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Monday, November 16, 2015

Unforgivable Housewife!!! Chapter 9

Sorry this is coming late. Akuoma I know you have been expecting this. Don't mind me ooo, I was distracted today.
For chapter 8 click here

“Modupe!” my brother shouted my name. I was lost, I didn’t have an answer to give him.


“What do you mean yes? Are you ready to bring destruction into Jude’s life?”

I cleared my throat and thought for a short period before I replied. “Jude does not deserve my sympathy and his mistress needs to suffer.”

“So what are your plans?”

“I like your ideas but I need to teach Rosemary a lesson too. The earlier, the better. I want you to help me bail her brother.”

“What about Tunde?” he asked.

“You are the only one that can do the job for me.”

“What job?”

“I will contact Tunde to give you the contact of the army officer and the details of Rosemary’s brother.”

“After that?”

“You will be like a good Samaritan to Rosemary after you rescue her brother.”

He gave me an eye. “You want me to bail him?”



“The family will be indebted to you,” I told him. “You will get close to Rosemary and get information from her.”

“What if she tells your husband about me?” he asked. “He will surely tell her am your brother.”

I took a sip from my drink and dropped the tumbler down on the table. “He will not know because you won’t be using your real name.”

“You want me to pretend as someone else?”

“Yes.” I answered and gave a nod. “You will inform her you heard about what happened to her brother from the army officer and you decided to help.”

“After that?”

“Get close to Rosemary, show her you want to help and you can get the information I want.”

“What information?”

I rose on my exhausted feet and paced around his living room. “I have been thinking of something.”

“What?” he asked impatiently.

Before Rosemary said she was pregnant for my husband, don’t you think she might have had a boyfriend?”

Tunde relaxed his back on the chair and crossed his lengthy legs. “She used to be a newspaper vendor, that will definitely attract guys to her. She could have been in a relationship before she and your husband started to collabo.”

I hissed at him. "Collabo kor, collabo noni."

He laughed at me. “But it’s true! They collaborated.”

I wanted to laugh but I played upset. “Please don’t remind me.”

“I’m sorry but what does that got to do with what you want me to do?”

I walked to his direction and sat close to him. “What if the pregnancy isn’t for Jude? What if she was pregnant for her wretched boyfriend and used the opportunity to blame it on my husband because he is rich?”

“But Jude cheated on you and he could actually be responsible for the pregnancy.”

“Yes he could be responsible but you can get information from Rosemary and contact her ex-boyfriend. You can offer him money and blackmail the prostitute.”

‘What if the pregnancy is for your husband?”
“Then I will wreck him and Rosemary will end up with Jude without his money.”

“I will do that for you.” He said. “I will go to the barrack and bail her brother but you must let Femi know about it today and give me all the vital details.”

“I will. Please do everything you can to make her trust you.”

“You can trust me on that.”

I stood up.

“Are you leaving?” he asked surprise.
“Yes. I have to go home and prepare something delicious for my darling husband.”

“When did he become your darling again?”

I chuckled. “I have to pretend like a good wife today. I want to teach him a lesson."

My brother grinned. “That means you are ready.”

“Yes. I do not want to waste time any longer. I need to take action!”

“That’s my sister!” he uttered cheerfully. “I want you to be happy.”

“Since your children are not around for the weekend, use the opportunity to take his naked pictures.”

“That won’t be a problem,” I said. “I will try and indulge him to have an adventure sex with me while I take his photographs.”

“He will be happy that is wife is coming back to her senses. He will eat you tonight.”

“Who says I will be having sex with that monkey?”

Femi jaw dropped. “How will you do it if you don’t have sex with him?”

‘That is why I am the master of the game. I do not need to tell you my plans but your sister will never sleep with Jude Lawson again.”

He shook his head. “I have forgotten your heart is made of wood.”

“And yours is made of granite.”

He laughed out loud and stood up to walk me outside to my car. “Go home safely and always keep in touch.”

