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Saturday, December 19, 2015


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Quinn was still on her bended knees, pleading for her brother to forgive and forget.
“I know what I did was very bad,” she said with tears in her eyes. “You have to know I was young and naive to pour hot oil on your face. You dared me and we were little to understand the precautions.”

He pointed at her. “I was six years old and you were eleven. Were you not smart enough to know what the hot oil could do to my face?”

“I was still a child to know it could go this way. If I had known, I would never have done it to you.”

“I can’t forgive you.”

“Please Hanks. I am your only sister, let’s be friends once again.”

Extreme anger crested on his face, the intensity of bitterness directed at his sibling was massive. How can he let go of the scar she stamped on him. Though she had begged him in the past for plastic surgery, he refused just because he wanted Quinn to pay dearly for it.

Informing her fans about what she did could take some pain away but could it be forever? Her fans that look up to her as a role model would be disappointed by her wicked act. He looked at her face and saw tears in her eyes.

“Stand up Quinn,” he said and walked to sit down on a long sofa. “Kneeling down for me won’t change anything.”

She had no choice but to stand and wiped the tears with the back of her hands. “I really love you and I will never do anything to make you sad. What I did to you was foolish and if I could go back and change the hands of time, I would.”

Hanks scornfully glared into her eyes. “Your words don’t move me. You are a pretender!”

“I am not a pretender Hanks,” she defended herself. “Why would you call me that?”

“You slept with your friend’s husband! I saw Rebecca and I think she is a nice girl!"

“Of course she’s a nice person, what I had in mind that day backfired. I’m so angry at myself for getting drunk and dialing your number that day, it was Carrie I was supposed to tell.”

“Have you told her?”


“And what did she tell you?” he asked.

Quinn sighed and joined him on the sofa. “She said I should tell Rebecca what happened.”

“What have you been waiting for?”

“I can’t.”


“She won’t understand because she doesn’t know I am a lesbian.”

He glanced at her with a disgusted expression on his face. “You are not even ashamed of yourself.”

She looked at him surprised. “Ashamed of what?”

“That you are a bloody lesbian!”

“I thought you didn’t have a problem with my sexuality?”

“I don’t have a problem with your sexuality. I don’t like the fact that you are comfortable with me talking about it.”

“But you are my brother and nothing can ever change that.”

“Don’t try to make me emotional,” he said plainly. “It will not work. Go and settle with Rebecca.”

“But we are not quarrelling.”

“Do you think she will hug you when you tell her the truth?”

“I know she won’t be happy with me, in fact she might never want to talk to me again but I did it so that she could see the animal she married.”

“You didn’t have to seduce him.”

“I never seduced him,” Quinn said. “I only told him I would sleep with him so that he won’t beat Rebecca again. He agreed, I put my phone on record and when finished having boring sex in his office, he noticed my hands were shaking. I was very nervous. He came to ask what the matter was, I yelled at him to leave me alone, I wanted to get out of his sight.  Desmond saw my phone, grabbed it and saw my phone recording. He played it and when he knew the contents, he slapped my face.”

Hanks cracked into an epic laughter. “You don’t deserve a slap.”

She looked at him with her confused eyes. “What do you mean by that?”

“He should have beaten you up!”

“That is unfair!”

“Life is unfair, so are you.”

She shook her head. “I will always apologize for what I did to you. I am sorry!”

“Tell that to the flying birds. I still insist you tell Rebecca.”

“I don’t think I should, Rebecca will definitely leave Desmond. Their marriage is not as smooth as before and I know she no longer loves him.”

“Are you sure about that?” he asked.

“Yes.” Quinn replied. “Even if I reveal the truth, she will blame me and not understand that I didn’t even feel anything for that animal. I was thinking of tom and Jerry cartoon when we were having sex.”

He gave a faint laugh. “Then you have to tell Rebecca and Dabota the truth about who you really her. Tell them you are a lesbian, having a secret affair with the artist.”

Her facial look melted into a blue one. “I am so scared about that.”

“That they might love you less?”

“Yes! I do not want that because they show me love. They are my sisters and their friendship matters to me. They are my family.”

“You betrayed your family.”

Quinn touched him gently on his right lap. “I know what I did was wrong. I know what I did to you and Rebecca is terrible but I am a good person. I do not want anything bad to happen to any of you and that is why I am begging you to keep your lips sealed. I love you dearly.” She removed her hand.

He shrugged. “Jackson sent for me.”

