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Monday, September 28, 2015

Unforgivable Housewife!!! Chapter 2

I have asked myself repeatedly if my husband has changed. I doubt because I know men can never change. No matter what you do, even if you go under the knife for plastic surgery and have a shape like Jennifer Lopez, tall as Agbani Darego, or dance like Beyoncé, they will still cheat. They are born to cheat.
My mind is not at rest because of the pregnancy the newspaper vendor has stubbornly refused to terminate. I have to discuss it with my husband for him to convince her to remove the bastard from her rotten womb. I can never be a stepmother to another child. My children will never have a sibling from another woman. Never!!

“Have you told that dog of a vendor to abort the baby?” I asked Jude immediately he woke on a Saturday morning.”

He yawned. “Is that your good morning to me?”

“Answer me.”

Jude stared at me. “She is four months pregnant.”


“It’s very risky at this stage.”

“Who told you it is risky at this stage?”

“Oh please Modupe,” he said. “I just woke up and I need to rest today.”

“Since there is no work today, you should meet the ape to convince her about having an abortion.”

“I have tried when it was a month but now her life depends on it.”

“I don’t care!”

He looked at me with a surprised expression on his face. “When did you become coldhearted?”

I hissed at him. “It is the moment you betrayed my trust and insulted me to my face by sleeping with dustbins without using condom for them. Thank the god that you serve because I do not believe it is Almighty God in heaven. You should thank the god that I was negative after I went for a HIV test.”

“I thought you have forgiven me after my pleadings with our children.”

“I have forgiven you,” I lied. “I only want you to tell the dirty pit to terminate the pregnancy. Give her five hundred thousand naira.”

“I offered her one million naira before but she refused.”

“Oh she is after our wealth abi?”

He rose from the bed, walked to the bathroom, and came out after some seconds.

“You no go tell her to remove the belle abi?” I asked.

Jude gave me an irritated look. “When did you start speaking in pidgin English?” he asked.

“Nor ask me silly question.” I gave him an answer.

“Bush woman.”

I, Modupe stood on my feet. I became infuriated with his statement. “You open your deceitful mouth and call me a bush woman right?”

“I am in no mood to quarrel.”

“I am in no mood to quarrel but to fight! You dare call me a bush woman after what I have done for you! When you had nothing, I took you out and made you into somebody. When you were begging for food, money, speaking in pidgin English, I showed you love. When I spoke in English, what did your unfortunate friends say about me? They said I was forming. Now, you are calling me a bush woman.”

“If that made you angry, I am very sorry. But I want you to stop referring to my past whenever we have an argument. I will visit the vendor Rosemary today to see if she can abort it but if she insists in keeping the pregnancy then I have nothing more to say to her.”

“Oh shut up!”

His jaw dropped. I knew he was going to be shocked because I have never told him to keep quiet in a conversation between him and me. I always showered him with respect no matter the situation. This time, my respect will be earned according to how Jude treats me. For what Jude as done, he has lost it.

“Is something wrong with you Modupe?” he asked and moved towards me.

I did not shake. He dared not lay a single finger on me. Jude has never hit me before.

“Nothing is wrong with me.”

He pointed a finger at me. “Don’t ever in your life tell me to shut up.” 

“And what will you do?” I asked with my hands on my waist, stamping my right foot on the ground.

“I will teach you a lesson!”

“God will punish you!” Before I knew what was happening, BANG!! A hot slap on my face. I saw stars!

Before I was able to open my eyes, he had walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Tears refused to come out, I was heating up inside. Jude has beaten the finger that fed him and it was time to pay the price. I am no longer interested in killing him bit by bit but once. I went straight to the kitchen and took out some ingredients to prepare breakfast for him. I thank God my children went to my parent’s house for the weekend.  

It took me close to thirty minutes to get the jollof spaghetti and fried gizzard ready. I set it down on the dining table. I sprinkled poison into his food. When he dies, I will lie to everyone that he went to pay a visit to the vendor to threaten her to abort the baby. That is a motive for murder.

I walked to the room and fell on my knees, begging my husband for disrespecting him.

Jude raised me up. “I am sorry too,” he said. “I am sorry for slapping you.”

“Thank you my love.” I said and hugged him. “Your food is ready.”

“Okay love. Let me put on some clothes.” 

I stood and watched him but my heart skipped when we heard a knock on our door.

“Who could that be?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I quickly replied. “Let me go and check.”

“Okay Love.”

I raced to the living room. “Who is that?”

“It is me Modupe.”

“Oh my God.” I murmured. “I am coming.”

I speedily raced to grab Jude’s food and disposed everything with the plate inside the garbage can in the kitchen. I sighed out of relief because I will be in big trouble if the witch outside witness the drama.

The old witch knocked again.

“I am coming mama.” I said and walked to open the door for my mother in law.

Her coming here unexpected was definitely a sign that Jude was not meant to die this way but through my initial plan. It is his destiny for me to teach him a lesson he will never forget!! I am Modupe Lawson. I am the Unforgivable Housewife!!

To be continued…


  1. nice..

  2. Too short nd full of suspense...

  3. I love this...good job Carina

  4. Chai! The fury of a woman . God saved Jude. Hmmn. She should take it easy. Shit happens mehn. Can't wait for the other part. It's getting interesting



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