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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 16

This series will be ending soon. Another one will be posted when I finish this. I will keep you guys posted. One love!
For episode 15 click here

“I am pregnant!” she said with enthusiasm. The smile on her lips refused to leave. Her eyes blinked as her husband said nothing to her. “Didn’t you hear me?”

He cleared his throat. “I have heard you.”

“Is that what you are supposed to say?”

“What do you want me to say Adesuwa?” King Osazuwa asked.

“Are you not happy that I’m pregnant?”

Osazuwa cleared his throat again. “I am happy.” He said with no emotion.

She placed her hands on her waist and eyed him. “I know if it was Queen Omotola you would have jumped out of joy.”

“And it worries me she has not been able to get pregnant for more than a year now.”

“I said it!” Adesuwa uttered. “You are not happy because she has not given birth but I am pregnant and my child will be the future king!”

“That is impossible!!”

“I gave birth first!”

“But you are not the queen and will never be.”

“What did I ever do to you?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he replied. “I fell in love.”

She could not hold it anymore but burst into heated tears. “What about me? Don’t you love me?”

“I do but I love Queen Omotola more.” He sighed and rose from his throne and went to stand by her side. “I am sorry for never crowning you the queen, sometimes I can’t myself whenever Omotola is with me. I don’t know why I can’t hold my emotion towards her, I am sorry Adesuwa.”
She wiped her tears. “Maybe she used a love spell on you.”

“Omotola did not use any spell on me.”

“Are you not happy that I’m pregnant?”

Osazuwa held her right hand. “I am very happy my dear.” He hugged her without a smile on his face.

The next day, Osazuwa summoned Aigbokia into his palace. Aigbe left the two of them alone. The king sat on his throne with one of his right finger under his chin. Aigbokia sat down.

“I know you and my mother are very close.”

“We are friends my king.”

He frowned. “I know you are sleeping with my mother.”

Aigbokai jumped on his feet. “Oputuputu!! I am innocent about this accusation. Your mother Abieyuwa is only a friend.”

“Don’t lie to me!!!” His eyes were red!

“I am not lying my king.”

Osazuwa rose majestically and pointed at himself with his right hand. “Are you calling me a liar?”

He bowed down his head quickly. “I can never call you a liar.”

“I have sources that have seen my shameless mother entering your house secretly.” he said. “Are you the both of you not having an affair?”

He raised his head. “Oputuputu!”

“Next time you utter such garbage from your mouth, I will not cut off your head but slice off your tongue!  I promise to make you dumb and speechless.”

“I am sorry my king, it will never happen again.”

“It better not.” Osazuwa said and went back to sit on his throne. “Now get out of my palace before I change my mind.”

“May you live long my king.”

“Old fool.”

Chief Aigbokia left the palace sober and disappointed.

After few minutes, the King shouted his guard’s name.

Aigbe ran to answer his majesty. “Here I am my king.”

“I want you to do something for me tonight.”

“What is it my king?” he asked.

“I want you to do it because I trust you. I want Aigbokia killed tonight.”

He didn’t show any sign of being surprised. “Consider it done your majesty.”

“I want it slow and quiet, I think he needs to join his ancestors. The old fool has refused to die and I have to make it happen because I am tired of seeing his wrinkled face.”

“The news of his death will be everywhere in the Kingdom tomorrow.”

“I am looking forward to that.” He said in an unemotional tone.

The queen visited the stream Imafidon was last seen. Her new maiden Omovie, a young girl accompanied her there. Omotola sat down close to a big tree and gaze at the river, her eyes were sore.

“I don’t want to count how long you’ve been gone because it seems like yesterday. I am a sad woman because you and our children are not here with me. I gave our children away because of their safety. I want you to forgive me wherever you are. Imafidon, you will always be my king.” She burst into loud sob.
Omovie was moved to tears.

They left the stream and went back to the palace and Osazuwa was furious. She went to meet him in his room.

“I was told you are looking for me.” she said to him.

“Where did you go to?”

Omotola told him.

