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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Short Story: Unemotional Wreck.

“The Kingdom” will be posted on Sunday in the morning.
My life is totally over, I was going to die soon. I am in a prison for what I did. I am all alone, on my own with my thoughts, my heart and soul. No one loves me anymore. My father has disowned me, my mother placed a curse on me, my sisters despised me, my brother called me a prostitute, my friends told me to rot in hell and I have been labeled an outcast by the outside world. To those who don’t have a clue for what I have done wish me bad. I am not sober or have regrets for what I did, in fact I am delighted. This is my short story.
I was twenty-two years old when I met Kingsley at a birthday party. He was quite older than I was. I traced his finger but saw no wedding ring. My mind was relaxed because he was not married. When the time to dance came and the celebrant asked us to choose a partner to dance with, I went over to him and he welcomed me with a merry smile I could not resist.

How could I not tell him my name when he asked me?

“Omono,” I said.

“You are very pretty.” He said, still with a fascinating smile on his lips. 

“Thanks.” I blushed.

After the dance, he asked for my phone number, I gave it to him. I went home thinking of a man I knew nothing about. I thought about him before I slept off. It was his call that woke me up the next morning. We planned a date to meet at noon.

We met at an eatery in the afternoon and I had a nice time with him. He told me he worked in an oil firm and he was new in town. He was living with a friend and his baby mama. He said he wanted to respect them by not bringing a girl home except it was his place, which he planned to get later. I agreed. We decided to meet in a hotel on the next date and I mesmerized in his arms. I felt venerable because I was attracted to him. He made love to me in a way I have never had before.

For six months, we kept seeing in a hotel and I was preparing to enter into the university. Kingsley said he was going to help me get admission. I was very happy. He insisted he wanted to get me a small place so he could monitor me. He confessed he was seriously in love with me.

I gave my family an excuse that I wanted to live with a female friend who was also preparing for her exam to the university. I bribed a friend of mine Jessie with money to lie to my parents. I was lucky they agreed, my parents were having a hard time. My father is a police officer and my mom a petty trader. 

Kingsley pampered me with whatever I desired. I was living like a princess with everything in my new home. He gave me money whenever I needed it. The only thing that I wasn’t comfortable with was his controlling behavior but I swallowed it because I loved him with all my heart. 

Two years passed, I was in two hundred level in the university. My lover never changed but refused to get a place of his own. I wondered. He said his friend insisted he stayed with him until he was ready to get married. He was old enough because he was thirty-five years. What was he waiting for? I asked.
“I am waiting for the right time Omono, “he said. That was always his reply anything I ask him for marriage. I have aborted for him three times in that two years. I felt cheap and drained. 

After another two years of our unhealthy relationship, I was ashamed of myself. For four years I have aborted ten times for him. What was I thinking?! Even after such a shameless act, Kingsley will come to me and still sleep with me by force without protection. I can never forget the last time I removed a baby from my womb, Kingsley came to the house drunk and he said he was horny and wanted to make love to me. I begged him I was in pains. He hit me on the face for the first time and when I resisted him, he beat me up and raped me.

I was a fool for love for forgiving him. I refused to listen to anyone’s advice to leave him because I thought he would change. I never knew I was fooling myself. The day I informed him I was going to check my final year result, Kingsley agitated but I never suspected anything. He drove me down to my school and left me. I felt the world on top of my head when no result came out. I was surprised and went to see my supposed course adviser who could not understand what was going on. I went to the registrar who told me the cause of my problem. 

My admission was forged. It was a fake admission. I felt paralyzed in my mouth, hands and legs. This was unbelievable. Tears came rushing down my cheeks. I dialed Kingsley’s number but it was switched off. What was I going to do? I called my elder sister and narrated everything to her. She laughed at me. She warned me, everybody warned me about him but I was stubborn to listen to them.

Never! I was not going to allow that trench me. I contacted the celebrant of the party I met Kingsley. She gave me a number of Kingsley’s friend. I called him and lied that saying I was looking for a job and Kingsley promised to help me. I gave him a fake name and he gave me Kingsley’s home address.

“Home address?” I asked surprised.


“But I thought he lived with you?”

“Is that what he told you?” I sensed a shrug in his voice. 

“No. I only thought.”


I cut the call and entered a cab to my new destination. I got there and I knocked on the door, a beautiful woman opened and asked who I was. I lied I was searching for a job as a maid in her house. She said she wasn’t interested. 

“Please is this the house of Kingsley Ike?” I asked.

“Yes.” she replied. “Do you know him?”

I smiled. “A friend of mine knows him.” 

A little boy came to her, asking for his food.

“Your son is handsome.” I said, searching for information.

“Thanks. He loves food like his father Kingsley.”

I stared at her tongue-tied. I was dumb in few seconds.

“Are you Kingsley’s wife?” I asked after recovering from my dumbness. 

“Yes. “ I raced. I could not ask her more questions. I was helpless and reckless! This was not what I planned my life to be. How could I receive two bad news in a day? I thought of what I have passed through in the hands of a man I loved dearly. He has destroyed my life. My last abortion damaged my womb and I didn’t tell him. I kept it as a secret and I planned to reveal it to him after we get married. How can I get married to a man who had no plans to make me his wife? Just because of him, I left my father’s house and was made a sex slave. 

I went home to take my father's hidden possession without him knowing. I went back to Kingsley's house very early and I traced him to his office. I followed him.

I wasn’t thinking straight, I was mad, furious. I was taken advantage of. How could I allow that to happen and expect him to walk free? 

I called his name in the midst of some of his colleagues and he turned to face me. He widened his eyes. I didn’t care. I pulled the trigger. I Shot him without counting. I pierced into a targeted place I knew he would not survive. His heart!

Everyone around panicked and rushed towards me when I fell on the floor. 

Here I am in a cell. I was going to get hanged in the throat in few days’ time. It was my verdict for taking another human out of this world. I will shoot him one more time when Kingsley and I will meet again.

The end.


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