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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Unforgivable Housewife!!! Episode 7

I'm sorry for posting this episode today. I was very busy yesterday. By God's grace I will definitely post the next chapter on Monday. Thanks guys!!
For chapter 6 click Here


After guzzling the bottle of beer, I went to my children’s room to tidy up the place. I was getting very tired, so I went to the master’s bedroom to get one of my nightgowns I left there. Jude was having his bath in the bathroom and I saw his phone on the bed. I was tempted to grab it and spy through it but I wasn’t team snooping. A cheat will always be a cheat. I know if I mistakenly go through it, I will regret it.

As I got close to my wardrobe where I wanted to collect my nightie, an idea ran into my head. I knew he was in the bathroom to bath, which it will take him time. I tiptoed back to my own room to get my shaving cream called veet. My husband is the hairy type.

I went back to the room and the sound of the door made noise.

“Honey is that you?” he asked inside the bathroom.

“Yes, I’m here to collect my nightie.” I replied.

“Are you sleeping in the room tonight?”


“Please honey, stay with me tonight.” He begged.

I didn’t say anything, all through he was asking me silly questions, I was mixing the veet cream into his hair cream. The smile on my face refused to leave. I used the tip of an hair comb to mix it well.

I quickly rushed to get what I wanted and left the room for him.

“Modupe!!!!” Jude screamed my name thirty minutes later. 
I was not yet sleeping because I was ready for this. I rose from my bed and opened the door to check up on him. He was already coming towards to me.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed, pretending I was surprised. “What’s happened to you? Look at your hair!”

“Modupe I don’t know.” he said in a panicky tone. I sensed he was frightened. “I need God to forgive me my sins.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can’t you see my hair is falling off?”

“I know but you don’t have to call God’s name into this.”

“Are you sure I’m not sick?”


“Th..tha..that..I might…”

“Be HIV positive?” I helped him finish his assumption.

He burst into tears and fell on his knees. Jude was crying, I stood close to my husband and I was short of words. I did not know whether to laugh or join him to cry.

“You don’t have to conclude.” I said. “Maybe you have an infection or something else.”

“But my hair is falling off.”

“Please stand up."

He stood up and cleaned his face. I could not believe my husband was scared of the disease yet he was sleeping with dirty women without condom. I shook my head and hissed.

“Why did you hiss?”

“You were crying because you thought HIV was the cause of your hair falling from your head. Why did you sleep with Rosemary without condom?”

“Instead of you to calm me down and tell me everything is going to be alright you are bringing back the past.”

“How can I forget the past that has come between us?”

“You are the one that have come between us!”

“Oh! You have the mind to shout now?”

“Go to bed,” he said and turned his back at me. “The kids are sleeping and I do not want you to wake them up because of your nagging.”

“You call me a nag?”

All Jude did was walk away from my sight, after few seconds I heard the sound of his door locked.
I went back to my room, sober but I wasn’t going to cry anymore. I have had enough of it, I guess tears is tired of spilling out from my eyes. I lay on my bed to think thoroughly on what to do to Jude the next day.

Before my husband woke up, I was up already to help my children prepare for school. I prepared bread, fried eggs and beverages for breakfast. It was when I took my kids outside to the car, Jude came to ask for his food. He was dressed in a suit and putting on a cap.

“I am already late to take the children to school,” I said. “Make something for yourself.”

“But you know I don’t know how to cook?”

“Make something like tea, I promise to prepare something nice for you tonight.”

“Is that a promise?” he asked and smiled.

I smiled back at the barefaced man. “I promise dear and why are you with a face cap?”

“It's because of what happened to my hair last night.”

“But you can’t go to work dressed like this. You look funny.”

‘I will visit a barbing saloon before going to the office.”

“Oh, I understand but can I take a look at it?”

He widened his eyes. “It’s an eyesore and the kids will laugh at me.”


Jude stared into my eyes. He had no choice than to remove it and show me. Without hesitating, my kids and I burst into laughter. He quickly covered it back and hurried back inside. He did not even wait for our children to ask him what happened. His hair looked like when put a rat inside water, you can imagine the look. As I drove to the school, I kept on laughing, I was proud of myself.

I dropped them off and headed back home. As a jobless wife, I made myself a cup of hot Lipton tea and went to the living room to switch on the television. I watched my favorite series and later dozed off. 

Buzz Buzz Buzz.

The ringing sound of my phone woke me up. I checked the caller Id, it was my sister in law, Angela. I picked up the call.

“Hello.” I said. She did not say anything back, all I heard was her crying. “What going on?”

“Your brother is cheating on me.”


“I saw several messages from his girlfriend and I accused him yet he said it meant nothing, that he was not having an affair.”

“Please don’t cry, I’m sure my brother is saying the truth.”

She sniffed her nose. “Are you saying I should believe Femi?”

I bit my lower lip. I knew my eldest brother was a big cheat. Big or small, 'cheat is cheat'. 

“Do you know the name of his girlfriend?” I asked.

“No I don’t, he used her name to store sugar banana.”

I scratched my head. My brother was a dunce despite his age. How could he store his girlfriend’s name as sugar banana? I am sure pu**y turned his brain upside down?

