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Thursday, December 03, 2015


Sincerly, this is the handwork of terrible network. I wanted to post it by 9pm but Glo destroyed my plan. So sorry about posting it now. Network was better at midnight.
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Rebecca walked into the gathering, and the first person that caught her eyes was Dabota. They sauntered towards each other and hugged tightly.
“You look amazing.” Dabota told her with a sincere smile on her lips.

“Thanks love and you are gorgeous!”  

“Don’t flatter me dear. Let me take you to the others.” They walked to the direction of their friends. Jackson, Quinn and Jake welcomed her. 

“It’s so good to see you again.” Jackson said.

“Good to see you too and thanks for taking good care of my friend.”

The dashing looking actress spoke. “I am the one taking good care of him and not the other way round.”
They all laughed.

Jake shook Rebecca’s hands. “You are looking beautiful.”

“Thank you and you are not looking bad either. Not happy you don’t ask after me.”

“I do ask after you Rebecca and I don’t know the exact time to call you when your husband is not around.”

Hearing her husband from his lips made her realized she had not seen the man she came to the event with. 

"You can call me anytime, Desmond knows you are only a friend.”

“I will always call to check up on you.”

“Thanks.” she said and leaned towards Quinn. “Have you seen my husband?”

“You are asking the wrong person.” she replied.

Rebecca moved forward to talk quietly with Dabota and asked her if she knows where Desmond is.

“Did you pay me to be his baby sitter?” she asked. 

“I am serious.”

“Then check thoroughly, he might be hanging somewhere.”

She frowned slightly and turned around to survey everywhere. His phone was still in her hand and she kept wondering if she should use the opportunity to snoop inside. Her heart skipped faster as she recalled the man she mistakenly bumped into. Her heartbeat raced as she checked the entrance door to see if he was coming inside. She waited but he never came inside. Was he not invited to the event? Or was he at the building to see someone else? She questioned herself soundlessly.

Brown stayed back. He wondered what kind of emotions he felt meeting a woman for the first time in his life. He knows about love at first sight but he never imagined it could happen to him. He shook his head. This is not love at first sight. I do not think it is possible. He moved forward a bit but was nervous to see the pretty woman again. When he touched her hand, he noticed there was no engagement or wedding ring, which makes it possible for him to know her better. He stood thinking of what to do.

Quinn goes close to Rebecca and pointed at their far right direction, Rebecca stared shocked, embarrassed and angry, her husband was having a discussion with the lady Dabota winked at earlier. Desmond gazed into the young woman’s body lustfully. He did not give a hoot if he came with his wife to an event. He did not even remember he sent her to get his phone. He was trying to get the lady’s phone number who was persistent about giving him.      

Rebecca wanted to go meet them but Quinn stopped her by gripping her left hand.

“It’s not worth it,” she said. “If he loves and respects you, he won’t be behaving like this. You deserve more than this!” She released her hand.

 She peered into her eyes. “What did I do wrong for getting married to the man I love?”

“Are you sure you love Desmond?” Dabota chipped in to ask her. “I believe you married that womanizer because you were emotionally destabilized with your parent’s divorce.”        

“That is so true,” Quinn added. “You did not want to be alone.”

“But I had the both of you if I wanted to remain single.” Rebecca finally said.

“You had us but you knew we all have our lives to live. Despite our closeness, we can’t live together forever but we can be friends for the rest of our lives. I have a career, Dabota have whatever she calls it.”

“It’s called the good and fabulous life.” she said defensively and rolled her eyes.       
Rebecca smiled. “Dabota, please change and hook up with a young man.”   

Dabota looked round and asked Quinn. “Where is Brown Smith?”

“Who is Brown Smith?” Rebecca asked.

Quinn answered. “It’s Jackson’s friend who came back from the United States few days ago.” She looked around too to check for him.  

“Oh I see.”

They were a bit skeptical what was delaying him. He only informed them he was going to give his cousin some money.

Rebecca broke their silence. “I am very upset with Desmond,” she said in an angered voice and faced Quinn. “Can you introduce me to the artist and tell her to explain some of her arts to me? I am excited to see them.”

“That is not a problem.” The two women left Dabota and walked side by side to meet the artist of the show. Quinn introduced Rebecca to Carrie Pretorius. 

Brown took a deep breath and exhaled. He strolled inside and tried not to look for the woman that made his body warm and at the same time cold.

“Where have you been?” Jackson asked. “I was already thinking you left.”

He cleared his throat. “I can’t go like that without informing you and the others.”

“I know but I was a bit confused,” he said. “Anyways enjoy yourself.”

“There’s something I need to say.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“How did you know Quinn was the one?” he asked. “I mean, was it the first day you met her you knew she was the one for you?”

