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Saturday, December 26, 2015


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Amariee, I hope this is not Made in China episode? *smiling.
Rebecca did not say anything but threw her car key on top a long sofa. Dr. Mayowa took his daughter's left hand and walked out of the living room. Brown and Jake helped her carry her bags. Desmond only stared at them with hate and recentment. He thought if only he could get a gun as fast as possible to shoot the three men taking his wife away from him.

Through the window, his red eyes watched Rebecca as she walked away through the black gate. He loved her. He wanted her under his arms forever. He wanted her to be only his own, his property. She belonged to him and there's no one that can take her away from him.

He was going to make sure she comes back to him even if he takes lives. He will make sure she never belong to another man. The thought of her only hugging another male made him mad! Desmond was going to find a way to know who Brown Smith was. He knew he had seen the face before but never thought he could be a friend to the woman he called his partner for life.

"I will get you Brown," he muttered. "You had the guts to talk and I will make sure you suffer. I will hunt you down and take my wife away from anybody who hates me."

Rebecca walked with them to where they parked their cars. It was the next street before getting to her former house she once called her home. Her father took the bags from Brown and Jake but she stopped him.

"Why?" he asked surprised. "Any problem?"

She took a deep breath before talking. "I am not following you home."

"Why? Did I do anything wrong?"

Rebecca shook her head and smiled."No dad," she replied. "You did not do anything wrong. I want to stay at Quinn's place. She lives alone and she wants me to come spend sometime with her."

"But you told Desmond you are going with me?"

"I wanted him to have the impression that I will be staying with you. If he knows I will be living with Quinn, he will surely visit."

"Well, if that is what you want, no problem. I will always check up on you and make sure you keep yourself safe."

"I will dad."

"Always be at alert or I can contact my army friend to get a soilder to protect you."

Rebecca gave a honest smile and hugged him. "There is no need for that. I will be fine."

"Make sure you eat well because of the baby."

She looked at him. "I will."

"Should I take you there?"

"No. My friend, Mr. Smith will take me there."

He thanked Brown and Jake before going to his car to open it. He drove away.

Jake spoke to her. "I will get the divorce papers ready for you." he said. "But don't you want anything?"

"I will not change my mind," Rebecca said. "I don't want anything from Desmond, I just want out of the marriage. My life is very important. I will find a job later."

"Okay. If you say so."  He shook Brown's hand and left them to go home. Rebecca and Brown carried the bags and put them at the back seat of the toyota corolla. They entered into the car and he drove away.

She told him she wanted to rest. She slept off as he drove away to Quinn's house. Sometimes his eyes were on the road and sometimes his eyes were on her. He knew he loved and cherished the woman seated closed to him.

Immediately they arrived, he waited for her to sleep for few minutes before tapping her arm gently. She woke up and gave out a sigh. She scratched her right eye carefully and gazed at the man making her to feel very safe.

"Thanks." she said softly.

"It"s nothing Rebecca."

She was about to open the door when he held her left hand to stop her.

"I know you having a hard time," Brown said. "I want you to know I will always be there for you no matter what. I know you are carrying another man's child and its not easy for me. I am not perfect and I won't pretend. The love I have for you is massive and God help me I might explode because the love is too much to carry."

She chucked faintly.

"I am willing to share the love between you and the baby. I want to make you a happy woman and I will take care of you and the baby if you give me the chance."

Rebecca stared at him. "Like you said, I am having a hard time. I have to divorce my husband and take a break before I can give you a chance."

"I have no plans to rush you Rebecca."

"I also have no plans to make unhappy Brown. I hope you understand I cannot be with you for now."

He swallowed and nodded. "I understand."

"Thank you for everything." she said.

Brown smiled faintly. "Thank you for giving me hope. I love you."

Those three words made her teary. I appreciate."

He was disappointed with her response but he still put on a cheerful face. They came out from the vehicle and he helped her to bring out her bags. She knocked on the gate, the gateman opened for them. Brown escorted her to the entrance door and dropped her bags. She did not want him to go but could not tell him. He pecked her on the left chin and left her.

Quinn opened the door and hugged her friend warmly. She took Rebbeca to her room. After Rebecca finished having her bath and wearing her night wear, she went to join Quinn at the dining table to eat dinner. They ate jollof rice, fried plantain and turkey.

