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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Rebecca Tega eyes were fixed on her wall clock in the sitting room, it was 2pm on the dot. She was expecting her two closest friends. Rebecca's skin was brown in color and it matched the color of her eyes. She was a very pretty young woman with a pointed nose and full lips. She has been married for the past three years and loneliness was becoming her close pal. She loved her husband who captured her heart with his charmed smile or rather ‘deceived smile’.

*******She met Desmond Tega during her youth service in Delta state. She was serving in a bank. He came to see the manager there and he could not take his admiringly eyes off her the moment he saw her. Before he travelled back home to Lagos, he collected her contact and bombarded her phone with romantic text messages and phone calls despite his heavy schedule as an engineer. He sent her surprised gifts despite the distance. She felt loved. She wanted to be loved by a man.
During that period, her parents were having marital problems. As the only child, Rebecca would cry on her bed alone in the room. Quinn Dominic and Dabota Leonard conference call made her feel better. Dabota would lighten her mood up with gist of her escapades with her older lovers. Quinn would talk about how her acting auditions went. It made her a bit happy that her friends kept in touch after they were posted to different cities.

Quinn worked her way to serve in Lagos while Dabota was sent to Osun state. Desmond calls would brightened Rebecca after he tells her how much he loved her.

She got the shock of horror when she went back home after she finished her NYSC. Her parents announced they were getting a divorce. The news tore her delicate heart apart. She begged her beautiful mother and fine-looking father to reconsider but it was already too late, the divorce was the final answer.

“What about me?” she asked them. “What about how I feel?”

Her sixty-year-old father said. “We both love you and we will do everything we can to take care of you together.”

Rebecca did not want to hear that, she wanted them together as a family. Her mother accused her father of cheating and that was the reason for the separation. She was not happy with her dad. He was her favorite parent but not anymore.

She felt shattered coming from a broken home. In the past, when she saw them arguing and quarreling, it never crossed her mind her parents would consider divorce. The news was a big surprise. Her parents asked her to choose between them.

“Who will you like to live with?” her mother asked.

“I cannot choose,” she said. “I will live with Quinn and visit any of you when I feel like.” They pleaded with her but she declined.

Quinn was the only one that she could live with. Dabota was the least. If she had stayed with her, they will only quarrel. She was fond of advising her to stay away from married men. 

Rebecca was bored at Quinn’s home because the upcoming actress was always on location acting. If she was not on set, she would be on the red carpet or an event. She was always busy with one thing or the other. Rebecca tried to get a job on her own but it was difficult. Desmond proposed to her the day she was offered a job in a bank. He promised to take good care of her and never make her feel sad. She was happy about it. She thought the marriage would make her forget her parent’s separation but she continued to think about it after her wedding.

Desmond showed his true character after one month of their union. The day they came back from their honeymoon, he asked her for a particular shirt and she told him she forgot it at the hotel. He barked at her like a dog. He screamed at Rebecca as if she did something terrible. Rebecca's father called her to inform her about a job he got for her in an oil company but Desmond refused, saying his job was more than enough for the two of them.

The day she argued about taking the job, he shocked her with a hot slap on the face and went on his knees begging her not to tell her parents. He blamed his temper on the devil.

She could not open her mouth to tell anyone, not even her best friends. Rebecca was suffering and smiling. The day her friends knew about the maltreatment, Quinn went to his office to warn him and ever since that day, they despised each other.

Rebecca Tega rose up from her soft sofa in her gigantic living room when she heard horns from two vehicles. She peeped through one of the windows and saw her friends driving inside her compound. She was jubilant! It’s been a month they saw each other, they only spoke on phone.

Rebecca opened her entrance door before they knocked. She hugged Quinn and Dabota excitedly.

“I missed you girls!” she said.

“I missed you too my darling.” Quinn said to her as they walked in and sat down.

“I missed you like crazy!!” Dabota stated.

