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Wednesday, December 09, 2015


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Not feeling fine at all but I had to write. Thanks for your patience! Thanks Okiemute on your comment on Eternal love. I saw it today. I'm glad you loved the story.
Dabota held Rebecca’s hand and walked with her to sit. Rebecca looked at the portrait with smiles on her lips.

“You seem happy.” her friend said to her.


“Do you like Brown Smith?”

She frowned and her eyes stayed at what she was staring at, “Is that a question I should answer?”


“I’m a married woman and it is a sin to cheat.”

“Who says you are cheating if you like an opposite sex if you are married?” Dabota asked. “It is allowed to admire from afar my dearest friend. I didn’t ask you if you wanted to sleep with him. Or do you?”

Rebecca turned her gaze to her. “Please don’t start.”

She laughed. “Then answer my question and I want the truth. Don’t lie to me, the truth will surely come out one day.”

“I am a married woman!”

“And I know you are married to a beast of a husband.”

“Please don’t insult Desmond. I know he has done many things to make me hate him but he is the man I promised to love and cherish at the altar. Respect him because he is your friend’s husband.”

Her eyebrow rose. “Why do you keep defending him?”

“I am not defending him.” she said sympathetically.

“Yes you are or is there something you are hiding?”

“I am not hiding anything!”

“I think you are, just like Quinn!”

Rebecca stared at her surprised and rubbed the back of her neck. “Is Quinn hiding something?”

“She wants to break up with Jackson!”

Her jaw dropped. “That is impossible,” she voiced out, “Are you sure?”

“She told me herself and I am suspecting she is having an affair.”

“With who?”

“I don’t know but I will surely find out.”

Rebecca stood with the artwork tightly held. “I should get you something to drink and I need to hang this in my bedroom.”

“Will Desmond not beat you over this?”

“He won’t. I already told him you will be buying it for me.”

“Okay but I don’t need any drink. Kindly go to the room, hang the artwork and get dressed.”

“Where are we going to?” she asked.

“To your father’s house.”

Her eyes were wildly open. “I do not want to let my father know about this.”

“I will not accept a no as an answer. I don’t care what you say or think. I will force you to wear a dress and follow me.”

“Is it by force?” she asked. “I am not going!”

Dabota rose. “If you do not agree to go to your father’s house, I will wait for Desmond to come. Trust me I will create an action movie here.”

Rebecca sighed. “I surrender to the queen of the damned.”

“Good.” she said and smiled. “I give you twenty minutes to get ready.”

“Yes ma!”

They burst out laughing.

Desmond female and slim secretary entered his office to inform him he has a visitor.

“Do I have an appointment with the person?” he asked with a slight frown on his face.

“No sir.”

“What’s the person’s name?”

“Mr. Jackson.”

He raised his left eyebrow and thought for few seconds. “You can let him in.”

“Okay sir.”

She left to meet Jackson at the reception and pointed to her boss office. He thanked her, walked there and knocked.

“Come in.” Desmond said.

He opened the door, came inside and the two men shook hands. Jackson sat down opposite him.
“I am surprise to see you here,” Desmond said. “I hope all is well?”

“Of course.” he replied. “Everything is fine, I came here to talk about something important.”

“Ok but what can I offer you to drink?”

“Don’t worry about that. I will like to discuss with you about your wife.”

He tightened his face and leaned backwards to rest his back on the chair. “What about her?”

“I know your marital life is none of my business but you and Rebecca are my friends and I want the best for the both of you. The only thing disturbing my mind is how you treat her.”

“And how do I treat her?” he asked calmly.

“I am not a stranger to you,” Jackson said. “I know you beat her and I am advising you as a friend to stop, please.”

“Did she send you to tell me this?”

“Not at all! Your wife and Quinn do not know I came to see you.”

Desmond refused to say anything to him but picked up his office phone and dialed a number. “Hello, tell the security men to come to my office,” he said. Jackson stared at him startled. “There is a mad man in my office. I want him thrown out!”

Jackson stood up. “I am highly disappointed in you.”

He rose on his feet. “You can be highly or lowly disappointed, I do not care!” he barked and pointed at his door. “Get out or you will be thrown out like a nuisance!”

“Do you realize who you are insulting?”

“I don’t care how rich or influential you are, this is my office and I want you out of my sight!”

Jackson marched out.

Dakota and Rebecca left the house and drove to Dr. Mayowa’s house. She introduced her friend to her dad.
“Good to see you Dabota,” he said.

