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Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 14

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Amaka excused herself to go call her brother while Imafidon sat down on the bed to relax. In twenty minutes, Amaka and a hefty looking man walked in. The man smiled as he saw Imafidon on his feet.

“I’m Amaka’s brother,” he said and extended his hand. “I’m Udoka, a warrior of this Kingdom.”

“I’m Imafidon.” He shook his hand. “Thank you for saving me.”

Udoka shook his head. “You don’t need to thank me but the gods you serve. I thought you won't survive it. Your injury was very deep.”

He smiled faintly. “The gods I serve are behind me.”

“Very good.” He faced his sister. “You need to go prepare something solid for him, remember he just recovered.”

She smiled widely at him and Imafidon. “I know. Please excuse me.” She left them and went outside. 

Udoka went outside to get a stool, took it inside and sat down on it. “I want you to tell me about yourself. Who are you? What happened to you?”

Imafidon face fell. “If I should remember what happened to me, I will break down and cry.”

“That’s means who got you injured must be close to you. You never expected it.”


“You don’t want to talk about it?” he asked.

“I can’t for now.” He replied. “Please forgive me.”

“You don’t need to ask for my forgiveness. I totally understand. But where are you from?”

“Izieole Kingdom.”

“I know little about the Kingdom and it’s very far from here. I know some people that would be visiting the place in few days’ time.”

Imafidon’s face lifted up. ”I will like to follow them!”

“No you can’t!”

“But why?”

“It is only an unwise man that would allow you leave here. You have to heal very fast and be prepared.”

“Be prepared?”

“Don’t you think the person that did this to you would try again if he knows you are still alive?”

He sighed. “I know but I have to see someone there. The person is very important to me.”

“Is the person your wife or your mother?”

“My wife.”

“I’m sure she thinks you are dead now.”

“That is the more reason I have to go.”

“I understand but you have to heal completely.” Udoka said. “I know you don’t want to talk about what happened to you but I will be ready to hear your story when you are ready.”

He nods his head. “I’m grateful.”

“Let me check up on my sister.” He rose on his feet. “Feel free around here. The people of this Kingdom treat strangers with kindness.”

“I will always remember that.”

Udoka walked away.

Isoken was still seriously sick because of the poison. She laid on her bed in pains but managed to talk to Omotola. 

“I cannot believe he did that to get your attention.” she said. “How could he slaughter innocent people like animals?”

“You don’t need to stress yourself because of that animal.”

“But you have accepted to be his queen. How can you cope with that?”

Omotola looked at her irritably. “King Osazuwa irritates me.”

“I know my daughter. How will you cope?”

“I cannot change back the hands of time but I will stay married to him because of the people. I cannot turn my back on them. I can remember what the priestess said and it’s happening. If I run, people of Izieole will die.”

“You are correct,” Isoken said gently. “Your children are part of this Kingdom and if you run away with them, their Kingdom will surely collapse.”

“That is why I have to stay and watch this Kingdom. The growth and downfall of this great Kingdom falls into my hands, I will stay because of Imafidon. I am doing this for him because if this Kingdom collapse, he will never forgive me where ever he is.”

Isoken cleared her throat and spoke. “King Osazuwa was very desperate to have you as his queen.”

”I know. I will use the opportunity to see if I can soften his heart, I am beginning to think he loves me or his obsessed with me.”

“That will be good if you can.” she said.

“I miss Imafidon.”
 She was about to cry.
“Please don’t, if you cry, I will cry too. I miss him too.”

Queen Omotola sniffed her nose. “I won’t cry anymore.”

“How is the baby?” Isoken asked.

She smiled cheerfully. “He’s kicking!”

“That is very good. Have you decided a name?”

“I think I will name him after his grandfather.”

“That's good. But what makes you think it’s a boy?” 

She laughed. It was the first time Isoken had seen her laugh after Imafidon’s disappearance.

“I know it’s a boy with the way I feel.”

“You never can tell my daughter but I wish you a safe delivery.”

“Thank you ma.”

“You have to be strong and stay alive for your child.”

“I will.”

“You will never die during or after child birth.” Isoken prays for the queen.


“This Kingdom will never fall under your watch.”


“You will live to see your great grandchildren.”

Omotola grinned. “Ise.”

“Happiness will come your way.”


“May the gods always lead and protect you.”


Isoken was done with her prayers. 

“Thank you very much for everything.” The queen thanked her.

“Don’t mention my daughter.” She said. “I only need to rest now.”
A knock came on their door. It was Osato.