******The three of them were course mates in University of Lagos. They were students of political science. Rebecca's course mates knew her to be quiet and intelligent. She was always dressing simple but classy. She was not a very tall person. Rebecca became friends with Dabota in their 100 level second semester. Tall and chubby Dabota missed classes for weeks, she wanted someone to lecture her and offered Rebecca money to teach her quietly. Rebecca refused the money, she was willing to help free of charge. After helping her, they greeted each other when they saw.

Tall and curvy Quinn was the most popular girl in school because of her figure and beautiful face. She was not the friendly type but she never snubbed anyone who approached her. On a particular day, Rebecca dressed in a white gown to class and unexpectedly started to see her monthly flow. Dabota sighted her stained gown and insisted to escort her back to her hostel to change. Quinn was sitting behind them and felt for her, she volunteered to drive them to the hostel. They drove to the hostel and never went back to class, instead Quinn took them to an eatery. 

They talked as if they were childhood friends before. The three females opened up about their selves. Rebecca revealed she was an only child, Quinn said she was from a wealthy home. She lost her mother to cancer few years ago. Her younger brother and father were living in Canada, she stayed back in Nigeria to school and to pursue a career in Nollywood. Dabota said her father raised her but he disowned her at the age of sixteen after he caught her with his friend on the bed. Dabota was not the shy type. She was never afraid to say what’s on her mind and she loved to have fun. 

Quinn was the oldest among them. She was older than Rebecca with three years and Dabota with a year. Ever since that day they sat together, they stayed together as sisters. They were called the three musketeers by their course mates and lecturers.

“You both look good.” Rebecca said to them after she gave Dabota a bottle of whiskey and a fruit juice to Quinn. She set down a plate of four barbecued chicken laps on a small glass table in front of them. She placed two napkins by the side.

They thanked her for the compliment. 

“Why didn’t you cook?” Quinn asked.

“Are you not watching your weight again?” Rebecca asked. “Remember you are a star.”


“There’s beans and fried plantain.”

“Is that food?”

“No,” Dabota chipped in to say. “It is water.”

Rebecca chuckled. “I was only joking. I prepared fried rice, should I serve you?”

“Not hungry!” Quinn said.

“Please serve me,” Dabota said. “I have not only missed you but your food.”

Rebecca hastily left to the kitchen and brought a plate of salivating rice and fried beef to her.

“Thank you love.” 

“You are welcome.” She said and sat down in their middle.

Quinn filled her glass cup with juice and drank everything. She spoke, “I will begin to eat your food again when you leave this wrestling pit you call a home.”

Rebecca frowned. She didn’t find it funny. “I will not take insults from you in my house.”

She laughed and pointed a finger at her face. “Is that not a scratch on your right face? Did Desmond hit you again?”

Rebecca did not answer.

“Your silence means yes.” she softly.

“He didn’t mean to hit me!”

Dabota continued to eat and watch them. She was not going to interfere, if she did, Rebecca would cry. They nicknamed her mouth razor blade.

“Why do you keep defending your husband?” Quinn asked annoyed. “What do you mean he didn’t mean to hit you? I thought you were intelligent. Or can’t you manage your intelligence anymore? If you can’t, I can tell my manager to manage it for you.”

Rebecca was furious. “You can't come into my house and insult me. I am trying to respect you, not because you are a popular person but because you are older than I am. Respect yourself please.”

Dabota dropped down her plate. “What Quinn is trying to…”

“I do not want your opinion!” Rebecca interrupted her sentence.

“You don’t want my opinion because I would have told you your husband is a monster!”

Rebecca rose up angrily and faced them. I thought you both wanted to spend some time with me and not to talk about my husband.”

“Of course we came to spend some time with you,” Quinn said. “But we can’t see the truth and keep shut.”

“I am okay.”

Dabota said, “No you are not okay. Desmond beats you and treats you like a child. You are twenty seven for Christ sake!”

“And you are twenty nine and yet to get hooked to a young man to marry.”