His forehead creased with a big scowl. “You went there without my permission! How dare you?!”

“Cut it out King Osazuwa, your brother was my husband and I have every right to go there!”

“You should forget about him because you are married to me now!!”

“I can never forget Imafidon!”

“Omotola don’t push me!!”

“Why are you so selfish?” she asked him. “After getting me to yourself by force, yet you won’t allow me rest.”

“You belong to me!!!”

She turned her back to leave but he held her by the left hand firmly. “I give you three months to get pregnant.”

Omotola stared at him surprised. “And if I don’t?”

“Then the people’s blood will be on your hands.”

She released her arm from his hand fiercely. “I am not the gods who give children.”

“I do not care!!” he barked at her.

“Are you going to kill if I do not get pregnant?”

“Yes!” Osazuwa replied. “Not only that, you will watch me cut off their heads. I will kill two people twice in a week.”

She became angry. “You are not only wicked but also insane! Something is wrong with you. Don’t you have a heart?”

“For now no, but I will when I have a child with you.” He said and walked out of his room, leaving Omotola baffled.

The news went wild that Chief Aigbokia died in his sleep. His family planned to give him a benefiting burial. Abieyuwa was upset about the news and she knew her son was behind his death. She could not accuse him to his face because she was scared he might do something terrible to her. Abieyuwa beneath her breath cursed the day she gave birth to her child.

“How did you do it?” Osazuwa asked Aigbe about the demise of Aigbokia.

“He was at home alone that day,” he answered. “I broke into his house quietly and put a pillow hard on his face to cease his breath.”

He grinned. “You did a very good job and I promise to compensate you very soon.”

Aigbe smiled. “Thank you your majesty.”

“You can go now.”

He bowed his head and hailed King Osazuwa before leaving.

(Uzor Kingdom) 

“I will never allow you do that!” Osato gripped the trouser of Osaigbovo as he was about to step out from the house. “You will not make me a widow!”

“Nothing bad will happen to me.”

“How can you say nothing bad will happen to you?” she asked. “We have been living in this Kingdom peacefully for some months now and you want to spoil it.”

“I am only doing what I know how to do best!”

“By following the warriors of this Kingdom that have been training for months? Let us continue to manage the farm that we have.”

“I don’t even know if they will pick me to join them to fight. I only told a warrior I met at the market when I went to sell some yams and he promised to introduce me to their superior.”

She raised her both hands up. “May the gods not allow him agree for you to follow them to war.”

“Osato put your mind at rest please.”

“I can never put my mind at rest. We don’t know who they are fighting and remember you have a child that is only two months old.”

“I know.”

“Do not forget it is not only our child we have to take care of,” Osato said. “We have Odion and Owokan.”

He touched her right shoulder. “You do not have to remind me about them and I will guard the three of them with my life. Let me go and see if I have a chance to fight with them.”

“If you believe fighting with the warriors of this Kingdom that accepted us, no problem. May the gods guide you.”


“Where are the children?” he asked.

“They are in the room sleeping.”

Osaigbovo gave an authentic smile. “Odion and Owokan are getting bigger every day. They look bigger than their age.”

She smiled. “Children that are only two years old are behaving like adults.” Her facial look transformed into a sober one. “If only their father never went to that stream, we will still be in Izieole Kingdom.”

He embraced his wife. “I know but we have to let go of the past and focus on them. I still see King Imafidon in my dreams sometimes. I miss him but we have to think about the future.”

She glanced at her husband. “I only hope queen Omotola is alright.”

“She is a strong woman and I believe she is capable of taking care of herself.”

“I hope so.”

Osigbovo pecked Osato on her left cheek. “I have to go now.”

“Be safe.”

“I remember when I was sick,” Imafidon said to Udoka outside their home. They sat down on a bench under the mango tree. “The priestess spoke about danger, love and pain. Danger came my way but I conquered, love entered into my life but pain took it away. She said a time will come when I have to be patient and learn to forgive. She said I would have to endure what will happen to me in the future but I should have faith in my queen. I can never forget some certain words she said, “You will have to endure what will happen to you in the future. Have faith in your future queen, she will help this great Kingdom and have it at the back of your mind, do not give up. Do not ever give up on your Kingdom because it is yours! Never surrender!”