“What!” she exclaimed. “He asked you to come to Nigeria?”


“But why?”

“To know the reason for sending me money anytime I ask for it.”

“But I am no longer his girlfriend! He should leave me alone.”

“You promised to marry him.”

“I never promised him,” she voiced out in an angry tone. “I only told him we would get married in two years’ time.”

“Maybe you didn’t promise him but you gave him hope of getting married to him.”

“I don’t love him!”

“I know but he wants answers.”

Quinn searched his face and asked. “Where are your luggages?”

“My bags are where I will be staying.”

She lifted her left eyebrow. “In a hotel?”

“Nope!” he answered and went back to sit. He crossed his legs and folded his arms. “My bags are in Jackson’s house.”


“I went there first because he is my host. His driver came to pick me at the airport and when we arrived at his house, he wasn’t home. I decided to come and check up on my beautiful sister.”

“God!” she uttered, stamped her feet on the ground and was about to walk away when her brother questioned her. 

“Where are you going to?” 

“To get myself a glass of gin!”

“I thought you don’t drink alcohol?” he asked and uplifted from the sofa. 

“Now I do! Thank you for trying to frustrate me and ruin my life!”

“That is exactly what I want!”

“I am sorry!!” she burst into loud sobs. “What do you want from me? Are you going to tell him everything?”

“Yes.” he replied in a soft tone. “Your sexuality will be the first. He has to know why you are no longer interested in the relationship. You deceived him to fall in love with you and he has every right to know the truth.”

She sniffed her nose and looked at him. “My life will be at stake if you tell him. He will never forgive me and you know I will be arrested if my sexuality comes out. It's 14 years if you don't know. Jackson knows influential people, he is powerful and he will try to bring me down.”
Hanks frowned and placed his right hand on her left shoulder. “I will not tell Jackson anything yet.”

Quinn stared at him surprised. “You won’t?”

“I won’t.” he replied. “I still want to have fun and spend his money first.”

“Can I pay some amount of money for you to travel back?”

“No. I am assuring you I will tell no one anything about you. When I am ready, you will be the first to know.”

She cleaned her face. “What can I offer you to drink?”

“I hope you won’t poison me?”

Quinn chuckled. “I have a heart,” she said. “You are my brother and I love you very much.”

Rebecca had arrived home and quickly prepared dinner for her husband. She was not hungry and she served only Desmond’s own. He ate at the dinning and she went to the bathroom for a bath before throwing herself on the bed.

She thought about Quinn and her brother. What could have happened to his face and why was her friend showing signs of nervousness. She planned to ask Quinn when they meet again.

Rebecca tried to sleep but could not get her mind off Brown Smith. His smile, voice made her smile brightly. She could not believe the effect he has on her during the short period they met. If only she had met him before saying yes to Desmond marriage proposal. She wanted to know more about the man that only the thought of him brought a bright smile to her lips. She felt thrilling sensation piercing inside her body as she imagined him kissing her lips. Rebecca rested her head on the pillow and touched her belly. She remembered Brown words “I will take care of you and the baby if you allow me.”

Desmond entered into the room and climbed the bed to join his wife.

“I thought you have slept off?” he asked.

She yawned. “I’m about to sleep.”

“How was your outing with your friends?”

Rebecca stayed calm, she didn’t want to act surprise by his question in front of him. “They are fine.”

“When are you seeing them again?”

“I really do not know.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“I will like to ask for permission to go see my father.”

“For what?” he asked with a frown on his face.

“My father wants to see me,” she said gently. “Can I go?”

“You still want to go see your father after what he did?”

“That was a long time ago and my mother is living in Canada. She is the one that is supposed to be complaining, not me.”

“Your father should pay for what he did to you!”

“And what did he do?”

“He damaged you!!”


“The divorce affected you Rebecca.”

“That is because I was not mentally ready for it. I never thought my parents would separate, that was why it affected me. I never should have blamed him alone, my mother would have fought for her marriage but she wanted it also.”

“Why not blame your mother now?”

Rebecca stared at him stunned. She was puzzled at the words coming out from his mouth. “Blame my mother? I have forgotten about the past and it will remain that way. It’s their life and they choose to divorce and I have my own life to live too.”

“Do you ever think of divorcing me?” Desmond asked looking into her eyes.

She cleared her throat, thinking of the right answer for him. “I have never thought of divorcing you.”

“Very good.”

“Can I go and see my father?”

“You can but I don’t want you to stay at his place for long.”