“Come in.” Omotola said.

Osato opened the door and walked in. “I greet you my great queen, king Osazuwa wants to see you in his chambers.”

She frowned. “Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know my queen.”

“I will go and see him immediately.” She turned to face Isoken. “Please rest, I will come back and check on you later.”

“Okay my daughter.” she said drowsily.

“You asked for me.” Omotola said harshly. She could not hide the dislike on her face.

Osazuwa flashed a happy smile at her. “Any time you give me that look, I get tuned on!”

She hissed aloud and looked away from him.

“You can hiss from today to tomorrow, you will be mine!”

“And you can call me your queen but I will never see you as my king!”

His face tightened. “It seems you want to upset me.”

She glared at him. “It’s seems you want to disturb me.”

King Osazuwa laughed. “You always have something to say to me.” he moved closed to her. “I want lay with you.”


“I want to lay with you.” He repeated it.

“You want to sleep with me?” she asked shocked.

“Yes.” he replied and touched on her waist but she pushed his hand away.

“Get away from me!”

“I am your husband and you have been my wife for the past three days!! I have given you enough time!”

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” she spat on the floor. “How can you lay with a pregnant woman? The gods forbids it!!”

“It is only forbidden if you were not my wife but you are now!”

“Have you forgotten the child in my womb is not yours?”

The frown on his face increased! “You are trying to escape from me, right?”

“You think you are smart but I am smarter!!”

“I will wait until you give birth.” He said and stared at her from head to toe. “I am very certain you won’t have an excuse.”

“Are you done?”


Omotola did not make any sound but motioned towards the door, opened it and marched away.

“It will be difficult to kill Omotola.” Adesuwa said to her mother in law.”

“Very difficult my daughter,” Abieyuwa said. “But we have to teach her a lesson.”

“Should we look for a way to terminate her pregnancy?” she asked.

“It will be difficult because she is very careful and observant. I still want Isoken dead.”

“I don’t understand why she is still alive.”

“Can’t you get someone to sneak inside her room and take her life?”

“You should know that Osato eyes are always everywhere.”

Abieyuwa sighed. “I will think about what to do and let you know.”

“No problem mother.” Adesuwa said and rose up.

“Are you going anywhere?”

“Ye..yes.” she answered.


“It’s not relevant because I’m not going far.”

“Go in peace.”


“No!!!!” Omotola raised her voice as she tried to wake Isoken. There was no answer, her body was cold. “I am finished!!”

Osato entered the room quickly. She found out what had happened and joined Omotola to weep.

“Please don’t leave me,” Omotola said as she cried. ”I am all alone!! You promised to carry my child, why did you leave me, why do you have to go?”

“My queen please stop crying.” Osato begged with tears in her eyes.

“Imafidon promised he would come back to me but he never came, aunty Isoken promised to carry my child when I give birth but she has gone. I’m I cursed?! The gods where are you?! Save me from this pain!!”

Tears, sorrow filled her eyes. The tears refused to stop as Isoken dies.

After the burial of Isoken, Omotola stayed sober. Even Ozazuwa begged continuously but she refused to hear. Abieyuwa, Adesuwa and Aigbokai were very happy with the death of Isoken.”

(Uzor Kingdom)

After a month, Imafidon got tired of staying in another Kingdom. Although, the people were friendly and nice to him but he missed his dear wife tremendously. He could not wait to see her again. His mind had not been at rest, he thought she would be in trouble if his brother is king. If only he knew the path that would lead him to his Kingdom, he would have sneaked out in the night and ran away. The people who were supposed to visit his Kingdom postponed their journey until further notice. The road leading away from their Kindgom collapsed and it was under repair. They have to wait for months before anyone can embark on any journey. He was tired of everything and needed to go back home.

He was happy to have Udoka and Amaka. He liked them because of their generosity. He saw them like his siblings. Even after they tried to get information about him, he declined. How will they take him if they know he was a king?

Imafidon was going to persuade Udoka to take him back to his Kingdom. 

The cry of two babies filled the palace of Izieole Kingdom. Omotola could not believe it, she was going to be the mother of a boy and a girl.
She was the happiest woman on earth.
They were going to be called Odion and Owokan. A name for twins in the Kingdom and Bini tradition.
Adesuwa was an angry woman who wanted everything possible to see the children die. The King was only after Omotola’s safety.

The queen was afraid that something bad was going to happen to her children if she does not do something. Their lives were at risk and Osazuwa cared less.

After two months of fear, she summoned courage and sent for Osaigbovo through Osato in the middle of the night. The two of them entered her room. Omotola placed the babies in their arms.