She laughed sarcastically and clapped her hands. “And you think I’m bothered? You should know I don’t give a shit about younger men. They don’t move me because they can’t pay my bills. The older, the better!”

“And you are not ashamed of yourself by sleeping with men old enough to be your father. You can never meet a young man because you don’t have a heart to love a man.”

“How can I be ashamed when the older men give me good money? I don’t need to sit my fat and enormous ass on a wooden chair with a computer in front of me and get paid peanuts at the end of the month. I am dating men old enough to be my grand pa and I feel so good and proud about it. You are the one to feel sorry for yourself. I did not want to interfere in this discussion but you have pressed my button and pushed me!”

“There is nothing you haven’t told me before.”

“I do not think I have told you, you are a scared little bitch!”


“Please let’s end this.” Quinn said.

“No Quinn,” Dabota said. “Someone needs to tell Rebecca she is risking her life in this cage she calls marriage. She should use her common sense and leave Desmond. Three years of marriage, she is looking like an old woman. How can you tie a scarf on your head, wear a big blouse and large skirt?”

“I am in my house and I can dress the way I want!”

“Even if you are in your house, you have an abusive husband and the way you dress matters. You were not like this before, despite your simplicity, I used to admire the way you dress.”

“Me too.” Quinn said.

“Quinn and I would dress sophisticated but you were always simple but stylish. What happened to you? In your first year of marriage you were not like this.”

“It does not matter if I dress this way. Desmond was always complaining when we use to go out to dinner when I dress my style. He prefers me like this.”

“So that other men won’t approach you? As he forgotten you are beautiful facially?”

“I don’t know!” she said in an anger tone.

“If you think Desmond will change, you will end up dead.”

Rebecca pointed to her door. “Leave my house!”

“Dabota please stop.” Quinn said.

Dabota laughed and gazed at Rebecca. “Have you forgotten the last time we discussed about your wrestling marriage, you insulted me and told me never to call you again but before I reached my destination you called and apologized?”

“I felt bad because I told you your father was right for disowning you and I also called you a disgrace to womanhood.”

“But I never felt bad for telling you, you will never have a child in this house. It is not a curse but reality. You have been pregnant twice and you lost them after Jet Li Desmond beats you up. How can you have a child when the man you call your husband is a monster. For the past six months, you have been struggling to conceive. I don’t think a child would want to come into a home that is already in jeopardy.”

“But I don’t want to have a broken home!!” Rebecca said and began to sob audibly. She concealed her face with her hands.

Quinn cleaned her hands with a napkin and stood to console her. “I know you Rebecca,” she said. “You are the nicest person I know on this earth. If given the chance, you can take a bullet for a loved one. Rebecca you deserve someone better, someone that would appreciate you.”

She glanced at her. Tears drowned her face. “I don’t want a broken home like my parents.” 

Dabota looked away. She didn’t like to see her friend cry, it made her emotional. She rose quickly and excused herself to the visitor’s bathroom. She cried silently. Dabota knew she was very harsh on Rebecca but she did it to make her leave her ruthless husband. If only her best friends knew what really happened in her past. She lied to them about her father disowning her. What actually happened was very heavy for her to say. 

Quinn knocked on the bathroom door gently. “Dabota are you okay?”

She speedily cleaned her face with her hands. She didn’t want to use water, it would spoil her make up. “Yes I’m fine. I am coming.”


She gazed at the small mirror on the wall to check her face. It was all right.

Dabota left the bathroom to join her friends. Rebecca and Quinn were already sitting down and watching a movie.

“I think I should apologize to you Rebecca.” she said.

She shook her head and smiled. “No need, I have forgotten about it, let’s watch the new James Bond movie together.”

“Are you sure?”

“You should know I don’t get angry for long. Please sit.”

She sat down and drank some whiskey down her dry throat.

After thirty minutes, Quinn noticed Rebecca eyes were always staring at the wall clock.

“Are you expecting someone?” she asked her.

“No but why do you ask?”

“You have been checking the time.”

