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Saturday, November 28, 2015


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Rebecca got home safely, collected her new dress, and went inside her house. She was a bit relieved her husband was not yet at home. She walked upstairs to the visitor’s room to keep the dress and went back to her room. She undressed and headed to the bathroom to bath. After having her bath, she wore a long gown. 
Rebecca picked up her phone to call her father, letting him know she was in her house. He begged her to visit him often and she said she would try. She went downstairs, dropped her phone in the living room, went to get some food ingredients from the deep freezer to prepare jollof spaghetti, and fried chicken for Desmond. She would have given him the remaining Okro soup and wheat but she choose to cook his favorite food and plead with him to allow her wear the dress.
The meal took her thirty minutes to get ready. She left there, went to pick up her phone in the living room and dialed her mother’s international number. Her mom relocated to Canada a year ago.

“Hey angel.” Her mother, Mariam said.

“Hello mom.” she said.

“I’m so sorry for not calling you always, how are you?”

Rebecca swallowed before she could talk. She wanted to open up to her mom what she was passing through in her marriage. She changed her mind. “I’m fine and you?”

“I’m healthy dear.”

"I miss you mom."

“I miss you too my angel,” she said. “How is your husband?”

Rebecca cleared her throat. “He is doing well.”

“I am planning to come to Nigeria very soon. We have a lot to talk about.”

“Okay mom.” She heard the car horn of Desmond. “Mommy I will have to call you back some other time. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Call ended. 

Rebecca quickly walked to the doorstep and open the door for him. 
“Welcome honey,” she said softly and took his briefcase from him.

Desmond smiled and spread his arms wide. “No hug for me?”

She embraced him with no expression on her face. She freed herself from him and they sauntered into the sitting room together. 

“Are you still angry with me about last night?” he asked.

“Even if I’m still angry with you, I can’t do anything to you.”

“Of course you can’t do anything to me but I am your husband and you should not have resisted me.”

Rebecca was seriously mad at him but to choose to remain calm. She did not want to quarrel with him tonight.
“I know you are my husband but I was not in the mood for that. I told you of my stomach troubles?”

“Are you still having pain?” he asked.

“Not anymore.”

“Good because I am having you tonight.” he said with authority.

She did not say anything but her eyes were still looking at him expressionless.

“Are you not going to say anything?”

She shook her head.

“That’s good.” He said and dipped his hands into his trouser pockets. “I am in a good mood today.”

“Good mood?” she asked curiously. “Can you tell me why you are in a good mood?”

“Of course! I will let you know when I am eating dinner. Is my food ready?”

”Yes.” She replied. Desmond took his bag from Rebecca and ordered her to set his food on the dining table.
He joined her few minutes later after she had served his potion and her own. He sat down and opened his food.

“You made my favorite!” he said and ate from it. “You are not only a beautiful and an obedient wife, you are also a good cook.”

She did not know what to say about that. She took it as an insult instead of a compliment. “Why are you in a good mood?”

“I was invited to an art show by an old friend?”

She stared at him surprised. “An art show?”

“Yes.” he answered. “I was invited by Jackson.”

Her facial expression turned sad. “You mean Quinn’s boyfriend invited you to the show?”

“What part don’t you understand? Why are you asking me irrelevant question?”

“I am surprised he invited you because Quinn will be there.”

Desmond hissed. 

“Is that the reason you are in a good mood?” Rebecca asked.

“I am in a good mood because the both of us are going together. When did you plan to tell me you were invited to the show?”
“I wanted to tell you today.”

“If I wasn’t invited, do you think I would have allowed you to be alone with that bitch and prostitute?! I am in a good mood because I will monitor every movement you make and if you dare disobey me there, I will not hesitate to embarrass you there and make you look like a fool.”

Rebecca bluntly rose. 

“Where the f**k do you think you are going to?”

“I need some rest!”

“Sit down before I lose my temper!!!”

She pointed at him. “You have already lost your temper because you just yelled at me!”

He banged his right fist on the table, water spilled from their glasses. “Sit down Rebecca or I will beat you up!!!”

She dropped her hand, inhaled some air and let it out. “What do you gain to frustrate me?”

“Sit down!!!” Desmond shouted.

Rebecca sat down, folded her hands and looked directly at him. “Will you answer my question now?”

“I don’t have to answer you because you are the one frustrating me.”

She peered into his eyes shocked. “What have I done that could frustrate you?” she asked. “I always obey you, respect you and I do whatever you want me to do. What else do you want me to do for you again?”

“Don’t ever argue with me, don’t ever keep things from me.”

“I don’t keep things from you Desmond! I have never lied to you!”

“Well, I have told you what I want from you.”

“Dabota bought me a dress to wear to the event.”

