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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 10

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“I want to be Queen!” Adesuwa said to her husband after making love in their bedroom.

“I know how you feel but you have to be patient with me. Trust me on this!"

“But it’s past a year. What are you still waiting for?”

“The perfect time.” he said calmly.

She looked straight into his eyes. “When is the perfect time?”

“Very soon.” He replied and smiled.

She smiled back at him. “Have you thought of the day?”

Osazuwa rose from the bed and wore his shorts. “I have everything planned. In few days’ time, you are going to be happy.”

“I can’t wait!” she screamed out of excitement. “I will make queen Omotola my maid.”

The prince frowned faintly. “I thought we have talked about the queen?”

“I know you want to make her your slave but I am in the best position to handle her.”

“She is my brother’s wife and…”

Adesuwa cut him short. “Oh please! I am beginning to think you have sympathy for her. I thought you are a hard man?”

“Of course.” he said. “I am a hard man but I want to handle Omotola my own way after my plans are accomplished.”

“I can’t wait to see you sit on the throne,” she said. “I can’t wait to look at the ugly faces of the people, the elders, chiefs, Omotola and that useless aunty of yours that have refused to die. When will she follow the path of your father? They are siblings and they need to be together.”

“My father is with king Imafidon’s mother.”

“They deserve each other.”

“I can't wait to put sadness into the lives of the people of Izieole Kingdom. They betrayed me by showing that birth right stealer, love and commitment.”
“Well, they will pay for not calling me queen.”
Osazuwa stared at his wife and touched his chin. “I can see you are desperate to be their queen.”
“I am more than desperate. I want to rule with you.”
“You will.”
Adesuwa grinned at him.
King Imafidon Obayuwana left the meeting he had with some of his new chiefs. Most of his father’s chiefs were already old but Aigbokai still remains an important personality to the Kingdom. Imafidon went to the chambers of his queen and saw her moody.
“You are not happy,” he said. “Why?”
Omotola managed to put on a cheerful face. “I am okay.”
“No you are not. You are not the type to harbor things in your mind. Tell me my love.”
“I am okay my king.”
He moved to sit by her side and touched her right hand. “Please, don’t hide anything from me.”
“She sighed. “I had a terrible dream.”
“What is it about?”
“I saw you slipping away from me. We were together in a stream but all of a sudden, I saw you going into a dark place. You were calling my name for me to hold you but I couldn’t. Your hand slipped from me.”
“Is that why you are sober?” he asked.
She gazed at him angrily. “You take things for granted!”
“It may not mean anything, people dream such every day and nothing tragic happens.”
“What if this one means something?” she asked.
“My queen, you have to take a deep breath and relax, nothing bad will happen to me.”
“I am not happy with what you are saying.”
Imafidon took her into his arms. “Nothing bad will happen to me.”
“May the gods always protect you.”
(A week later)
Isoken met King Imafidon and Osazuwa laughing. They were drinking together and discussing certain issues concerning the Kingdom. She motioned to meet them.
“I can see you are enjoying yourselves.” she said.
“Aunty the wine is delicious.” Prince Osazuwa said. “Join us.”
“I am an old woman.” she teased.
They crackled at her joke.
“Do you want to see me?”  Imafidon asked.
“Yes.” she replied. “But don’t worry, I can see you are having a nice time with your brother.”
He smiled at his aunt. “I hope is not something serious?”
“No my son, please spend time with your brother.”
She left them alone and joined Omotola in her room. Osato was making the queen’s hair. Isoken insisted Osato stayed behind, there was no need for privacy. She also wanted to speak with her.
“I want to talk to the both of you.”
“Is there any problem?” Omotola asked.
“Are the two of you comfortable with the closeness between the king and his brother, prince Osazuwa?”
“Of course I am not comfortable,” Omotola said. “But what can I do? My husband seems to be happy with it. It’s a new development for him and his brother to be very close. I want it to be true and genuine but I am still doubtful and scared.”
“Maybe the prince has truly changed.” Osato added.
“But my instinct tells me my brother’s second son is acting.” Isoken said.
“What can we do now?” the queen asked with a worried expression surrounding her pretty face.
“Nothing! All we need to do is watch every move of the prince and his mother. If the prince has truly changed, then it’s good news for us but if it’s not then he might be planning something.”
