Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Is ice prince and Girlfriend Maima still a couple?

October 30th was Ice prince birthday yet his girlfriend Maima has refused to put up his photo or wished him a happy birthday on her Instagram page. Does that not mean anything?

The last time she posted about Ice Prince was three months ago. Also, she did not acknowledge his latest music video released last week. It's unlike her when the love was still shacking her. 

 On Ice prince birthday, his ex girlfriend Eva posted a seductive birthday message to him.

I hope there is nothing more to it. I am sure they are still good friends because the formers lovers are rappers. When will they collaborate? I mean in the music aspect and not the other way? *winks  

Well, I only hope nothing has happened to their (Ice prince and Maine) relationship. Maybe they are still together or maybe there is trouble in paradise!


  1. their business jawe.who dey help

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