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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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The three women stood speechless at the news about the sudden demise of Maureen. The old man could not understand the silence from them, he had to speak up. He was in a hurry.

"HELLO!" he yelled. "Someone should say something, I have to leave."

Quinn and Dabota blinked their eyes, looked at each other and back at the man.

"Is Maureen really dead?" Quinn asked.

"Ah! How many times will I tell you that Maureen is dead?"

"I am sorry for asking again," she said. "This is shocking."

"Yes my daughter, it's a big loss to the family."

They faced the direction of Rebecca who stood motionless, lost in her own thoughts, thinking deeply about her husband. Thinking the reason for his recent calm behaivor could be the tradegy of his first wife. The woman she was going to plan with to take down Desmond was no more.

"Rebecca!!" Dabota called out her name.

There was silence from her.

She had to tap her on the right shoulder for her to be conscious of what was going on around her.

"Oh!" Rebecca said and rubbed the back of her neck. She had a worrisome face.

"Are you okay?"

She dropped her hand and shook her head. "No." She had no reason to lie. "I can never be okay. I don't know what to do now. Where do I go from here?"

"We will talk about that later," Quinn said in a concerned tone. "We need to ask some questions about Maureen."

Rebecca nodded in agreement.

Quinn faced the old man who has been watching them. "Please are you a relation of Maureen?"

"Her husband Desmond is the son of my sister."

"When did it happen?" Dabota asked. "I mean, when did she die?"

He cleared his throat. "A week ago. It was two days after she came back from the city to see her husband. She went to the market and never came back. Right now we can't find her son."

"What!!" Rebecca exclaimed in shock.

Quinn mouth was opened. Dabota jaw dropped!

"Her son was kidnapped?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes. We don't know who is behind it."

"Have you contacted the father?"

"He's not picking our calls," he said. "I have to go home now. You can speak with my elder sister. She's inside the house." He walked away from them.

"I don't think there's any need to go inside." Quinn said.

"What do we do now?" Dabota asked.

"I am suspecting Desmond knows his first wife came to see me. Few nights ago he asked if I have ever thought of divorcing him."

"And what did you say?"

"I said no of course."

"How will he be able to find out she came to his house when it was only the four of us in your house that day?"

"Have you forgotten his son was there?"

"He's just a kid!" Quinn uttered.

"Children these days are very smart." Rebecca said. "He was pressing his mother's phone that day but it does not stop him from listening to us."

"But how will he tell Desmond?"

Rebecca sighed and glared at them. "Maybe Desmond never travelled, maybe he knew she was coming and he waited, saw them and planned the death of Maureen after she left the house. He must have suspected she told me everything about their marriage."

"You just called your husband a killer." Dabota said.

"He became a killer after he made me lose my two pregnancies. I have to do something. If Desmond is the actual killer, it means he knows the whereabouts of his child. That boy is not safe where ever he is."

"What are your plans?"

"I have to go back home and pretend nothing happened."

"You want to do what?!" Quinn asked stunned.

"I promised Maureen I was going to protect her. She's dead now."

"Its not your fault. She was careless and maybe she told Desmond herself. Maybe she wanted to collect money from him. You never can tell."

"Don't conclude. We really don't know what happened after she left my house that day. Her number was switched off after I called her."

"You called her two days later."

"I know."

Dabota spoke. "There's no need to go back to your house."

"You can stay with me." Quinn quickly said. "Your safety matters."

"How do we find Maureen son?" Rebecca asked.

"I will beg Jackson to help us. He's connected and he will help."

"You are no longer his girlfriend!" Dabota said. "He won't help."

"I will talk to him myself," Rebecca said. "I'm sure he will help me."

"Are you leaving Desmond?"

Rebecca took a deep breath, glanced at her wrist watch to check the time. It was 2:12pm. "There's still time to go back to my house and collect some of my things."

"You will be risking your life."

She smiled. "I know but risking my life is avoidable. I know what to do."

"Are you sure?" Quinn asked.

"Yes my darling. Let's go back to the city."

"You are wasting time!" Jackson barked at Hanks in his office for not giving him update about Quinn's secret. They were standing and facing each other. "You have to tell me what she's hiding."

"I don't know."

"You are the brother!!!!"

"Don't shout at me."

"I gave you two hundred thousand naira and you are back to ask for more without any news. What have you been doing?"

"Searching for answers for you." he said. "I have found nothing."

"Maybe you are not good enough for the job. I will find someone man enough."

"Don't insult me because you gave me peanuts!"

"Two hundred thousand naira is peanuts?" he asked surprised. "Please leave my office."

"Don't blame me for you not to be able to perform your duty." Hanks said and walked to the entrance door.

Jackson's left eyebrow rose. "What do you mean by that?!" he asked in an angry tone.

He grinned. "It simply means you are not man enough to perform your duty. I'm sure you were not able to satisfy her sexually. You are not man enough!"

His eyes sparked. "Go to my house and pack your things! You and your sister are the same!!"

"Thanks for the compliment."

"Ugly monkey."

Hanks frowned. "I've been called worst."

"Leave now!!''

He opened the door and strolled out. He was on his way to collect his baggages from Jackson's house and go to meet his sister.

Rebecca has finished packing few of her clothes and the pictures she kept. It was evidence of what her husband has done to her body. It was time to leave, collect her car key in the living room.

Desmond was already standing at the doorpost.
"Where do you think you are going to?"

Rebecca stayed relaxed. "I am leaving you. My lawyer will contact you very soon."

His eyes turned red. "I have no business with any lawyer!"

"I am divorcing you and there's nothing you can do about it." she said in a serious tone."

"Do you think I will let you walk away from me?" he asked and locked the door with the key."

"Do you think I am daft?" she asked and smiled. "Locking the door won't stop me from leaving."

His face changed. "What does that mean?" he asked puzzled.

To be continued.... by 10pm tomorrow.

I know this is Short. Please it will be like this for few days until I go back and use my laptop to type. Using phone is very stressful, thanks for understanding.


  1. What is Rebecca's plan? how will she leave the house? waiting for the next episode. Don't worry Carina we go manage.

  2. Carina, I miss posting here... Dnt knw wats wrng wiv mi fone. This episode is short nd 10pm is toooooooo far!!!
    I'm scared for Rebecca... I hope nd pray she comes out alive!

  3. Rebecca should tread gently, this guy is a monster.


  4. I think brown will help her

  5. Rebecca is bae. She don get small sense.
    Singing: Desmond is going down, going down, going down. La la lala.

  6. Tnx carina,, half bread is still better than puf puf

  7. I go manage am like that. Still made my day, though short. Thanks Carina.

  8. I love..
    Nice One Carina



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