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Saturday, November 21, 2015


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“Answer me Rebecca,” Desmond said. “Why is my living room smelling of whiskey?”
She stood bumpy. She could not give him an answer but unceasingly scratch the back of her left ear.

He moved closer to her, she took some footsteps backward.

“I know you don’t drink alcohol,” he said. “Did someone visit you?”

Rebecca swallowed before she answered. “Yes.” she said delicately.

“Who came to visit you?” he asked in a tough tone.

One of her dislikes is lies. She could not lie to her husband. “My friends.” 

“What are their names?”

She was uneasy with herself. If he knew Quinn was here in his home, it will be trouble for her.

“My best friends came to see me.”

“Your best friends?”

Rebecca nodded. There was fear in her eyes.
“You mean Quinn and Dabota came to my house?”

“Yes but they did not spend enough time here. They left very early.”

His eyes sparked and he raised his voice on her. “You mean my enemy and that prostitute came into my house to drink my favorite whiskey and sit on my chair?!”

She dropped his bag on the floor and fell on her knees. “Desmond please I beg you in the name of Almighty God, they only came to check up on me and they don’t mean any harm.”

“Who among the witches drank my whiskey?”


Desmond chuckled. “So the prostitute knows how to drink right? You can stand up.”

She stared at him surprised. “I can stand up?”

“Don’t ask me foolish question. Stand up!!”

Rebecca uplifted and grabbed his suitcase. She turned her back to leave. 

“Come back here!!” he barked at her.

She turned to face him in a frightened manner. “I thought you were through with me?” 

He walked very close to his wife. “I want you to stay away from Dabota and Quinn, especially Quinn.”

“”But they are my close friends.”

“Must you have a friend?”

“Desmond please, you know I don’t have a job and I am mostly at home doing nothing. They come here once in a while to see me and it's not every day.”

“Even if it is once in a year they come to visit you, I don t give a damn about it. I want them out of your life!”

Her eyes were beginning to get teary. 

“I have not started to beat you up and you are about to cry.”

“I don’t want to cry but plead to you that Quinn and Dabota are like sisters to me.”

“Am I the one that told your parents not to give birth to another child after you before they got divorced?”

“Please don’t bring my parents into this.”

“I will bring your parents into this matter because they are the one who gave birth to you!”

Rebecca peered into his eyes. “What did I ever do to you?”

“You have asked me that question several times and I have told you, you did nothing to me. This is the way I am. I cannot change because I married you.”

“But you were not like this before we married and you promised to make me happy, to make me never to think about my parent’s separation.”

“Promises can be broken Rebecca.”

“But I never broke my own promise to love and cherish you.”


She unpredictably received a slap on her face.

Desmond pointed a finger at her. “You don’t have the right to tell me that! You are my wife and you are supposed to love and cherish me!! Don’t you ever repeat that again because next time you try that, I will beat you up cruelly!!!”

Rebecca touched her face as her eyes were in raining tears. 

“I am going to the bathroom to shower and I want you to get my dinner ready before I come back here. Understood?”

“Yes.” she said in tears.

He took his briefcase from her and walked away.

Dabota Leonard’s gate-man Johnny opened the gate for her to drive into her compound. It was a three bedroom flat located at Lekki. She bought the apartment with her savings. She made sure none of her sugar daddies bought it for her, she didn’t want to give any man the chance to visit her anytime he feels like. She wanted a place she can call her own.

She parked her car, turned off the ignition and came out.

“Madam well come ma.” her gateman said.

“Thank you. Did anyone look for me?”
“No ma.”

Dabota gave a nod and walked towards the entrance door to her house. She knocked and an older woman opened the door for her. It was her cook Miss Debbie. Debbi started to live with her a year ago after she came looking for a job. She employed her because she needed someone to live with her in her house.
They greeted each other and Dabota sat down.

“You look very tired,” Debbie said. “Should I get something for you to drink?”

“I only need water.”

Debbie left her to get a glass of chilled water. She drank it and gave her the cup.

“Did you cook anything?” Dabota asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I prepared Banga soup with fresh fish. Should I make starch for you now?”

She shook her head. “I’m not hungry.” she said unhappily.

“Are you okay?”

“I went to see a close friend of mine.”

“That’s tells me it’s the married one.”

Dabota stared at her surprised. “How did you know?”

“You are always sad whenever you come back from her house. You have never told me why but I just have to ask you now. Why?”

“My friend married an abusive husband and he is not ready to change at all.”

She sighed. “Does your friend want to leave him?”

“That is the problem!” Dabota said angrily. “She does not want to leave him, she believes he will change but I believe that man can never come back to his right senses. He is a man with a stone heart! I dislike him!!”

“I know you always talk about two of your friends, the actress and the married one. Why don’t the both of you talk to her because a lot are happening with women in an abusive marriage? A lot of women have died in the hands of brutal men.”

“Quinn and I went to her house together, we didn’t go there to talk about her marriage but to check how she was doing. Quinn found a mark on her face and that was when we attacked her about her beast of a husband. You won’t believe she defended him!”

“Why did she defend him?”

“I do not know and I don’t understand her. It hurts me to see Rebecca like that. She is suffering.”

