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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Kingdom. Episode 17

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for finishing this story. You guys do not know how I feel when you come back for the next episode. You make me happy! Sincerely, my blog and you beautiful readers are my second family. I do not have gold, silver, bronze to give you guys but prayers. God bless you all.
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Imafidon took a deep breath, in and out. He felt nervous the moment Omotola asked him for his name. He did not know what her reaction would be like if he unveiled his identity.
“Tell me your name!!” she barked. His silence annoyed her.

“What the hell is going on?” Osazuwa asked his guard Aigbe. “What do you think is happening?”

“I have no idea my king.” he replied.

“My queen!” The king shouted her name for her to hear him clearly. “Does he not want to fight you anymore?”

Omotola raised her right hand firmly to hush him. She looked at the masked man in front her, walked round him to survey his physique and came back to face him again. Omotola picked her sword from the floor and directed it to his neck.

“If you don’t tell me your name, I will cut off your head!”

He smiled behind his mask and removed the cloth from his face gradually. 

Imafidon revealed his face. “My name is Imafidon Obayuwana! The first son of late King Nosa and late Queen Abosede!”

Omotola’s sword fell from her hand. Shockwave consumed her whole body. She felt cold inside and hot outside.

Osazuwa eyes popped out! He stood shocked and his face turned white like a ghost. It was impossible for him to see his brother again. How could he not die? He asked himself silently. Warriors of Izieole Kingdom looked thunderstruck at their former ruler.

Omotola eyes were flooded with hot tears as she stared at the only man she loved.

“If this is a dream, I do not want to wake up,” she said in a brittle voice. “Please tell me you are real.”

He walked closer and touched her shoulders. She felt chills. “I am here with you. I stand in front of you in flesh and blood.”

Omotola fell on her knees. Imafidon was surprised. “Please my king, forgive me! I married your brother.”

He raised her up with with his big hands. “I have forgiven you already, I know why you married my brother.”

Osazuwa was becoming angry and scared at the same time. His brother was back from the dead to hunt him and everyone would know he killed him. Aigbe panicked! What was he going to do if they lost the battle? How will he defend himself if Imafidon rule the Kingdom again?

Omotola rushed into his body as he wrapped his warm arms round her. She felt at peace in his hug. If she had a choice, she wouldn’t want to let go ever again.

“Please don’t leave me.” she said.

“I am not going anywhere, I am here to stay with you and no one can ever take me from you.”

Osaigbovo came out from the crowd. 

Omotola looked at him stunned. “How did you get here?” she asked. “What about my children and Osato?”

He smiled. “They are doing fine. It’s a long story my queen but the king will explain after we win the war.”

She turned to Imafidon. “What happened?” she asked. “How did you survive the fight between the warriors of another kingdom?”

Imafidon tightened his face. “My hateful brother lied!” He looked straight at where Osazuwa and the warriors stood. He pointed his sword at him. “You killed me you traitor and murderer!!”

Omotola felt her heart jumped out of her body with the news. “What!!

Some of the warriors of Izieole were shocked while the others knew Osazuwa was responsible because Aigbe had told them and they were in support of their King because of the opportunities they had to punish anyone that disrespected them in the Kingdom and they could get anyone woman they desired.

“You deserved death!!” Osazuwa uttered. “I will kill you over and over again!!

“What did I ever do to you?” his brother asked. “I loved and treated you like my blood brother yet you paid me back with torture, pain and multiple stab wounds. I will not show you mercy!!

He gazed his steel back at Imafidon. “I will destroy you and send you back to where you are supposed to be. Omotola you better come and stay by my side!”

She glared at him. “Over my dead body!” she directed her own sword at him. “I will fight with my true husband.”

Being mad and furious was an understatement. The color of Osazuwa’s eyes turned to blood. They were red!!

“Imafidon will die!!” he screamed and turned to face his warriors. “Let us fight them. I command you all to fight and I will reward you bountifully!”

Imafidon spoke. “I am a man of peace and understanding. Fight with me and you will live a peaceful life in my kingdom!”