“I will my love.” I pecked him and entered the car and drove off.

Before I went back home, I went to a boutique to get myself a skimpy nightie to entice Jude. I also went to the market to buy some foodstuffs and prepare a beautiful meal. I arrived home and Jude was not in. I sent him a text that I was truly missing him. He called me back immediately to find out if I was the actual person that sent him the message. I told him it was me and that he should come home. I was not interested in where he was, I never bothered to ask him. Jude informed me to give him one hour. I agreed and went into the kitchen to cook.

I called my eldest brother to inform him the latest.

One hour turned to three hours before Jude came and I wasn’t in the mood to argue or ask him why he was late. Nah, I have outgrown that stage. He went in to shower while I set down his dinner on the dining table.
He came to eat and was stunned I served our food inside the same plate.

“Modupe, what is going on?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I replied him. “I think we should start all over again as a loving couple.”

His facial expression lightened up but I was disgusted. I no longer love him. I can be called heartless, cruel, and evil, I do not care. Jude cannot cheat on me countless times and at the end of everything, get away with it. It's impossible! Nothing can change my mind.

Jude smiled at me. “That means you have forgiven me completely.”

“Yes my darling.”

He seems excited and I pretended to be happy about it. “Will you sleep in the room with me today?”

“Of course!”

He kissed my right hand. “I love you.”

“Me too.”

After eating, I went to the kitchen to wash the plates. Jude sat down in the living room to watch news and I went straight to the master’s bedroom.

I thoroughly check the clothes he wore and saw some unused condoms. It means he actually went to see a woman and I’m sure he had sex with her. There was no way I was going to accuse him of cheating.

I undressed and went into the bathroom to shower, after that, I wore my new nightie and headed to the sitting room.

I touched him gently by the neck and pecked him on his head. Jude asked. “Honey, I noticed some of my shirts were torn with razor blade.”

I didn’t say anything but walked to his front. “Oh my god! You are sexy!!”

My nightie was white in color, very short in length and it revealed a massive cleavage of my breast. I was not putting on a pantie and he knew it because it was transparent.

I told him to get up and he obliged instantly. I led him to the room and he was amazed to see handcuffs on the bed.

“I like it when you get naughty.” he said smiling.

I gave a faint smile.

“What are you going to do with me tonight baby?”

I licked my lips in a seductive way and I knew he was already hard. I pushed him on the bed, unbuckled his bed, and unzipped his trouser.

While I was doing it, I was swearing for him deep inside my heart. He quickly pulled his trouser and lay on the bed with his manhood erected.

Stupid man!

I took the handcuff and cuffed his hands to the bed. 

Jude kept ranting how much he loves me like crazy. Well, today he will know I’m truly crazy. I went over to grab my camera.

“Modupe what are you doing?”

“I want us to do something different,” I said and continuously took his photograph. “You will do the same to me.”

“Really?” he said as an eager smile ran across his lips.

“Yes my love. I want us to try something new.”

Okay darling.” he said. Immediately I finished taking his photos, I coughed.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I coughed repeatedly, beating my chest with my hand.

“Modupe what is it?” he asked in a scared tone.

“I think I want to throw up!” Without waiting for him to speak, I ran out of the room, pretending to go find where to vomit. I raced to my room, unlocked my door and jumped on my bed to have a good night rest with a big smile on my lips.

The next morning, I woke up late by 10am. I was already late to go to church, I went to have my bath and dressed simple. I headed to check on Jude. He was awake fuming on top of the bed. I cautioned myself not to laugh but had a serious look on my face.

“How could you leave me here all alone yesterday?” he asked angrily. “Why are you so wicked?”

“You could not ask what happened to me yesterday.”

“All you did was cough and ran out of the room. Why didn’t you come back to release me?”

“I fainted last night and it was God that saved me. I woke up on the floor in my room. I didn’t know what happened.”

“Are you telling me the truth?”

“Yes!” I unlocked the handcuff.

“What could be the cause?” he asked.