Rebecca called Brown to check up on him. He had gotten home safely. She went to meet Quinn in the kitchen.

"There is something I want to discuss with you.'' she said.

"What is it?" Quinn asked.

"Before I left Desmond today, he said I should ask you to spill the truth or he will reveal it himself."

She widened her eyes and quickly adjusted the dazed look on her face. "What does he mean by that because I dont understand."

"I don't understand too."

"I don't have anything to spill out Rebecca. Maybe he said that because he didn't want you to leave."

"Are you sure you don't know what he's talking about?''



"There is something I want to ask you for." Quinn said.

"Is it about your brother?" Rebecca asked.

"Thank God you did not forget."

"What makes you think Hanks will answer me?"

"I have the feeling he will answer you."

"But we don't really know each other."

"I know but Hank likes you."

Her left eyebrow rose. "How?"

"I always talk good about you and he likes you because you are a good person. You are easily liked because you are simple and kind."

"And you feel he will listen to me?"

Quinn answered. "Yes."

"Okay." Rebecca said. "What happend to his face and what do you want me to discuss with him?"

She explained how she poured hot water on her brother's face.

"What!" she exclaimed out of shock. "This is unbelievable."

"It's a long time ago and he wants to tell my fans, the media and everyone about it."

"That is a scandal and it might affect you getting acting jobs like before."

"That is what I don't want."

"And you have been paying him money to keep his mouth sealed?"


"You need to stop paying him and focus on getting back with Jackson."

"I am not getting back with Jackson."

"You want to be single?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes." she lied.

"Are you sure that is the only thing that is making you pay him such amount of money?"

"Yes." she lied again.

"I will talk to him but I can't promise you that I will be able to change his mind."

"I know and try to convince him to go for plastic surgery."

"No problem but you know it's expensive."

"I know."

"Will you be able to afford it?"

"My father will help me if the fee is above my budget."

"I will try my best to convince him."


"You are welcome."

"How is the baby?" Quinn asked with a smile on her face."

She grinned. "Fine. The pregnancy is only a month old."

"I will do anything to keep you safe Rebecca."

"You are a good friend and I will forever be grateful."

They hugged each other.

The following day, Desmond went to the office late in the afternoon.  A very dark complexion man was waiting for him. He invited the man into his office.

"Have you found anything?" he asked after they both sat down.

"No sir." he replied.


"You only told me about him last night."

"So what are you doing in my office if you don't have anything on Brown Smith?"

"I need some money sir."

"Mr Leonard," Desmond said with a scorn on his face. "I don't want to see your face but good result. You would have called me to send the money to you. I want to know everything about that animal. I want to know where he goes to, who he visits and his family."

"I know sir."

He opened one of his drawers and took out a cheque book. He wrote down some amount of money and handed it to Mr. Leonard.

"Please leave my office and get back to work."

He rose. "I will sir and thanks for the money."

"I will give you more money if you give me what I want."

"Yes sir."

Hanks arrived in the afternoon and met Quinn and Rebecca home.

"I expected you last night," his sister said to him. "I thought you left Jackson's place yesterday?"

"Yes but I went to spend the night at a hotel."

"Oh I see."

He gazed at Rebecca's direction. "Good to see you again."

"Good to see you too." she said with a smile on her lips. Even without make-up on her face, she appeared very pretty. She allowed him eat and rest before she went to meet him at the veranda taking a glass of vodka.

She sat down opposite him. "Can I speak with you about something important?"

Hanks looked at her surprised. "Of course you can."

"I know we don't really know each other but you are like a brother to me. Quinn told me what happened to your face."

"She did?"

"Yes and I want you to forgive her. I am pleading on her behalf for you to set her free."

"But I am not holding her."

"I know you want to tell the media about what she did and I am begging for you not to do it."

Hanks frowned. "Is that the only thing she told you?"

"Yes or is there another thing I need to know?"

He looked away. "No."

"Please consider plastic surgery."


"I know your face can never be the same again," Rebecca said and rose on her feet. She went to look at his face. "I know your face can never look the same but you need change. Hate towards what Quinn did to you won't bring back the past. Forgive and let it go. She is sorry for what she did and hope you forgive and forget. She loves you. She is your sister, your flesh and blood. Whether you like it or not, Quinn will always love you. Telling the public what she did to you won't make your face look better or make you the happiest person on earth, it will only make you a bitter person."

