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Saturday, December 12, 2015


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Dabota and Quinn rushed to hold Rebecca from falling down. They lay her down on a long sofa and Dabota quickly went to get a bowl of water from the kitchen. She sprinkled some amount of water on her body and Quinn tapped her vigorously to wake her up.

Rebecca made a sound and it made them know she was conscious. The woman, Maureen stared at them puzzled at what was going on. She and her son entered into the house without anyone’s permission and sat down. It was when Rebecca opened her eyes, Quinn and Dabota knew the woman was inside the house with them.

“What happened?” Rebecca managed to say as she opened her eyes. She tried to get up, Dabota helped her up. 

Her friends took a deep breath as a sign of great relief that she was awake and able to speak.

“We need to talk privately,” Quinn whispered into her left ear.

She sat down well and relaxed her back on the sofa. “I want to talk here. Where is the woman?”

“I am right here.” Maureen replied herself.

Rebecca turned to her left to look at her. “You need to tell me the truth. Are really Desmond’s wife?”

Dabota and Quinn had to sit down with their friend and listen attentively. Rebecca was sitting at their middle.

“Yes I am his wife but we are separated.”

“Separated?” she asked. “Please explain to me.”

“I will explain but you have to tell me who are you to him.”

“I am his wife.”

She opened her mouth. “Desmond married you?”

“Yes and we have been married for three years.”

Maureen smiled and shook her head. “Desmond thinks he is smart. We got married eight years ago. I gave birth to my son a year later. We had marital issues and we got separated but never got divorced. We stayed in touch with each other because of the welfare of our son but recently he stopped communicating with me. I had to find someone to trace his whereabouts here in Lagos. That was how I got his address.”

“Does he not want to give you a divorce or what?”

“He never talked about divorce but wanted us separated for sometime.”

“And that has been for how long?”

“Two years.”

“What! Desmond was still married to you when he took me to the alter?”

“You can call yourself the second wife.”

“I will advise you to respect how you talk to my friend,” Dabota said angrily. “I don’t know you and don’t wish to, kindly answer my friend politely or I will throw you out!”
Maureen made a face. “Excuse me?”

“You are not excused because you still have many questions to answer.”

Rebecca touched her hand. “It’s okay Dabota. I can handle the situation.”

She faced her. “If you can handle the situation, you would not have fainted.”

Quinn spoke. “This is not the time to argue, let’s focus on the issue on ground.”

Dabota hissed and folded her hands. “I will relaxed, listen and keep my bitchy lips sealed!”

“Better,” the actress said and turned her gaze to Maureen. “I’m sorry if you are offended but why are you coming now? You should have looked for Desmond or suspected he was married to another woman.”

“There was no need to look for him because he kept in touch on phone. I suspected him to have a serious affair with another woman but I never thought he would marry when he is still legally married to me. Your friend made a mistake for not digging into his life before saying yes to his proposal.”

“But he appeared sincere to me,” Rebecca said tenderly. “His family was in support of our relationship.”

Maureen stared at her dazed. “His family?” she asked. “Which family?”

“I know he is an orphan but his late father’s relatives blessed our union.”

“His father’s relatives?” she asked in a surprised tone. “Where are they now?”

“I don’t really know because Desmond said he didn’t want a third party to come into our lives after our marriage. I ask after them from him and he says they are fine in the village.”

She began to laugh. 

The laughter disgusted Dabota, angered Quinn and made Rebecca confused.

Dabota asked. “What’s funny?” she asked with an irritated look on her face. “I don’t see a comedian here who cracked a joke.”

She touched her chest and stopped to laugh. “I am so sorry! Desmond must have paid those people to act as his family!!”

“What!!!” the three friends exclaimed in total shock.

“Please I don’t understand you.” Rebecca said in an alarmed tone. Her voice was becoming low and her eyes teary. “What do you mean he must paid those people to act as his family?”

“Desmond is not an orphan.”

She quickly rose up. Her body was shaking. “Desmond parents are still alive?” Her friends stood up to stand by her side.

“Desmond father is dead and the family disowned him because he never buried him, in fact Desmond denied ever knowing his father.”

“And his mother?”

“We stay together in the village.”

“Desmond mother is alive?”

“She is old and sick with stroke.” she replied. “The man you married is heartless. He cares only about himself. He is self-centered, arrogant and wicked. I made a mistake for falling in love with him. I was happy he agreed to separate with me for a while because I was already tired of everything. I just wanted to take care of my son and his mother. I would have divorced him but I am not rich and influential like him. I would have taken him to court for domestic violence.”

They widened their eyes. 

“Desmond used to beat you?” Quinn asked. 

 “Of course! He did not only beat me but his own mother!”

Rebecca could not open her mouth. She was speechless.

“Are you serious?” Dabota asked.

“Yes. The last time he beat his mother, she fell and hit her leg on a stone. That day she placed a curse on Desmond and that was the day he vowed never to take care of his mother.”

Rebecca felt nauseous, she ran to the visitor’s toilet to throw up and that was when she remembered she was pregnant. She washed her mouth and went to meet them in the living room.