“Good to see you too sir,” she said with a smile. “It’s been a while.”

“You are now a grown woman just like my daughter. Please sit down and feel at home.”

“Thank you sir.” She said and sat down in the living room.

He was delighted to see his daughter and when he tried to hug her, she backed out.

“Is anything the matter?” he asked. “Did I upset you?”

“No dad, I’m not just feeling too well.”

“Oh I know you told me over the phone but I thought you are okay that’s why you came to see me.”

“Rebecca is lying,” Dakota said. “She has been lying to you for a very long time.”

Dr. Mayowa glanced at her puzzled. “What do you mean?” 

Rebecca gave Dakota an eye to stop her from speaking further.

“I don’t care if you use your eyes, nose and mouth, I will tell your father the truth.”

He riveted his gaze at his daughter. “What are you hiding from me?”


Dabota hissed. “Your daughter refused to hug you because she feels pain all over her body. Desmond beats the crap out of her!”

“What!” he exclaimed.

“Not only that sir, she has been pregnant twice and she lost them because of her husband beating.”

“Why wasn’t I told?”

“Dad let’s forget about it and remember our relationship was not good then.”

“What about now?” he asked.

“I am sorry for keeping it away from you.”

“How dare he lay his dirty hands on my daughter!” he uttered and moved towards another chair to carry his phone.

“Who do you want to call?” she asked curiously.

“The commissioner of police first, then I will contact a friend who is against domestic violence!”

“Father no!”

“What do you mean no?” he asked stunned by her objection. ‘Don’t you want him to pay for what he has been doing to you?”

“This is how she has been taking sides with her husband despite him maltreating her.” Dabota said.
Rebecca sighed. “I am not happy he is treating me this way and I don’t support him maltreating me.”

“So what are you doing my friend?”

“I am trying to see if he can change!”

“But he has not and he will not.”

“You cannot predict his life,” Rebecca said almost crashing into tears. “I am willing to give him a second chance and if he fails the next time, I will be the one to put him in prison.”

Her father and Dabota glared at her surprised. 

“What do you mean by that?” she asked her.

“I am not a fool and I have never loved the way Desmond treated me despite my loyalty. I have pictures. Pictures of my injuries I took with my camera and I have phone records of him threatening to beat me up.”

“Are you serious about this?”

“Not only that,” she said with anger in her voice. “I have a video of Desmond beating me in the living room when I was pregnant with my second child. I have been keeping quiet but I have not stopped keeping records of what Desmond has been doing to me.”

“Wow!” Dabota said. “You are very smart and I never should have concluded.”

“I am proud of you my daughter.”

“Thanks dad.”

“So what do you want to do now about your husband?”

“I will give him a second chance.”

“What if he disappoints you?”

“Then I will do what I think is right for me. No woman should be abused and allow her man gets away with it.”

“But we have to go to the hospital to treat you well,” her father said. “I will take you to my doctor.”

“I will go only one condition.”

“What is it my daughter?”

“You will not interfere in my marital life and I will take care of Desmond when the time comes.”

“That is not a problem, I know you will do the right thing.”

“My son,” Brown father said after he has finished taking his drugs. “You have not been jovial for some time now. Can you tell me why?”

He sat down on a plastic hair facing his father. “I am okay.”

“You have to tell me. Remember I am very sick.”

“I know you are sick that is why I do not want to disturb you with my problem.”

“Is it about the married woman you are in love with?” 

He was shocked. “Pamela is a parrot!”

“She did not have to tell me,” he said. “I overheard your conversation with her at the veranda.”

“But I thought you were in your room.”

“No son,” he said in a gently attitude. “I came out from my room to spend some time with the two of you but I had to stay back when I heard you talk about a woman you love. Rebecca right?”

Brown face beamed and the smile on his lips sparkled.

“I can see someone is in love.”

He laughed. “Father, yes I am in love but I don’t think I can ever be with her.”

“Have you told Rebecca how you feel about her?”

Brown rubbed his two palms together. “Not really but I will look for a way.”

“You fell in love with the wrong woman and it hurts me that I can never see her before I die.”

“Please don’t be negative with your words and you will not die. You have to stay alive.”

“Stay alive for what son?” he asked. “I don’t think you will give me grandchildren whether I am dead or not!”

He rose up angrily. “I don’t like what you are saying and I will leave your room if you continue to talk this way.”

“Mr. hot temper. You need a woman to calm you down.”

“And that is Rebecca!”

“But she belongs to another man. You better look for another woman and fall in love with.”

