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Monday, November 09, 2015

Unforgivable Housewife!!! Episode 8

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After the interesting drama between my husband and I, I went to check on my kids in their room. I left after I found out they were sleeping peacefully and I headed to my room to freshen up and sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling elated to what I had done the previous night. I could not wait to see the look on Jude’s face but I could not because he was nowhere to be found. The gate-man told me he left very early. I am sure he was still upset at me, probably he knew I did those things intentionally. Anyways, I will not be bothered about his feelings towards him because I no longer love him. 

I went to bath my kids, prepare them breakfast and took them to school. After that, I didn’t go home but went to my eldest brother’s office.

He told his secretary to tell me he was very busy and too early for me to see him. Imagine that?? I noticed he has changed his secretary to a male. I entered his office with full force and he wasn’t surprised about my reaction. He informed his secretary not to worry.

“I wonder if you are truly my sister because sometimes you behave like a local woman.”

I laughed mockingly at him and sat down opposite him. “There is nothing you can say that can make me angry because I know you. You want to make angry and then I will leave but I’m not going anywhere until you convince me you won’t cheat on your wife again.”

He just stared at me for few seconds and went back to writing only God know what.

“I’m talking to you Femi!”

“I will slap you if you shout at me again.”

“Then answer my question.” I said calmly not because I was scared he will hit me if I shouted again, I just wanted to respect him. Even if I shouted again, he would not have slapped me but if it was Tunde he won’t warn me but land a hot spank on my face.

“It is none of your business if I continue to cheat on my wife.” he said. “Angela is not yours but mine.”

“But she is my sister in law and I care so much about her.”

“Then tell her the truth.”

“I cannot betray you and if I do, your marriage will crash.”

“Do you think Angela is like you?”

My face changed slightly. “What do you mean by that statement?”

“If Angela knows the truth, she will forgive me.”

“Have you forgotten I did not catch Jude once? Let me remind you, I caught him several times and he has gotten another woman pregnant! I’m certain he will make her his second wife.”

“What!” he exclaimed, dropped his pen on his desk, and concentrated on me. “You are playing with me, right?”

“How can I play with something like that?”

“Then what are you still doing with that cheating scum?! Divorce his ass immediately!”

“I want to but I can’t let him go just like that. He has to suffer and pay for what he has done to me! Emotional trauma!!”

“But he is the father of your children and they are still young. And please do not consider that HIV victim because it will affect you in the future.”

“How will it affect me?” I asked him.

“If Jude sleeps with her that does not stop him for playing with his children,” he said in a serious tone. ”What if he injures himself and mistakenly blood spills out and enters your children’s mouth? What if he…”

“That is not possible.” I could not let him finish his assumptions because I was irritated. 

“There’s nothing impossible Modupe.”

I stamped my right hand on his desk. “I want him to feel pain the way I did.”

“But scrap out the HIV plan.”

I took a deep breath. I knew what he said was kinda true but it was still a good idea in my head.
“I will talk to Tunde about it when he comes back.”

Femi sprung up from his chair with his eyeballs poking out in shock. “You want Tunde involved?”

“Yes.” I replied.

He walked to my side. “You will be making the biggest mistake of your life!”


“Tunde is heartless and a douchebag.”

“Remember he is your brother.” I said.

“And a master of evil things. He destroys things!”

“Tunde is a good person!!”

“I know he can be a good person if he wants to but he can also go extreme if he wants to get something. Have you forgotten he threatened father with a gun if he didn’t write an amount of money when he was in his first year in the University?”

“And have you forgotten it was a fake gun after the police got involved.”

“I believe Tunde changed the gun.”

“He did not!!”

He pointed to his door in fury. “Get out of my office!!”

I stood up. “Tunde is not a bad person, you better change and stop cheating on your wife.”

“Focus on your family while I focus on mine.”

I shook my head and walked out of his office. The nurse called me on my way home but I rejected her call. I wanted to think about my plan all over again, divorcing Jude was letting him go free of charge because he can marry Rosemary because he will still have money. How was I going to do it without hurting my children and myself?

I arrived home an angry woman. I went straight to his room and brought out his expensive shirts he bought with his money and slashed them with razor blade. The wrists watch I bought for him I took it and kept it in my room. After that, I went to the bar section in the living room to get a bottle of booze to calm me down. If I did not do that, I would have bath all his belongings with fuel and light them up. Jude really broke my heart and anytime I remember the first time I caught him with a woman, it tears me apart and I end up crying but this time tears did not dare come out. 

I slept off after I drank half of the booze, I woke up with a terrible headache. I dialed Jude’s number to tell him to find time and pick the kids because I was unwell. He complained over the phone but I had no strength to argue with him.

“I won’t be able to bring them home after I pick them.” He said after the silence.


“I am busy in the office, we will come home together.”

“Buy them lunch because they will be hungry.”

“I will.”

I ended the call and went back to sleep.

