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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 12

Sorry for posting this now. I would have posted it by 8pm but my internet connection was frustrating today. I don't want to call the network but it's annoying. Thanks for understanding.
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Omotola was sobbing miserably in her room. The tears showered on her face.

“Oh if only I stopped him. If only I persuaded him more to stay by my side. Maybe if I told him what I wanted to discuss with him, maybe he would have stayed. If I can turn back the hands of time, I would have looked for a way to make him stay.”

Osato knocked gently on her door but Omotola refused to answer. She was not in the mood to talk to anyone and her life would be miserable now that Adesuwa will be queen.

She knocked again.

“What is it??” she asked in an angered voice. 

“It’s me Osato.” She replied in a serene tone.

Omotola closed her eyes and more tears flowed out. “You can come in.”

Osato entered and stood in front of Omotola. 

She opened her eyes and peered into her maiden’s eyes. “Why are you here?” she said and wiped her face with her hand.
“My queen.” she said. “I am…”

“Don’t address me as your queen. I am no longer the queen of this Kingdom. Prince Osazuwa has been declared king that makes Adesuwa your queen.”

“But you are still the queen of our Kingdom.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked puzzled.

Osato stayed silent. She was scared to talk.

“Speak! I command you!!”

She cleared her throat. “King Osazuwa as declared you his queen.” She burst into tears.

“I don’t understand Osato, please don’t confuse me.”

She cleaned her eyes with her right palm. “He sent me to tell you to come and sit by his side. The people, household of the palace, chiefs and elders are all waiting for you to take the throne with the new king.”

Omotola rose on her feet. “Please Osato, tell me you are joking. Please tell me you are playing with me.”

“I am serious my queen.”

“I’m I dreaming?” she asked.

“No my queen.”

“Please don’t call me that. I can never accept to be king Osazuwa’s wife. It is not possible.”

“But that is his decision.”

“Never! Go and tell him I am not interested!! I am still married to his brother, I know he is still alive.”

“I can’t go back to tell king Osazuwa.”

“I am sending you to tell him I cannot be his queen, he cannot force me!”

“He said you must not say no to him.”

“What?” Omotola bellowed. “What will happen if I refuse?”

“I really don’t know but I cannot go and tell the king you have refused him?”
“Why?” she asked.

“He might cut off my head.” she said in a shaky voice.

She paced round her room thinking of what to do. 

“I don’t think he will cut off my head if I say no to him. Let’s go!”

Osato held her back. “Forgive me for holding you back, I am afraid of what he will do to you if you deny him.”

“Do you expect me to agree?”

She stayed silent.

“If you are scared of him, I am not!” She walked away, leaving Osato.

Everyone waiting patiently began to murmur to each other as they sighted their queen. They believed she was the right choice, at least, they are save in her hands.

King Osazuwa stared at her with lust in his eyes. He wanted her all to himself. Adesuwa was infuriated by the king and Omotola, if only she could collect a knife and stab the two of them.

“Is it true you made me your queen?”

“Yes,” he said and smiled. “I want you to sit by my side.”

“I am not interested!”

Murmured ensued again. 

Fear occupied Isoken. She was afraid Osazuwa might do something terrible.

The king spoke. “I have every right over you. I have the right to take you as my wife or would you have preferred to be my slave?”

“I prefer to be your slave than call you my husband!”

He rose from his throne and walked to stand in front of her. “You will be my wife and no one, nobody, not you and even the gods can stop me. You will be my queen. I will not beg or force you.”

“Even if you beg or force me, you are wasting your time! Adesuwa is your queen.”

“Oh shut up Omotola!” Adesuwa barked. If looks could kill, Omotola would have been dead. “You think I don’t know this is what you want?”

“I can never want your husband.”

“That’s a big lie! You want my husband and the throne, I know you are happy.”

“I will be a sad woman if I ever agree to be his queen.”

Adesuwa sparked. “I will deal with you!”

“Keep quiet Adesuwa!!” Osazuwa shouted at her. 

“But my king how can you make her the queen of this Kingdom?”

“Don’t you ever question my authority again!!” He diverted his eyes on Omotola. “If you like, say no or yes, you are already my queen.”

“I forbid you!!” she spat out.

He laughed sarcastically. “Get out all of you!! I need to speak with my queen alone!”

They were not bold enough to say anything to him.

“All hail the king of Izieole Kingdom.” Aigbokai said.

“All hail the people of Izieole Kingdom.” The people chorused.

After they left, Abieyuwa, Isoken, Adesuwa and the others staying at the palace gave their queen and king some privacy.

“What can I do to change your mind to accept me?” he asked her. He was sitting down while she remained standing.