He gave her an uncomfortable gaze and started to laugh. “And you expect me to allow you wear it?”

“She said I should tell you she bought it for me.”

Desmond pointed at himself with his right hand. “She said you should tell me?”


He went back to eat his food.

“Are you not saying anything?” she asked. “Can I wear the dress?”

“You can wear it,” he replied. “Dabota has no shame, I will avoid her madness that day. I won't be surprised if she starts to act like an insane woman if she does not see you wear the dress.”

Rebecca smiled plainly. “Thank you.”

He continued to eat his food and Rebecca went back eating.

“Do you know the artist of the event?” Desmond asked.

“No but she’s a friend of Quinn, I think she met her when she went to shoot a movie in South Africa.”

“Is she single?”

Her right eyebrow rose. “What do you mean if she is single?”

“It’s a question that needs an answer. There is no crime to know her marital status.”

Rebecca lost her appetite completely. “I don’t know but you can ask Quinn yourself.”

“It’s seems you want a slap before you go to bed.”’

“And that is where I am going to now.” She stood up calmly, trying not to show how angry she was.

“Are you not eating again?”

She touched her stomach gently. “I’m satisfied.” She carried her plate, cup and went to the kitchen to drop them. She planned to wash the dishes after her husband finish his dinner but before then she was eager to leave his presence. She went to her room to lay her head and rest. Rebecca’s love for her husband was turning into hate. She shook head sadly.

“Desmond has no regard for me,” she murmured to herself. “I made a terrible mistake. God, how can I fix this?” She used her hands to cover her face as her eyes exploded with tears. 

The next day, Quinn went on set for a movie she was rounding up. It was the last scene for her upcoming movie. Whenever it was time to act, she missed her lines. Her producer tried to be patient enough but he lost his temper after her fifth attempt. He took her away outside for them to be alone, he did not want to raise his voice in the presence of her younger colleagues. 

“What is happening to you?” he asked. “You look distracted and I don’t like it!”
“I am very sorry but can you give me few minutes to make a call?”

“Are you sure when you finish that call, you will be able to remember your lines?”

She licked her lower lip and answered. “I think so.”

“Please, don’t think but act perfectly well when you are through with your call.”

“I will.”

“Good.” He said and walked away from her. Quinn took out her phone from her pocket and dialed her younger brother’s number.

“Hey sis!” Hank said after he picked her call. “I got the money.”

“And you could not call to tell me?”

“I was busy and you have no right to question me. How much is five thousand dollars?”

“Don’t you love me your sister?”

“After what you did to me?” he asked her.

“It was not intentional and you knew it. We were young when it happened and it should be forgotten.”

“I can never forget!” he yelled over the phone. “Do you know what it has cost me?”

“But you have money and can have any woman you want.” she said, almost in tears.

“What about true love?”

Quinn was silent, her phone still bonded to her right ear. 

“I know you have nothing to say about that.” Hank said. “You can go to hell.”

“I am sorry! I know it will be difficult for you to get someone to love you for you but I am also going through a lot when it comes to my love life.”

“Yours is different! And I will continue to collect more money not to talk about the real you!”

“And if I don’t give you?”

“I will leak your secret.”

“It will destroy me and my career!!”

“That is exactly what I want for what you did to me!!”

“I want you to forgive me and forget, please.”

“If you were in my shoes, would you have forgiven me?” he asked. “I know you have not opened up to your so called best friends for what you did to me and your secret. You must be hiding it from them but I know they will surely find out.”

“I am paying you to keep quiet!”

“And what if I don’t want the money anymore?” he asked. “You won’t be able to stop me. I am tired of talking about this issue with you. When I have spent the money you sent, I would call you again and ask for another amount. Quinn, I know you won’t refuse me.”

“But you have to understand that we are blood. We are the only siblings our father has. Don’t do this to me.”

She heard no word.

“Hello?” Quinn checked the phone, he had ended the call. She dialed his number again but it was unreachable. She sighed loudly and thought of her younger brother. She frowned and went back to act.

Dabota lay on a huge bed with an older man in an expensive hotel. They were dressed richly and held each other. They came to spend the night but she wanted to discuss something important with him. It was about a certain amount of money she wanted for her upcoming outing.

“How can you ask for such an amount?” he asked her.

“But Chief I deserve it. I service your body very well and you are becoming younger every day.”

“My baby, this is not about that. I do give you huge amount of money but that is when you want to travel for vacation or for shopping.”

“But this is important,” Dabota defended. “I have to show that I am a big girl! You don’t expect me to go to such an event and not buy anything.”'

“But it should not be expensive.”

She rose up from the bed with a big scowl on her face. “How can you say such a thing? You are a politician and you have given me more than that before. Why are you complaining?!”