“Maybe she married your brother to bring peace to your Kingdom.” Udoka said.

“That is why I have to go and ask her.” He shook his head. “Sometimes I just want to give up on this war.”

“You won’t!”

“Maybe we should forget about it.”

“We have been training for some months because you deserve what belongs to you,” Udoka said. “The priestess told you never to give up.”

“I need to inform my deceitful brother I am alive.”

“No! He must not know about your existence. We will send a false message tomorrow because I would love to see you make an entrance on that day. If you don’t like surprises, I do. Your hateful brother will be shocked to see you alive and back for your Kingdom and queen.”

Imafidon smiled. “How do I pay you Udoka?”

Udoka laughed. “You will give me a beautiful wife in your Kingdom when you take over.”

He joined him to laugh.

Osaigbovo and a warrior named Ugo got closer to Udoka’s house. They were about to walk into the compound when Imafidon rose up to check on Amaka in the kitchen.

Ugo and Osaigbovo walked in and greeted Udoka. They explained why they came.

“Please sit down.” Udoka told them. They sat down on the bench. He looked at the direction of Osaigbovo. “I was told you were a warrior in your former Kingdom.”


“Are you capable of fighting?”

“Yes.” He replied. “I want to help.”

“Do you know why we want to go to war?”

“I don’t know the details but Ugo informed me the war is very important.”

He sighed. “You have not been training with us but my mind tells me to accept you.”

Osaigbovo sprung on his feet out of excitement. “I am gratfeful, I promise never to fail you.”

“Good. I will introduce you to the person we are going to war for.”

“A person?” he asked in amazement. “I thought it was for Uzor Kingdom.”

Udoka gave a faint smile. “If you know the story, you won’t question me.”

Osaigbovo heard a distance laugh. He blinked his eyes suspiciously. 

“Is there anything the matter?”

“Not really but I think I heard someone I used to know laugh but it is impossible.”


“The person is no more.”

“Oh I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you.”

Udoka stood. “I want you to come here tomorrow by this time. I want to introduce you to the person.” 

“That won’t be a problem.”

“I would have gone to call him but I think he is very hungry and I do not want to disturb him.”

“I will be here tomorrow.” Osaigbovo thanked him again and shook his hands. Ugo rose and joined Osaigbovo to leave. They were walking away when Imafidon came to sit by Udoka.

“The food will soon be ready.” he said. 

Osaigbovo heard the voice of the same person that laughed the first time. He turned his back, he had to see the man to have a peace of mind.

He looked at the man sitting with Udoka and did a double look just to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. He cleaned his face with hands and screamed. “King Imafidon!”

Imafidon glanced over and sighted a man he used to know. He rose up instantly. “Is that you Osaigbovo?”

He didn’t reply but ran and raised his former master up. “King Imafidon is alive! King Imafidon is alive!! The gods are not sleeping!!!” he dropped him down. “I am sorry my king for doing that, I am overwhelmed!” 

Udoka and Ugo watched them.

Imafidon was emotional and hugged him tightly. “Is this really you?”

“Yes my king! You didn’t die!”

“The gods, Udoka and his sister helped me to survive.”

They hugged again and the two men burst into tears.

“I think I know what’s going on,” Udoka said and pointed at Osaigbovo. “This must be your guard you always talked about.”

The men cleaned their eyes and Imafidon answered. “Yes.”

Amaka came out to hear the good news.

“Now I understand why you all want to go to war.” Osaigbovo said and his eyes fixed on Imafidon. “Your queen misses you every day.”

“What really happened?”

He explained how Osazuwa imprisoned the late Isoken and Omotola. How he killed some farmers for her to agree.

“You mean Osazuwa did all that?” Imafidon asked shocked.