Half of the warriors of Izieole stepped aside to join Imafidon, the queen and Uzor kingdom warriors.

King Osazuwa was extremely angry at them, the greedy ones stayed with him.

“Kill them all!!” he thundered. “Cut off their heads! I want blood to spill!!

They raced to meet as swords spanked against each other. In an aggressive manner, they battled into a blood bath. Osazuwa and Imafidon steels ignited! It was a terror moment of combat.

Their weapons glinted.

The smell of death hovered in the battlefield.

More warriors came unexpected. They were from Udo Kingdom. Osazuwa had made a deal to Adesuwa’s father to release some of his warriors during the contest. Omotola never knew about it and it surprised her to see more warriors coming at them. She ran in fear to Imafidon who was fighting with sternness.

“Retreat!” she said. “Let’s retreat, more are coming!”

“Continue to fight!” he said to her without faltering. ”Use wisdom!”

She turned to a rival to slash him on his back. Blood squirted from his wound as he groaned in severe pain.

Their feet stamped on the field with flesh everywhere. 

Osigbovo and Udoka collaborated to suck out the lives of four rivals with their weapons.

Blood and bones splattered from their bodies.
Wounded men wailed in pain.

Gluttonous warriors of Izieole were screaming and whimpering in soreness.

Osazuwa surprisingly left Imafidon and made his way towards his guard. “Aigbe!!

He turned to his master after slaughtering an opponent’s neck. Blood gushed out. “Yes your majesty!”

“I know you have been sleeping with my wife, here is your reward!”

Before Aigbe could defend himself or beg, he was beheaded on the battlefield!

Liquid red blood splashed out and spilled on Osazuwa’s face. “Worthless soul!!

A set of blood surged out from the helpless bodies of some of Uzor Kingdom warriors. Udoka ran to the injured ones alive to tell them to run if they could. Imafidon and Omotola were busy crushing down the warriors from Udo Kingdom. They showed no mercy on them!!

Unknowingly for Imafidon, Osazuwa dashed towards him with force and pointed his sharp blade at his back. Osaigbovo in full speed blocked the weapon and it penetrated into his body.

“Nooooo!!!!” Omotola screamed and Imafidon turned his back to see his loyal guard quivered in pain. He fell down to carry his body as blood began to gush out. 

“Please stay with me.” Imafidon begged. Tears came out like raindrops. 

“My..ki..k…king.” Osaigbovo tried to talk as anguish tore his body.

Omotola ran to meet them in a panicky behavior. Udoka raced to cut Osazuwa but he could only hit him on his hand. The king ran as his remaining warriors were injured. Udoka ran after him.

“Please save your breath.” Imafidon said. “Relax and you will be fine.”

“Osaigbovo please don’t leave us,” Omotola said and began to weep. “Think about your family.”

“I..i will die a ha..happy man.” He said and managed to smile a little. “Tell Osato I lo..lov…love he..her.”

“Please say no more!” his master pleaded.

“Take c..care of m…my family. I know..th..they are safe wi..with you. It was a..plea..pleasure serving you.”

“Osaigbovo you will rule with me,” Imafidon said. “You have to stay alive!! Please!!!

No response.

“Osaigbovo.” he called out his name.

No sound.

Omotola widened her eyes. She was frightened. “Please tell me he’s not dead! Please don’t tell me the man we trust is no more.”

Osaigbovo closed his guard’s eyes. ‘I’m sorry.”

“No, no this can’t happen. Imafidon please wake him up! How can he die fighting for us, fighting for you to regain your freedom? Please tell him to wake up!”’

“I am sorry my queen.” he said solemnly. “I hate to say this, Osaigbovo has left us.”

“Why??!!!!” she burst into more tears.

Imafidon rose and walked to Omotola and held her. He could not tell her to stop, he could not console her for the loss of his right hand man. He felt helpless and weak. Imafidon had no other choice but to cry with her. He was terribly going to miss his personal guard and friend, Osaigbovo.