“One million naira is change to me but for an art show? It’s irrelevant. I don’t know you to be a lover of art works.”

“I can be one overnight.”

“Please, join me.”

Dabota looked away from him. “Write me a cheque first.”

Chief laughed aloud. “I will give you the money.”

She brightened her face and jumped on him. “You are the best!” She kissed him on his lips.
Jackson and his friend Jake went to visit Brown Smith in his house in the evening. Brown was very happy to see them, he was happy they came to keep him company. His father was asleep in his room. Brown called their chef to prepare chicken pepper soup and boiled plantain while they drank some wine to wait for the food.

The three men sat down on a long sofa.

“How was work today?” he asked them.

“Good.” Jackson replied.

Jake, a lawyer gave his reply. “It was hectic. I had to go to court for a divorce case. It wasn’t easy.”

“I do not understand the reason for divorce,” Brown said. “If you know you can’t stay married for the rest of your life, then don’t. Stay single like me and be happy!”

“Are you really happy?” Jackson asked and took a taste from his wine.

“Of course! I do not have the time to start thinking of a woman. I have been through a lot from my ex-girlfriend.”

“If you truly loved her, you would have fought for her not to get married to that wealthy man.”

“I had no choice my brother.”

“You do have a choice Brown, to tell you the truth, if it was real love, you would have fought for her love.”

“Thank God I never did because I don’t have the strength for that.”

Jake laughed. “I believe those who abuse marriage don’t have the fear of God. If you know the number of divorce cases I handle every week, you would be baffled!”

“Marriage is over rated.” Brown said.
“I believe in marriage and that’s why I will get married to Quinn at the right time.”

“You told me she has rejected you twice, don’t you think there is more to it? Does Quinn really want to get married?”

“Yes but her career is taking most of her time but in two or three years’ time, we will get married.”

“I can’t wait for the both of you to get married. I really like Quinn, she’s accommodating.”

“If Quinn is accommodating, what will you say about Rebecca?”

Brown eyebrows cocked. “Who is Rebecca?”

“The second friend of Quinn?”

“Oh! You mean the married one?” he asked. 

“”Are you saying she’s more accommodating than your future wife?”

“To be truthful, she’s not only that but nice, peaceful and down to earth. The only problem she has is the man she ended up with. Rebecca married the wrong man.”

Jake quickly asked. “I thought she left the marriage?”

“Rebecca can never leave her husband,” Jackson said. “I think she is scared of divorce or something else. I feel so bad for her especially when Quinn comes home and talk about her friend. I wept the day she lost her second pregnancy, Rebecca was in pains that day. I couldn’t look at her twice at the hospital.”
“What happened?” Brown asked anxiously.

“The beating from her husband made her miscarriage.”

“What!!” he exclaimed. “He beats her and nothing is done about it? Why didn’t you arrest him?!”

“Calm down your voice, remember your father is sleeping.”

“Calm down my voice fire! How can a man lay his hand on the woman he calls his wife? I don’t have a sister but I have a female cousin who I am close to, if any man lay only a finger on her, may God help that person that day. I detest men who beat their girlfriends and wives. Women need to be pampered. What about her siblings?”

“She’s an only child and she's no longer close to her parents after they divorced.”

Brown shook his head pitifully.

“I will talk to Rebecca’s husband on Saturday.” Jackson said.

“He is coming to the event?” he asked surprised.

“Yes.” he gave an answer.

“Please don’t introduce him to me because I am already angry. I do not even want to know the Rebecca because I am mad at her for not fighting against domestic violence. She should not keep quiet!”

“I know you have a hot temper but calm down. She is not your sister.”

“I am hot tempered but I will never hit a woman. I rather walk away.”'

“I only hope nothing bad happens to her before it’s too late.” Jake said.

“With the way you and Quinn talked about Dabota,” Brown said. “Why can’t she do anything about it?”

“Dabota has tried.” Jackson said. “Don’t know who can make Rebecca change her mind.”

“Maybe she has not truly experienced true love.” Brown said. “Maybe when she meets a man that would appreciate her, then she will leave the marriage.”

“Are you now in support of divorce?”

“No,” he replied. “But when it involves a human life, I will give my 100% support.”

The chef came out from the kitchen with their food. 
Brown spoke. “Let’s eat!” 

The day of the event arrived like a flash in their eyes. Dabota wore a clinging green dress, revealing her cleavage. Her heels were red in color, with a beautiful green purse loaded with money. She had no plans to buy any art. The money was meant for booze when they party at a club in the night.

She waited at her house for Quinn and Jackson’s arrival. They planned to pick her up. Jackson wore a black suit and Quinn, dressed in an all-black outfit. She called Dabota to join them outside in her Range rover. She walked outside to meet them.

