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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 8

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Izieole Kingdom has lost a great king they loved. They were unhappy about his death but felt relieved because they were going to be in safe hands with his inheritor.The king left them the chosen one that was going to look after them. The old priestess came to the palace to inform them the rites of how they were going to burial the late ruler. Before the date of the funeral, everyone will be indoors for a week to mourn the great one.

Isoken wailed after the loss of her brother.
Prince Imafidon cried. He was sincerely going to miss his father. Ozazuwa managed to stay with a sober face. No one was surprised because he was always with a hard face. No difference!
Abieyuwa cried whenever she was in the midst of sympathizers, but with a pleased face whenever she was alone.

After the burial and mourning of the king, chief Aigbokai came to the palace to see prince Imafidon urgently.

“I know you might not be happy with what I am about to tell you.” he said to the future king. “But it is for your benefit.”

“As long as it will not cause harm to anyone.”

“It will not.”

“You can tell me.” 

“Is it true you want to make the daughter of a farmer who is no more the queen of this noble kingdom?”

“Is there anything wrong in it?” he asked.

“Oputuputu! You need someone that can understand what it means to be a queen. You can take her for a second wife but certainly not the queen.”

“I will not be like my father who married two wives,” said Imafidon. “I do not blame him but I will never commit such a mistake.”

“I really want you to progress because you are loved by the people. I can give you one of my daughters.”

His eyebrows cocked. “I thought all your children are married?”

“Yes but the youngest is having marital problems with her husband, I can send a message to her that she should leave him.”

Prince Imafidon laughed! “You are a very funny man and it will be fun to have you as a father in law but I can never be interested in your daughter or any other woman. I love Omotola and I will marry her.”

“Well, if that is what you want so be it. I do not want to force you to do what you don’t want. Your father told us to allow you marry the woman you love. When you become king, do not forget to always ask me for anything like advice. I was your father special adviser.” he said and smiled.

“I am aware you were very close to my father. I do not need an adviser because I already have one.”

Aigbokai widened his eyes. “Don’t tell me it is chief Obaseki.”

“Of course not!” uttered Imafidon. “My adviser is not any of my late father’s chief.”

“So who is the lucky one?”

“My future queen.”

The prince laughed again and shook his head. “There can never be a dull moment with you.”

“I understand what you have said.” said Imafidon to chief Obaseki who came to see him briefly.

“Good. We the chiefs are not getting any younger. You need young and vibrant men to take over us.”

“You are right but I will not rush it, I still need you and some of the chiefs around me after the coronation.”

“How is your aunty?” the chief asked him.

He sighed. “She is a strong woman, she will survive.”

“I feel so sorry for her. Isoken has gone through a lot. May the gods reward her.”


“What about the woman you want to marry?”

“I will introduce her to you and the other chiefs too.”

“That is very good,” said Obaseki. “It is very important and necessary.”

Imafidon smiled. “It is very important.”

“I also want to let you know that you should never trust anyone when you become king.”

“I know that chief Obaseki. Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention. Your father was a very good man, he was kind to me and anyone around him. I know you are like your father, I wish you the best prince Imafidon.”

“You have done well today for coming to the palace to give me words of advice. I will never bring shame or calamity to this Kingdom. There will be peace and harmony. I will protect it with my life and no man or woman can change my mind. May the gods guide and lead you home safely.”


“Mother can you see the disgrace that bastard wants to put us?” Osazuwa asked his mother in her room.  

“You don’t need to ask me my son,” she said. “That cursed child will suffer!”

“Oh I promise to make him suffer!!”

“What about the village prostitute he wants to marry?”

“I will deal with her my own way,” he said angrily. “She thinks she is smart and fearless, I will deal with her.”

“I cannot believe that useless chief Aigbokai cannot persuade him not to marry the girl.”

“That man is useless!!”

Abieyuwa sighed and thoughtfully stared at her son. “Chief Aigbokai is on our side. He does not want prince Imafidon to become king too.”

“I don’t care if that man is on our side, I want Imafidon’s head!”

“Please lower your voice,” she said to her son. “You might not know who is listening to us.” 

“That is why you have Eseosa.” Osazuwa said. “Where is she?”

“I sent her somewhere. What about your guard?”

“I sent Aigbe to Adesuwa.”

“You are always sending your guard to her, why can’t you go there yourself?”

“I am a busy man and my mind is occupied. I actually sent him to let her know her presence is needed.”

"For what?”

“I want her to be here when that animal introduces his local champion to everyone.”

“Despite the fact that she will be queen, I will give her trouble.” Abieyuwa said in a bitter tone.

“Adesuwa will join you.”

“What is the name of the useless girl?”

“Her name is Omotola and I will deal with her!”