“I can’t just fall in love with any woman that comes my way. Love happens on its own.”

“And you are sure Rebecca is yours when she is married?”

“Deep in my heart, I know I love her dearly and I will take her away from the beast she married.”

“You are a grown man who knows what he wants. Tell Rebecca how you feel and if she rejects you leave her alone.”

“What if she does not reject me?” he asked.

“Fight for your happiness son.”

Brown Smith grinned. “I am the true son of my father.”

“You did what!” Quinn yelled at Jackson after telling her what transpired between him and Desmond.

“I am sorry but I had to do something!”

“You are not the one to advise him to treat Rebecca well. He married her and he is supposed to know husbands treat their wives well!”

“I felt sorry for Rebecca and I know you and him are not in good terms.”

“We can never be in good terms!” 

“But what really happened between you and Desmond?” he asked. “I know I have never asked but I have to ask now.”

“It’s in the past and it should be forgotten.”

“It can never be forgotten when I am involved with the both of you. You are my lover and Desmond is a friend.”

“We can no longer be involved if you don’t want.” she said and looked away.

His left eyebrow rose. “What do you mean?”

Quinn faced him. “Maybe we should give ourselves a break. We have been quarreling all the time and I am tired!”

“You are the one always finding faults in what I do. What do you really want from me Quinn? I love and treat you right.”

“And I am grateful but let’s give ourselves some space.”

“But I want you here with me,” he said and walked close to touch her hands. “This is your home.”

She looked into his eyes. “You have been so good to me and I am grateful for your love you have showered on me. I am not saying we should break up but spend some time apart for a while.”

“What if I don’t?”

“We will continue to quarrel and it’s not good for a healthy relationship.”

He smiled and touched her chin gently. “I love you and let me think about it.”

“Think about me moving back to my house?“ she asked surprised.

“Yes dear.”


Jackson muted her by putting his middle on her lips. “Let me think about it.” He removed his finger, pecked her and left to the kitchen to get a cup of chilled pineapple juice.

The doctor attended to Rebecca. He prescribed some painkiller drugs for her but ask her a question that shocked her.

“What do you mean if I have gone for a pregnancy test?”

“I am an experienced doctor and I advise you to go for the test if you have not done it.”

She swallowed. “Can I go talk to my father outside?”

“You can.” 

She stood and left the office to tell her father what the doctor said.

“God forbid!” Dabota uttered. “You are not pregnant!”

“Exactly what I thought,” she said. “Even if I am pregnant, I don’t think it is still there after the beating I received from Desmond.”

“You can still go for the test just to be sure.”

“What if you are pregnant?” she asked in a worried tone.

“Then Desmond and I are meant to be together.”


Dr. Mayowa touched his daughter in her left shoulder. “Go for the test.”

“I will but can you get the result for me when it is ready because I don’t think I can come here again.”

“I will see what I can do to get it for you. It is wrong but the doctor will find a way to give me. He’s an old friend.”

“And I can come help Rebecca collect the result if you don’t mind.” Dabota said.

“That is a good idea,” he said. “I will talk to the doctor while you go for your test.”

“Ok dad.”

After the pregnancy test, Rebecca bought her drugs and the three of them went to an eatery for a quick lunch. The doctor had agreed to give the result to Dr.Mayowa when it is ready. He went home and Dabota drove her friend to her house. She stayed with her for a while before she went back to her own abode.
Dabota received the news that her father came again.

“What did you tell him?” she asked Debbie.

“I told him you have relocated abroad.”

“And what did he say.”

“He did not say anything but laugh.”

“He laughed?” she asked surprised.

“Yes ma.”

“That man is not scared to come back for me,” she said in an irritated tone. “He has the guts to come and face me.”

“Do you want to talk about what happened?”

“No! And mind your business!!” she said and walked away to her room.

After Rebecca ate dinner with Desmond, he informed her about Jackson.

“I am not aware of it.” she said in a fearful tone.

“I know,” he said. “He told me.”

“I am sorry.”

He did not say anything.

“I went to the hospital today.” she said. 

He gazed at her. “Because I gave you few marks on your body?”

Rebecca sighed and ignored his question. “I went for a pregnancy test.”

He widened his eyes. “You are pregnant?”

“I don’t know yet but I will find out when the test is ready.”

He rose from the chair. “I want you to abort the pregnancy if it’s positive.”

“What!!” she exclaimed in shock. “I will never commit murder!”

He laughed sarcastically. “Abortion is not murder and I don’t want a child. Your attention will not be focused on me anymore when you begin to have children.”

