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Monday, September 21, 2015

Unforgivable Housewife!! Chapter 1

This story will be featured once a week. (Every Monday). The Kingdom (episode 1) will be posted tomorrow. I wish you all a blessed week.
Why do men cheat? Why can they never be satisfied? Why do they feel women are the weaker sex? Why do they always feel they have every right to cheat and get away with it? My name is Modupe Lawson and these are the questions popping inside my head. I am standing in front of my bathroom mirror wiping away heated tears and makeup from my buffy eyes. If looking radiant for my self-absorbed husband cannot stop him from cheating why should I even try to look good? Throughout my seven years of marriage, not only has he cheated with several women, I have caught him red handed twice. Ashawo! Jude promised me he would change. Lies, big fat lies! I acted like a good, submissive, respectful wife. I always forgive him for the sake of my two beautiful children, Sarah and Sebastian, my adorable twins I had for him six years ago

Make I brief you small about myself. I am from a wealthy family. My father a well-known politician and my mother an international business woman, she has different businesses in the country. My parents are friends with prominent men and women in the society. As the last-born and an only girl, during my childhood days, they pampered and gave me anything I wanted. My two elder brothers guarded me with great love. Dey spoil me with correct Ife (love). I attended one of the best schools, travelled out of the country to further my education. After my graduation, I came back home and unexpectedly fell in love with a mere photographer. A common rickety camera man wey nor sabi anything. Although he went to school and read accounting but he claim sey nor job after graduation. Out of love, I brushed him up with my money. 

My parents and brothers gladly refused his marriage proposal. Me wey stubborn, I remained adamant and blind in love. I told them he was my shining armor, my true love, the cockroach in my cupboard, the sugar in my tea and the father of my unborn kids. At last, they gave us their blessings to get married. Jude got a job with the connection my eldest brother in a bank. After two years working there, he became the manager. My husband pretended like a saint, a puppy for only three years of marriage. With more money, new friends, mingling with people he hardly knows, he began to sleep with anybody as long as the person na woman. Woman wrapper! Shaking my head. I don suffer!

I am not a lazy woman, I no lazy at all. Jude or rather Judas Iscariot persuaded me to be a housewife. He said he did not want to stress his beautiful and sexy wife and that I should take care of our home and the children. I FOOLISHLY agreed. I was a complete Mumu. Regardless of being married, my parents put me on a bulky monthly salary, whatever amount I wanted my brothers do not hesitate to give me. I am damn lucky to have them. Over lucky dey worry me!

With part of my savings, I surprised my husband with a brand new car, bought him several expensive gifts like wristwatches, shoes. I shake my head for myself. I sponsored a trip to Canada to celebrate his 35th birthday. I even build house put e name for the house papers. Na me love pass o! I have done a lot for this Ode man just to make him happy, never cheated on him but he betrayed me, took me, Modupe for granted. Oloshi! 
Right now I am angry, I dey vex wella. Stabbed in the back, Jude betrayed me by sleeping with one of our tenant’s house girl and impregnating the newspaper vendor located at the junction of our street. Haba! How can my husband downgrade himself by doing such nonsense? How could he make me a laughing stock in my neighborhood, among my friends, even my own family o! The vendor that used to call me Aunty, dey greet like say tomorrow no go come con dey call me by my name. Nor be insult be that?

The last time wey she try am, I beat her severely. I panel beat her belle.The idiot landed in the hospital, still the pregnancy refused to terminate, e nor gree commot. E pain me! When I confronted my husband about it, he begged for my forgiveness, I threatened to cheat on him. You need to have seen him that day. E begin to dey cry like fowl. He rolled on the floor in tears, begging. Selfish pathetic ingrate!

He can cheat on me and I could not do the same? Men are self-centered! When my children see their father dey wail like Christmas goat, they begin dey cry and beg me. Dem no nor wetin their papa don do ooo. Seeing my kids cry broke my heart. Their tears touch me for my heart. I lied through my teeth, by saying I had forgiven him but my heart was jam-packed with Anger, Hatred and Bitterness towards him. Ever since that day, I swore to make him pay! I will destroy Jude for what he did. He has stepped on the wrong foot. I am unforgivable, the pain is too much to let go just like that. He will see stone and call it bread! He will see mud water and call it tea!! He will beg and suffer until he loses his breath!!! I am Modupe Lawson. I am the Unforgivable Housewife!!!!     

To be continued….


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  2. Nawaoh...the Lord is your muscle

    Nma's Blog 

  3. A lesson in love For ladies. Don't love blindly.

  4. OMG! This is going super-interesting... Following bumper to bumper...
    Ck, I hail you... you are doing well.. Muaaah

  5. Woooh carina....this is good...I dey follow bumper to bumper,some men are heartless. Every monday...waooh that's too far.

  6. all she is prayer.

    hello carina, there is a message for you at www.wlcmwisdom.blogspot.com
    i'll love to hear from you. thank you!!!


  7. miss jacob you deliver a good lesson...


  8. Looking forward to this beautiful journey.


  9. Good job CK...thunbs up

    Check out freak moment angry wife smashes brand new car her hubby gave her on DTB, click my profile

  10. Nice beginning... this is gonna be more splufik#winks# thumbsup Carina darl

  11. Ghen ghen. I can't wait to read the other part.
    Jude abi judas iscariot why art thou wicked.
    Men you cannot know their true nature until when they become rich.
    Nice read. I read this, simple and straightforward


  12. WoW, its just WoW, Dont Blame the Men ooooo. na so we see am ooo

  13. I am not really feeling the story. Too many vernacular language, it's just clashing with the English. For the character you are trying to use. She is a rich, educated and very high standard lady. I don't think the real character will use that kind of English. Just my 2 cents. Please just stick to only English. I hope to read the rest. More grease to your elbows Carina.

  14. I am not really feeling the story. Too many vernacular language, it's just clashing with the English. For the character you are trying to use. She is a rich, educated and very high standard lady. I don't think the real character will use that kind of English. Just my 2 cents. Please just stick to only English. I hope to read the rest. More grease to your elbows Carina.

  15. This is serious. Looking forward to read more.



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