The chiefs, elders, Isoken, Abieyuwa, Adesuwa, prince Osazuwa and the future king sat down to talk about the day for the coronation and also to see their future queen. He must get married before he can be made king. Imafidon excused himself to check on Omotola in his room. She was dressed in a pink dress, the lovely make up suited her face and Osato neatly did her hair.

Osato left them alone in the room.

“You are very pretty.” said Imafidon.

She bowed down her head. “Thank you my love.”

He used his middle finger to raise her face up. “You don’t have to thank me Omotola. They are waiting for me to introduce you. Please follow me.”

Omotola appeared nervous. “I hope they will like me?”

He stared into her eyes. “They will love you.”

Her face lightened up. 

The impending queen of Izieole Kingdom followed the forthcoming king obediently. All eyes were on her when they both entered. She greeted them and they welcomed her.

Osazuwa could not believe his eyes…..

The woman he despised, the woman he planned to make her life miserable was standing in front of everyone and he could not take his eyes off her.

Her eyes were small but they gleamed.

The smile on her lips made her to glow.

He lustfully admired Omotola.

Osazuwa would not mind taking her as a second wife.

The second son of late king Nosa Obayuwana became enormously jealous of his brother who wants to be king and marry the woman he unexpectedly adored.
He glared at his brother, his facial appearance displayed contempt.

“I feel like strangling that good for nothing local tramp!” barked Adesuwa to Ozazuwa after the meeting. The two of them went to his room to relax.

“Calm down.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down because I am very furious! Can you imagine the way she carried herself? Smiling as if she has won a prize.”

“Of course she has won a prize. She will be queen of this Kingdom.”

“I will make sure it does not last! I am very angry.”

“I am angry too. Don’t know why chief Obaseki brought the idea for the four of us to get married the same day.”

“And that nonsense brother of yours agreed to it.”

“I could not say no to the them, it will make me look like a bad person.” 

Abieyuwa Obayuwana knocked on the door and entered. She was in a stern attitude and faced the direction of Osazuwa.

“How could you agree to get married on the same day with that evil child?”

He gawked into his mother’s eyes.

“Answer me!”

“Mama,” said Adesuwa. “You have to understand that Osazuwa cannot refuse. It will seem he is not happy for his brother. Even if we all get married the same day, it does not change our plans to take Imafidon off the throne.”

“And what about Omotola?” she asked with a serious face.

Osazuwa answered quickly before his fiancĂ©e. “I will handle her myself. You can leave that to me.”

Adesuwa glanced at him. “In what way do you want to handle her?”

“When the right time comes, I will let you know but for now, we have to lay low and pretend to be happy for them.”

“I really want to thank you for everything ma.” Omotola said to Isoken.

“Don’t thank me because you deserve it. You saved my life and I am indebted to you. I will never forget the day you saved me from death. I promise to repay you someday.”

“You do not have to repay me. I did it for love.”

Isoken sighed. “There is something I noticed today.”

“What is it?” Omotola asked curiously.

“I do not want to say this in front of prince Imafidon because he will never believe me, he might say I am exaggerating. At the meeting, I saw prince Osazuwa staring at you. His eyes never left your face.”

“I do not think I should be surprised because he warned me in the past to stay away from his brother. Maybe he has not yet accepted me.”

Isoken shook her head. “I do not think that is the reason for looking at you. I can’t place it yet but you have to be very careful. Do not accept their friendship but that does not mean you should neglet or disrespect them.”

“I will be careful and I will attend to them whenever they need me.”

“I was thinking of assigning a maiden to you but Osato insisted she will always be available whenever you need anything.”

“She told me when she was making my hair,” Omotola said. “Prince Imafidon told me lovely things about her. I cannot reject her request.”

“You are very kind. May the gods give you beautiful children.”


Prince Imafidon invited the people of Izieole Kingdom to the wedding. It was going to be an elaborate one and food and drinks will be surplus. He promised them good music for them to listen and dance to. After the preparations, the main day came. The brides were looking very good and the grooms could not take their eyes off them. Adesuwa was envious when the people of the Kingdom kept chanting Omotola’s name. 

It was a gracious wedding, kings of other kingdoms were in attendance. After two days, prince Imafidon became king and his wife was made Queen. The priestess congratulated them. She came with a young girl dressed in white. She was the next priestess when the old one dies.

Queen Omotola promised them good things of life, she also promised to treat the widows the same way the late queen Abosede did. They were excited.

King Imafidon gave them a promise to treat them well. Whatever problems they had or have, they should not hesitate to let him know.

That same day, Princess Adesuwa sneaked out in the evening and came back at night while her husband had slept off. 

Prince Osazuwa got the shock of his life the next morning to hear the news that the king had given all the lands he took to their respective owners. Fire erupted his eyes, he was mad, bitter and angry! Osazuwa went back to his room and swore underneath his breath.

“I will take your woman and the Kingdom. I will take everything from you!! Imafidon has cross the line! This is just the beginning!!!”

To be continued….


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