“My queen I don’t understand.” Osaigbovo said confused.

She turned her back at them. “I don’t want you to see me cry.”

“You don’t have to cry my queen, you have beautiful children.”
“I know,” she said as tears fell from her watery eyes. “I want you two to run from this Kingdom tonight.”

“What!!” they uttered together.

“Let me finish! I cannot live in fear anymore. I know they will be in safe hands with the both of you. If anything happens to them here, I will kill myself. I want you to go and never come back! I cannot take it anymore. I know Adesuwa and her mother in law are planning something and I’m sure they will go spiritual. I want my children away from them.”

“But my queen,” Osato said glumly. “What about you?”

“I have to stay back and watch over this Kingdom. I have to do it for Imafidon and his late father.”


“Leave!” Omotola said to them. The tears flowed from her eyes like water from the tap. “Please tell my children their father’s story, tell them he was a good man. I want you to tell them I love them with all my heart.”

“We will your majesty.” Osaigbovo said with tears in his eyes. He could not believe it.

“Tell them about their mother. Tell them why I have to give them away. I am so mad at myself but it is the price I have to pay. I want the both of you to go very far from here, a place the four of you can never be found. You have to escape and not let anyone see you.”

“Your life will be in danger if you are alone.”

“With me alone, I am not afraid. If my enemy comes close to me with a dagger or a sword, I won’t pause to wipe out that person.”

“I will miss you my queen.” Osato said soberly.

“I will miss you too. Please leave now, I don’t want to make a mistake and let my children stay here in danger. I know you two are dating secretly, get married and have your own children.”

“Thank you my queen,” Osaigbovo said. “I promise to look after Odion and Owokan with my life. Always know they are alright.”

“I hope your promise won’t fail me.”


“If I really deserve happiness, the gods will bring us back to together again. Please leave and don’t look back!”

It took King Osazuwa two days for him to notice the twins were not in the palace. He called Omotola to his room and asked after them. She told him they were irrelevant and gave them to her maiden and guard to leave and never come back.

“I don’t care.” Osazuwa said proudly. “I have given you enough time, I must lay with you. You must not say no because I will force you.”

“You can have my body but you can never ever have my heart!”

(Uzor Kingdom)

Udoka hiked towards Imafidon who was sitting under a mango tree. “I have news.”

“What news?”

“My friends are back from Izieole Kingdom.”

He widened his eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me they were traveling there? You did not tell me they were done with the road.”

“That is because I cannot risk your life, the person who wanted to kill you will try again.”

“But I have to go see my wife!”

“You must have a plan.”

“What about Izieole Kingdom?” Imafidon asked.

“The people are living fine.” Udoka replied.

He took a deep breath. “I thank the gods for that.”

“You always talk about the people of Izieole Kingdom, why are worried about them.”

Imafidon smiled. “You won’t understand.”

“Then make me understand.”

“What about the King?” he asked. “Do you know his name?”

Udoka answered. “Yes, his name his King Osazuwa and I heard he has the most beautiful woman as his queen.”

He cleared his throat. “Well, Adesuwa is a beautiful woman.”

“That is not the name of the queen of Izieole Kingdom's.”

He was surprised and asked. “Did he marry a second wife?”

“I don’t really know but her name is Omotola.”

Imafidon’s face changed! “That’s impossible!!” 

“But it’s the truth!”

“Are you saying the wife of King Osazuwa is Omotola?”


“Are you really sure?”


Imafidon speedily rose on his feet and hit his right fist on the tree over and over again. Udoka rushed towards Imafidon and stopped him.

“You have to stop and tell me what’s going on!”

Imafidon covered his face, he did not want to Udoka to see him cry.

“Please talk to me!!”

He wiped his face and scornfully said. “My brother took me as fool but I have had enough. I loved him with all my heart but he stabbed me in the back. You are a warrior in this Kingdom, right?”


“We have to plan,” he said. “I will tell you my story. I want revenge, I want what’s mine and I will get it back!”

To be continued.....


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  11. @Swee Dee.. My dear, fiction stories takes time to write and edit because of errors. Sometimes even after I edit and post I still see few errors. My Fiction stories are posted Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and I promise to post on time. Please bear with me dear, writing and composing fiction stories takes time and I'm the only one writing them. Keep visiting my blog dearie, more interesting & suspense stories will continue to feature of my blog. *hugs*

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  15. I can't seem to read the other episodes of this captivating story. Please how can I get the concluding episodes. Thanks


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