“There are a lot of things he did but there is something you have to know.”

“What is it?” he asked anxiously.

“Do not panic because what I am about to tell you will make you a happy man.”

"Please tell me."

“The queen was pregnant before your disappearance.”

He widened his eyes. “Are you serious?”

“I think that is what she wanted to tell me before I left. I’m so sorry Omotola. What about my child?”

“Will you like to see them?” Osaigbovo asked.

“Yes!..But wait them?”

“The queen gave birth to twins.”

Imafidon danced happily. “How can I see them?”

“Follow me.”

“They are here in this Kingdom?”

“I will explain everything on our way to see your children.”

The moment Osato came out to welcome her husband home, she fainted when she saw Imafidon. She could not stop crying out of joy after she regained her consciousness. She was thrilled Imafidon was alive and ready to fight back for his Kingdom and Omotola.

Imafidon carried his children. He kissed his twins and prayed for them.

“What!” Omotola exclaimed. “A Kingdom is threatening us?!”

“Not only that my love,” Osazuwa said. “They want war in few days’ time.”

“Did the massager tell you why they want war?”

“They said something in this Kingdom belongs to them and I will kill all of them!”

“I will go to war.”

Osazuwa smiled. “You are very brave and I respect you for that.”

“Keep your respect to yourself, good night!”

The main day came, the warriors marched towards the Kingdom of Izieole and headed to where the fight will take place. Imafidon's face was covered with a cloth. It was only the eyes anyone could see.
“How do we do it?” Osaigbovo asked.

“What do you mean?” 

“For you to win this war, you will have to kill your own warriors.”

“I will not because I have a plan.” Imafidon said. “The warriors that will die are the one that will be on Osazuwa’s side. I will reveal myself on the battle field.”

He sighed. "Good idea."

Omotola, Osazuwa, Aigbe and the warriors of Izieole arrived at the battlefield, their opponents joined them. They gave each other enough space before they begin their battle.

Omotola spoke aloud. “Why do you want to fight us?”

Udoka answered. “We are here to fight for what belongs to someone.”

“Does the someone have a name?” she asked.

“I don’t care about the name!” Osazuwa shouted. I want the war to begin.”

“No!” Omotola shouted at him. “We can solve this here.”

“I want to teach them a lesson!!”

“If that is what you want, I will start the fight.” She marched forward and said to Uzor warriors. “Your leader should come and fight first!”

Udoka asked Imafidon. “Are you ready for this?” he asked. “I never expected her to do this.”

“I knew she was going to come here. I will fight her.”

“You will injure her.”

“Don’t underestimate my queen. We will not be able to injure each other.”


“We used to train together.” He answered. “I know her moves and she knows mine.”

“It means she might recognize the way you fight.”

“She’s intelligent and I’m sure she will suspect but remember I am dead to her.”

“I wish you well.”

Imafidon moved towards Omotola. She gazed into his eyes and searched them.

“What do you want from Izieole Kingdom?” Omotola asked.

He did not answer but raised his sword on her but she quickly stopped it. He smiled.

Omotola directed her swords towards his belly but he dodged it, she swiftly moved to his back to slash him but he turned and blocked it with his steel. Their swords ringed at each other continuously. Omotola was frustrated she wasn’t able to penetrate her rival unlike Imafidon who was having fun, he was very happy to see her face again.

The warriors watched them as they fight.

Omotola made another move but failed. She was confused on how her opponent knew her moves. It was only one person who knew about them. 

She was going to try another attack on him and if he is able to defend himself she will do what’s on her mind. Imafidon came after her with his sword and made a move that was familiar with her. She intentionally dropped her sword down by taking a risk to see if her rival would hurt her. 

Imafidon hastily halted his weapon.

Omotola was breathing very fast as she stared into his eyes. “Why didn’t you hurt me when you had the chance?”

He did not answer her.

"Take off your mask!" she said to him.

Imafidon shook his head.

Omotola became puzzled by his reaction. “Who are you?” she asked. “What is your name?”

To be continued…..


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