“I won’t,” she said in a gloomy voice. “Goodnight Desmond.”

He touched her hair. “Goodnight my sweet Rebecca.”

She turned away from his direction and faced the wall. There was fear in her eyes.

Dabota was answering a call in the kitchen and fixing herself a cup of coffee. She was telling her caller that she really likes him and would love to go on another date with him. She laughed at loud before ending the call. Debbie who was washing the plates cleared her throat loudly on purpose.

“Madam!” said Dabota and placed her right hand on her waist. “Is there a question you want to ask?”

She turned to face her. “Were you talking to the single man you like?”

She giggled. “Like is turning into love.”

“You are in love?”

“I don't know if its love but I have never felt like this before. This person makes me feel pretty and happy.”

“Wow! I hope he feels the same way?”

“Yes and he was telling me he will do anything to make me his woman for the rest of his life.”

“I am so happy for you.” Debbie said and wiped her wet hands with a napkin. She went over to meet Dabota and they hugged. “Have you told your friends about him?”

Her face fell.

“What is it?”

“I have not told them.” she replied.

“But why?”

“Nothing really, I will tell them but not now. I want to go far with him before telling Rebecca and Quinn.”

“If that is what you want no problem.”

Dabota carried her cup of Lipton tea and took a sip.

“Do you know that your sister never mentioned anything about your face to me?” Jackson asked Hanks after he came back home late. He was shocked to his Quinn’s sibling with half of his face disfigured. They both sat down in his large living room, drinking two bottles of Heineken.

“I am aware.”

“What happened?” he asked.

“It’s a long story and I hate to talk about it.”

“Oh! I am very sorry for reminding you.”

“No problem Mr. Jackson.” 

“You should know why I asked you to come.”

“Of course I do!” he uttered and drank some beer.

Jackson removed his tie and threw it on a small couch. “Why have you been siphoning money from your sister?”

Hanks gave a shrug. “I am not siphoning money from her.”

“So what are you doing?”

“I am simply collecting. She’s helping me because we are blood related.”

“But why did she break up with me all of a sudden?” he asked. “I need some answers.”

“I really do not know why she broke up with you but I will help you find out. Quinn is definitely hiding something.”

“That is exactly what I thought! I want you to help me find a way to know what she is keeping away from me.”

“I will,” Hanks said and smiled mildly. “I will need some money to move around.”

Jackson got up, stretched up his hands, and brought time down. He appeared tired. “I will write you a cheque tomorrow morning, I need to rest now.”

He rose up on his feet and went to shake his hands. “Thank you for hosting me in your home. I will do everything I can to help you.”

“Thank you and welcome to Nigeria.” He said and sauntered to the direction of his bedroom. Hanks eyes were on him and as he left his sight, a one sided faint smile ran across his lips. He was here to earn some cool cash and catch some fun.

Two days later, Rebecca waited for Desmond to leave to work before dialing Brown’s number. He was stunned when he picked up his phone to check the caller’s name.

“Becca love.” he said with a smile dancing around his lips. Rebecca sensed the excitement in the voice and that gave her joy.

“You don’t have the right to call me your love,” she said. “I am a married woman.”

“Well, I am sorry for calling you that.”

“It’s okay. How is your father’s health?”

“Not good but we are hoping for improvement soon.”

“I am really sorry and I hope he gets better.”

“Thanks Becca.” 

“I will visit your father next week.”

“That’s far!”

“I know but you have to understand. I am going to see my father today and if I leave there on time, I would come and check up on your dad.”

“And me.”

They both laughed.

“I can’t wait to sit down with you and plan our future together." he said. "I really want you by my side. I want to take good care of you but I know it is not possible because you are legally married. When my father gets better, all my attention will be on you. I will not think twice to take you away from that monster.”

She closed her eyes and began to breathe aloud.

“Becca are you okay?”

She speedily unlocked her eyes. “Yes I am fine.”

“Should I come and see you at your father’s place?” he asked.

“No,” Rebecca replied. “That won’t be necessary. I will call you soon.”

“Thank you for calling me,” Brown said. “I really appreciate it.”

“You are welcome.” She said and hastily ended the call.  She did not want to hear sweet nothings into her ear. She grabbed her cars keys on the dining table and headed towards the door. Rebecca drove to her father’s residence. She arrived at his house and he welcomed her with a tight hug. Seeing his daughter made him joyful. 

