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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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“You can tell her and ask for forgiveness,” Dakota said to Quinn. “Remember, Rebecca forgive easily.”
She shook her head. “Not this one. This will be very difficult for her to handle and for me not to have told her long time ago is betrayal.”

“I know but it’s for the best. Letting her know the truth will make things better for her.”

“I will not tell her,” she said. “I hope you won’t go behind my back to tell her?”

Dabota hissed aloud. ‘I am not a back stabber,” she said. “I was angry when you opened up about what happened but I let it go because Desmond is a deceiver and a heartless man. You will tell her yourself.”

She hissed back and tightened her face.

Dabota alerted a waiter to come meet them.

“Do you still want to eat?” Quinn asked her. 
“Of course!” she replied. “Why won’t I eat when am not keeping secrets from Rebecca.”

“Oh please shut up and don’t remind me again. I am not in the mood for your razor blade mouth.”

She chuckled and the female waiter approached them. She was grinning at the actress as she appeared happy to see a celebrity. Dabota gave an order of yam porridge and snail. The server asked Quinn what she desired to eat but she shook her head. The waiter used the opportunity to ask for an autograph. 

Quinn gave an irritated look. “If you want an autograph, I will give you an account number to pay in an amount of money.” she said in an angered tone.

The young woman stood shocked and confused. 

“Leave my sight and sharply bring the food my friend asked for or I will alert your manager you are harassing me.”

“I am sorry ma.” She apologized quickly and left them immediately.

“That was harsh!” Dabota uttered. “You did not need to put your situation on an innocent girl.”

“And who told you I have a situation?”

“Of course you do. You are angry because of the secret that will tear your friendship with Rebecca if she finds out about it.”

“She won’t find out!”

“That’s your business and not mine but you need to apologize to that innocent lady and give her the autograph.”

“And if I don’t, what will you do?” she asked. 

“I don’t need to do anything Quinn but don’t do that again. You are not like this and remember your fans says good things about you, don’t make them change their minds.”

“They can change and say whatever they like.”

“Oh please stop and cool your temper! Nobody is the cause of your problem.”

“I do not have a problem.” she said. 

The waiter came and dropped Dabota’s order and left.

“Won’t you change your mind?” she asked Quinn and tasted her meal. “The food is delicious.”

“I am not hungry.”

“If you say so,” Dabota said. “After all you don’t need food. You should continue to get thinner while I get fatter. My men loves me curvy.”

“Are you not ashamed of yourself?”

She placed her fork on the plate. “Ashamed of what?”

“You are not getting any younger, in fact you look older than your age because of the old men you sleep with.”

“Do you think telling all these will change my mind?”

“I totally forgot you have no shame.” Quinn said apologetically.

“You forgot I have a better life than you and Rebecca. Rebecca's own is even better than yours, I know you are not a happy person when it comes to your love life. You are with a man you do not love and I know you don’t have the plan to love him.”
“Eat your food.”

“Oh no, you started it and I will help you end it. Why did you refuse Jackson’s proposal twice?” Dabota asked.
“It’s none of your business.”

“It is my business because you are my friend. I know there is something eating you up and you are not happy. Tell me, I might have a solution for you.”

“No one can help me.”

Dabota surveyed her face. “Is there something troubling you?”

“I don’t want to talk about my personal life!”

She sighed and looked at her friend before she spoke. “Let’s talk about the art gallery event you want us to go to.”

Quinn rose and carried her Gucci handbag.

“Are you leaving without answering me?” Dabota asked surprised.

“I need to go welcome Jackson’s friend.”

“Oh! The Nigerian runaway.”

She shook her head and smiled. “Your mouth should be jailed!”

“I hope he’s single.”

Quinn leaned to whisper into her right ear. “Don’t ever think of putting shitty ideas into Rebecca head.”

She laughed. “I know you are not in a good mood, I will leave you to go home. I want to enjoy my meal in peace and not in pieces.”

She did not say anything but walked away. Dakota ate her meal alone.

Jackson and Brown had left where they went to and arrived home to see Quinn in the living room waiting for them. She had already bathed and wore a simple red gown. She welcomed her boyfriend with a peck on his lips and hugged Brown joyfully and they sat beside each other. Jackson left them and went to the bathroom in his bedroom to freshen up.

“It’s good to see you again,” she said to Brown. “How was your flight?”

“I’m happy to see you again and my flight was successful.” 