“I am really sorry this is happening to your friend but you must persuade her to find a solution before it is too late. Women should not be abused because we are the weaker sex.”

Dabota began to laugh.

“Did I say anything funny Miss Dabota?”

She continued to laugh and shook her head. “Who told you women are the weaker sex?”

“But it’s in the bible and…”

“Don’t quote any bible here!” she said playfully. “We have power over men okay? Just a rub on their big heads with my hands will melt their hearts and they will give me anything I want.”

“I am not talking about sex but…”

“What do men love the most?” she asked her cook.

“I think money.”

“Oh please spare me the boring lecture! Men love women more than anything in this world. If Eve wasn’t created, Adam would have died out of boredom. God knew it and that was why he had to create her.”

“But if Eve wasn’t created, things on earth would have change. It would have been better and peaceful.”

“But there won’t be me or you today. If men aren’t the weaker sex, Adam would never have eaten the forbidden fruit. Adam fell venerable to Eve's nakedness.”

Debbie laughed tenderly. “You are very funny.”

She crossed her legs. “No I am not being funny but realistic. I just want Rebecca to be loved. She has gone through a lot. Rebecca can do anything for anyone she loves or not. I can’t count how many classes and test I missed because I wanted to satisfy my lovers. My friend would help me with my assignments and test without asking me for anything in return. I am lucky she was with me the day I did my last abortion. I would have died that day and thank God my womb is still intact. She also helped Quinn in so many ways that is why we are not happy she is unhappy. It kills us inside that a person with a good heart ended up with an animal. Rebecca always try to put a smile on her face no matter how bad the situation is. If only I can take her place and teach Desmond a lesson.”

“It seems Rebecca is a very good person.”

“She is and I love her so much. Quinn and Rebecca are my family.”

“I will put her in prayers.”

“Please do and when you are praying to God, tell him to bring someone that will make Rebecca the happiest person on earth.”

“What if her husband changes into a better man?” Debbie asked.

Dabota answered in a serious tone. “Desmond can never change and he did something that makes me dislike so much. I only want the best for her and I will make sure I do everything I can to make it happen. It may take months or years but I will pull her out from that pit.”

“I hope she finds happiness soon.”

“I know she will.”

Quinn Dominic went straight to her boyfriend’s bathroom immediately she arrived at his house. It was a mansion with different artworks for decoration. He was a lover of art. She came out of the bathroom after bathing and wiped her body with a white towel. She wore a black bra and a blue bump shorts. Quinn went to join her lover in his private sitting room. He was not a tall person but average in height. 

He looked at her. “How many times will I beg you to put on decent clothes?”

“This house belongs to you Jackson Bassey.” Quinn said and took a sip from his nonalcoholic drink and sat near him.

“This is your house too but you must learn to dress well,” he said. “Remember we have employees.”

“But they don’t have the right to enter here without our permission.”

“That does not mean you should dress half naked.”

“Some of your employees must have seen me like this in one of my movies.”

Jackson got annoyed with her. “Why do you always make me angry?”

“How do I always make you angry?”

“What do you mean some of my employees when they are your employees too?”

“We are not married! I have a house of my own.”

“And have I not ask you to marry me twice?” he asked her. “What do you want that I have not given to you?”

“I did not come to your house to get insulted okay? You do not need to remind me you have proposed to me twice. I only told you I wasn’t ready.”

“You have a great career and me,” he said. “What else do you still want from me?”


“We have been dating for the past four years and you are still asking for patience?”

“If you want me leave your house, I will.”

“I am not asking you to leave but tell me the reason for rejecting my proposal two times. All you tell me is you are not ready to get married.”

“I want to focus on my career for a year or two.”

Jackson shook his head. “I give you everything and you pay me back with heartache.”

“If you know you give me everything then bless me with five thousand dollars.”

He glared at her stunned! “I gave you two thousand pounds few weeks ago. What did you do with the money?”

“Have you forgotten I have a project? I am building a school.”

“You never told me it was for the school.” he surveyed her face and asked. “Is your brother asking you for money?”

Her jaw dropped. “Did he call you?”

“Of course not! The only time you ask me for dollars is when your brother ask for money.”

“Oh I see.”

“I will not take that this time!” he uttered. “You need to tell me the reason you send your brother money. He works over there.”

“I know but I’m just giving him because he’s my brother.”

“I doubt that. Something is up and I promise to get to the bottom of it.”

“I’m not hiding anything.” Quinn said and gave a smile. “That means you are giving me the money?”

He sighed. He loved her and denying her what she wants hurts him. Jackson was eager to be the father of her unborn children. 

“I will give you the money tomorrow.”

Quinn jumped on his body happily and kissed him hard on the lips. “You are the best!”

He gave a one sided smile. ‘It’s my pleasure to always make you happy. Anyways, guess what?”


“We will be having a visitor very soon.”

“Which visitor?” she asked with a slight frown.

“Brown Smith is coming home.”

Her face cheered up instantly. “Brown is coming home?” 


“I thought he said he won’t be coming to Nigeria anymore?” Quinn asked. “I remember few months ago when we went to visit him, he said Nigeria is not a place for him.”