“May the gods take control and protect my king for me.”
“Oputuputu!! Aigbokai uttered after Abieyuwa whispered something into his left ear in his house. They were sitting down together in his living room. His wife had gone to the market. “Are you sure your son can do that?”
“My son is capable of doing it.”
“Hmmm! That will be very good if he can accomplish it.”
“When it happens, you should be behind me to support my son to become king!”
“Of course! Even if I do not support, the people do not have a choice.”
“Prince Osazuwa my son must be made king!” she spat out.
“I will destroy anyone that tries to stop my son’s success.”
“I will help you destroy whoever do not want prince Osazuwa king.”
“Very good.” She said and smiled at him.
Abigbokai grabbed her by the waist. “Let’s go and have some fun.”
Abieyuwa stared at him amused. “Are you never tired?”
“I can never be tired!” he rose up on his feet and raised her up. He grabbed her again on the waist and led her to his bedroom.
(Few days later)
“Your highness,” Osazuwa said as he stopped queen Omotola at the hallway of the palace. She was dressed in a beautiful attire, looking very cheerful.
“Prince Osazuwa, how are you doing this morning?”
“I am doing very good and you?”
“I’m fine, thank you,” he said smiling at her. “You look very gorgeous my queen.”
“Thank you very much.” 
“Are you going out today?” he asked.
“I won’t be going out today, I want to spend some time with the king.”
He scratched his head for few seconds. “That’s nice. I will leave you to join him.”
“Thank you.” Omotola said and walked away from him.
Osazuwa gazed at her, this time the smile on his lips was a mischievous one.
Queen Omotola went to the King’s chambers and saw him dressed up.
“Are you going out?” she asked surprised.
“Yes my love.” Imafidon replied.
“Why was I not told about it yesterday?”
“That is because I never planned it.”
“Where are you going to?”
“I am going out with my brother.”
Omotola widened her eyes. “You are going out with prince Osazuwa?”
“Yes.” he said after wearing his shoe.
“But I saw him few minutes ago, why didn’t he tell me?”
“Maybe he knew you were coming here.”
“I want to spend some time with you today.”
He motioned to the queen and held her hands. “I will make it up to you when I come back.”
“Come back from where?” she asked. “Where are the both of you going to?”
“To the river.”
“What!” she exclaimed and removed her hands from him. “Have you forgotten you don’t know how to swim?”
“I am not the one swimming but Osazuwa. When we were little, my late father used to order me to follow my brother to the river to swim and watch over him.”
“Are you not happy about the closeness between my brother and I?”
“Of course I am happy but what is the need following him?”
“Memories my dear one.” He said to her calmly. “I do not see any big deal in it. I am not the one swimming.”
“I hope Osaigbovo will follow you?” Omotola asked.
“He will stay here to protect you. I do not need him. Osazuwa guard, Aigbe will follow us.”
“She shook her head. “No!”
“What is the matter with you?”
“Have you forgotten my dream so soon? We were in a stream!”
“You worry for nothing!”
Omotola burst out crying. Imafidon stared at his wife shocked!
“Please my love, don’t do this.” he said.
“Do you know the problem you have?”
“What is it?”
“You trust people easily and I only hope it will not cost you something big.”
“I will be fine! I promise you Omotola. I will come back to you.”
He went very close to his queen and touched her chin. “I will be back and nothing can separate me from you.”
“Always be…”
“On your guard.” He finished her sentence for her. She forced herself to smile. The king wiped her tears and they hugged.
“I love you Imafidon.”
“I love you Omotola.”
She sniffed her nose and glared into his eyes. “I wanted to spend time with you and tell you something important.”
“Can’t you tell me now?”
Omotola smiled. “When you come back, I will.”
He hugged his wife again and kissed her on the lips.
“Are you comfortable with your husband going out with his brother?” Isoken asked Omotola outside the palace after they waived the king, his brother and guard goodbye.
“I am not comfortable but he assured me everything will be fine.”
“Osaigbovo would have followed them.”
“He insisted Osaigbovo stayed with me and I cannot say no to the king.”
“He is like his mother. May he go and come back safely.”
“Where is Osato?” 
“She went out.”
Isoken touched her on the left shoulder. “Do not panic, your husband will come back.”
“I know he will. He promised me.”
King Imafidon watched prince Osazuwa swim. Deep in his heart, he was delighted that they were in good terms. He loved his younger brother dearly. Aigbe who gave them some privacy tiptoed and grabbed Imafidon by the throat. 