The children and my husband came back home in the evening, I had prepared dinner. They had their bathe and came to the dinning to eat. Jude was a bit quiet when he came and I was not okay with it. After eating, I took the twins to their room and asked them if anything happened in the office while they were there, they said nothing happened. I read them a story and promised to come back before they slept but as I was about to leave, my daughter called me.


“Yes my love.”

“We went to a pregnant woman’s house before coming home.”

My mind drove me to Rosemary. “What!!!” I rushed towards them. “Did you eat anything there?”

“No mom,” my son answered.

“Thank God!” I told them to relax in their room and I went to meet Jude in rage. I pulled off my left slippers and used it to stone him on his head. “How could you take my children to that desperate animal’s house?!”

He stared at me stunned. “I can explain.”

“I do not need an explanation because you put the lives of my children in danger! How could you?!

Jude knelt down. “I am sorry.”

“Sorry? Is that what will solve it?”

“What do you want me to say?” he asked soberly.

“Why did you take my children there? How could you!!!”

“Please bring down your voice.”

“Why did you take them to her house?!”

He cleared his throat. “Rosemary is not feeling fine because she is worried about her brother.”

“I don’t care!!”

“Her brother is still at the barrack and she is scared something terrible might happen to him.”

“I still don’t care!!”

“What if he dies there?”

“How does that affect me?” I asked him.

Jude rose and walked up to me. “Please, show some concern” he said. “Her brother did not offend you but me.”

“You excluded your bitch!”

“I asked her out not the other way round.”

“But she had the opportunity to say no because I was always nice to her.”

“We can't turn back the hands of time.”

“And if I could, I would never have married you!”

“I am sorry Modupe.”

“You disgust me.” I said to him with hatred in my eyes. I turned away and left the room.

How could he take my children to my worst enemy? He has made the matter worse.
I went to my room and checked my phone. I had a message from my brother informing me he was back in town and we should see at his place at noon the following day. 
I ignored my husband the next morning. I drove my children to their grandmother’s house to spend the weekend before arriving at Tunde’s house. He did not only hug me but carried me up. He was fond of doing that.

“You look good!” he said after dropping me down.

“Like this?”

“Like what?” he asked with his left eyebrow up.

“A broken heart.”

He laughed out very loud. “Well, you still look good.”

We sat down close to each other. My brother was wearing a white polo and a blue jean. He wore a gold chain with a big key pendant round his neck. He was looking very handsome. Tunde called his maid to get us some bottles of beer and fried chicken wings.

“You will never change,” I said to him. “You love enjoyment.”

“This life is too short my sister.”

“But you should cut down the intake of beer.”

“Are you here to lecture me? I thought you came to give me the download of what Jude has been doing to you.”

I sighed and informed him everything. His maid brought six bottles of Harp and some chicken.

“He had no right to take my niece and nephew to meet the pregnant woman,” he said. I sensed the anger in his voice but he remained peaceful with his composure. “There’s no need to employ someone sick with a dangerous illness in your home because of Jude.”

“What do you have in mind?”

Tunde opened two bottles and gave me one. I carried one of the chickens and ate from it.

“Do you know his email?” he asked.

“His email?”


“What do you want to do with that?”

“Answer me first.”

I swallowed. “Yes I do.”

“His password?”

“Yes but I don’t know if he has changed it.”

“You will try it and inform me.”

“After that?” I asked.

“You will pretend that everything is good and do something kinky to spice up your marriage.”

“I don’t get you.”

“Sleep with him but before that, take his pictures.”

“Naked pictures?”


“What will you use them for?”

He took a sip from his bottle and dropped it on the table. “He is the manager of a bank and he will definitely have clients and friends contacts in his email. I will simply send those pictures to them as if he is the one sending them.”

My jaw dropped. “He will lose his clients and maybe his job!”

“I thought that is what you want?”


“No but,” he said. “Borrow some amount of money from him.”

“For what?”

“Tell him you want to open a hotel or something big but you don't have enough money for the project. I know he believes in you and he will give you the money. He can collect a loan from the bank for you in his name if he doesn’t have the exact amount.”

“After that?”

“How many houses does he have?” he asked.

“Two.” I replied. “The one we live in and he is currently building another one.”

“Meaning he used his money for the two houses, right?”


“Do you have the papers?”

“I know where they are.”

“You will send your kids abroad for the holiday, pack your things bit by bit and you will sell the houses without his knowledge.”


“Your language babe!”

All I could do was look at him. He was the devil himself. My eldest brother was right about him.

“You will leave the country with everything! I do not want to go into details yet, I have to ask you one question.”

“What question?" I asked.

“Are you ready to bring destruction into Jude’s life?”

I could not give him an answer. Was I ready to wreck my husband’s life? What was I going to gain if I don’t allow my kids see their father again? Was I ready? I ask myself. I am Modupe Lawson. I am the Unforgivable Housewife!!!

To be continued….


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