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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Rebecca refused to answer him but her two eyes were on him. Her mind was already made up to leave the man she called her husband. She never planned for this yo happen but her life and the safety of her unborn baby matters. She could not stay back to fight for what was not worth fighting for.

Desmond stepped forward, she moved backwards.

"It seems you have planned something." he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

He was stunned by her question. "I can see you are bold to talk back at me."

She laughed. "I will advice you to open the door or I will open it with the spare key."

His red eyes turned wild. "You will never leave this house!"

"She has every right leave your house if she's no longer interested in the marriage." Dr. Mayowa said coming out from the kitchen. " My daughter is following me home today."

The color of Desmond's eyes turned into lightening. Wave of shock penetrated into his bone. He wanted to walk to her father and pull a blow into his face but changed his mind.

"Your daughter is my wife and you gave her to me," Desmond said. "I will never let my wife go."

"I am ready to pay back the bride price. My daughter is no longer interested to be your wife again."

"That will never happen!!!" he yelled.

"It will happen because Rebecca is life is very important." Brown Smith walked out from the kitchen with Jackson's friend Jake.

Desmond stared at them dazed. "And who the hell are you?"

"I am Brown Smith," he introduced himself and turned to Jake. "This is Barrister Jake Churchill, he's your wife's lawyer."

He turned to the direction of Rebecca. "How dare you?!"

"I had to alert the people in my life that can fight for me. Friends and family that wants me happy. I cannot risk my life to come here alone. I had to call them to meet me in the house."

"But I love you." he said in a calm tone. "I promise never to hurt you again."

She shook her head. "I don't love you anymore. I have gone through pain because of you and I cannot take it anymore."

He looked at Brown. "You had the audacity to bring your lover into my house."

"He's not my lover but a friend." she defended herself.

Desmond sniffed his nose before he glared at his wife and turned to open the door. He unlocked the door with the key in his hand.

Rebecca, her father, Brown and Jake walked towards the door together.

"It is not over Rebecca." Desmond said. "I am letting you because of your father. This is not over."

She paused and glanced at him. "I really wanted us to work but you pushed me. I am sorry, I can never be with you again."

"Tell Quinn to spill the truth or I will reveal what happened."

She stared at him confused. "What do you mean?"

He scornfully glared at her. "I will be the only man in your life. Be prepared for war."

To be continued....
Please please please...I will make it long on Saturday by 10pm.


  1. Na wa o... 2day story was made in China o... too short

  2. This one dey short like say na poem I dey read.

  3. This is short ooo and it's getting more interesting. Abeg when are you travelling back?

    1. It will be better when I travel back.I will leave before new year.

  4. Great...

  5. Mba mbaa Mba Mba. This one no work at all. Saturday ke? My village doesn't have network. It will be difficult browsing. Mbok post it tomorrow.

  6. Lol@ Miss Cute
    Please you guys should not be offended. I don't want o make it short tomorrow that's why I want to post it on Saturday. My android phone was down today. Make una no vex... Abeg take small kiss...muah

  7. Half cake is better than puffpuff... #tongueout#
    But truly, dis episode is sub-episode11

  8. Oh wow! Nice, love this episode. Waiting patiently for Saturday. Well done Carina.

  9. Made in China episode..Carina why now?? All d same ds episode is intriguing, thanks dearie

  10. Chai
    Made in Aba episode

    Anyway till u travel back

    Buy ice cream for me oooo

    Muah **

  11. Hahahahah @made in China and Aba. Lol. Interesting as always. Patiently waiting. Merry Christmas Carina.


  12. Hahhahaha short like poem and made in china,very funny.thanks dear half cake is better than none,this is really interesting..am so happy because Rebecca is out of it...Happy Xmas all.

  13. This Desmond guy is a psycho. Ha! Waiting for whats gonna happen next.


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