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Saturday, October 17, 2015

8 amazing facts about creepy Owl

1. There are Owl Cafes in Japan, where you can pet and play with live owls whileenjoying a nice meal.They came to compete with very popular Japanese cat cafes.

2. Harry Potter Studio has been acused for treating owls abusively.The birds are kept in small cages, made to entertain public, stay frightened by camera flashes, loud music trying to release themselves by chewing the tethers.

3. Many owl species have asymmetrical ears that are different sizes and different heights on their heads. Ears are very important for hunting, theyhelp to detect where prey is located even when eyes can’t see.

4. A barn owl can eat up to 1,000 mice each year.They are used by farmers to control rodent population in the agricultural fields.

5. Owls inhabit all continents except Antarctica.They prefer to live close toinland waters and estuaries.

6. Some owls do not hoot at all.Snowy owls produce sounds similar to those made by seabirds, small pygmy owls whistle, screech owls produce whistling toots.

7. Owls are silent killers.Owls have special hooks on their wing feathers that make their flight silent, so they can eaily swoop the prey from behind being unnoticed.

8. Owl superstitions associate the birds with bad luck, death and stealing souls in many cultures.The creepy and wonderful birds were painted in caves by ancient Egyprians and Maya people.

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