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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 9

Sorry for delaying this.
“I am not happy about everything that is happening,” Abieyuwa said to them. “That bastard has been a king for the past six months and the both of you are not doing anything.”

“But mom,” said Osazuwa. “Six months is not six years.”

“It looks like six years to me.”

“Be patient mom. I know you are eager to see me on the throne and I promise to make that happen. Your son will be the owner of Izieole Kingdom.”

“But when?” she asked with her hands on her waist.
“Give me time to plan well with Adesuwa.”

Adesuwa cleared her throat and gazed at her mother in law. “I understand what you are passing through and I will not lie, I am frustrated seeing that pauper a Queen. She does not behave like one at all. She’s going about visiting those useless widows in their houses. Also visiting the market just because she wants to talk to the women and encourage them. She is foolish.”

“Not only that my daughter, She distributed farming equipment’s for some farmers. I hate her! I want her dead!”

“Mother!” Osazuwa uttered! “Let’s not talk about this anymore. I will remove Imafidon from the throne!”

She eyed him and faced Adesuwa. “Please my daughter, can you give us some privacy? I want to talk to my son alone.”

“No problem, I will talk to the two of you later.” She walked out on them.

Abieyuwa looked straight into her son’s eyes. “Is there something you are hiding from me?”

His left eyebrow went up. “Something like what?”

“I am your mother and I want the best for you. Don’t make a mistake because you will regret it later.”

“I do not understand what you are saying mother.”

“I do see the way you look at Omotola. There is always a smile on your face. I don’t know if I should call your wife blind because she is supposed to have noticed.”

“Mom I don’t understand what you are driving at.”

She opened her sharp eyes. “Don’t lie! You have a soft spot for that woman. I am suspecting you.”

Osazuwa laughed quietly. “Suspecting me of what?”

“That you have a soft spot for her.”

He frowned. “You are wrong mother. I do not have a soft spot for her and immediately I become king, she will be my slave.”

Abieyuwa shook her head. “I do not want her to be your slave,” she said. “I want her dead!”

“Imafidon should only be the one to die and Omotola has done nothing to deserve death. Allow me punish her in my own way.”

“What about Adesuwa?” she asked. “Will she agree? Remember she hates the useless queen.”

“I will persuade her to let Omotola suffer instead of death.” he said.

She rose on her feet. “I want to go out and see chief Aigbokia. Make sure you act fast! I am impatient.”

“I will act fast mother,” he said and smiled. “Your son will make you proud but I want king Imafidon to rule for a year. I do not want anyone to suspect me if anything happens to him.” 

She touched him slightly on his shoulder. “Do whatever you want as long as it will benefit you in the future. May the gods guard you.”


Abieyuwa strolled away. Osazuwa gazed at his mother as she left his sight. He knew he lied to his mother about Omotola. He had plans for his brother’s wife.

“My king,” said Omotola. “I don’t think aunty Isoken is happy with you.”


“You are taking things for granted. You are the king and should be able to stop your brother from terrorizing innocent people of the Kingdom.”

“But I do give the people what my brother took from them.”

“Make your brother stop! You are very soft.”

“I am not soft my love,” he said. “I am using wisdom to rule. I am a very strong man and you know it.”

“I am not talking about your physical strength but your behavior to prince Osazuwa.”

“He is my brother.”

“I know but you should not allow the love you have for your brother make you look like a weakling.”

Imafidon sighed. “I am not a weakling and my brother will change.”

“I know you are a little bit stubborn but I will let you be for now. The only advice I will give you right now is always be on your guard. Be prepared no matter where you are.”

“Thank you my love.”

King Imafidon sat down on his throne when his personal guard ran to meet him.

“I have terrible news my king.” said Osaigbovo. He appeared nervous.

“What is it?” he asked. “Speak!”

“The Kingdom of Orume wants you to give them the land your father bought before he died.”

“What!” he exclaimed. Omotola rushed to meet them. “That is impossible!”

The queen asked what was going on and the guard informed her the bad news.

“But you can never give them your majesty.” She said looking at her husband.

“I will never do such a thing.”

“My king that is not all.” the guard said.

“What is it Osaigbovo?”

“The messenger of the king of Orume Kingdom said if you don’t surrender the land, the people of our great Kingdom will be in danger and war will only be the solution to end it."

“War?” Imafidon asked surprised.

“Yes your majesty.”

“Why war?”

“He said war will only tell which Kingdom is stronger and deserve the land.”

“He is threatening the King of Izieole Kingdom and my people,” said Imafidon in an angered tone. “I want to speak with the people. Tell the town crier to send the message.”

“Yes your majesty.” Osaigbovo said and left them.