“There is nothing you can do.”



He smiled one sided. “The more you refuse me, the more I want you.”

“You disgust me!”

He laughed again and his face brightened. “I want you!”



She turned her back on him.

“Face me Omotola! Don’t you ever turn your back at me!!”

“I am not only turning my back at you,” she said. “I am walking away from you.” She marched out without having a glimpse of the contempt written all over his face.

“This is an embarrassment!” Adesuwa spat out to her mother in law. “I cannot believe what Osazuwa has done to me. He has betrayed me!”

“I understand how you feel my daughter. I am shocked myself, he never discussed it with me.”

“That is because he knows you would have disapproved it. How can he make our enemy queen?”

“It baffles me Adesuwa. What can we do to stop him?”

“Stop your son?” she asked.


“I do not think anyone can stop him and you were there when he threatened to cut off anyone’s head that questioned his decision.”

“So what can we do to stop Omotola from becoming queen?”

Adesuwa touched her chin and looked at Abieyuwa. “We have to plan secretly to eliminate Omotola.”

“That is a good idea.”

“When there is no Omotola, there will be no queen apart from me!”

“You are very wise my daughter and we will have to take out time to plan well. I don’t think Omotola is interested in the throne.”

“Well, we will have to use wisdom to wipe her out.”

Isoken was on her knees pleading to Omotola to accept Osazuwa.

“I have told you to stand up but you have refused to listen,” she said to Imafidon's aunty. “You are an old woman.”

“I will not stand up until you accept him.”

“I hate to say this but I have to, I am highly disappointed in you. How can you tell me to accept the brother of my husband?”

“I fear for your life! King Osazuwa is not only desperate but also wicked. I am afraid of what he might do to you.”

“He cannot do anything. He does not scare me!”

“Omotola please!”

“I can never be his queen. It is not possible!”

“What if he threatens to kill you?”

“I am not afraid of death! I do not have anything to live for.”

Isoken rose up and sat close to her. “Don’t say such my daughter. Have you forgotten your condition?”

She began to cry quietly. “Sometimes, I curse myself for not telling Imafidon before he left. Maybe if I had told him, maybe he would have stayed and be here with me today.”

“Don’t blame yourself.”

“How can I not blame myself when I never told Imafidon he was going to be a father? I was planning to tell him when he gets back from the river but he never came back. He never knew I was carrying his child.”

“I do not know how we are going to keep this pregnancy away from the king, his wife and mother.”

She touched her stomach. “They can never hurt my child. I will protect this baby with my life.”

“They can’t know you are expecting a child because you are just three months gone but I am still uncomfortable. When you are five or six months pregnant, you have to be careful where you step your foot into.”

“I will be careful. My child is my only hope.”

“I am not happy with you my son,” Abieyuwa said with tears in her eyes. “Omotola has blinded you the way she did with Imafidon.”

“She did nothing mother.”

“She has used supernatural power to capture your heart.”

He smiled. “Wipe your tears. Omotola is innocent.”

“Choose Adesuwa as your queen,” she said. “It’s been a week Omotola has refuse you.”

“She will accept me.”

Abieyuwa cleaned her tears. “I don’t believe it. How can you choose her over Adesuwa?”

“I love Omotola and I can’t help myself. Adesuwa is lazy, she cannot do or bring anything useful to this Kingdom. Omotola is fearless and I need someone like her to rule with me.”

“I can never accept her as my daughter in law.”

“That is your own problem. No one can persuade me to change my mind.”

His mother sighed tiredly.

(Udo Kingdom)

“My daughter,” King Osaze said to his daughter, princess Adesuwa. She came to inform him the bad news. “I cannot believe Osazuwa can do this to you. How could he?”

“I can’t believe it myself. He shocked me!”

A loud laugh stopped their conversation. Adesuwa’s mother came to join them.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked her.

“The person you were planning to destroy have scattered your plans with his surprise package.” She said and laughed mockingly at them again.

Adesuwa frowned at her mother, the queen of Udo Kingdom.

“We will continue to plan!” he uttered.

She looked at her father. “It will be difficult.”

“If it is difficult, you will leave the marriage and I will look for a way to start a war.”

Adesuwa shook her head. “I doubt if you can win.”

What do you mean by that?” King Osaze asked her surprised.

“If Omotola eventually agrees to be his queen, she will go to war with the warriors and I will never underestimate her strength. She is powerful.”

“I heard she fought with the late king Imafidon but I will find another way and if I can, I will let you know.”

“What makes you think king Imafidon is dead?” the queen asked.

“He is dead!”

“But his body was never found.”

