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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

8 reasons you should eat Cucumber

1. Cucumber re-hydrates the body:
Cucumber replenishes water in the body
because the vegetable is 90% water. It
hydrates the body making the skin look

2. Cucumber fights internal and external
Cucumber heals heartburn and calms the
heart. Application of cucumber to the face
will give relief from sunburn.

3. Cucumber eliminates toxins and
replenishes vitamins and minerals
With the help of its high content of water,
cucumber eliminates waste products from the
body. Regular intake of cucumber dissolves
kidney stones. Cucumber skin contains
vitamin C; about 12% of the daily
recommended intake. Cucumber is also high
in potassium, magnesium and silicon.

4. Cucumber aids digestion and weight loss
Cucumber is good for people who need weight
lose as it is low in calorie. The fibre in it is
great for digestion. Daily consumption of
cucumber can help to cure chronic

5. Cucumber fights cancer
Cucumber is known to contain substances
linked with reducing the risk of several cancer
types including; ovarian, breast, prostate and
uterine cancer.

6. Cucumber is anti-diabetes and controls
blood pressure. The juice contains the hormone needed by cells of the pancreas to produce insulin
beneficial to diabetic patients. Cucumber
contains a lot of fibre, potassium and
magnesium. These nutrients work effectively
for regulating both high and low blood

7. Cucumber revives the eye:
Placing a chilled slice of cucumber over the
puffy eyes is a beauty therapy. But it really
works to reduce under-eye bags and puffiness
due to its anti inflammatory properties.

8. Cucumber refreshes the mouth:
Cucumber juice heals and refreshes diseased
gums. press a cucumber slice to the roof of
your mouth for a half minute, and the
petrochemicals will kill the bacteria that
causes unpleasant breath.

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