“I am really sorry about your father’s health,” Quinn said. “I hope he is getting better?”

“Thanks dear and I believe he is better. I will be going home tomorrow.”

“You will only be spending the night here today?”

“Yes but that does not mean I won’t keep in touch.”

“You really look good, America’s weather is good for your skin.”

Brown laughed and his dimples displayed. “Thank you.”

Girls always admired him and sometimes ask for a relationship. He was scared of falling in love and getting heartbroken again. His ex-girlfriend married a politician because he was very broke at that period. Even after she got attached, she still calls him for sex but he always bluff her off. Having a secret relationship with a married woman was a sin and it will definitely put him in trouble.

“What are your plans about your business?” she asked.

“I am bringing my business down here but I have someone managing the one over there.”

“I hope you trust the person?”

“No I don't." he said. "If you give someone your 100 percent trust, you will get it smashed!”

“I totally forgot you have trust issues.” she said and smiled at him.

“It’s not a matter of having trust issues Quinn, you can trust a little but do not put all your hope on anyone.”

“I know but there are some people like friends who will always have your back. Friends who will do anything to make you happy.”

“What about family?” he asked puzzled. “You trust your friends more than your family? I thought you have a younger brother?”

“I have a younger brother but there are some friends who are like family.”

“Do you have friends like that?”

Quinn gave a wide smile. ““Rebecca and Dabota.”

“They are trustworthy?” he asked.

“Yes. They are like my sisters. I quarreled with one of them today but that does not mean when I see her next time we won’t hug, gist and have fun.”

“Good friends are hard to find,” he said. “Hold them tight and never let go.”

“I won’t.”

“Is any of them single?” Brown asked.

“Rebecca is married and Dabota is single but you are not her type.” Jackson answered before she did. They didn’t realize he was in the living room until he spoke. He sat down opposite them.

“Am I not handsome enough?”

Quinn chuckled. “Of course you are handsome enough, even a blind person would know.”

“Thank you for the compliment but you have not given me the reason why I am not her type.”

“She likes older men.” she said.

“And she is happy with older men?”

“100 percent happy.”

“Well, it’s her life and not mine.”’

“But you will love her.” Jackson said. “She’s fun to be with, always ready to have fun. If she’s asleep and you call her to meet you at a club, she won’t refuse but be the first to reach there.”

Brown roared into laughter. “When am I going to meet her?” he asked.

“Soon,” Quinn answered. “You will meet her in few days’ time at the art event.”

“Jackson has told me about it and I will be there. I can’t wait to meet Dabota, I think she’s going to be my new best friend.”

Rebecca walked into the living room to get her bible but she halted in shock to hear Desmond saying ‘I love you’ on the phone to someone. He cut off the call after he saw her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her harshly.

“This is my house and I have every right to be here whenever I want to.”

“But I told you to wait in the room.” Her husband said. 

“It’s late and I want to read my bible before sleeping,” she said. “I came to check if I left my bible here.”

“But it’s not here except you came here to spy on me!”

“Do you have anything you are hiding?” she asked. There was anger in her voice. “Are you cheating on me?”

He refused to answer her.

“Desmond answer…”
“Shut up and go to the room!”

“I am not your child but your wife! Show me some respect!”

Desmond speedily rose up. “How dare you shout at me?!!”

This was the first time Rebecca was raising her voice at her husband. How could he tell someone such statement when he has a wife, she thought. “I am sorry for shouting but you have to tell me if I am the only woman in your life.”

“You are my wife and I want you to go back to the room and undress.”


“I want to sleep with you tonight.”

She was disgusted with his words. “I have stomach ache and I need to sleep.”

“You have stomach ache but you have the strength to come down here.”

“I came to check for my bible.” She said almost in tears.

“I do not care!” he barked at her and pointed to the staircase. “Go to the room!!”

The next day after Desmond left the house, she waited for one hour and drove off to meet the man she missed so much. She knocked on his door and when he opened to answer, he was stunned to see her. She threw her arms around him. 

“Father, I have missed you!”
“I have missed you too,” he said happily. Dr. Mayowa, her father could not stop smiling at his daughter. He led the way in and they sat close to each other. He held her hands.

“I am the happiest man on earth right now,” he said. “You came to see me after begging for two years

“I am sorry dad.”

“Did you ever forgive me for the divorce?”

She released her hands from him. “I am not here to talk about that but spend some time with you.”

