Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Erotic Short Story: Naked Lovers!

Wednesday Hotness!! Una good morning. Don’t read if you are in the office or Be above 18 oooo.. hehehehe
Underneath the covers of Courtney’s thick duvet, she was unclothed. Her lusty eyes caressed the stripped handsome figure standing by the doorstep. She visualized the tall, muscular man with broad shoulders and a charming face. He dazzled a smile as he approached. Courtney covered her face with her long curly hair.

As Oliver came forward, he politely removed the comforter, dropped it on the floor and joined his lover on the bed with their naked bodies touching each other. 

The previous night, Oliver promised to make stimulating love to the woman beside him, the love of his sensual life. She giggled and wrapped her arms into his warm and firm body. He hugged Courtney tightly. 

“I love you Oliver,” She said softly.

“I love you too Courtney.” He whispered.

She climbed on top of him and kissed his irresistible lips. His big hands gripped her fleshy buttocks as she took her misty tongue deeper into his throat. His fingers stroked her body affectionately, transmitting stimulating sensation into her. 

Courtney opened her mouth wide to lock his lips and he gave a faint groan. He raised her up a little to insert his erected and electrifying cock into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes as the emotions she felt, surged into her brain. She felt weak into his sexual loving as he entered into her slowly and tenderly.

He caressed Courtney’s breasts, frolicking with her nipples. She twisted her hips continuously to feel the burning feeling mesmerizing her inner emotional state of mind. The room smelled of sex.

“Fuck me harder,” she muttered.

Oliver smiled and carried Courtney’s body on the bed and came on top her. He rammed his hard cock into her wetness and her body became enthralled with his touch. As Oliver pounced into Courtney faster and harder, he breathed into loud gasps. She screamed out of ecstasy, did not want to let go of the sensitivity.

She lifted her right leg up as he went deeper in a speedy drive. 

He was in the mood to cum but no, he needed to penetrate more sexual tension into her. He freed himself from Courtney, devoured his hungry lips into her left nipple, and played with the other one with his right hand. As he licked her, he fondled the other breast. She responded by moaning and she gasps as his hand went down to her pussy and fucked her with his middle finger. After few seconds, he slid another one to make it two. He fucked her faster

Courtney began to shiver as Oliver found his way rushing his lips on her two nipples. She used her hands to cuddle his body making his cock grow harder and thicker. She ran her small hands down to his penis but he stopped her and went down to suck out the juice in her pussy. Oliver licked her calculatedly, licking and tickling her clitoris, it sent sparks into her whole body. 

“Oliver,” she muttered his name. “I want you inside me.”

He raised his head and made eyes contact with her. “Beg me.” his husky voice commanded and he went back eating her pussy.

“Please I beg you,” she begged in a shivered tone. “I need your cock inside me!”

He removed his hand, touched his cock, made way through her soft warm thighs and thrust his hardness into her. She shut her eyes in high ecstasy as he pounded her with power. As he entered her, he fixed his poisonous gaze on her gorgeous breasts bouncing on her chest. 

He felt tense and grunted in pleasure. Oliver loved Courtney. He went deeper by pounding her pussy with increasing speed. Courtney gripped him hard as she was about to cum.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Oliver uttered continuously as the speed increase inside her sweet tunnel and he made his final thrust. They screamed in pleasure. She moaned as she climax and he shot his cum into her. He moaned and pecked her forehead.

They were exhausted and lay bare naked on the bed.

“Will you marry me Courtney?”

She grinned. “Yes I will.”

“I will buy you an engagement ring later.” he said.

“I don’t need the ring,” Courtney said serenely. “I only want your love, heart and cock forever.”

Oliver beamed and wrapped her into his accommodating arms. “You have them all.”

***** The end.


  1. Carina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to make some people wet and hard this morning. You plan will not work ooo. Lol Nice short story.

  2. You dis geh, no spoil me for my mama biko...I don't even knw what 'cock' means....*winks*

  3. Hmmmm, I no dey oo carina

  4. Hahahahahahahaah.....a good fuck made him promise a ring. I actually have some erotic stories drafted ready for a new Saturday night blues as from next month on my blog ...I could get a helping hand from you once in a while once I kick start the series.

  5. hmmmm! Make I close my mouth

  6. Carina wan spoil person ooooooo

  7. Hmmmm, I no dey oo carina

  8. Hot one oooooooo
    I no trust this ring shaaAaAAa
    Past 3PM where is complicated !!!

  9. @naija mom... No problem about that. Keep me posted! *smiling*

  10. Carina am a smallie oh,dnt come and spoil me,lol nice story.

    Mz indomie says so.

  11. Hmmm carina
    .welldone nice one,this one is good to start the day,lol


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