Hanks took a deep breath. "I will be think about what you have said."

"Please do and you will make your sister very happy if you make the right decision."

"I have heard you."

"Thank you."

He gave only a nod and took a sip from his vodka.
Dabota came back from a date with her new man. The look on Debbie's face gave her a hint that something was wrong.

"Is something wrong?" she asked as she entered into the living room.

"Your father came." she replied.

"What!!" she screamed.

"He said he knows you have not travelled."

"What else did he say?"

"He said I should tell you he is not going anywhere. That you have to take good care of him because he is your father."

"He is mad!" Dabota walked out through the entrance door.

"Where are you going to?" Debbie asked curiously.

"I need to see Rebecca and Quinn."

Dabota arrived at Quinn' s home. She was filled with anger and her eyes were occupied with hot tears. Her friends could not understand what was going on. This was the first time they have seen her cry.

"What's going on?" Rebecca asked anxiously.

"My father is back."

Her friends were surprised and confused.

"Your father is back for what?" Quinn asked.

"I thought your father disowned you?" Rebecca asked.

Dabota cleaned her face. "I lied."

They widened their eyes. "Why would you lie to us?" Rebecca asked.

She looked at them and more tears dripped down her face.

"Its because I am a coward. I couldn't tell you the truth because of what happened."

"What happened?" Quinn asked.

Dabota gazed at Rebecca. "I have always been against your marriage to Desmond because he does not treat you right. I was also afraid that he might do something terrible to you."

"What does that have to do with your Father?"

She covered her face. "I'm a scared little bitch!"

"Dabota, please talk to us."

She removed her hands and stared at Rebecca. "You made the right decision to leave Desmond. If only I could change back the hands of time."

"I still don't understand you."

"Me too." Quinn said.

My father did not disown me. I ran away without looking back."

"Why did you run away?" Rebecca asked.

"My mother was a victim of domestic violence."

"Your mother was a victim?"

"Yes." she said as she cried loudly. "My father beat my mother to death. He killed my mother that day and all I could do was run. I could not save my mother or stop my father from beating her. I was scared. I could not do anything to save her that day. He's back now. He has to pay for what he did."

Rebecca and Quinn stared at her stunned. Words escaped from their sealed lips.

Dabota cried out. "I will kill my wicked father when I set my eyes on him!'

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  1. Carina nowwwww this is not fair on. ..still short now

  2. When I thought suspense don finish, another one don come again. Chai! no wonder Dabota was against Rebecca's marriage. domestic violence is bad. I feel for her.

  3. When I thought suspense don finish, another one don come again. Chai! no wonder Dabota was against Rebecca's marriage. domestic violence is bad. I feel for her.

  4. I don't wanna believe what my heart is thinking oooo. This story is seeming like it's gonna have a tragic ending.
    *Desmond might hurt Smith.
    *Quinn's Secrets would be exposed which would affect so many relationships.
    *Dabota could actually take revenge on her dad.
    I'm just thinking out LOUD oooo.

  5. Complicated is the right word. I'm scared for smith though...
    Carina, plz dnt kill me with suspense na!!

  6. Go job CK. I pray Rebecca would be able to forgive her friend. Hanks, calm down biko, if you tell d whole world she's a lesbian they will still buy her films, controversy sells this day.
    Finally Brown and Rebecca will be together...#ReBrown2015 lmao

  7. Hmmmmm na wa is all I can say for these three ladies.

  8. Oh wow! This episode made my night. Thanks Carina.Suspense on the increase, I just hope this ends on a happy note though.

  9. CARINA!!!!!!!
    This one is still semi-made in China *lol.
    Desmond is such an asswipe,,,

  10. CARINA!!!!!!!
    This one is still semi-made in China *lol.
    Desmond is such an asswipe,,,

  11. This is complicated. How will this story end? I am waiting.

  12. Hnmmmm,complicated indeed.more suspends coming

  13. Am scared of brown'life...please ckj...don't kill brown ooh,or the father...this is really complicated I pray Rebecca forgive quinn.welldone carina.

  14. Hmmm getting scary..
    Carina leave Brown abeg o



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