They drove there peacefully as the discussed socially. They arrived to meet few persons at the location of the artist new show.
Cocktail drinks were served around to them as they waited patiently for the arrival of the artist. In few minutes, Jake walked in and saw his friends. Dabota gave him a friendly hug.

“Good to see you again,” she said.

“Good to see you too,” he said to her. “You are looking good.”

“Thank you.”

Jake pecked Quinn lightly on the right cheek and shook Jackson's right hand. More guests were arriving and more drinks and chops were served. Neatly suited Brown Smith arrived at the location, he strolled in and surveyed the small hall. He sighted Jackson. Some of the female guests admired him as he walked majestically to meet his friends. He was a very good-looking man.

He shook his male friends hands, hugged Quinn and gazed at Dabota. 

“You must be the popular Dabota I have been hearing about,” he said and took her right hand to peck gently. “You are sexy!” 

Dakota, Quinn, Jackson and Jake laughed.

“And I have heard a lot about you,” she said to him smiling. “Good to meet you Brown Smith.”

“The pleasure is mine but how do we begin our friendship?”

“Would you love to club with me tonight?”

“With pleasure!!”

They erupted into coordinated laughter. 

Quinn went to meet Dabota and whispered into her right ear. “Why is Rebecca not here?”

“I don’t know but she will definitely come with that junk!"

“What did you plan for Desmond?” she asked in a concerned tone. “I want Rebecca to be free with herself and remember she loves artworks.”

“I know. You don’t need to worry, I will have him distracted. Trust your girl.”

The artist, Carrie Pretorius sauntered in. Everyone clapped to welcome her. She was a tall woman, with an attractive figure. If her facial appearance was rated, it would be five over 10. 

“I’m indeed happy to have all of you here to celebrate with me.” Carrie said. “I am grateful to have my friends, well-wishers and fans here. I also want to thank my special guest of honor, talented Nollywood actress Quinn Dominic. Thank you for gracing this occasion…...."

Brown spoke to Jackson quietly. “Check the figure on the artist. Quinn or you need to introduce her to me.”

“Back off Mr. I want to deep my stick into any woman’s hole.”

“That's wrong! I don’t sleep with anything under skirt."

“Forget about her,” Jackson said. He leaned closer to his ear. “I heard she’s attracted to women.”

“Are you serious?” he asked stunned.

“It’s a rumor but Quinn and I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

“I will find out myself.”

“How will you do that?” he asked. 

“That’s my business.” Brown phone beeped and he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone. He spoke calmly for some seconds and ended the call. “I am going outside.”

“Anything the problem?” Jackson asked.

“My cousin is across the other side of the road, I want to cross over and give her some money.”

“Oh, okay.” 

Brown explained to Quinn, Dakota, and left. He walked fast to meet his relative. Desmond drove his Jeep into the building. He parked his car at a convenient space and the couple came out. Rebecca’s beauty was out of the world. She was ravishing in the dress and the light make up she did. She was not putting on her wedding ring. It mistakenly fell into toilet when she gave it to her husband to hold for her while she had her bath. 

When she was putting on the white satin gown, she was thrilled to feel pretty once again. Desmond could not take his eyes off her. He warned her to stay by his side always. 

They walked side by side and as they reached the entrance door, Desmond remembered he left his phone in the car and ordered Rebecca to get it for him. She hurried outside while he walked in and headed to Jackson’s direction. Carrie was already showing her artworks placed on the walls to her guests. Quinn immediately left without saying a word when he approached them. He greeted Jackson, Jake and ignored Dabota who eyed him. 

“Where is Rebecca?” Jackson asked. He explained why she was not with him. Dabota glanced at her far right and winked at a young woman dressed in a tight short gown with massive cleavage on display and directed her eyes back at Desmond. Brown left his cousin and came back to the building but went to the men’s room.

Rebecca saw Desmond's phone after checking inside the car. She shut the door of the car and marched inside. She was trying to see the contents of the phone when she mistakenly hit Brown coming out from the gents. His own phone fell.

“I’m sorry.” she quickly apologized and bent down to carry his phone.

“It’s…” he could not finish his sentence as her pretty and innocent face mesmerized him.

It was difficult for him to take his alluring eyes away. She was helping him to fix the battery and cover the phone. After setting it back for him, she rose up, apologized again and stared at him. 

Their eyes met.

Everything around her eyes paused. What she felt was unusual, the darkness surrounding her thoughts turned into lightness.

“Who are you?” he asked and touched her right hand. Rebecca speedily took her hand way from him and tossed his handset into his right palm. She turned away quickly and headed back to the art event. 

Brown watched her walk inside. Whether it was destiny or by luck he saw her, he needed to know her better. He could not forget the irreplaceable surge he felt when he touched her. 

To be continued….


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