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Happy Independence And Happy New month!!

Happy 55th Independence day! My birthday is on the 8th.. you guys should start sending my gifts.. Lol
I wish all of you a great and wonderful month. Happiness all the way this month. Celebrate your day with love. We will never experience sorrow and sadness in Jesus name. Amen.


  1. Amen oooo...
    Did I read you write "My birthday is on the 8th"? you had better start planning the cake of that day o... Cake all the way.

    Happy Independent.

  2. A big Amen to that sis, Plus we pray a new Nigeria of our dreams will emerge.

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  3. Amen dear. May this country turn around for good cos there is nothing to happy about the independence.

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  4. Happy October 1st, best wishes!

  5. Happy anniversary....and happy new month dear.

  6. Wow! Carina dear happy birthday in Advance!!! and of course happy independence Day!!!!!

    you and Gloria Okaiman are October born! Wow! that's so good to know. *smiles*

  7. Happy birthday in advance Carina
    Nma's Blog 

  8. Happy birthday in advance dearie... nd happy independence day to all Ckreaders.

  9. Happy bornday in advance.
    Happy new month


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