Jackson raised his eyebrows. He looked at him in a questionable way. “Is there something bothering you?”

“No but I want you to answer me please.”

“I know you are good at keeping secrets but there is something that you are hiding from me that you can share. What is going on?”

“I think am in love.” He said quietly.

Jackson burst out laughing. It attracted some of the guests close to them, their eyes on the men.

“I am not joking.” Brown said. “I know I felt something but I don’t know what it is.”

“What did you feel?” he asked puzzled. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I saw a very pretty lady and I am thinking about her as I am speaking with you.”

“You met her here?” 


Jackson was about to turn and survey the ladies inside the hall with them but Brown stopped him.
“Please don’t look.”

“Why?” he asked surprised.

“If I see her I will be forced to talk to her.”

“Then go talk to her and ask for a date or something!” he said. “I know you to be a man that goes for something he wants. You hate rejection and failure.”

“What if she has a boyfriend?”

“What if she doesn’t?” Jackson asked. “But are you sure she did not come with a man?”

“She came alone.” Brown said.

“What are you waiting for?” 

He sighed. “Wish me good luck.”

“Good luck my friend!” Quinn quickly walked to meet them and took Jackson to introduce him to some personalities.

Brown searched with his eyes to look for the woman that captured him. He saw her alone, standing in and staring at an artwork. He beamed gleefully and walked to stand by her side. Her eyes were fixed on a sketchy picture of a naked woman holding a newborn baby gently. 

“This is the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen in my life.” Rebecca said softly.

“I agree with you.” He said with a smile on his lips. “The artwork is beautiful.”  

 She turned to her left to see who spoke and her heart tumbled at the sight of the man she craved to see  again. Her lips moved but no word came out. His handsome face, muscular body and tallness terrorized her in a sensual way, in a way she has never felt for any man not even her husband. Their perky eyes could not stay off each other.
Rebecca speedily looked away and back at the artwork.

An adorable smile glued on Brown’s lips. “What is your name?”

Her thoughts ran to her husband, if he caught her with this man, he was going to create a scene. She was thinking of what to tell him so he could go away. She will be very sad if Desmond embarrassed the man beside her. She wanted him to leave and at the same time wanted him to stay and talk to her. 

“Don’t you want to tell me your name?” he asked. “Or are you not human but an angel?”

She giggled without looking at his direction. “Knowing my name won’t change anything. I just want to stand here and stare at this perfect artwork.”

He sighed. “Do you know what the artwork is all about?”

“I see an elderly woman with a new born baby.”


“You can see she is so happy holding the baby in her arms. I am sure she was looking for the fruit of the womb for a very long time and God blessed her at an old age.”


“Miracle happens and it is never too late to believe what you are searching for. It is never too late to find happiness.”

“That is a perfect explanation.” he said and extended his right hand. “I am Brown Smith.”

She opened her eyes wide. “You are Brown Smith?!”

He stared at her puzzled. She sounded as if she knew him. “Yes I am and my hand is still hanging for you to shake me.”

“Please stay away from me, please.” She said trying to walk away but he held her left hand firmly. 

“Why are you walking away from me?”

“Please let me go. I do not want you and I to be in trouble.”

“You and I to be in trouble?” he asked muddled. “Please make me understand.”

Jackson sighted the both of them and quickly looked for an excuse to leave one of the guest he was talking to. 

“What is going on?" He asked when he reached there.

“Jackson please tell your friend to leave me alone!”

Jackson used his hands to free Rebecca from the grip of Brown. As she was free, she marched away quickly from them. She wanted to go find Desmond.

“What is going on?” Brown asked. “Do you know her?”

“I should be the one asking you that. I thought you went to meet the woman that caught your eyes.”

“And that is the woman I am in love with!” he uttered. He did not care if anyone was listening. “Her silence is making me go crazy!” 

Jackson widened his eyes. “She is the one you want?”

“Yes and I will get her no matter. Not even you who I expected to help me out.”

“Don’t blame me Brown and I just helped you out from an embarrassment. She helped you because she didn’t want to get you involved in her personal life.”

“I am already involved with the way she behaved. I think she likes me but can’t say.”

“That is because she cannot have you!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Brown asked. “You are not making sense.”

“That is Rebecca!”

“And who is Rebecca because I do not…wait a minute.” he said as reoccurred her name in their conversation in his house. “Is that Quinn and Dabota’s married friend?”

“I am sorry to tell you the truth, yes.”

Brown felt weak in his hands and legs. If he wasn’t healthy, he would have fallen on the ground. All he did was stare at his friend without saying a word.

“I hope you understand.”

He shook his head. “I do not want to understand.”


“You should not have persuaded me to go talk to her. I am sorry to tell you, I am already involved!”

