Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gratitude Challenge!

I was nominated by Lucy and Ugo. Thank you for recognizing me. God bless you abundantly.
According to the rule am expected to write five (5) things I am grateful for.

I was a bit confused about this. We are all different and we think differently. To write five things I am grateful for is difficult. Why? I have been through a lot and God has been there for me. I am always grateful to God for his love, kindness and protection. GOD has done a lot for me, in fact miracles. Let me tell you few of them. I have been involved in a terrible accident, whereby an AP tanker, the biggest tanker ran into our vehicle on a Christmas day. My dad, his female friend, my elder sister and myself were inside.
Unknowingly, the tanker ran into us, fling  the vehicle up in the air and we landed close to a bush. Onlookers stayed back, they were scared because they thought our car could burn in flames but God kept it intact. We came out without a scratch. I have escaped armed robberies incidents (5). Just last month, I wanted to buy something at a customer's place at 8pm in my street. I was surprised to see her shop locked because it was unlike her. I decided not to knock on her gate but walked away to another shop in another street.

I went to check up on her the next day only for her to tell me robbers were robbing her compound at that time. What if I knocked at her gate? God saved me.

There was a time I was left alone with a notorious armed robber(he's dead now) outside my house. I was not fast enough to enter the house but Family is everything. My cousin and elder sister opened the door because of me and the robbers entered, still we were able to escape without them collecting a pin. (Long story)

I can't forget the day I sat on a snake. Yes! A snake.

Or is it what happened in my household on the 16th of Feb 2006? A day we can never forget but we give glory to God. If I should narrate what happened, you will be shocked, speechless and ask me how could it be possible. If their evil plans had worked that day, I don't think I will be comfortable the way I am now. A story I will share someday. A story that will make you say "God works in a mysterious way". He's perfect.

I was advised to write about myself, share my experience, things happening in my life and family. I said no, I am a private person. I can be FUN to be with and at the same be very BORING. A woman who worked in my house asked me who was going to attend my wedding when I get married. Was I surprised by her question? NO. She said she noticed I don't visit people. Some people take my reserved attitude for arrogance. Please, I am not. My sister tells me I am strange with my kind of life.

Lately, I have been asking myself if I am depressed with the way I feel. Few days ago, I was alone in my room and I broke down in tears because I remembered someone I lost many years ago. I questioned God, I blamed him. I later asked for forgiveness because God gives lives and not take them. I did not tell anyone about this but I am sharing it with you.

There are a lot of things I want to talk about but....There is a But.

Anyways, let me keep things short and simple.

1. I am grateful for the gift of life God gave me.

2. I am grateful for the family God choose for me.

3. I am grateful for the love and protection he showers on me.

4. I am grateful to God for the gift and knowledge he impacted in me.

5. I am grateful for the lives of everyone reading this post and visiting my blog. May Almighty God bless and protect them.

My five nominations? I nominate everyone. We should all have what we are thankful/grateful for. I hope I did not bore you? Stay blessed and have a beautiful week.


  1. 1. I am grateful to God for the gift of life .

    2. I am grateful to God for my family and friends

    3. I am grateful to God for His grace , love , Favour and protection upon me and my family

    4. I am grateful to God For my Academics

    5. I am grateful to God for the lives of Nigerians at this trying period. We must Surely overcome
    In all season thank and glorify God.

  2. Above all I say, Lord I'm grateful and I thank you. Receive all my praises.

  3. You have come through a lot - evidence of God's graciousness. I am happy you are still so thankful to God no matter what.

    I am inspired. Thanks for responding to my nomination and sharing this.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  4. I thank God for the Grace he has given you for finally respond to this nomination! I Thank you for thanking God no matter all that you have been through.
    just relax ...And ye shall turn to you for a testimony. Luke 21:13


  5. Wow! God is indeed a miracle worker. He is surely our refuge and fortress

    Thanking God for life

  6. Thank God for your life.
    We should always be grateful to God.


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