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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 6

Imafidon, his guard met with up with Omotola at a place close to a stream. She was standing close to the river when she heard footsteps approaching her. She turned and sighted the two men. Omotola paid her respect to him and greeted the guard too.
“I am sorry for keeping you waiting,” said the prince. “I know you must have suspected I might not come again.”
“You don’t have to apologize, I know you are a busy man.”

He smiled and turned to Osaigbovo's direction to give him the two swords. He did and the Prince gave Omotola a sword.

"Thank you my prince."

"Don't mention, he said. “We need to step away from the stream.” The prince said to her.

“Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know how to swim.”

“I can teach you if you want.”

“I am not interested in that.”

“If you say so my prince.”

“Let’s begin,” he said and stood majestically with his sword tightly held in his right palm.

They trained as Osaigbovo watched them. He was impressed by the strength of his prince new friend. She was fearless and her eyes were strong. He will be very delighted to have her as his queen. The prince has definitely made the right choice.

“Are you sure about this?” prince Osazuwa asked Aigbe.

“Yes my noble prince.”

“You mean Imafidon and the late farmer’s daughter are seen together?”

“Yes my prince!”

He touched his chin and thought for a short time. “I heard he went to visit her on behalf of our father but why will Imafidon go back to see her?”

“I have no idea my prince.”

“You have to continue to snoop around on them whenever they are together. Get some of the guards you trust to monitor their movements. I need to know the motive behind their new friendship.”

“I will my prince.”

“How does she look like?”
“She is from a poor home my prince.”

“I mean is she beautiful or not?”

“He cleared his throat. “She is not ugly my prince.”
“I do not care about how she looks like! Prince Imafidon should be keeping his distance from her. How can the future king of this Kingdom be friends with a commoner, a wretched girl! I will look for a way to get details from his mouth.”

Isoken sent for Imafidon to see her. He went to her room immediately. He noticed her facial appearance was dull.

“Is anything bothering you?” he asked and sat down beside her on her long sofa.

“I cannot lie to you my son,” she said. “My mind is not at rest.”

“Please tell me why your mind is not at rest.”

“The King’s health is failing and I am beginning to get scared.”

Imafidon signed. “I understand too but that is life for you.”

“Are you strong and wise enough to rule this Kingdom?”

“I cannot lie to you mother, I am very nervous when the ancestors calls father. I know a lot will be on my shoulders and it won’t be easy.”

“Your brother and his mother will cause trouble.”

“I do not think they will, I am the heir to the throne and it is my destiny to rule the Kingdom with love.”

“You believe in prince Osazuwa.”

“He is my brother and I love him,” he said. “I do not think he can hurt me.”

“Don’t make the mistake your mother did. I thank the gods she got pregnant, if not she would have been in hell. Your stepmother would have frustrated her.”

The prince smiled. “The gods made sure my mother gave birth to me before my brother. The only problem I have with prince Osazuwa is the way he treats the people of this Kingdom. When I become king, a lot of things will stop. I can only handle few of his atrocities because I am also a prince like him. I can control him to an extent.

She sighed and placed her left palm on her jaw. “Don’t forget what the priestess said. Whatever happens, do not give up on this Kingdom.”

Imafidon relaxed his back on the sofa. “I do not know what the future might bring on my table, I only hope it will not be too much for me to handle.”

“She said you should believe in your future queen.”

“That reminds me, I have found the one I want to marry.”

Her facial look brightened up. “Is it Omotola?”


Isoken hugged him tight and rose on her feet to dance in front of him. “This calls for celebration. Have you informed your father?”

“I will when I tell Omotola how I feel about her.”

“You have not told her?”

“No but I will at the right time.”

She sat down beside him. “You also need to keep this from your brother.”

“You worry all the time. What can Osazuwa do if he knows I’m in love with Omotola?”

“Do you think prince Osazuwa and his mother will be happy to have a farmer’s daughter as their queen?”

“That is their business and not mine. Omotola will not be afraid of them. She is fearless.”