“You are sick!”

“I will not beat you again if you abort the baby,” he said. “I am happy with only you.”

“You need help!”
Desmond frowned. “Don’t mess with me. Let me know what the result says when it comes out.”

Rebecca stared at her husband dumbfounded as he sauntered away from her.

For the past three days, Rebecca felt sad and distressed. Telling her friends and father about what Desmond said was of no use. They would advise her to leave him. She thought if she was truly pregnant, she would have to protect the baby and remain with the man she married. Her child will never be like her, her child will not be from a broken home. 

Quinn called her that she was on her way to her place. She went to the kitchen to prepare some food for her friend. Her father sent her a text that the result was with him, she called Dabota to collect it from him and come to her house.

Rebecca welcomed Quinn warmly. She was already feeling better. The drugs the doctor gave her were very effective.

“Is it true you want to break up with Jackson?” she asked her after serving chocolate biscuits and orange juice. That was what she wanted to eat.

“I don’t want to talk about it but I am no longer interested.”

“Have you told him?”

“I try to but I couldn’t. I told him I needed to go back to my place but he refused.”

“Is there someone else in your life?”


“But Dabota thinks you are cheating on Jackson.”
“She can think whatever she likes.”
“There is something I want you to do for me.”

“What is it?”

“Are you aware that Brown Smith bought an artwork for me?”

Quinn smiled. “Yes.”

“I have not heard from him since that day,” Rebecca said.

“He’s busy taking care of his sick father.”

“Oh! I never knew.”

“Don’t worry.”

“But can you set a lunch date between him and I?”

“You want to go on a lunch date with Brown?”

“It’s not a date. I want to talk to him.”

“Consider it done my friend. He will be very happy.”

Rebecca’s phone rang. It was Desmond calling to tell her that he will not be coming home for four days.
“But why?” she asked surprised.
“I am travelling for something important and I have to go now.”

“Can’t you come home and get some of your things?”

“I will buy, take care.”

“Love you!”

“Love you too and don’t forget what I discussed with you few days ago.” He said and ended the call.

Dabota arrived with the result in her hands. She gave it to Rebecca who acted nervous.

“Open it.” Quinn said.

“What if you are pregnant and Desmond still lay his hands on you again?” Dabota asked.

“I will go to my father’s house and wait until I give birth. I don’t want my child to be like me. Desmond and I will sort things out.” She gave the pregnancy result to Quinn to read it for her.

“But…” A loud knock on the door stopped Dabota from saying anything further.

Rebecca went to open the door and saw a woman that could be in her early forties. She came with a young boy. “Who are you looking for?”

“I am looking for my husband.”

She smiled. “That is not possible, you should check the address well. You are in the wrong house.”

“Is this not Mr. Desmond Tega’s house?”

Rebecca looked straight into her eyes. “Y..yes.” Dabota and Quinn rushed to her side to see the woman.

“I am Maureen and this is my son Damon.”

“How old is he?” Dabota quickly asked. 

“Seven years old.”

“Wh..who..i..is the fa..father of th..this child?” Rebecca stutters in a panicky tone. Despite the cold weather, she was already getting very hot inside.

“This is Desmond’s child.” she replied. “Where is he? He has not been picking my calls.”

“Oh my God!” Rebecca uttered and began to breathe very loud.

Dabota touched her shoulders to rub them. “You have to calm down Rebecca, please.”

“Quinn you have to tell me the result.” she said.

“Please what’s going on?” Maureen asked.

 Quinn speedily opened the paper and read it. She looked at her friend solemnly. “I am sorry Rebecca. It is positive.”

Rebecca fainted.

To be continued… By 6pm.


  1. I have been waiting for this episode and things have gotten more complicated. What i expected in this episode changed. My head is spinning right now cos i am short of words.

    So sorry about your health. No wonder you did not post anything today. Take drugs dearie and keep up the good work.

    But i dey vex, Rebecca cant be pregnant for that animal
    Desmond does not even want a child. he is truly sick!
    Can Brown and Rebecca be together?
    What is Quinn's secret?
    When do we find out why Dabota ran away?
    I love this story. Carina will surely do a good job

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    is either Rebecca want to remain unmarried or she better focus on God to touch her husband.

    she thinks that she is going through hell, let her hear others story she will shut up and mind how to love God and focus on how to change her husband.

    Desmond thinks he is a tough man, but I laugh cos he has no bone in him. Just a touch from God, all those demonic attitude will be cast out!

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