“I never knew it was Rebecca you were talking about and if I had known, I would have warned you.”

“Warned me because she has an abusive man as a husband?”

“Brown you need to stop this and walk away from this. You cannot get yourself involved please. Desmond is an old friend, Rebecca is the best friend of Quinn. You need to know my girlfriend is not in good terms with him. It is complicated and getting you in the middle of everything will add more salt to injury.”

“I don’t care!” he hissed and walked away from his friend. He was searching for Dabota.

Rebecca finally found Desmond who was in deep conversation with the same lady he was with when she saw him. He noticed she was staring at him and all he did was moved towards her.
“Where is my phone?” he asked.

She handed it over to him. “You do not have respect for me at all!”

“Don’t start what you cannot handle and finish. She’s just a friend.”

“You have been talking to her ever since you stepped inside here and I know you just met her. I am not a fool.”

“You are nothing but a fool for doubting me.”

“She is not a fool.” Quinn said from behind. She walked to stand with them. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Please Quinn don’t…”

“Shut up Rebecca. I am here to defend you and not to quarrel.”

“You have the guts to tell me I should be ashamed of myself,” Desmond said with a scowl surrounding his face. “Mind your business slut.”

“I will neglect the word slut because of my friend and where we are. I am a celebrity, I wouldn’t want to exchange words with a heartless soul in a public place.”

“I don’t want to see your face, leave my wife and I to settle it out without a third party.”

Quinn gazed into the eyes of Rebecca. “If only you are bold to put this crazy man in his right places. I only wish you well.” She said and left them. 

Rebecca’s eye were weary. 

“I think we should leave here.” he said to her.

“Why?” she asked in a softer tone.

“Don’t ask me why.”

“But there is an art I want you to buy for me. I really like it.”

“You don’t need any stupid art.”

“Please.” she begged. She wanted the piece because it gave her hope of having a child, whether now or later in future.

“I don’t have the money for that shit and don’t ever use the money from your account to buy it.”

“I can tell Dabota to buy it for me.”

“I can manage that one but never you mention Quinn’s name ever again.”

She stayed silent. 

“You can go tell her and I will wait for you here. Remember my eyes are watching you.”

“Thanks.” She said and left him to search for her friend.

Dabota sipped her alcoholic drink while Brown explained everything to her. “Are you sure it is Rebecca?” she asked after he narrated.

“Yes, Jackson confirmed it.”

“And you are sure she likes you?”

“I believe so.”

Dabota grinned. “It’s a good thing!”

He stared at her stunned. “You are happy about it?”

“I am delighted!” she said. “I will do anything for you to get her as far as you are genuine."

“I am 100 percent genuine Dabota, I came to talk to you first because you are real and don’t pretend.”

“I will do everything I can to help you. If you disappoint me in future, I will look for you and slit your throat.”

He laughed. 

“I will find a way to ask her how she feels about you.” she said.

“Please do.” 

Rebecca stopped walking towards Dabota immediately she saw her with the man she was desperately trying to avoid. Instead, she went to meet Jackson to call Dabota to their side. He did as he was told.

“Why didn’t you come to meet me yourself?” she asked Rebecca.

“Nothing, I just want you to buy a present for me.”

“What is it?”

She pointed to the artwork. 

‘What about Desmond?”

“He doesn’t want to buy it for me.”

Dabota shook her head. “You need to end this suffering.”

“Will you buy it for me?” 

“I will bring it to your house when I have the chance.”

Rebecca hugged her. “I will always be grateful for your love.”

“What are friends for.” she said. “We will soon be leaving, are you coming to the club with us?”

“Desmond wants us to go home.”

“I cannot stop him because he is the man in your life for now.”

“What do you mean for now?”

“We will talk better when I come to your house.” They hugged again. Rebecca left to inform Quinn, Jake and Jackson that she was leaving. Brown eyes were all over her. She knew he was looking at him but she dare not make an eye contact because it will make her fall for him all over again. The sensation she felt with his presence made her body shiver. The feelings that flowed into her made her ecstatic. Rebecca hoped she could see him again and also talk to him about her life. She left to meet her husband and the remarkable emotion inside her vanished.

They left the building, entered their car and drove away.

Quinn went to inform the artist they were leaving. Carrie Pretorius thanked them and they left to have a drink before going to the club. Brown was in no mood for a drink, he was wearing a sober face.

“You need to cheer up and be happy.” Dabota said.

“The thought of her husband laying his dirty hands on her makes me sad.”

‘It makes me sad too but you have to be happy.”

“Happy when the woman I want to myself is not happy? Jackson has told me how she lost two pregnancies. Now I know why she really loved that artwork.”