He made sure she ate the food he ordered from an expensive restaurant. He could not take his eyes off his precious daughter, his only child. He was prepared to make things right again. After Rebecca finished eating, they went outside to sit down close to his swimming pool. 

“What are your plans now?” he asked her.

“Plans about what?”

“Your baby.” he said. “Do you want to stay with Desmond and have the baby?”

“No father,” she replied. “He does not even know I am pregnant.”

“Why?” he asked in a surprised tone.

Rebecca explained to him what her husband wanted.

“You better leave him now or you will regret it later. I know marriage is for better and for worse but yours is complicated. You have to let go of him before it’s too late.”

“I know dad, that’s why I have come to a conclusion.”

“What conclusion?” he asked in a serious tone.

Rebecca sighed and looked away from her father. “I am going to divorce Desmond.”
“You don’t have to look away from me because you want to divorce him. It’s not your fault, you simply want to protect your baby and yourself.”

When she turned to face him, her face was accompanied with tears. He went over to give her a warm hug. 

“Never blame yourself for this,” he said. “I know you don’t like divorce but you have to do it. Protect your life from that woman beater.”

“But he has changed.”

“He might be pretending.”

“I will check on his wife in the village with Quinn and Dabota this week.”

“What wife are you talking about?” he asked.

“I thought I told you?”

“You never told me about a wife in the village.”

Rebecca cleaned her face and gazed at her dad. She narrated everything about Maureen. He rose up in a heat of anger circling his forehead. “How could Desmond do this to you?!”

“I am still in shock.”

“You have to see her soon,” he said. “Desmond will not have a say in court if Maureen comes out.”

“I know.’ she said and stood up. “I have every right to be happy and I will fight Desmond if he dares try to hurt me again.”

Dr. Mayowa went close to his daughter and held her hands. “I will join you in this fight. You still have to keep the pregnancy away from him. He might use that to tie you down if he knows you want to leave. Someone like that might have a change of mind about the pregnancy.”

“I know dad and thank you for everything. You are the best.”

“You are my number one priority.” He hugged her.

Rebecca left his house in the evening. There was no time to see Brown again. She sent him a text to apologize for not able to find time to see his father. She went home to see Desmond preparing dinner for the two of them. She was astonished by his nice behavior. He kissed her lips and served the both of them inside the same plate. They ate together in harmony. Rebecca was freaking out inside. What could make him change? She asked herself before she slept off.

Rebecca called Quinn and Dabota to get ready in two days. They were going to travel together to check up on Maureen since her number was still not going through.
Desmond agreed for her to leave. Rebecca lied she was going to Dabota’s house to hang out.

“I am beginning to get scared with my husband’s behavior.” Rebecca told her friends when they met at an eatery. 

“Me too.” Quinn said. “We are not going to use any private car to travel, we will use public transport.”

“Yes.” she said. “I think my husband might be monitoring me. We have to use wisdom to tackle this situation.”

“Let’s go to a park now,” Dabota said. “Or I can call a cab man to take us there.”

“A private cab?”


“Better.” Quinn added. "Let's travel with the private cab."

Dabota checked for her phone inside her bag and took it out to make a call.

Quinn used the opportunity to speak with Rebecca. “I want you to do something for me.”

“What is it?” she asked. 

“It’s about my brother,” she said. “I want you to persuade him to go back to Canada.”

“Me?” she asked surprised. "But why?"

“I will explain better after we see Maureen.”

“Okay but you have not told us what happened to his face.”

“I will.” Quinn said. "Let's focus on traveling first."

She nodded.

Dabota informed them the cab man was close by and that they should get ready to leave. The three friends parked their cars at the restaurant and traveled to a small village. It was a one hour drive. They asked some villagers the address written on the piece of paper in Rebecca’s hand. They directed them to a small-unpainted house. The surrounding was unkempt with unwashed plates and pots close to the doorstep. An old and very thin man with worn out wrapper round his waist came out from inside.

The three of them greeted him.

“Welcome,” he said. “Who are you looking for?”

“I am looking for Maureen.” Rebecca answered.

“For what?”

“We are her friends from the city.”

He shook his head sorrowfully. “So you don’t know what happened?”

“What happened?” the three friends asked at the same time.

“Maureen is dead,” he replied. “Her body was found in an uncompleted building few days ago.”
Horizontal wrinkles appeared on their foreheads. Rebecca, Quinn and Dabota stood dumbstruck at the shocking and devastating news.

To be continued… Tuesday.


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