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Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 13

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Happy Sunday!!! Sorry for posting this episode late.
After the arrest of the queen and Isoken, Osaigbovo ran to check on Osato outside. He sighted her as she approached the palace.

“You need to go back and hide, queen Omotola and aunty Isoken have been arrested!”

“Orishemen!!” she exclaimed and dropped the bottle of herbs on the floor. Osato placed her hands on her head. “What happened?”

He narrated everything to her.

She carried the bottle and tried to walk into the palace but he stopped her.

“Where do you think you are going to?”

“I have to go check up on them!”

“I cannot allow you do that,” Osaigbovo said. “King Osazuwa might see you as an enemy and he will not hesitate to throw you into the prison.”

“But I have to see them. I cannot abandon my queen and aunty Isoken.”

“They will understand. Who sent you to buy the bottle of herbs?”

“Aunty Isoken did and I am sure it’s for queen Omotola.”

“Give me.”

“Why?” Osato asked.

“I will pass it to her but you have to hide for some time until the king has calm down.”

He took the bottle from her.

“But where can I hide?”

“Go to my place, they won’t suspect there if they ever search for you.”

“Tell them I am deeply sorry and I will be praying to the gods to set them free.”

“I will send the message. Go in peace Osato.”

She smiled at him and strolled away.

Osaigbovo bribed one of the guards stationed to monitor the prison to allow him talk to Isoken.Omotola sat on the floor in deep thoughts. She did not want to be disturbed. 

He gave the bottle of herbs to Isoken and explained the reason for Osato’s absence.

“I understand my son.” Isoken said to him. “I am grateful.”

“You do not need to thank me. I made a promise to my king to protect the queen. It is my duty.”

“You and Osato have served us well. Tell Osato to leave this Kingdom and go start another life.”

“I doubt if she will agree.”

She sighed wearily. “I know. She is stubborn and I am surprised you managed to persuade her not to come here.”

He only gave her a smile.

“You also have to be very careful. King Osazuwa’s guard Aigbe must not be here anytime you come here. He will surely report to his master.”

“I know, that’s why I waited for him leave before coming here.”

“You are a good man and please don’t ever change.”

“I will never change towards the queen and you. I promise.”

“May the gods always lead you.”


“You don’t need to touch me.” Osazuwa said to Adesuwa in their bedroom. “Say whatever you want to say and let me rest!”

“You are my husband and I have every right to touch you.”

“What do you want?”

Adesuwa sighed. “Now that Omotola and her witch aunty are in prison, is it not time for you to announce me as your queen?”

He glared at her. “Did I tell you Omotola is no longer queen?”

“But she is not interested in it and you have arrested her!”
“I don’t care!!”

She stared at him surprised. “Are you saying you still want her as your queen?”

“Of course! I only did that out of anger and I want to teach her a lesson.”

“What did I ever do to you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Why didn’t you make me your queen?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you because I am your king. You should be satisfied with your position as my wife and a princess to your father’s Kingdom.”

Her eyes turned angry. “Don’t provoke me!”

“Did you just shout at me?”

“I know your secret and it will no longer be safe with me if you push me.”

“What secret?” he asked.

“That you killed your only brother.”

King Osazuwa laughed. “And you think anyone will believe you?”

“They will!”

“How did you know if you are not an accomplice?”


“You know the verdict for killing a King. If I go down, you will follow me and your pretty face will never be seen again.”

“Don’t ever threaten me king Osazuwa.”

“Do not ever repeat such rubbish from your mouth or I will make you eat your words.”

Adesuwa shook her head. “You changed overnight.”

“I did not change. You knew the kind of person I was before you married me.”

“But how could I have known you were secretly in love with your brother’s wife.”

“Some people have eyes but they cannot see.”

“Are you for real?”

“Oh yes!”

“Then it means you also have eyes but you don’t see.”

His left eyebrow rose. “What is that supposed to mean?”
Adesuwa hissed. “I have no answer for you.”

“If you don’t have an answer for me then you must not question me about my choice .”

“You have made it clear to me you desperately want Omotola. I only hope she will not turn around and betray you. She will be your downfall.”

“You can say whatever you like, Omotola will be mine.” He said and smiled broadly. “I have a plan.”

Adesuwa and some guards went to the market and scattered the goods of the traders. She was still furious with the king for disgracing her to the public. Children were flogged like animals yet King Osazuwa said and did nothing when he heard. Instead he showered praises on her.

The people of Izieole prayed to their gods for the queen to rescue them from the pain they were going through. Omotola knew nothing about what was going on and Osaigbovo refused to tell her because he knew she might want to confront the king or Adesuwa. He feared for her safety and the baby.

Any food brought to the prison for them, Isoken must taste it first before she allows Omotola to eat. 

“You don’t have to continue to do this.” Omotola said to Isoken after she tasted from the food they were about to eat. 

“I will continue to do this until we get out of here.”

“I don’t think they can put anything dangerous in the food.”

“I don’t trust anyone apart from you, Osaigbovo and Osato. I also owe you my life because you saved me from death. I am prepared to die in your place.”

“You will not die,” Omotola said. “You are going to carry my children.”

She smiled. “I cant wait for you to be a mother.”

“Me too.”

After a month, King Osazuwa went to see Isoken to persuade Omotola one last time to be his queen. She promised to talk to her. She advised Omotola to accept Osazuwa’s proposal but she refused.

King Osazuwa got impatient and decided to speak with Omotola. He sent his guard to bring her inside the palace.

“You are wasting your time.” she said to him.

“You better start acting as my queen or else…”

“Or else what?” she asked in an angry tone. “Kill me?”

A smile fell on his lips. “I will never do such a thing because I love you.”

Omotola spat on the floor.

“You can remain stubborn but I will make sure you beg me to be my queen.”