“All I want you to do for me is keep your mouth shut when it comes to Omotola. I will like to see her when you think it’s the right time. I am so happy you have found the one.”

“I am very happy too.”

“Oputuputu! Do you know you are sweeter than my wife?” Aigbokai said to Abieyiwa in his room. They had finished having sex and they were the only one in his house.”

“You can say that again. If only that useless king knows what he is missing.”

“He laughed sarcastically. “Oputuputu! Are you saying the king no longer sleep with you?”

She hissed. “I can never sleep with a blind man and besides he does not care.”

“I am so happy that you have come to your right senses to bed with me.”

She rubbed his bare chest. 

“Oputuputu! Your touch drives me crazy!”

“Are you sure your wife won’t be back today?”

“I have told you not to worry yourself,” he said. “She has gone to see her mother and will be back tomorrow. Relax your mind and let us have fun!”

They laughed out together.

“What about your children?” she asked.

“Ohhh not again!” he uttered. 

“I have to be sure and be careful,”Abieywa said. “I am the king’s wife of this Kingdom and I must not get caught. You know what that means.”

“Of course I know. All my children are married and they don’t come here without sending a message of their arrival first.”

“If you say so. Don’t forget what I ask you to do for me concerning Isoken.”

“I cannot forget,” Aigbokai said with a wide smile on his lips. “I am not tired, let’s go for another round.”

“As old has you are, you still able to move your tiny waist.”

“At least this tiny waist made you moan. Now remove your wrapper.”

She smiled and undressed.


Few days later, Prince Imafidon and Omotola met again at the same place they trained together. She talked about her childhood, how her father was driven away from their Kingdom because they suspected he killed his wife, her mother. Her late mother’s parents never wanted the union but she went ahead to marry the farmer without their blessings. Her mother died after her birth and they ran after her father to kill him. He was able to run away with her and every Kingdom they visited pushed them away. Izieole Kingdom was their last hope because they heard of how generous the king and his queen were, her father tried his luck and everything became all right.

Prince promised to look after her. 

“My wonderful brother,” said prince Osazuwa to prince Imafidon after he came back to the palace. “You are glowing.”

He laughed out loud. “Thank you my brother.”

“What is the secret?”

“The secret is I am happy to have a beautiful family.”

Osazuwa made a face. “I do not believe you.”

“What makes you think I am lying?”

“I am sure there is something else that is making you glow for some days now. Let your brother know about it so I can be happy for you.”

He sighed. “You will not give up right?”


“I am in love.”

He widened his eyes. “Which princess has captured the future heir of Izieole Kingdom?”

“What makes you think she is a princess?”

“Okay, which chief’s daughter has your heart?”

He grinned and shook his head. “Must she be a princess or a chief’s daughter?”

“That means I am wrong.”

“I will not reveal her identity yet.”

“Why?” he quickly asked.

“When the right time comes, I promise to tell you everything you need to know about her.”

Imafidon rose on his feet and left his brother to his thoughts.

“I will get to the bottom of this,”Osazuwa murmured to himself. “I will surely know about her before you spill everything out, animal.”

Two days later, Adesuwa visits her future mother in law Abieyuwa. 

“I know you will give me beautiful grandchildren,” she said to Adesuwa. “I cannot wait for you to marry my soon.”

“Thank you your highness for believing in me.”

“You are a true candidate for a queen. How I wish my son can be the King.”

“He will be the king of this Kingdom, I promise you that.”

She looked at her alertly. ‘Are you sure your plan will work?”

“My plans always work and this is nothing to me. It will work.”

“Very good then,” Abieyuwa said. “I will allow prince Imafidon become king. I will be patient for that to happen.”

“That is exactly what I want to hear. But have you heard the latest?”

“What latest?”

“I am sure Osazuwa do not know about this yet. My spies have given me information you need to hear.”

“What is it my daughter?” she asked impatiently.


“Please spill it out my daughter.”

“Prince Imafidon is having an affair with a farmer’s daughter!”

“That is impossible!”