“I am trying to be happy,” she said. “I really wanted to party with her. The lady I paid to distract Desmond did not do her job well. Although she tried by keeping him to herself while you spoke with Rebecca.”

“I want to see her again.”

“You will.”

He rose up. “I have to go home.”

Dabota’s face fell. “I will let you go because I know how you feel. This is the way I feel sometimes when I think of Rebecca.”

“Thanks for understanding.” he said and informed the rest of his friends of his departure. 

Rebecca and Desmond arrived home and the first thing he said when they entered the living room pissed her off.

“I want to have sex with you now.”

“But we have not settled in. We need to take out baths, eat and rest.”

“If you question me again I will pull out your front teeth with a blow. Respect and obey me all the time.”

She could not help it but cry. He dragged her by the hand, taking her upstairs to their room. 

“Your tears don’t move me.”

Brown reached his home, went to see his dad in the room before going to his room. His cousin went to check up on him and wanted to gist but he told her he was not in the mood for that. This was the first time she had seen him like this since his arrival from the US. He promised to explain things to her the next day. She left him alone as he lay on his bed and what occupied his mind, head and heart was Rebecca.

Quinn, Dabota, Jake and Jackson went to the club to enjoy. They drank and danced. Dabota spent a lot of money on booze. She was in high spirit to spend money and catch her fun.

At midnight, they left the club. Quinn asked Jake to help her take Dabota home. He agreed and drove her home, dropped her and left.

Dabota knocked at her gate and the gateman opened it for her. He greeted her and she answered. She walked to her entrance door and before she knocked, her cook opened.

“Welcome ma.”

“Thank you,” she said tiredly, pulled her heels and lay down on her sofa. Dabota was a bit tipsy. “Did anyone look for me?”

Debbie cleared her throat. “An old man name Ebenezer came.”

Dabota who was tired because of being tipsy regained strength instantly. She rose on her tired feet and went to check if the door was properly locked.

“Is anything the problem?” her cook asked curiously.

“How old was this Ebenezer?”

“An elderly man with grey hair.”

“Tall and slender?” she asked.


“Oh my God!” she uttered. “Did you allow him enter my house?”

“No.” Debbie replied. “I answered him outside.”

“Did he ask for anything?”

“He asked if you are the owner of this house.”

Dabota widened her eyes. “What did you tell him?”

“I did not know who he was so I told him it was rented.”

“Good! The next time he comes here, tell him I no longer live here, in fact tell him I am dead.”

“Blood of Jesus! God forbid!”

“It is better to tell him that.”

“Who is he?” she asked in a scared tone.

She looked at Debbie. “He’s my father.”

“Your father?” she asked stunned!

Dabota paced round her sitting room. Her heartbeat was beating fast. “What does he want from me after 12 years? Is he here to reap where he did not sow? Does he expect me to take care of him with my money? Never!”

“But you told me your father disowned you because he caught you with his friend?” she asked confused.

“I lied and I do not want to talk about it ever again. Do not question me about this. Do you understand me?”

“Yes madam.”

“I swear, if I see that man again,” she said angrily. “If I ever come across him anywhere on earth, God help me that day because I will be forced to commit murder. I will kill him!!”

To be continued……


  1. Desmond is a first grade beast

  2. Getting more captivating! Love it

  3. This is getting moee interesting and complicated.

  4. Thanks Bae. I enjoyed it. Waiting for the next episode.

  5. Nice one carina,always on point.

  6. Sincerely, God intervention is needed for all these people.
    confusion, depression, desperation here and there....carina....you never mention Quinn's secret.

    Am still saying Brown should leave Rebecca alone, for God's sake, she is married, What God have join together let no man put asunder!
    Rebecca is desperately looking for attention and her husband is not even helping her nor look at face all.

    I know he love Rebecca his wife, just a little attention, love, and care and those useless feeling will be history! even Quinn and Dabota will be surprised!
    it is only a coward woman that will run away from fixing the problem in her home to marry another man, what make you think that this one you are going into will not be worst than the one you are running from.

    Pray to God, for with God all things are possible!

    Carina... looking forward to read episode 6 on Saturday evening...that's when you fail to post in the morning! don't worry Network will be okay!
    Gudnite dear!

  7. Goodjob,carina...dabota,has a story to tell, and what is quinn,hiding what's her secret.i feel for Rebecca I what action,she shouldn't be too weak,..desmond side always Piss me off.the man is a BEAST.gosh.

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    Nma's Blog 

    1. Interesting as always. Keep it up!

  10. Rebecca, its so glaring that ur husband is cheating on u and he wants to kill u too in the promise. I'm saying u should leave that thing called marriage and take care of urself.
    One thing I know is dat some road blocks may come just to create a better opportunity in front. Biko, flee why u still can. Inukwa.



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