“I am happy to hear that. What can I offer you?”

“I will get myself a drink when I am tasty,” she said. “It’s good to see you dad.”

“It’s so good to see you my daughter,” he said. “How is your husband?”

Rebecca managed to give him a smile. “He’s fine dad, he sent his regards.” she lied.

“Are you sure about that?”

The ringing tone of her phone did not allow her reply him. She searched for her phone in her bag, found it and answered Dabota’s call.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Why are you asking?” Rebecca asked.

“I am in front of your house.”

She was surprised. “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have waited for you to come.”

“It means you are far from your home.”


Dabota queried. “Where are you?”

Rebecca sighed. “I am in my father’s house,” she said. “I came to see him.”

“That is so good Rebecca!” there was excitement in her voice. “It’s good you went to see him.”

“Thank you.”

“I bought a dress I want you to wear for the art show Quinn invited us to.”

“I hope it’s not a skimpy gown?”

She hissed. “Tell Desmond I bought it for you and if he refuses to allow you to wear it, there will big trouble.”

“Rebecca smiled. “I will try and wear it.”

“Wear it! I will give the gown to your security man to keep for you.”

“Thanks dear.”

“Greet your father for me.” Dabota said.

“I will.” 

Rebecca cut the call and dropped her phone on the sofa.

While she was receiving her call, her father gaze were on her neck. He pointed at it. “Are those marks on your neck?”

She felt nervous and began to rub her neck. “It’s nothing dad.” She did not want him to ask her any further questions. “Can you get me a glass of water?”

Dr. Mayowa stood. “Of course, I will right back my love.”

Rebecca watched her father walk towards the direction of the kitchen. 

“What!!” Quinn exclaimed. “You invited Desmond to Carrie Pretorius art show?”

“Yes!” Jackson answered her.

“Who gave you the right to do that?” she asked furiously. “I was the one who introduced her to you.”

“But she’s my friend now. I do not care if you have a problem with Desmond. He was my secondary school class mate and when I saw him today I invited him because I had an invitation card with me.”

“I do not give a f**king damn if you had an invitation card in your hand,” she said. “My enemy is supposed to be your enemy.”

“But your best friend is the wife of your enemy.’

“I want them separated!”

“Leave their marriage alone!!”

Quinn walked away from him and banged their bedroom door. She went to the dining table to call Dabota and give her the awful gist. 

“Please tell me you are joking.”

“I am saying the truth! Jackson invited Desmond.”

“He didn’t have to do that. Do you think Rebecca knows?”

“I do not think she knows yet.”

“She will be very sad because the monster won’t allow her have fun!”

“I am confused!!” Quinn yelled.

“Don’t be,” Dabota said. “I will make sure Desmond presence does not stop Rebecca from being herself.”

“Please do something!”

“I will.”

Rebecca informed how father she was leaving after spending some time with him. He did not want her to leave but he had no choice. They discussed about the things happening in the world, how a politician died unexpectedly, Isis, Boko Haram… She asked him if he was in a relationship yet but he said he was still searching for a good woman.

He followed her to car and he pecked her on the forehead. “Please, always visit me.”

“I will try father.” she said and entered her car. She rolled down her side glass. 

“Why don’t you want to tell me the cause of the marks on your neck?”

“Dad it’s nothing.” she said. “I will call you when I get home.”

“Drive carefully.”

“I will dad.” She turned on the ignition and drove out of her father’s compound. Rebecca was hurt inside. She could not tell her father the cause of the marks on her neck. Do husbands rape their wives? What she thought she experienced was rape. Desmond forced his way into her last night and he felt pleasure but all she felt was pain and torture.

To be continued…..


  1. Haba carina, it's short and we'll penalized u for even posting late!!!! Thanks for the episode btw.
    I feel so bad for Rebecca, I think desmond is suffering from Othello syndrome..Wat do I know sef???
    Can't wait to read the next episode

  2. I so hate Domestic violence.

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  6. Carina its 2short,anticipating the next episode.

    Mz indomie says so.

  7. I will make it longer on Saturday. Thanks for all your comments.

  8. This is a very interesting story. Well done dear! Can't wait for Saturday.

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    Carina pls let your Saturday be Saturday o please.... I trust u nah..

  12. Let Rebecca to be like cinderella...so much love this episode,if only Rebecca would be wise to challenge her husband the animal.


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