Udoka came back with wounded Osazuwa. Omotola took her sword to remove his head from his body but Imafidon stopped her.

“He cannot die easily,” he said. “He will beg me to end his life.”

“Never!!” Osazuwa yelled and coughed out blood.

“I am not only going to do it for my Kingdom but for the death of Osaigbovo.”

Osazuwa laughed wickedly. Omotola landed him two hot slap!

“We do not have an evil forest but Uzor Kingdom has.” Imafidon added.

Udoka beamed. “What are your plans?”

“We will travel back to your Kingdom and feed his body to wild animals.”

Osazuwa widened his bulky eyes in fear. “What does that mean?”

“You will be eaten alive.”

“Kill me instead!” he said continuously. “Remember I am your brother!”

Imafidon turned his back at him. “You ceased to be my brother the moment Osaigbovo died. You will die a miserable death and I will take back my Kingdom!!”

The warriors who survived cheered!

Imafidon ordered the warriors of Izieole and Omotola back home to give the people the good news about him while they travel back to Uzor Kingdom. The warriors carried Osaigbovo's body. The people rejoiced and danced when they heard everything. Omotola went back to the palace and Abieyuwa collapsed when she heard about Imafidon’s comeback and the death of her son. 

Imafidon, Udoka and Ugo took Osazuwa to the evil forest. He begged and begged them to kill him instead, he could not bear the pain he was going to feel. They turned deaf to his pleads. 

He was thrown into the evil forest. Imafidon stayed behind to hear him scream as the wild animals demolished his body like raw meat.

Osato wailed on the floor when she heard the bad news of her husband. She swiped her body on the floor and rolled on it. Imafidon managed to console her for days before they could embark on their journey back home. Udoka and his sister Amaka escorted them back to Izieole.

Osato and Omotola ran towards each other and hugged. 

“I am sorry for your loss,” she said to Osato. “May his soul rest in perfect peace.”


They cried for some time before the queen carried her twins and kissed them. Imafidon took Odion and Owokan from her. 

Omotola carried Osato’s baby boy up. “He looks like his father.” she said. “What he's name?”

She sniffed her nose before she answered. “Osaigbovo wanted to tell the King himself after the war. He named him after you my king. His name is Imafidon.”

Imafidon and Omotola smiled cheerfully.

“I will take good care of him,” he said. “Imafidon and my children will grow up together.” 

“Thank you my King.” she said.

The people of Izieole came to the palace to welcome back their king.

King Imafidon asked for Abieyuwa and Adesuwa.

Omotola sighed. “Highness Abieyuwa is down with a stroke in her room. She is seriously sick and I do not think she will last long.”

“What about the princess?”

“I banished her!”

“Why?” he asked surprised.

“She was having an affair with Aigbe and you saw what happened on the battlefield. I heard she was driven away by her father for failing him. He disowned her!”

"What a pity."
“She is heavily pregnant and I heard she drank poison.”

“Are you sure?”

“The news is everywhere.”

Osaigbovo burial took place after few days. People felt his death, they knew he was kind to them. He was going to be immortalized for his commitment to the King. Grand mothers and fathers promised to tell their grandchildren his story.

The people of Izieole lived in peace and coordination as King Imafidon regained his throne back.
Omotola was the happiest woman. She was overjoyed to have her husband back.

The day King Imafidon was crowned, he said to his people. “I promise to rule without fear. Queen Omotola and I will not disappoint you in any way. I am back to rule because this is my Kingdom!!!

The End.

The new series is titled, “COMPLICATED”.
Rebecca, Quinn and Dabota are close friends right from their university days. Despite their age difference, they kept in touch after graduating. Young Rebecca is in an abusive marriage, Successful Quinn a well-known Nollywood actress with a wealthy boyfriend, and Sociable Dabota is a proud runs babe. Their lives are complex as they try to find what they are looking for. It is Complicated. The story is filled with lies, love, secrets and betrayal.

Episode one will be posted on Wednesday by 10am. Love you guys!!


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