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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 11

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For the past two weeks, the king’s was yet to be found. Omotola refused to eat well. All she does was cry, sleep and walk to the river for a miracle to happen. The people of Izieole are making sacrifices to the gods to bring back their majesty. 

Adesuwa always use the opportunity to mock Omotola whenever they see each other. Osazuwa stayed silent, still nursing his injury.
“I do not know what to do.” The queen said after she came back from the stream.
“You have to be hopeful.” Isoken said. Her eyes were dim and weary.
“I know but why have the priestess not come out to the palace. She is quiet about what happened.”
“I heard she will visit the palace today and remember she is very old.”
“Do you believe my husband is still alive?” she asked.
Isoken face fell. “I do not know what to think anymore, I am so confused.”
“What happens next?” Omotola asked in a sad tone. She was about to cry again. ‘What will happen to me?”
She went over to sit by her side. “Please my daughter, do not cry anymore.”
“But I feel pain!”
“I know how you feel but you have to be strong. Let us wait for the priestess to come. I do not know what she will say about the incident.”
“How long do we have to wait? I mean do you have any idea what happens next if the king is not found soon?”
“This has never happened before but prince Osazuwa might be made king.”
Omotola burst out sobbing. Isoken patted her on the back.
“Crying will not solve anything, you need to be strong and have faith.”
“I know Imafidon cannot die just like that. He must be alive and I will look for him.”
“You have gone to the river over and over again, remember you do not need to stress yourself.”
“I don’t care anymore! My life is over without King Imafidon!!”
There was a knock on the door.
“Who is that?” Isoken asked."

”It is me Osato.”
She was asked to enter and she did.
“What is it?”
“The priestess, chiefs and elders are here.” she answered.
Omotola speedily rose on her feet. “Have they seen my husband?” 
Osato looked away. It was written all over her face, the king was not with them. “I am sorry my queen.”
She placed her hands on her head. “My life is over!”
Isoken stood up and removed her hands from her head. “Your life can never be over. Stop wishing yourself bad things.”
“What do you expect me to say?”
“Let us go outside and listen to what the priestess have to say.”
Queen Omotola agreed and the three of them walked outside together.
The priestess was chanting and stopped when she sighted the queen.
“I see danger ahead! Why didn’t you stop the king from making such journey?”
“And what is that supposed to mean?” Prince Osazuwa came towards them and stood in front of the priestess. Adesuwa followed him behind. “Are you accusing me of what happened to king Imafidon?”
“You are asking me a question?” she asked, surprised at him.
“I want you to answer me!”
“Osazuwa!” his mother said after she came to join them. “Don’t talk back at the priestess. Show her some respect!”
“I will show no one nothing!” he shouted. “We were attacked by some masked warriors. My guard and I are lucky to be alive. No one has the right to talk anyhow to me or about me.”
“I am not accusing you of anything or are you guilty?”
“I will not allow you come to my palace and insult me because you speak to the gods!”
“Oputuputu!!” uttered Aigbokai.
The prince pointed at him. “I do not want you to say such rubbish here. Keep quiet old man!”
Aigbokai jaw dropped! His mouth opened wide.
“Don’t you ever insult me prince Osazuwa!” warned the priestess.
He looked into her eyes. “I will talk to you the way I want!”
“How dare you look straight into my eyes?”
“Who the hell are you? I fear no one!”
She turned away from him and faced the queen who was speechless with what was happening.
“I am sorry for what have happened to you and I know the gods are not sleeping. Do not forget what I told you in the past.”
“Was that what you warned me about?”
“I do not know because the messages are from the gods.”
“What will happen next? Are we going to keep the throne empty until we find my husband?”
“Never!” Osazuwa spat out. “The priestess should know there must be a successor to take over after the king is dead.”
“My husband is not dead!!” Omotola yelled.
“But his body was never found.”
“I do not need his body. I want my king alive!!”
He looked another way.
The priestess shook her head and glanced at Omotola. “If the king is nowhere to be found in three days, I am sorry to say, his younger brother will take over.”
Tears dripped from her eyes. Osato and Isoken consoled her.
Adesuwa and her husband grinned at each other.
Abieyiwa smiled. She was very happy.
The priestess gazed at the prince and shook her head. She left without looking back.
The next day, Adesuwa went to Omotola’s chambers. She sat down to talk to the queen.
“I know I have been childish for laughing at you about what happened to your husband. I am deeply sorry.”
Omotola stared at her shocked. What is her mission here? she asked herself.
“Thank you for apologizing.”
“I heard the people of Izieole kingdom are going everywhere looking for the king?”
“You are correct.” Omotola said.