“Don’t mind him but there is a good reason he is coming.”

“What is it?”

“His father is sick and Brown wants to come over and take good care of him. He believes his presence will make the old man well.”

She clapped her hands. “That is so nice of him. I really miss his company and there is never a dull moment with Brown but did he still get married to that white woman?”

“Brown can never get married!”


“A girl broke his heart a long time ago and he vowed to close his heart for the rest of his life.”

“But Brown is a good and fun person. I really like him because he was very generous to me the last time we saw each other.”

“I know but there is nothing we can do about it. Brown is not ready for a committed relationship.”

“I can’t wait to see him.” she said.

“Me too.”
The following day in the morning, Dabota got herself ready and drove away to an NGO (SYP) ‘Share your pain’ organization that focuses on abuse including emotional, sexual, physical and financial. She met with one of the directors to talk about her friend’s marriage.”

“Are you saying nothing can be done?” she asked the female director.

“I’m afraid no.”

“But why?”

“If your friend cannot come forward and tell us what are husband is doing then nothing can be done.”

“I can’t force my friend to open up about what is happening to her but I know what she is going through. I can’t sit and fold my arms when I have a friend roasting in pain in her matrimonial home.”

“Can you give us evidence to show he is beating or maltreating her?” she asked Dabota. “Like a video?”

It made her furious. "How can I give you evidence when I don’t live with them? I am not a witch that flies in the middle of the night. You are just incompetent!” 

“Please reduce your voice.”

She rose from the chair. “I will raise my voice because you have made me angry. I don’t stay with them.”

“The wife needs to open up before we can Z take action.”

“Action my foot!” Dabota voiced out. “Let me tell you the truth, you are all lazy!!”

She walked to the door and opened it. She stormed out without shutting the door. Dabota called Quinn to give her the countdown of what happened. They planned to meet in an eatery at noon. 

****** *
Jackson went to the airport to pick up Brown Smith. They hugged each other. It was a happy moment for the both of them. Brown was a tall guy, with broad shoulders. He had a small goatee down his chin and his sets of teeth were white. He was a very handsome guy with a playful character. They walked to Jackson’s car and got in.

“How was your trip?” Jackson asked.

“It was good!” 

“You look good in a suit!”

He laughed. “I wanted to look good for the girls.”

“What girls?”

“I thought you were taking me to a club tonight?!”

“Club will have to wait,” Jackson said and turned on his ignition and drove away. “You need to see your dad.”

“I spoke with him before my flight and he was the first person I called when I landed. He told me to have my fun, the old man wants me to come home and get married, I don't think his sickness is serious.”

“So what are you waiting for about getting married?”

“I want to be careful with my heart,” Brown said. “I don’t want to get hurt again.”

“There are good girls here in naija, just shine your eyes.”

“I’m not here for that, I just want backsides I can tap with my hands. By the way, where is our star?”

“She called me she will be having lunch with a friend.”

“So I won’t see her?” he asked.

“You will in the evening.”

“So where are we heading to now?” Brown asked. 

“Lets’ go see a friend of mine before we go to my house. He’s name is Jake.”

“I am happy to be back home!” 

Jackson said. “I’m happy to see you bro.”

“I can’t believe the director said that.” Quinn said inside an eatery with Dabota. “But you didn’t have to tell her she was lazy.”

“What would you have expected me to say? I was angry.”

“I know you are upset about Rebecca and Desmond affair but don’t push it.”

“Rebecca’s life is at risk.”

Quinn sighed. “I will convince her to go on a vacation with me.”

“And you think that will solve it?” Dabota asked. “Desmond is very lucky I wasn’t the one who went to confront him that day.”

Her friend smiled widely. “What would you have done?”

“You know your friend. I would have used my mouth, fist and foot on him. I can be a bitch, a mad woman and a good girl if I want to. I have three personalities!”

Quinn could not stop laughing. “You are a clown! I have something to share with you.”


“You are invited to an art show next week.”

“I don’t look like your boyfriend who loves art.”

“”Well, it’s more of painting and remember Rebecca loves art too. It’s an old friend from South Africa who relocated back to Nigeria. She wants to unveil her new art works.”

“She left hot frying pan to a burning fire?”

“Nigeria is a good country Dabota.”


“I want all of us to spend some time together.” Quinn said with a cheerful smile.

“And who are the all of us?”

“Me, you, Rebecca, Jackson, Jake and Brown Smith.”

“I think I know Jake but not Brown Smith.”

“Brown came in from United states today.”

“He is single?”

“Quinn gazed at her startled. “Why do you ask?”

“Rebecca of course!”

“Please don’t corrupt Rebecca and I must tell you, Brown is not after love but money and more money. He is never serious when it comes to a relationship.”

“I don’t need to argue with you.” She said. “A good man will find Rebecca and I think this is the right time to open up to her. Tell Rebecca the truth, tell her what really happened between you and Desmond that day.”

Quinn face fell gloomily. “I can’t tell her and you know it.”

“But it will make her leave Desmond.” Dabota said. 

“But what about me?” she asked. “If Rebecca knows the truth, she will find it very hard to forgive me.”

To be continued….


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