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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 7

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Omotola was in her kitchen making a small pot of Ogbono soup when she heard a big bang on her door. She was skeptical of who could be knocking on her door loudly because wasn’t expecting anyone. She lowered the fire of the stove she was using to cook and walked to her mini living room to open the entrance door. She hesitated and choose not to open the door.
“Who is that?” she asked in a serene tone.
“It is the royal Guard of Prince Osazuwa. The prince is here to see you. Open your door.”

A surprised look plastered on her face.

What is the brother of prince Imafidon doing here? She asked herself quietly. Omotola knew she had not done nothing wrong and she has heard stories about the second son of King Nosa Obayuwana to be ruthless and wicked. She had seen him once when he commanded some women to kneel down and raise up their hands because he thought they were gossiping about him. 

She took a deep breath and opened the door.

“What took you so long?” Aigbe asked with a scorn on his black face.

Omotola gave him an awkward look. “Excuse me?” she asked.

“Don’t be harsh on the lady,” prince Osazuwa said to his guard who moved backward to give his master space to stand in front of her. He stared at Omotola and he thought she was indeed beautiful. 

“I salute you prince of Izieole Kingdom,” she said and bowed down her head. “What can I do for you?”

He chuckled and glanced at his guard. “She is bold to ask me what she can do for me.” He laughed and glared back at her. “It is I who can do something for you. Won’t you invite me in?”

She sighed and asked him to come in. He motioned towards a chair and sat down.

Omotola remained standing.

“Sit down.” He told her.

She crossed her arms. “I prefer to stand.”

“That’s your business and not mine. What is your relationship with my brother?”

She stared at him shocked. “I don’t understand you prince of this noble Kingdom.”

“Don’t play innocent! Have you been sleeping with my brother?”

Omotola gazed into his eyes, she was surprised by his question. “Your brother and I are friends.”


“Yes my prince.”

Osazuwa did not like her staring at him. It made him uncomfortable. No woman in the Kingdom had the guts to look straight into his eyes for long. Adesuwa was the only one because she was going to be his wife soon.
He looked away, surveyed the living room, and riveted back at her. She was no longer looking at him eyeball to eyeball.

“How come I have never seen you before?” he asked.

“The Kingdom is very large my prince.”

“I am sorry about your father’s death.”

“Thank you my prince.” she replied.

“As your father been buried?”


“When?” the prince asked.

“He was buried before the king heard the news of his death.”

“Oh I see. Are you saying my brother and you are not lovers?”

“We are friends my prince.”

“And are you aware that prince Imafidon will be the next king after the demise of my great father.”

Omotola smiled. “Everyone knows about the prophecy that the late queen Abosede was going to give birth to the future king of this Kingdom.”

Osazuwa frowned. He could not hide the disgust on his face. She annoyed him. ”I am here to warn you to stare away from my brother.”

She widened her eyes. “Why? Have I done anything wrong?”

“I want you to stay away from him,” he said and rose on his feet. “I don’t want your friendship with Imafidon. You will corrupt him.”

“I do not understand my prince.”

“I do not expect you to understand me, this is an advice.” Osazuwa said and took few steps to the door. Without looking at her, he voiced out. “Stay away from my brother!”

 “Well, since this is an advice and not a threat I cannot stay away,” Omotola said with a straight face. “I do not think prince Imafidon sent you to tell me this. I apologize if I am rude.”

His eyes were red yet he refused to look at her. He could not place the kind of person she was. He knew she must have heard things about him but still she appeared daring. Osazuwa gave a side smile, opened the door and walked away without saying anything to her. If she stubbornly rejects his advice he gave her, he will make her pay. 

“Oputuptu!”Aigbokai uttered after listening to the king with the other chiefs in the palace. “My king, are you saying we should allow prince Imafidon marry any woman of his choice? Especially if she is not from Izieole Kingdom or from our tribe?”

“That is exactly what the king said,” Obaseki chipped in. 

Aigbokai stared at him. “I did not ask you to answer me. You involve yourself in things that do not concern you.”

“You are looking for my trouble.” Obaseki said.

“You are the one looking for my trouble. I know if you indulge yourself in matters that concern you, you will grow taller.”

Chief Obaseki sprung on his feet in a furious mood, another chief seated by his side, grabbed him.