“I can never beg you to be your queen!”

“I will give you some time to think…”

“There is nothing to think about, do your worst!”

“I will when the time is right!”

“I can no longer stand to look at you,” she said. “I want the guard to take me back to the prison!”

“I fall in love with you every day.”

Omotola eyed him and hissed.

“Doing that turns me on!”

“I want to leave!”

Osazuwa frowned and called his guard. “Take her back!!”

Osato and Osaigbovo made plans to rescue the queen and Isoken from the prison. Osaigbovo befriended another guard and he was able to snatch the key meant for the padlock used to lock the gate of the prison. He went home and at night, he sneaked to open it but he was disappointed the lock was replaced with a new one.

A week later, Omotola and Isoken was served their food in the afternoon. Isoken ate and waited for a while before she allowed Omotola to eat. After few minutes, as Omotola was about to put some food inside her mouth, Isoken screamed!

Omotola rushed to her, “What is it?” she asked in a trembled voice.

“My belly!! She shut her eyes. “I’m in pains!”

“Oh no!!”

“The food was poisoned.”

Omotola scream alerted the guards. They went to check what was going on. They were shocked and one of them informed Aigbe. He went to alert his master the news.

Osazuwa rose from his throne in tremendous anger, grabbed his sword and went to meet Omotola and Isoken. She was given some medicine to reduce the pain. Omotola tears grew his anger.

“Who served them?” he asked in a loud stern voice.

“Your mother’s maiden.”

“What!!” he exclaimed. “Call her for me!!”

Aigbe ran off to bring Eseosa who knelt down in front of the king.

“How dare you poison their food?!” he asked. His eyes were mad at her.

“I did not my king,” she said in a panicky tone. She was very scared.

“Who prepared and served the food?”

She scratched her head and trembled. 

“Speak or I will kill you!!”

“It was princess Adesuwa.” She said and began to cry.

Osazuwa screamed and before anyone could blink his or her eyes, he beheads Eseosa.

Omotola and the guards were speechless.

King Osazuwa went to Adesuwa’s room but she was not there. He checked his mother’s room and saw her.

Abieyuwa fell on her knees. “Please spare the live of Adesuwa, I was the one who poisoned the food.”

“You lie mother!!”

“No my son, I did it. Please forgive me.”

“Why are you trying to cover up for her?”

“I am not trying to cover up for her. I sent Eseosa, please forgive me.”

He pointed the sword at her. “I will spare your live today but if you try this again or anything bad happens to Omotola, I will not flinch to kill the two of you.”

Abieyuwa and Adesuwa could not believe what he uttered. They were tongue-tied! 

“You must protect Omotola and her unborn child or something terrible will happen!” He stormed out.

The women looked at each other without uttering a word.

The king freed them and they were back to the palace. 

Isoken remained very sick and Osato came back to take care of her.

Two days later, Osato raced to Omotola’s chambers. She was sweating.

“My queen you need to come out.”

“How many times will I tell you not to call me your queen?”  

Osato eyes gathered tears.

“Why are you crying?”

“You need to come outside and see what the king is doing.”

“What is he doing?”

“Please just come outside the palace. Something terrible is happening and you are the only one that can stop him.”

Omotola speedily flew from the chair and hiked out of her room. She motioned outside the palace and the sight of what she saw sent shock waves into her body.

Blood everywhere. They king went into rage.

Some of Izieole hunters were on their knees and Osazuwa beheads them one after the other.

Omotola ran with tears and fell on the floor. “I beg you king Osazuwa.” She said. “Spare their lives and I will be your queen!”

The king was breathing very fast. “I am happy you are back to your senses.” 

He dropped the sword and cleaned the blood spilled on his face. He turned and moved to the entrance of the palace.

Omotola burst into loud cracking sobs.

In a small room with only a bed, a man asleep laid on it. He opened his eyes and screamed. 

A young woman quickly rushed inside. “May the gods you serve be praised!” she said out of excitement.
“Where is Omotola?” the man asked.


He swallowed. “Where am I?”

“Does it really matter. I thought you won’t survive it. The only thing that gave my brother and I hope was the sound of your heartbeat. That is what made us know you are still alive. I saw your body in our stream and I told my brother. He was the one that carried you here. We nursed your injury while you were unconscious for a long time.”

He shut his eyes, he remembered what happened to him, he recalled everything.

“Who is Omotola?” she asked.

He opened his eyes and tried to get up but she stopped him. “You still need to rest.”

“I have to go to Izieole Kingdom.”

“Where is that?” she asked.

“Where am I?” 

“You are in Uzor Kingdom.”

He widened his eyes and coughed. “You are Igbo?”

“Yes.” she replied and smiled. “My name is Amaka. What’s your own name.”

He sighed. “My name is Imafidon.”

To be continued….


  1. Thank God.... imafidon is alive, he shuld heal fast before things gt worse.

  2. Wow! ThankGod Imifadon is alive oh....just hope an Amaka-Imifadon romance isn't gonna happen oh
    Nma's Blog 

  3. Thank God Imafion is alive o, he sud heal fast o b4 its too late to av his queen n kingdom back. Wen will dis episode end?

  4. Waooh..imafidon is alive,my jollof rice got burnt because of this kingdom....carina take note...

    Welldone dear....nice episode.

  5. I knew Imafidon is alive...
    Good job Carina

  6. Oh no! Now Omotola has agreed to be the psychos queen. Not good at all; now that Imafidon is alive. Omotola be wise! Be wise! Be wise!!!

  7. Oh no! Now Omotola has agreed to be the psychos queen. Not good at all; now that Imafidon is alive. Omotola be wise! Be wise! Be wise!!!

  8. I knew it. Ghen Ghen moment is nigh!!!



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