“I will visit the hospital later. I am very sorry for what happened. I really wanted us to have a nice time.”

He took my hand. “What about now?”

“Let me find out what is wrong with me first and I promise to make it up to you. You should have your bath and come to the dining for breakfast.”

“Okay dear. But what about the camera."

"I think the memory card is bad. We will try to do another one later when I get better."

"Okay dear."

I left him and went to the kitchen. At noon, Tunde called to tell me he had released Rosemary’s brother yesterday and that he was outside her house.

“Are you serious?” I asked.


“But how did you do it?” I had to ask him.

“After you left my house, I contacted Femi for the details and I went to release him immediately. I took him home and gave them money like a good person sent from above. Rosemary invited me for lunch today to show appreciation.”

“That is good.”

“There is something you should know.”

“What is it?”

“Yesterday when I arrived at Rosemary’s house with her brother, I met her arguing with a guy. He left angrily after she promised to call him later.”

“Do you have any idea who he was?”

“There was no time but I promise to find out. I just need few days to sweet tongue Rosemary. I will show her I’m here to help her family and be a big brother to her. She will surely confide in me.”

“You are the best!”

“What’s my name?” he asked in a jesting tone.


He laughed. “Put your mind at rest and I will help you run down the bitch that wants to ruin your home.”

“Thanks but there is something I have been thinking about.”

“What is it?”

“Why I suspected Rosemary may be lying about the paternity of her child is because the day she called me, she wasn’t interested to make me leave my matrimonial home. She was prepared to share Jude with me.”


“Yes. She’s okay being a second wife. Rosemary is not in love with my husband, she is looking for comfort for herself and her child. She is after Jude’s wealth.”

“If you take everything from Jude, she is left with nothing!”

“Exactly but she has to suffer. Please, find a way to contact the guy she was arguing with.”

“I might not do that but ask her as a concerned fellow who he was. I might convince Rosemary by telling her to tell me the truth about him and I will help her stop the guy from harassing her again.”

“You are my brother for life!” I said happily.

“The same blood flows in us.”

“I wish you good luck.”

“Thanks sis.” He hung up.

I lied to Jude that I was going to the hospital to check on my health and later collect the kids from my parent’s place. I drove to a chemist, bought different kind of drugs before I went to my father’s house, and stayed there until it was late. My children and I went back home. 

I told Jude the doctor said I have pneumonia and I needed enough rest for some time. He promised to assist me with the chores in the house for a week.

Throughout the week, I waited for my brother to tell me how far he had gone with the dirty prostitute but he kept telling me to be patient.

I continued to stay in my room, acting I was still sick. I printed the pictures and the kept them in my room. Tunde sent me an estimate of a hotel into my mail and the amount was huge. I plan to discuss about it with my husband. 

On a Thursday evening, I was heading to Jude’s room to discuss about him taking a loan from the bank when my phone rang. It was Tunde calling.

“Any news?” I asked after picking his call.

“I have good and bad news,” he said. “Which one do you want first?”

I froze. Good or bad, which one am I ready to hear first? I am Modupe Lawson. I am the Unforgivable Housewife!!!

To be continued.


  1. LMAO! collabo together! Hehehe
    Modupe is a drama queen!
    What's the bad and good news nah?

  2. Lolll! Carina you just had to mention my name...lol!!!!!!! Can't wait for the new episode

  3. Lolll! Carina you just had to mention my name...lol!!!!!!! Can't wait for the new episode

  4. well done dear!!!


  5. Good one like always
    I have been reading all along but couldn't comment cos my phone had issues , but now am back thank God.
    So So I hope you guys didn't miSs me much ... Lol
    I missed commenting a great deal .
    Am back for good
    Love you all

  6. Carina is bae,well done dear

  7. @Vivian... MIssed you girl! I would have sent you a mail but did not have your email ad. Welcome back hun. *hugs

  8. Hehe nice one dear. I love


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  10. Nice one..ckj...can't want for the next episode.


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