“Enough!” King Nosa yelled. “I am always tired whenever you two argue and fight. Why can’t you two respect me? Is it because I can no longer see?”

“No my King!” Aigbokai said quickly.

“No the great one,” said Obaseki. “I am deeply sorry.”

The other chiefs apologized for the men behavior.

The king sighed. “Apology accepted.”

They thanked him.

“I want all of you to listen attentively,” King Nosa said in a loud voice. “No one should ever say no to the future bride of prince Imafidon. Dead or alive, I will lay a curse on anyone that will be a hindrance to my son’s happiness. My wish is for my son to be happy. He must not be questioned about why he choose the woman he loves to be his queen.”

“We will do as you say.” said Obaseki.  Aigbokai eyed him. “Your wish is our command.”

Isoken sat down with Osato in her room.

“I have called you here Osato because you have been with me for a very long time,” the king’s sister said. “You took care of the prince when he was a baby and you have been kind. My brother is very unwell and when Imafidon becomes king, responsibilities will fall on his shoulders. You are not getting any younger, I will like to see you have a husband and children. I know I don’t have a child of my own but I am a happy woman because prince Imafidon is like a son to me. Please my daughter, you have a life of your own. How do we repay you for your devotion and loyalty?”

Osato gave a sincere smile. “I know I am old enough to get married and have children but I cannot turn my back on the prince now. He will be king soon and you don’t expect me to leave him. You are an elderly woman who deserves care and love. I want to show you, the future king and the future queen of this kingdom love. I am ready to stand by all of you. I can never trust the second wife of the king and her son because they are fetish and unkind. I want to always be there to watch what is happening. Your safety is important.”

She sighed. “Are you not worried about getting married?”

“I know I will when the gods says yes. I have someone I love and who loves me back. We will get married at the right time.”

”If that is what you want no problem,” she said. “Thank you for everything.”

“Don’t mention.”

“I have advised prince Imafidon to tell Omotola how he feels about her.”

“That is good! I only hope she feels the same about him.”

“Imafidon is a good man. I believe she will love him back. I also want to see her too. There is a lot to talk about.”

“I understand because she will be queen. All eyes will be on her and I believe the people will like her. Prince Imafidon will make the best choice.”

“Prince Osazuwa!!” Imafidon called out his name walking towards his brother’s room.

Osazuwa comes out from his room. “What is it?” he asked after he opened his door.

Imafidon entered his room without an invite. “How dare you visit Omotola without my permission?” he asked in an angry tone.

“I do not need permission because you and her are only friends.”

“What is your problem?” he asked. “Why did you tell her to stay away from me? You do not have the right to do that!”

“You need to stay way from her because you are the future king of this Kingdom. Do not disgrace this family.”

“Is it because I love Omotola?”

“You love Omotola?” he asked stunned!

“Yes I do and she will be my wife!”

“How can you make the daughter of a farmer a queen?” Osazuwa asked. “Have you gone blind?”

“I will ignore your insult but stay away from Omotola.”

“She reported me to you, that tells me she is scared of me!”

“For your information she did not have to report you to me. My guard saw the you and Aigbe in front of her house. She would not have said a word if not that I questioned her.”

“But she cannot be queen!”

“She will and no one will stop me!”

“This is the first time in history you are quarreling with me. You choose a woman over your brother!!”

“I am choosing no one and when I advised you to cancel your engagement with Adesuwa, you said no. You know what is good for you and I know what is good for me. Stay away from my personal life.”

Osazuwa eyes went wild. “You will regret this.”

Imafidon said nothing to him but walked to the door and opened it. He turned to look at his brother’s face. “May the gods forgive you. The old man you flogged because he refused to lay on the floor to greet you is dead.”

The expression on his face was emotionless.

"Beg the gods for forgiveness,” said Imafidon. “Change your ways.” He walked out of the room and shut the door. 

Osazuawa articulated. “Omotola will pay!” 

Few days later, Prince Imafidon and Omotola went out to train as usual. It was only the two of them there. After training and resting, Imafidon informed her there was something important he wanted to discuss with her.

“I know this might come as a surprise but do not reject me.” he said to her.

“What is it my prince?”

He smiled at her. “I love you Omotola.”

“You love me?” she asked. 

“Yes I do and I want you to be the mother of my unborn children.”

She stared into his eyes.

“Please say something.”

