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Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 5

“What makes you think she will live with us?” Imafidon asked his father.

He cleared his throat before he answered. “I will not conclude on that but she will be the only occupant in her house. She was very close to her father.”
“How come I have not met her?” he asked. “I remember seeing your late friend here at the palace.”

“You were eight or nine years the last time I saw her. I think she was five or six years when her father brought her.”

“Anyway, I should be on my way with Osaigbovo.”

“No problem my son. Go in peace.”

“May the gods always be with you father.”

King Nosa smiled placidly. “And you too my future king.”

Chief Obaseki welcomed chief Asemota in his house. It was an unexpected visit.

“You are welcome,” Obaseki said. “Please sit down.”

“Thank you.” Asemota said and sat down.

“If I knew you were coming, I would have ordered for some palm wine for you.”

“I know but I am not here for merriments.”

“Tell me why you are here?” Obaseki asked.

He sighed. “You know we are getting old and the king’s health is not getting any better. I am getting nervous.”


“What if the king suddenly dies?” he asked concerned. “What will happen next?”

“Prince Imafidon becomes king,” he said proudly. “That is what will happen if the gods takes the life of King Nosa.”

“I know,’ Asemota said calmly. “I came to you to discuss about this because you are a considerate man. You are not biased like the others especially chief Aigbokia. I do not trust the wife of the king and her son.”

He smiled. “I have never trusted them too but nothing will change. They know prince Imafidon is the future king. The prophecy came true after our late queen Abosede gave birth first. You have to understand that hate, betrayal will happen when the king married another woman. Abieyuwa should be watched.”

“What about prince Osazuwa?” he asked disturbed. “I do not trust him at all. You can see the way he treats the people of our Kingdom. He must not be king otherwise things will go wrong. He wil treat the people like animals.”

“That is why the gods made sure prince Imafidon was given birth to. There will surely be calamity if prince Osazuwa had being the first born.”

“We must protect prince Imafidon.”

“I believe he is safe,” chief Obaseki said. “No harm will come to him and remember he always goes out with his powerful guard Osaigbovo. I heard the prince is taking fighting lessons with him privately.”

Chief Asemota nodded responsively. “That is good.”

“Relax your mind. Our Kingdom will be safe and peaceful when Prince Imafidon becomes king.”
“But he has to have a woman. I have never seen him with a woman, in fact I have my doubts he has never been with one before.”

He laughed. “Of course he has been with a woman before. The only thing is that he has not seen the woman to call his own. I believe the gods will direct him to choose a woman that will look after the Kingdom like the late queen did.”

“Do you know prince Osazuwa is engaged to Adesuwa of Udo Kingdom?”

“Everybody knows but he is making the biggest mistake of his life.”

He shook his head. “A very big mistake.”

Chief Obaseki rose on his feet. “You will not come to my house without me offering you anything to eat. Let me get you kolanuts.”

“I will appreciate that.” he said.

Prince Imafidon and Osaigbovo walked side by side together to the house of King Nosa’s late friend. They approached the house and few persons stood outside consoling the daughter. The people were surprised to see him and they all paid their respect to the prince and left to give him some privacy with Omotola. 

The prince saw how innocent she looked with her small and shiny eyes. She was the same height with him. She had an average body and a very pretty face. 

She greeted him and gave him a chair to sit down. 

“I am very sorry about the death of your father,” prince Imafidon said. “My father sent his regards and he is sorry for not coming to see you.”

“How can the king be sorry when I understand why he cannot come, your presence is more than enough and I believe it’s too much for me.”

“It’s not Omotola.”

“The prince of this noble Kingdom knows my name.” she said and grinned. Omotola secretly admired him.

“How come I have not met you before?” he asked.

“I am always with my father and I don’t think you have to know everyone in your Kingdom.”

“But have you seen me before?”

“Of course,” she said. “I used to see you play with children. My father told me about the late queen your mother, how she was very nice to the people of this land. You are like her.”

He smiled. “I am happy you noticed.”

“Can I say something?” Omotola asked.

“You are free to say anything.”

“My late father told me how your mother cared so much about the widows in the Kingdom. After her unfortunate demise everything stopped. You should have continued the legacy.”

Imafidon gave a faint smile. “I expected my step mother to do that after my aunt Isoken discussed about it to me. I will continue the legacy when I become king.”

“What stops you now?”

He stared at her surprised. “Nothing stops me now but do you have a grudge against me?”

Omotola smiled and it revealed her dimples. “Not at all, it’s just an advice.”

“Well, you are good at it and I would love you to be my adviser. The King wants you to live in the palace.”

The smile on her lips disappeared. “Why?”

“He believes living here alone should make you scared.”

Her left eyebrow rose. “Is it because I am a woman?”

