear the Kingdom apart!”

“I will never forget.”
“Let me know if prince Osazuwa cannot be made king so I can look for a solution to help you capture prince Imafidon’s heart.”

She frowned and he noticed.

“What is it my princess?”

“I doubt if any love portion can work on him. I hate to say this father, Prince Imafidon is special. I mean, that man is destined to be king. I heard about prophecy, the story of how king Nosa and his late queen waited for many years to have a child. When they could not wait any longer, he married another woman, yet the late queen Abosede gave birth to the heir.”

He signed thoughtfully. “I know.”

“I believe he should be king first before any plan to take him out can work.”

Her father nodded in agreement. “Okay my beautiful daughter. Let us wait for him to become king.”

Adesuwa rose on her feet. ”I will talk to you later.”

“May the gods always guard you.”

“Ise.” She said walked away. 

Adesuwa’s mother motioned towards the king in an angry mood. “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

He stared at her shocked. “Have you forgotten I am a king?”

“And have you forgotten I am your wife?” she asked. “The queen of Udo kingdom?”

“What is eating you up?” 

“You and your plans with our daughter.”

“It is none of your business!” he spat out.

“It is my business when I know the reason behind your plans to destroy Izieole Kingdom but I know it will never work.”

“Shut up woman!”

“I will not say anything if Adesuwa is caught red handed with your evil plans. I will deny her! Why can’t you tell her the reason you hate King Nosa?”

“Leave my presence!!”

She laughed insultingly. “You are still bitter because the late queen Abosede choose King Nosa over you. How could you expect her to marry you instead of the king of Izieole Kingdom?”

He rose on his feet. “I loved her!!”

“But she never loved you!”

“If Abosede was with me, she would never have died. King Nosa killed her!”

“It was the will of the gods for her to die. Do not allow jealousy, revenge allow you make a fatal mistake with your daughter. You will surely regret it!”

King Osaze grabbed his sword by his right side and pointed it at her. “Leave my presence!!!” he screamed. 
She had no other choice but to leave immediately. She knew there would be no head on her body if she had stayed behind.

King Nosa Obayuwana felt bad he could not see Imafidon’s legs but only to hear how it looked like with his ears. He directed them to take him to the priestess for a solution. He wept after they left him.

“Nothing bad must happen to my son.” He said to himself.

“Have you seen Imafidon’s legs?” Abieyuwa asked her son in her room.

“Not yet,” Osazuwa replied. “But I heard what happened.”

“I cannot wait to see their sad faces after they come back from where ever they went to.”

“Are you sure they will not find a solution?”

“Then I will continue to try other ways to stop Imafidon from becoming king.”

“Adesuwa sent a message through my guard Aigbe that we should allow him become king before taking any action.”


He explained.

“I hate prince Imafidon!!” she said with anger in her voice.

“Me too mother but we have to take things slowly. I will see Imafidon when he gets back.”

“Can you not look for a way to poison him?”

He smiled scornfully. “I wish I could but that useless aunty of mine will always be by his side now that something has happened to him.”

“I have plans for Isoken.” she said. “Her end is near.”

“We will surely deal with her."

(Incantations from the priestess to the gods in her sanctuary)

Isoken held Imafidon as they sat on the floor waiting for the priestess. The prince guard Osaigbovo and Osato stayed outside to wait for them.

“I hope the gods can save prince Imafidon’s legs.” Osato said crying.

Osaigbovo touched her calmly on her shoulder. “Put your mind at rest. I believe our prince will be alright.”

“His late mother will never forgive me. I am meant to protect him.”
He looked into her eyes. “You have done enough and it is not your fault. He will be well.”

She sniffed her nose. “Thank you Osaigbovo.”

“Wipe your tears please. I hate to see you like this.”

Osato smiled lightly and cleaned her face.

The priestess turned to miserable Imafidon and Isoken. “The gods allowed this to happen because the prince was careless. He should learn not to trust his enemy.”

“I have told him several times to be careful with Abieyuwa and her son.” Isoken said soberly.

“I know it’s not easy to do that because he loves prince Osazuwa. I told the king his sons must grow up to love each other.”

“Osazuwa does not love Imafidon but he doesn’t believe me when I tell him.” 

“His legs will go back to normal gradually with the help of the concoction I will give you to sprinkle on them for three days.”

“Thank you my priestess,” Isoken said happily.

“Thank the gods!”

“Thank you great one.” Imafidon said faintly.