“If I become the mother of your unborn children it means I will be queen.”


“But it is impossible.”

“Why?” he asked.

“I am not from this kingdom and the household of the palace will not be happy about this.”

Imafidon sighed. “Do you love me?”


He laughed cheerfully and pecked her on her forehead. “My father loves you and my family will love you. Do not get worried.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very sure.”

“What about your brother?”

“My brother is not a problem. I want you and I to rule this Kingdom in the future with love.”

“I will forever be faithful, loyal, respectful and kind to you.”

“I will never betray you Omotola,” he said. “I believe in you.”

“I have faith in you my future king of this wonderful Kingdom.” They hugged each other.

Imafidon informed the king, his aunt Isoken and Osato about Omotola. They were very happy about the news. Isoken told him to invite her to see her. When Omotola came, Isoken decided for them to stroll around the kingdom with Osato.

“The prince has made a good decision,” Isoken said to Omotola as the walk along a lonely road. She carried a bag with her sword inside it. “Do not forget that it takes a lot to be a queen.”

“I know ma.” she said.

“I want you to take me as your mother and take Osato as your elder sister.”

“I will.”

“Good. When you move to the palace after the marriage, you have to be careful with prince Osazuwa, his mother, her maiden Eseosa and the guard Aigbe. I will always say the truth. The color of their hearts is very black. Do not trust any of them with anything.”

“Okay ma.” Omotola said. “I will not forget this.”

Osato added. “And you should be careful with princess Adesuwa.”

“Who is she?”

“She is the future wife of prince Osazuwa.”

“I have heard you and I want to thank you two for accepting me.”

“Do not thank us my daughter,” Isoken said. “We love you genuinely.

“And I love prince Imafidon with all my heart and I am grateful to the gods for bringing us together.”

“Do not…”

“Halt!” barked a man pointing a sword at the king’s sister. He came out from the bush to stop them from walking “I want the two of you to run! Isoken life belongs to me!”

Isoken and Osato panicked!

Omotola dashed in front of Isoken! “Who sent you?”

“Who are you to ask me an irrelevant question when I want to take her life! You better run or I will end your life too!!

“You lie! A mortal have no right to take the life of an innocent woman! Leave or I will slaughter you!”

“Omotola please let us run away!” Osato said in a frightened tone.

“Aunty Isoken is fragile to run very fast,” she said. “He will get her if I do not defend.”

“My daughter please don’t injure yourself because of me,” said Isoken. “I am already old, let him take my life.”

“Never!!” Omotola dropped her bag on the ground, removed her sword and directed it at the man. He ran towards her and raised it against her. 


She blocked it with her sword. He took a step backward and directed the sword to her stomach.

She speedily moved to the right to dodge it from penetrating her.

His eyes turned angry. 

He uplifted his sword again but Omotola quickly strike him with a cut on his left leg. Blood gushed out. She kicked him on his stomach. He touched it out of discomfort and she used the opportunity to slice him on his chest. He fell on his knees.

Omotola placed her sword on his throat. “If you do not tell me who sent you I will end your life!”

He grunted. “I rather die.” 

“My pleasure.” 

“No!” yelled Isoken. “Please my daughter, spare his life.”

“He does not deserve to live!”

“He did not succeed. Let us go back to the palace and leave him here. I beg you!

Omotola sighed. “If that is what you want, so be it.” She carried his sword and her own.

They left him alone as he squealed in pain.

“You have done well my daughter,” King Nosa said to Omotola after Isoken explained everything to him and Imafidon. “May the gods protect you.”

“Ise.” She said.

“I am very proud of you and believe me you are welcome to my family.”

“Thank you my king.”

“I cannot wait to have you as my daughter in law.”

She smiled broadly.

Imafidon peered at his soon to be wife. He was proud of her. He was gratified to the gods for her existence. 

The next morning, prince Imafidon went to his father’s room to thank him for accepting Omotola. He knocked on his door but there was no answer. He opened it and saw his father on the bed still sleeping. It was unusual because his father was always the first to wake up in the morning. He moved closer to him and tapped him on his shoulder but heard no response.

“Father.” he said.


He agitated and tapped the king again.

No response.

He checked the heartbeat of his father.


King Nosa Obayuwana of Izieole Kingdom was unresponsive.

He was dead.

To be continued...


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