“If he is still alive, don’t you think he would have come out from his hiding place?”

“He was wounded and he might be nursing his wound somewhere else.”

“He cannot survive it.” Adesuwa said to her mother.

“Were you there when it happened?”

“My daughter, don’t answer your mother.” King Osaze voiced out to his princess. “I think she is looking for trouble.”

His queen laughed audibly and walked out on them.

Osazuwa has been angry at Omotola for refusing him but he was giving her time but if she continues to prove stubborn, he will do what’s on his mind. For the past three days, he has made the lives of some farmers a living hell. He took their farms from them with authority and power. 

He went to Isoken to warn her to advice and persuade Omotola to take him, if not trouble and torment will take over the Kingdom.

Isoken tried her best to convince Omotola but she declined. Osato fell on her knees but she remained adamant.

Aigbokai visited the king to plead on behalf of a friend he took a farm from.

“Just because you were close to my father does not mean you can talk to me the way you like.” Osazuwa said to him with a scorn on his face.

“My son…”

“I am not your son! I am your king!”

Aigbokai said. “May you live long my king.”


“I am begging you to please give back the land to my friend. That is his only means to survive. He has a large family.”

“I don’t care!!”

“Please my King.”

“Leave my presence!!”


“The next time you utter such from your blabbing mouth, I promise to cut off your tongue!!”

Aigbokai shut his mouth instantly.

“I said leave my presense!!!!

He bow down his head. “All hail the king of our great Kingdom.”

“Thank the gods you said it,” Osazuwa said. “If not, I would have cut off one of your fingers. Leave!”

He turned and hiked away.

Few days later, he summoned the chiefs and elders to come to the palace. He queried the ones that came a minute late and informed them they will be flogged if they ever try it again. 

He asked Osato to call Omotola for him. When she came, he spoke out to them.

“I want you all to talk to Omotola now.” he said. “Plead with her to take me as her husband.”

“Never!!” she spat out.

He smiled.
The chiefs and elders advised and begged her to agree but she bluffed them off.

Osato went to inform Isoken. Isoken quickly sent her to the market to buy some herbs. She rushed to meet her late brother’s daughter in law.

“Please my daughter, do this for peace and harmony.”

“I will never agree.”

King Osazuwa speedily rose and walked to stand at her front. He took his sword from his guard, Aigbe. He peered into her eyes.

“If you don’t say yes, I will cut off your head!”

“You do not scare me. I will not say yes!!”


“Don’t call my name!”

Fear encircled everyone.

“You will be mine!!”

“I will never be yours!”

He raised his sword.

“I am pregnant!!”

They exclaimed in amazement.

Osazuwa yelled. “You are what?”

“I have a child in my womb and if you kill me, you will also kill an innocent child.”

His eyes went wild. “I don’t care!!”

“How can you care when you don’t have a soul.”

“Please Omotola, say no more.” Isoken begged.

“I am prepared!”

Osazuwa barked. “The child you carry is evil.”

“You are the one that is evil, not my child. No one in this Kingdom likes you, my husband is loved by everyone.”

“Your husband is dead, rotten and forgotten!!”

Omotola spat at his face. 

They all stared at her stunned!

Osazuwa’s hand was shaking with the sword. “Take her from my sight before I do something I will regret later.”

Aigbe rushed to meet them.

“I want her imprisoned!” the king shouted. “I don’t want you to take her to the prison, Osaigbovo will do it.”

Imafidon’s guard fell on his knees. “I cannot do that to my master’s wife.”

“And if you do not, I will not hesitate to behead you.”

He bows down his head. “Take my life.”

“No!!” Omotola yelled. ”I command you Osaigovo to take me to the prison. I have forgiven you, I cannot lose you.”

“But my queen…”
“Do it!”

He rose up.

“I do not want anyone to say anything,” Osazuwa said. “I want you to take Omotola and Isoken to prison. Lock them up together.”

No one could challenge him. 

“I want them out of my sight!!!”

To be continued…..


  1. He was bathed in evil nd he tasted hatred d minute he was born... Osazuwa is freaking evil.. Omotola, the fearless... I jes love this character.
    Great job Carina

  2. Another mind-blowing episode. Good job Carina

  3. Osazuwa,is a wizard...I love omotola she is so brave...and imafidon guard...waooh I was almost crying......nice one.

    Welldone carina j....thanks you are the best.

  4. @Temitope...Thanks dearie
    @Miz Tee... Thank U! *hugs*
    @Glo... You are awesome. Greetings!

  5. Beautiful as always. Carina please is the end near?


  6. Dis osazuwa makes me angry. Great story


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