“I don’t want you to worry yourself,” I said to her. “I will talk to Femi.”

“I know he’s cheating on me and I have to find out who the person is.”

If you find out, you will only have hypertension. I said to myself. She will be left heartbroken if she figures out that her sister is her husband’s lover. There will be trouble!

“I don’t think it’s necessary because he has told you he’s not cheating but I must talk to him.”

“I know Jude cheated.” Angela said. “How are you dealing with him?”

I sighed heavily. “I have forgiven Jude because he has changed.”


:”Yes and I will call you later dear.”

“Okay Modupe, take care.”

I cut the call. I took a deep breath. How could I lie to her because she was married to my brother? If she was my own sister, I know what I would have done but this is my brother she is talking about. I felt sick to the stomach! Supporting my brother and judging my husband of the same act is selfishness. I was selfish and angry at myself.

I took my phone and called Femi.

“You need to stop cheating on your wife!” I voiced out.

“How can you call me and tell me how to run my home, my family?”

“I am your family too and I want the best for you.”

“Why did you store Angela’s sister name as Sugar baby? What were you thinking?!

“Don’t shout at me over the phone,” he said in a furious tone. “Have you forgotten I am older than someone before you?”

“And have you forgotten I know your secret?”

“Don’t dare threaten to expose me because I will do the same to you.”

“I have no secret.”

“I will tell your husband you were in a hotel with another man few days ago.”

I chuckled. “You know nothing about me because I never slept with him.”

“And you think your husband will believe you?”

“I am done with him!!”

“That’s your damn business. I have important things to do. Can you end the call?”

“What you are doing is not good. I have criticized my husband for what you are doing.”

“You don’t have the right to lecture me about my life, you are not a pastor.”

“She wants to find out who you stored as sugar banana.”

“She won’t find out and I will be careful next time.”

My eyebrows uplifted. “There will be a next time?”

“Goodbye Modupe, face your family.” He said and cut the call on me.

My brother shut me up! I shook my head. It was his life and not mine. I checked the wall clock and found out it was almost time to pick my kids. I went to the bathroom to shower and I dressed into a simple blue gown. I choose not to eat because I wasn’t hungry. I went to the market to buy some foodstuffs and headed towards my next destination.

I picked my kids from school and drove back home.

I arrived home and prepared dinner. I made Jude’s favorite soup. The Egusi soup was filled with different kinds of meat. I added snail, cow leg, and goat meat. After it was ready, I dished out my own, also for my twins and we ate to our satisfaction.

Jude arrived and the first thing I saw was his head shining at me. I could not hold myself from amusement because I have never seen my husband with a skin cut. All his hair were off from his head!

He frowned at me. “What’s funny?”

I tightened my lips and shook my head. “Nothing.”

He left me, walked to the dinning and sat on the chair. “I’m hungry.”

“But you have to take your bath first.”

“You won’t believe I was not able to go to my favorite restaurant for lunch.”


“Can’t you see my head?” he asked annoyed. “I look different!”

“You should not care what people think about your big head. Just say you did not want your girlfriend to see you this way.”
“You have started again.”

I walked up to him. “I have not started anything. It is only your wife that can take you for your appearance, it does not matter if you are ugly or not.”

Jude winked a smile at me. “That’s why you are the best.”

I ignored him and went into the kitchen to dish out his food. I served him without water and I went back to the living room.

In less than ten seconds, I heard my name.


I motioned towards his direction. “What is it?”

He could not answer me but ran to the kitchen to get himself a bowl of water to drink. He was sweating despite the cold atmosphere.

“Why are you drinking water like a fish?”

As he finished the water, his angry eyes fixed at me. “What amount of pepper did you put in the soup?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play Mrs. Innocent!!”

“How can I play Mrs. Innocent when I am not married to 2face Idibia?”

“Modupe!!! I am not joking!!” he began to cough.

“You are complaining of pepper and you are shouting, do you want to choke to death?”

Jude kept on coughing and I went to the kitchen table to pour some water stored inside a flask into a mug. He took it from my hand and gulped some quantity. He spilled everything out instantly.

“MODUPE OOOO!!! Do you want to kill me?!”

“Why should I kill you?”

“Don’t you know you gave me hot water to drink?”

I panted. “I’m sorry, I never knew!!”

He cleared his throat and wiped his eyes.

“Jude don’t shake.” I said to him and collected a carved stick used for making Eba.

“What’s going on?” he asked confused.

“Just wait and let me kill the spider on your head.” 

SPANG!!! I hit him hard on his head.

“Modupe has killed me!”

“Sorry my love, I thought I saw a spider on your head.”

He widened his eyes at me. “You thought??”

My face fell. “I’m sorry honey.” I said in a serene voice.”

He pointed at me. “Don’t you dare use that tone on me. I am done with the food.” 

He dashed out from the kitchen. All I did was boom into an epic laughter. I enjoyed myself, terrorizing my so-called husband. He deserved what I offered him today. I am Modupe Lawson. I am the Unforgivable Housewife!!!

To be continued......


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