“Why are they wasting their time?”
The queen widened her eyes. ‘What do you mean by that?”
She rose up. “It means there is no need because your husband is dead!”
Omotola sprung up from where she was sitting and pointed to her door. “Get out!”
Adesuwa roared into laughter. “Remember you have few days left, I will be your queen.”
“Do you think I care about it? I want you to leave my room or I will push you out with my hands.”
She laughed again. “I will leave and don’t forget to pack out in three days’ time.”
She walked to open the door and walked out without locking it.
Omotola climbed her bed and sobbed sorrowfully.
“I am very proud of you my son.” Abieyuwa said.
“Thank you mother.” Osazuwa said to her.
“You have done well for yourself and I am eager to see you sit on the throne.”
“Me too mother and I cannot wait to make the people of this Kingdom pay!”
“Adesuwa should be the happiest woman on earth right now. She will make a fabulous queen.”
Osazuwa shrugged.
“But why are both delaying?” his mother asked.
“I do not understand.”
“Your wife should be pregnant by now. I want to carry my grandchildren before I join my ancestors.”
“Of course you will carry your grandchildren and you will not die now.”
“Adesuwa needs to get pregnant and have a son to take over from you. I am very happy that Omotola does not have a child for that worthless Imafidon.”
“Me too mother.” He said.
“I also want to beg you for something.”
“What is it?”
“I want you to apologize to Aigbokai. You were very rude to him.”
He frowned. “I will apologize to no one!  I am not Imafidon. I am Osazuwa Obayuwana and I make my own decisions.”
“So you will not say sorry?”
“I can’t believe this.”
He stood up. “I am going to be king in two days, I do not need anyone to tell me what to do.”
“I am your mother!”
“I cannot deny the fact that you gave birth to me but that does not give you the right to order me around.”
“You are not yet king and you are talking to me like this?”
Osazuwa walked to her door. “I have said nothing wrong.” 
“Don’t forget I know what happened to Imafidon.”
He smiled proudly. “I know you are having a shameless affair with that old fool Aigbokai.”
She was dazed. How did he know?” she questioned herself.
He unlocked the door and strolled away without saying anything to his mother.
When the third day came, Omotola went out with some of the warriors to search for her husband. They searched thoroughly yet nothing. She ate some food because she was not feeling fine. Later at night, they went home in agony and sadness. They knew the next day was going to be a bad day for them. 
Omotola went back to the palace and cried herself to sleep.
The following day, very early in the morning, a messenger came to the palace to inform them that the priestess died in her sleep but according to tradition, the ceremony for Osazuwa to be crowned king will hold. The new priestess was going to crown him at noon.
The death of the priestess brought Isoken to tears. She was going to miss the most powerful woman in their Kingdom. She wished the new one was going to be fearless, truthful and kind.
At noon, everyone was dressed, waiting for the new priestess to show up. Osazuwa, his mother, Adesuwa, queen Omotola, Isoken, Osato, warriors, elders, chiefs and people of Izieole Kingdom arrived. The people were sober.
A young woman dressed in white approached them. They greeted her according to their tradition and the ceremony commenced.
It took her over one hour for Osazuwa to be made King.
She placed the crown on his head.
Omotola could not bear it, she ran to her room with watery eyes. The pain was too much to handle.
“Let’s pay homage to the king of Izieole Kingdom.” The priestess said.
“All hail the king of Izieole Kingdom.” The crowd chanted.
“May you all live long.” Osazuwa said to them with a fulfilled smile on his lips.
“Now, the king will introduce our new queen to sit by his side.”
Adesuwa beamed.
“I, King Osazuwa Obayuwana present your queen. I have decided to make Omotola my queen. She will remain the queen of this Kingdom.”
“What!” his wife exclaimed in shock. 
Abieyuwa stared at her son dumbfounded.
King Osazuwa didn’t say anything to Adesuwa or look at her. “If anyone dares oppose my decision, I will cut off his head. Is there anyone here that wants to question me about my decision?”

Everyone muted. The palace was quiet as a graveyard.

Osazuwa pointed at Osato. “Go and call Omotola for me. Tell her to come and sit by my side as my queen. She must not say no to me!!”
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  13. Osazuwa must be high on fake drugs.... He's in love with Omotola

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