“I think so but can you stay here alone?”

“Of course I can,” Omotola replied. ‘I can live here on my own. I am not afraid and I can defend myself if anyone dare attempt to threaten me.”

Her statement intrigued Prince Imafidon, “Do you know how to fight?”

She sighed. “My father was my best friend because I was always with him. Whenever he was at the farm or forest to hunt, I was there to assist him. Despite the fact that he was a farmer, he knew how to fight. He was not able to afford a sword but we used cutlass. He taught me how to fight.”

His eyes widened. “This is unbelievable.”

“Why should it be unbelievable?” she asked. “I am sure you know how to fight?”

“Yes I can?”

“Should we contest?”

Imafidon roared in laughter.

She chuckled. “Are you mocking me?”

“No.” he laughed the more.

She shook her head. “Should I tell you why I never came to the palace when I became a grown woman?”

He stopped to laugh and glanced at her. “Tell me.”

“My father was scared I would have been able to persuade the King your father to allow me train with his warriors. He was afraid because he did not want to lose his only child.”

He stared at her stunned! “You want to be a warrior?”

“Yes but my father declined. He was terrified when I told him my dream to fight with the warriors of this Kingdom if trouble arises. Your father and late mother accommodated my father and me when I was a baby. Other Kingdoms rejected us before Izieole Kingdom became our home. How can I repay your family for the love they showed us?”

Imafidon was short of words.  He looked at her for some seconds before he spoke. “It’s not too late if you want to be a warrior of this Kingdom.”

“It’s late.”

“Why is it late?”

“I promised my father on his sick bed that I would never be a warrior. I do not want to break that promise.”

He smiled. “I won’t let you break that promise.”

She nodded. 

“It means you won’t live in the palace.”

“I’m sorry, it’s a no.”

“My father will understand.”

Omotola glared at his legs and looked into his eyes. “I am very sorry about your legs.”

“It’s nothing,” he said. “I no longer feel pain anymore.”

“But you are limping.”

“It will end soon, I believe by tomorrow, I will be okay.”

“I can get you herbs to drink.”

He shook his head and touched her on the shoulder carefully. “Don’t bother yourself.”

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes Omotola."


Imafidon removed his hand and rose. “Do you want to train with me?”

Omotola shocked, and rose on her feet. “Our future king is asking me if I want to train with him?”

“Do you?”

“Yes! I mean, it’s an honor to train with a royal. I would love to my prince.”

“Do you have a place in particular we can train?”

“I know of a place myself and my father used to go to.”

“My guard Osigbovo will let you know when I am ready.”

“Okay my prince.”

“And do not carry your cutlass when you want to train with me.” he teased her.

She giggled. “What will I use?”

“I have two swords,” he said. “I will get you one.”

Omotola bowed down her head. “May the gods always protect you.”


“Let me go back to the palace and inform the King you are well and strong. May the gods give you more wisdom.”


(Udo Kingdom)
“My wonderful prince,” said Adesuwa to Osazuwa who came to visit her.

“I should be known as the future prince of Izieole Kingdom not just a prince.”

She stood up from where she sat down and parked herself close to him. “I know about that but I know you will become king.”

“Why can’t my father die?”

Adesuwa rubbed his head. “He will die soon.”

“My brother is yet to have a woman to be engaged to,” he said. “How will he do it when my father dies?”

“Maybe he is seeing someone secretly.”

Osazuwa shook his head. “I do not think he is seeing any princess of another Kingdom.”

“Tell your guard Aigbe to snoop around.”

“I will do that.”

“How is your mother?”

“She is well but she is unhappy you have not seen her for some time now.”

“I will visit her soon but when are we getting married?”

“I know you can’t wait to known as Obayuwana, the wife of prince Osazuwa. That time will come very soon.”

She smiled and kissed him on the lips.

“I am happy she is fine.’ The King said in his room to Imafidon after his arrival in the evening.

He explained to his father the reason Omotola never came to the palace.

“Oh I see. No wonder she only came here when she was a little girl. He was protecting his daughter. I think he feared for her safety.”

“Yes father.”

“I am sure she grew up to be a beautiful woman."


“What is it son?” King Nosa asked. 


“But you did not say anything about her beauty.”

“I like her father.”

He smiled brightly and adjusted himself on the bed. “In what way?”

Imafidon shrugged. “She sounded intelligent and fearless. I was comfortable around her and it felt I have known her for a long time. I hate to admit it but she is adorable.”

King Nosa made a face. “Why do you hate the fact that she is adorable? I do not understand you son.”

“I do not want to get my heart broken.”


“Do I have a chance to be with her if I want her as my woman?”

“I will always support you if you choose any woman as your own. I know you will make the right choice. Your mother was not a king’s daughter before I married her.”