“Do not stress yourself prince of Izieole Kingdom.” The priestess said. “The gods are always with you.”

“I remember when I came here many years ago,” said Isoken. “You told me about the death that was going to happen and it did. The great one, you also said danger, love and pain was going to happen, please explain to me.”

She shook her head. “Danger, love and pain. What has happened to the prince now is danger to his life but it will be forgotten soon. Love will happen very soon. The prince destiny will come. True love will surround his life. After three days of sprinkling the concoction on him, the fourth day will be a blessing in his life because of who he will meet.”

“Who will he meet?”

“The woman that will complete him but I still see pain.”

“How can we stop the pain from happening?”

“People will die if that pain comes! The only way it cannot happen is if prince Osazuwa change his ways.”

“I do not believe he can change.”

The priestess pointed to Imafidon. “When the time comes, you will have to be patient and learn to forgive. You will have to endure what will happen to you in the future. Have faith in your future queen, she will help this great Kingdom and have it at the back of your mind, do not give up. Do not ever give up on your Kingdom because it is yours! Never surrender!”

“I do not want anything bad to happen to my brother’s son.”

“Nothing bad will happen but Prince Osazuwa needs to change his ways! His mother has corrupted his soul!! Deadly desperation leads to destruction!!!”

(Two days later)

Prince Imafidon was regaining back his strength and the maggots on his legs were gone. His legs were a bit swollen but he was still not able to walk. He sat down opposite his brother in the palace. 

“I am happy you are getting better.” Osazuwa said.

“Thank you my brother. The gods should be praised!”

“Do you know who is behind this?”


“People are wicked. I do not know why they should attack you spiritually. All these ungrateful people you help are dangerous.”

Imafidon smiled. “The people of this Kingdom I help are not dangerous. They are very kind.”

“Is it because they have been coming to visit you? They are pretending they care because they want something from you. Stop helping them and focus more on yourself.”

“I love helping them and I am not complaining.”

Osazuwa shrugged. “Anyways it’s your life and not mine.”

Imafidon cleared his throat. “There is something I want to discuss with you.”


“Is there anything unkind I have done to you in the past that has made you unhappy with me?”

His left eyebrows rose. “You have done nothing to me. I am happy with you my brother.”

“If I have offended you in anyway please don’t hold it back, let me know so I can apologize.”

“You have done nothing to offend me my future king,” Osazuwa said. “I love you my brother.”

“I love you very much my dear brother.”

“May you live long.”


The next day, the King summoned prince Osazuwa to speak with him in his chamber. He was in a blissful mood that prince Imafidon’s legs were no longer swollen.

“There is something I want you to do for me.”

What is it father?”

“Are you aware that a farmer close to me is dead?”

He made a face. “You mean the farmer that is not of our tribe?”

“Yes. His name was Dotun and he lived in my Kingdom for many years. He was a hunter too and he used to supply me with bush meats free of charge. He was my good friend.”

“Why are we talking about a dead man?”

“I am an old and blind man,” he said mournfully. “I cannot visit his family to pay my condolences.”


“You know your brother is still recovering, please help me pay a visit to his only family.”

“Who?” he asked with an annoyed facial expression. 

“His only daughter.”

“I do not have the time to visit a wretched girl because her father is dead!”

He opened his mouth. “How can you talk like this my son?”

“Leave me alone,” he said and walked to the door. “I have a date with Adesuwa.”

The king shook his head after he heard the sound of his door opened and closed.

Prince Imafidon was no longer feeling any pain again in his legs the following morning. He was able to walk but with the help of a walking stick. After taking his bath and eating breakfast Osato prepared for him, he limped to see his father. 

“I am aware you asked Prince Osazuwa to help you check on the family of the man that died.”

“Yes my son.”

“I will do that for you now.”

“But you are still recovering. My sister informed me this morning you are limping. Please rest.”

“I am no longer limping father.” he lied. “My guard Osigbovo will follow me.”

“Don’t lie because I can no longer see with my eyes. Are you sure about that?”

“Yes.” he replied. “I am also tired of staying idle in the palace. I need fresh air.”

King Nosa grinned. “You need it my son.”

“Is that a yes from you father?”

“Yes. I want you to inform his daughter to live with us if she cannot stay alone."
“Is she the only surviving family of your late friend?” Imafidon asked. 

“Yes,” he replied.

“What is her name?”

“Her name is Omotola.”

To be continued….on Saturday.


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