“It is true! Her name is Omotola.”

“You mean he is after the daughter of that old fool that died?”

“Exactly mama.”

“The kingdom is on fire! Does Imafidon not know he will be king? How can he go after a woman that is not from our Kingdom? An outsider! It has never happened before and it will never happen. I will make sure that outcast does not become queen!”

“Let them be,” Adesuwa said calmly. “They deserve each other.”

“You are okay with it?”

“She will not be a queen for long.”

“Never! I don’t want that to happen.”

“It doesn’t change anything. Our plans will still take place. If he likes let him marry a pig, that is his business.”

“Does Osazuwa know about this?”

“I have informed his guard to let him know.”

“He will not be happy about this.”

“I know mama.”

“Prince Imafidon’s mother came and insulted me, now he has come to do the same. I will deal with him. I will make him suffer.”

“It will be my pleasure to assist you.”

“We are going to be best friends.”

When prince Osazuwa was informed about the news, he was furious. His eyes turned bloodshot. How could his brother downgrade himself by falling for a farmer’s daughter? He went to see his mother and Adesuwa. His soon to be bribe calmed him down. She told him what she said to his mother and it made sense to him. After he takes over from his brother as a king, he will make sure the wife of his brother suffer and be treated like a piece of rag. 

He left them to meet his brother in his room and laughed at him.

“What is amusing you?”

“You think I won’t find out that the woman that has captured your heart is a farmer’s daughter?”

Imafidon stared at him dazed. “How did you find out about it?”

“That is another story for another day.”

“She is a good girl!”

“That’s irrelevant! How can you stoop so low for a girl like that?”

“I love her!”

“She is after the fact that you are the future king of this Kingdom.”

“You are saying this because you don’t know her!”

“I do not wish to know her!”

“I have had enough!” Imafidon uttered. He was tired of his brother’s behavior.

“You can’t stand the truth!”

“There is no truth in what you have said about the woman I love.”

“I will leave you alone. I have better things to do.”

“Better,” he said and looked away from his brother.

Osazuwa swiftly walked away from prince Imafidon’s chambers. He was on his way to see the woman that has blinded the eyes and heart of his brother.

To be continued on Thursday.


  1. oputuputu...so it's a crime for Royalty to be with commoners...Carina check prince Osazuwa's reaction..'His soon to be bribe calmed him down (typo) BRIDE'.. can't wait to read the concluding part...

    Carina i have just posted a new writing opportunity and guess what you can submit some of your already published works posted here, if it hasn't been published into a book and its free to enter.

    $4,000 up for grabs in the Build Your own Blog New writers contest...see details on www.duketundesblog.com

  2. Hello Carina! I love to read stories, in my short years on earth i can confidently tell you i have read thousands ( it can go to about a million but i would rather not brag) that being said, i love it when a writer writes in such a way that it is not only entertaining but it moves the spirit. My dear i equally loooove African stories.
    This story of yours, ' The Kingdom' the outline, as been over flogged not just by Nigerian movies but others to, i mean every body keeps giving stories about old benin kingdom and ......... The way your story is going, the end is already predictable. Please take a new dimension with it.
    That being said, the story, unforgiveable house wife, now that is good. It is not new but it is better.
    I hope you don't take this comment of mine badly, it is helpful criticism. Push yourself and break boundaries, you were born under an artistic sign (zodiac), so you definitely have it within you.
    I expect to be backlashed for this comment because we as humans don't enjoy hearing the truth. Thank you

    1. you are a great writer.. carina

  3. Thank God Omotola is bold, am sure she will defend herself if d wicked prince approach her. Weldone Carina

  4. Weldone Carina, u should consider Duke's suggestion.


  5. Hmmm, this is serious.


  6. more power to you elbow Carina!

  7. Carina,i don't like this new setup,so complicated..the previous one was better......and I saw some typographical error please take note...and it's as if...prince imafidon look so weak,so soft not brave at all I like omotola,isoken and osato,and the king.imafidon is good too.....in one word.....LOVELY.



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