”You told me about it but I am not talking about her status but where she's from. Omotola is not from our Kingdom, in fact she entirely of another tribe.”

“Do you have a problem with that?”

Imafidon sighed audibly. “I can never have a problem with that but what will the people say.”

“The people of this Kingdom loves you and they know you will make the right choice. You are not going to have issues if you marry any woman of another tribe. I know it has never happened in our Kingdom before but there is room for change.”

He gave a smile. “I would love that. I need to see aunty Isoken.”

“Okay son.”

“Goodnight father.”

“Goodnight Imafidon.”

Prince Osazuwa and Aigbe were getting close to the palace when an old man with a small body bowed down his head to greet the prince. 

Osazuwa halted and faced the man.“Can you not lay yourself on the floor?”he asked.

“I am an old man and I have waist and back pain.”

He opened his eyes at the man. “That is none of my business! Lay on the floor or I will give you ten strokes of the cane!”

“My son plea…”

“Don’t you ever call me your son! A man like you can never have a child like me!!”

“Please I am an old man. My body is very weak.”

Osazuwa turned to his guard. “Give me my cane.”

Aigbe dipped his hand in his bag he carried and gave the prince what he wanted.

“Lie on the floor!!” Prince Osazuwa uttered.


The guard pushed the old man to the floor and Osazuwa speedily began to floor him all over his body without counting. The people of Izieole that walked by looked at the man pitifully. Tears dropped from some of the women eyes as the old man wailed out of pain. After the prince got satisfied with the flogging, he turned to the people. 

“If any one dares see me without laying on the floor to greet me will be flogged! I do not care if you are old or sick!! I am your prince and you must obey me!!!”

The people quickly fell flat on the ground and greeted him. Osazuwa and his guard walked away from them.

“You must spy on every move of my brother,” the prince said to Aigbe in front of the palace.
“I will my prince.”

“You must let me know where he is going to and who he visits.”

“Yes my prince. I will not fail you.”

The next day, Prince Imafidon went to the kitchen to see Isoken and Osato.

“I do not understand why the two of you like to stress yourselves when we have cooks in this palace.” He said to them. He was looking very good in his white native attire. He limped a little but no longer with a walking stick.

“We are not complaining my son,” said Isoken. “I am very happy you are walking on your own.”

“Me too.” Osato said.

“Thank you.” He said to them and faced his aunt’s direction. “I came to your room last night but you were sleeping.”

“I slept early because I was having headache.”

He moved closed to her. “Are you better now?”

“Yes my prince.”

Imafidon smiled. 

“Your father told me you went out yesterday.”

“Yes I did.”

“Did you meet anyone?” she asked curiously.

“Anyone?” he asked confused. “I do not understand.”

“You mean you have forgotten what the priestess said about meeting someone special on the fourth day? Your destiny!”

Imafidon stared at her puzzled. “I do not understand what you are saying. I was in pains that day and you don’t expect me to remember what the priestess said.”

"What about when she talked about never giving up on your Kingdom?”

“I remember what she told me, that a time will come I have to be patient and learn to forgive. That I will have to endure what will happen to me in the future. I should also have faith in my future queen, that she will help this great Kingdom.”

Isoken sighed. “Are you saying you did not meet anyone you liked?”

Imafidon shrugged. “I met a woman I really liked.”

The two women looked at each other surprised and glanced back at the prince.

“Who is she?” Isoken asked impatiently and excited.

Imafidon swallowed. “She is the daughter of father’s late friend that died.”

“You mean the farmer?” she asked.


“I think I remember her when she was a little girl. How is she?”


“You believe she is the one to rule the Kingdom with you?”

“I do not know about that. I have sent Osaigbovo to her.”

“Any problem?”

“No,” he replied. “I sent him to tell her we are going to meet again in two days’ time.”

Isoken smiled cheerfully. “All I want to tell you is to follow your heart.”

“I will.”

Osaigbovo came with a bottle of herb and a bowl of soup the prince opened.

“Who gave them to you?”

“It is the daughter of the king’s late friend.”

“You mean Omotola?”

“Yes my prince.” he said. “She said you should drink the soup and take the herbs afterwards. You will get better.”

A gracious smile ran through his lips.

“You are smiling my prince.”

“Yes I am. Osaigbovo!”

“Yes my noble prince.”

Prince Imafidon said. “She’s the one.”

“Who is the one?” his guard asked.

“Omotola,” he replied and sighed. “Omotola is my future queen.”

To be continued on Tuesday.


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    hmmmmm....Carina don't you think that the dialogue between prince Imafidon and Omotola when they first met was too long? it was too much for first visit.

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  4. Great job Carina...this Omotola will be trouble for Imifadon's enemies

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