Queen Omotola turned to face Imafidon. “What are your plans?”

“I will send a message for a negotiation. I don’t want war.”

“That makes you weak.”

“I want peace Omotola!”

“What if they don’t want your negotiation?” she asked.

“Then, they will see the other side of me.”

King Imafidon sent one of his messengers to King of Orume but he was sent back. He informed Imafidon the king of the other Kingdom wanted the land or war. King Imafidon and his wife came out of their palace to address the people.
“My wonderful people of Izieole Kingdom.” said Imafidon. “I know most of you have heard the threat from Orume Kingdom. I do not want you all to panic because I will keep you safe. I will make sure no harm comes to you. However, always be on your guard.”

“All hail the king of our Kingdom!!” the people spoke out.

“If it is war they want, we will give it to them. We are not afraid!”

“Since they don’t want any negotiation my king,” Osaigbovo said. “It’s either they surrender or war."

Omotola spoke out. “I will lead the warriors.”

“Never!” Imafidon yelled.

“But why my king?” she said in a soft tone.

“I can never allow you to go to war,” he said with a serious facial expression. “I can never let you break the promise you made to your father before he died. Remember he never wanted you to be a warrior.”

“My father will be proud of me.” she said. “My glorious king and the beautiful people of this able Kingdom, I will not be going as a warrior, I, Omotola Obayuwana, the daughter of late Kayode will go to war as a Queen!!”

“Yay!! The crowd cheered.

Imafidon eyes never left his wife’s face. He was pleased. He rose on his feet “I, King Imafidon Obayuwana will fight! I will fight with your queen and the great warriors of this Kingdom. I will fight and win for you all!!!”

“All hail the King of our great Kingdom.”

“I think it is a bad idea for you to fight,” said Osazuwa to his brother. “Give them the land.”

“I can never do that.” Imafidon said wearing his clothes.

“But you can’t allow Queen Omotola to fight, she will be in danger.”

“I trust my wife and I believe in her. I will also protect her.”

“Who will look after the Kingdom?”

“You my brother.”

“Are you sure about that?” he asked.

“Of course. You are the only one that can look after this Kingdom for me. I want the people to see you as a good person. I believe in you Osazuwa, prove to me thai I can trust you.”

“Thank you for believing in me." he said with a scorn on his face when Imafidon was not looking at his direction. "I will make you trust me.”

Isoken was unhappy with the king for allowing Osazuwa to look after the Kingdom. She was getting old and weak. She told Osato to monitor him.

“Aunty Isoken there is something I need to tell you.” Osato said to her.

“What is it?”

“It’s a secret you and I must keep.”

“Tell me my dear Osato.”

“I believe Princess Adesuwa is having an affair with Aigbe.”

She widened her eyes. “Osazuwa’s guard?”


“How did you know about this?”

Osato swallowed before she answered. “I have seen her close to three times sneaking to meet Aigbe when prince Osazuwa is not around.”

“Ah! Abomination!!”

“What do we do?” Osato asked in a concerned tone.

“It is none of our business.” She said. “The prince have eyes, he should be able to know what is going on with his wife. Maybe he is not giving her his attention but that should make her cheat on him. It is their problem. Leave them alone!” 

The King, his queen and their warriors met Orume warriors at the battlefield. They were amazed to see a woman fight among them. Izieole warriors were prepared to fight with everything in them. They fought will all their strength as the killed, slaughtered Orume warriors like animals. King Imafidon proved himself a man and finished them all with his queen by his side. 

Izieole people were thrilled to see their king, his queen and warriors back from the war. Few of their warriors died and some got injured. When Osazuwa heard the news, he was extremely infuriated.
Isoken and Osato was happy to see them. The few days they were away, Chief Obaseki died. Imafidon was unhappy about it and went to see his family to pay his condolences.

After few weeks, the priestess arrived at the palace.

“The wise one, you are welcome.” King Imafidon said.

“She pointed at him. “May the gods protect you anywhere you are.”


“I demand to see your queen!”

“Is there any problem?” he asked with a worried face.

She dropped down her hand. “I want to talk to her privately.”

He sighed and asked his guard to inform the queen. 

Omotola and the priestess went outside the palace to talk. 

“You have to be prepared.”she said to the queen.

“Prepared?” Omotola asked confused.

“Something will go wrong and everything will fall on your hands.”

“The great one I do not understand what you are saying.”

“Don’t turn your back on this Kingdom.”

“I will never do such a thing like that, I love this Kingdom.”

“May the gods reward you for your good heart.”

Omotola smiled. “Ise.”

The priestess turned her back to leave.

“But you haven’t told me why I should be prepared. For what?”

“Be prepared!!!!” she spat out and walked away.

To be continued…..


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