“It’s five minutes after five,” Dabota said. “Is Desmond coming back home soon?”

Rebecca nodded.

“That means you want us to leave but you can’t tell us.”

Her facial expression was piteous. 

“I cancelled an important meeting because I wanted to spend quality time with you.” Quinn said, carried her Gucci handbag and rose up.

“I know and I am deeply sorry.” Rebecca apologized. “I expected the two of you to come in the morning.”

“I know if I meet Desmond here, we will surely exchange words. I understand Rebecca, I will call you when I get home.”

“Thanks Quinn.” She said and got up, Dabota stood too without saying anything. “Are you angry?”

“Because I didn’t say anything that means I am angry?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I understand okay,” Dabota said. “You should tell your parents about your abusive marriage, it is wrong to keep them in the dark.”

“I don’t think they should know.”

“But try and be visiting your father, give him another chance.”

“He cheated on my mother. I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Well, that’s your business.” she said and they walked outside together.

Quinn entered into her black range rover and Dabota hopped into her brand new Toyota Camry. Dabota promised to call them later at night and they waived at each other as they drove away. She was going to miss them, seeing them leave made her gloomy.

She hurriedly walked inside to tidy up the living room before Desmond would come back.

Quinn was heading to a pharmacy when her phone rang, she checked to find out who the caller was but it was an international number. She picked it up.


“I need some money.” he said.
She recognized his voice. “Are you not ashamed of yourself?” she asked. “What kind of a younger brother are you?”
“A brother who loves to torture you.”

“You are hurting me!”

“I won’t be asking you for money if you did not do what you did.”

“Hanks but it’s in the past! Forgive and forget.”

“I can forgive you later, maybe when you are old and fragile but I cannot forget!”

“I am sorry!”

“I do not need your apology, I want five thousand dollars.”

“Hanks, where do you want me to get that kind of money from?” 

“Have you forgotten you are one of the highest paid actresses in Nigeria  and you have a boyfriend that is into oil and gas?”

“I don’t have money for now,” Quinn said. “I will pay when I have it.”

“Maybe you want me to travel back to Nigeria and tell your fans that you…”

“Please shut up your dirty mouth! I will send it next tomorrow.”

“Good,” Hanks said. “I love you big sis.”

Quinn shook her head desolately. “If you truly love your sister, you won’t be extorting money from me. I have nothing to say to you.” She ended the call.

Immediately Rebecca finished cleaning the living room, Desmond drove in. Just the sound of his car made her tremble in fear. She searched thoroughly with her eyes if she missed anything, she was satisfied the place was wiped clean. 

Desmond, a tall and slender man used his own key to open the door. He was fair in complexion with a fine and hard face.

“Welcome dearie.” Rebecca said, sauntered to his side and collected his briefcase from him.

He smiled faintly. “Thanks dear.” The smile on his lips disappeared after he motioned inside. “Why does the scent of my favorite whiskey smell in the living room?”

Words vanished from Rebecca’s lips. She took a big lump down her throat.

To be continued….


  1. Correction time. The word *Bogus*, wasn't used rightly. It means something that is not genuine. I love the story. Its interesting. Everyone has their own stories to tell. Bigger you Carina.

  2. Wow! This is interesting. Full of drama

  3. Loving this already. Keep it up sweetheart.

  4. Nice one dearie... I love the characters especially Dabota. I have the feeling she would be a drama queen. Looking forward to next episode

  5. hmmmm.....out of the frying pan into fire. poor Rebecca.

    her husband need a serious deliverance.
    Rebecca should cut some links with her friends. they are not married and may not really understand what she is going through.

    she should pray hard, Desmond is her husband and married is for better and for worse.
    prayer is the key!

    Carina dear, this title complicated is an understatement. you never include when the next episode will be on air......

    More Grace!


    1. *marriage is for better and for worse*

  6. E-novelist

  7. Nice , i love the beginning, looking forward to the next episode

  8. I am loving thiS Series already
    Ride on

  9. interesting


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