“What are you doing?!” Imafidon asked startled.
Osazuwa rushed out from the water to meet them. He gave his elder brother a punch on his face.
The king was too shock to ask any question. They couldn’t allow him as the two of them pounced on Imafidon. Osazuwa speedily took a sword from his guard and struck his brother in his stomach. Blood spilled out from his stomach and mouth. He was weak and helpless to defend himself.
Omotola kept pacing round her room, waiting for her husband.
“You need to sit down.” Isoken said.
“My mind is not at rest, I cannot think straight.”
“You have to relax.”
“I can’t. Can we go outside and wait for them?”
“If that will make you stop to worry, let us go.” she said to the queen.
“My prince are you sure King Imafidon is dead?” Aigbe asked prince Osazuwa.
“Yes! He cannot survive the injury. Even if he didn’t die immediately, he will later.”
“We would have confirmed him dead before throwing him into the river.”
Osazuwa laughed wickedly. “He cannot survive it because he cannot swim. The river will take his body to a destination that cannot be traced!”
“And his clothes you took?”
“It’s evidence to show them that he is gone but we have to do something that will make them believe us.”
“What my prince?”
“I want you to cut me on my left arm.”
“My prince!” he said dazed at his master’s words. “I can never do that to you.”
“You don’t have a choice! Cut me!!!”
Aigbe used his sword to cut him on his left arm and he did the same to his guard."
Osaigbovo ran towards the queen and Isoken. They panicked as they sighted him.
“What is it Osaigbvo?” Omotola asked in a terrified voice.
“I saw prince Osazuwa and Aigbe coming here but the king is not with them?”
“What!” barked Isoken.
“What do you mean by that?” Omotola asked. Her eyes were petrified. “Maybe he is coming behind them.”
He face turned dull. “They are covered in blood!”
“No!!” Omotola screamed and ran out of the palace to check.
She sighted them close to the palace and ran to meet her brother in law. 
Isoken and Osaigbovo followed her behind.
“Where is my husband? What happened to the two of you?”
“I am sorry my queen,” Osazuwa said in pain coming from his cut. “We were attacked!”
“Tell me it is not true.” She said with tears rushing from her eyes.
“Warriors of another kingdom attacked us and they threw the king’s body into Uren River.”
Aigbe showed her the king’s clothes. 
“No!!!! Take me to the scream, I want to see my husband.” She said in unending tears.
Isoken could not stop herself from sobbing, she grabbed Omotola.
“Leave me alone!” The queen ran without looking back. She was running to the stream, Isoken, Osaigbovo, her people ran after their queen to stop her. They could not, she ran faster than them.
Omotola approached the stream. “Imafidon where are you? You promised you were going to come back for me. Where did you go my love? Imafidon I need you!!” She entered into the water searching for her husband.
Osaigbovo and some Izieole people rushed towards their queen and grabbed her from drowning.
“Leave me alone!” Omotola barked at them but they refused to listen to her. “Leave me alone!! Leave me alone!!! I want my husband back, Imafidon please come out! I beg you. The gods where are you. I thought you were meant to protect the king of this great Kingdom. Please do not bring me shame, I do not want pain. Imafidon!!!!”
The queen collapsed.
Omotola wakes up on top of her bed. The first persons she saw was Isoken and Osato. They were crying quietly.
“Is Imafidon back?” she asked and stubbornly rose from her bed.

“Please you need to go back to bed.” Isoken said and cleaned her eyes.
“You need rest my queen.” Osato said.
“I had a terrible dream about Imafidon,” said Omotola. “Please is he back from the river?”
“Please my daughter, go back and sleep.”
“No! Is my husband back?”
“No.” Isoken answered. “The king of Izieole Kingdom never came back with his brother. His body is nowhere to be found, I am deeply sorry.”
Queen Omotola fainted.

To be continued....


  1. I'm just smiling cos I know the king maynot be dead.


  2. @Pam...you took the words outta my mouth
    Nma's Blog 

  3. The king must not die o

  4. The king,is too stubborn,I pray he will not die,at least a palm wine tapper will see them......welldone,carina

  5. The king,is too stubborn,I pray he will not die,at least a palm wine tapper will see them......welldone,carina

  6. Some men always like to dismiss their wive's dreams. See where that landed the king? I pray he survives

  7. Some men always like to dismiss their wive's dreams. See where that landed the king? I pray he survives


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