“Are you okay?” Quinn asked.

“I don’t think I will ever be okay,” she answered sadly. “Did they write how long I am pregnant?”

“Yes. You are two weeks pregnant.”

Rebecca shut her eyes tightly and when she opened them, tears drizzled down her face. She wiped them off angrily and turned to Maureen. “I will pay you to join me take Desmond to court. You will have to be the second victim of domestic violence. I want the both of us to fight against Desmond.”

“But I just heard you are two weeks pregnant for him?”

“It does not matter,” she said. “He does not even want the baby.”

“Desmond does not want the baby?” Dabota and Quinn asked the same time. They were surprise to hear that.

“He does not want the baby. Desmond said he wants me to focus only on him.”

Maureen rose up. “That means he wants you only to himself. For him to make such statement means he will not give you a divorce. Going to court will not prove anything. It will only be our words against him.”

“I have concrete evidence to put him away.”

“I only want to take care of my son. My life will be at stake if he ever finds out that we are planning something like this.”

“He will not know. I will pay you good money and we will secretly plan this together. Are you in?”

She looked at her son who was playing a game with her phone.
Her gaze went back to Rebecca. “Are you sure of my safety, especially my son?”
“Do you think Desmond will harm you and your son if he finds out what we are planning?”

“I don’t trust him.”

“I will find a way to make sure you and your son are safe.”

She gave a nod. 

“But will it be safe to go back to the village?” Dabota asked.

“It will be safe and I have to go back because of my mother in law. I will contact you when I am ready because I still have to think about this. We will be dealing with a dangerous man.”

Rebecca said, “I don’t see him as a dangerous person but someone who needs psychological help.”

“Desmond is a grown man who didn’t have a troubled childhood. I know he came from a poor background and was able to become rich through hard work. That does not give him the right to be abusive.”

“Real men don’t hit women.” Dabota said. “Insecure men beat women. I only hope he won’t kill Rebecca before she realizes that all women deserve to be happy. If she likes, let her continue to stay with him.”

“Datoba,” Rebecca said. “I know what I am doing.”

“Even if you know what you are doing,” Maureen said. “Desmond is an intelligent person and you have to use wisdom if you want to deal with him. I came here to ask for the school fees and upkeep of my son. I don’t even know what to do now since he is not around. And if he finds out I spoke to you about his family, I don’t know what he will do to me and my child. I just want to be safe.”

“I will pay your son’s school fees and upkeep.” Quinn volunteered.’

Her friends smiled.

She fell on her knees thanking her. She walked up to Maureen and raised her up. “It's nothing.”

“You look familiar,” Maureen said. “I know I have seen you somewhere but I can’t figure it out.”

Quinn grinned. “I am a Nollywood actress.”

“No wonder!” she said enthusiastically. “I know I stay in the village but I watch some movies. Thank you so much, God bless you.”

“You have thanked me already. I am happy to help you and your son.”

“You did not ask me how much is it,” she said. “I don’t know if you can give me the exact amount.”

“It will not be more than fifty to eighty thousand naira.”

She opened her mouth wide. “No ooo. It is forty five thousand naira I am expecting from Desmond.”

“Then you have gotten yourself thirty five thousand naira extra.”

Maureen began to pray for Quinn.

“Thank you for your prayers.”

“I will give you some money to give to Desmond’s mother,” Rebecca said. “But you have to promise me no one must know it’s from his wife here in Lagos.”

“But who do I tell her gave her the money?”

“Tell her it’s from a Samaritan.”

She sighed. “Thank you very much and I will not tell anyone about you.”

“Good.” Rebecca said and left to her bedroom to get thirty thousand naira from her bag. She came back to the living room and gave the money to her. Quinn went to get the money from her car and gave it to her.

“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention.”

Rebecca collected Maureen’s phone number and their home address in the village. She left the house with her son.

Dabota left Rebecca’s house and drove home. She told Debbie to prepare something solid for her to eat. She went to the bathroom, had her bath, dressed and came back to her sitting room to watch a reality show.
She dozed off while watching it and Debbie woke her up to eat. She ate and thanked her cook for the delicious meal.

“I am happy you like the food.”

“You did well,” she said. “No one came to see me today?”

“Oh! Chief Eze came but I forgot to tell you.”

“Can you imagine?!” Dabota uttered. “So if I did not ask you, you would not have told me?”

“I would ma,” she said respectfully. “I forgot, please don’t me angry with me.”

“I have to be angry with you or do you want him to yourself?”

She shook her head repeatedly. “Not at all ma.”

Dabota laughed. ‘Anyways, what did he say?”

“He said he wanted to remind you about travelling with him next week to America. He called your number but you did not pick.”

“I was attending to an important issue at Rebecca’s place and my ringing tone was on silent. I did not bother to call him back because I have changed my mind about going.”

Debbie widened her eyes. “You are no longer going to America?”


“It is America ooo.”

“And I have been there twice. I want to leave him.”

“You want to leave the relationship?”

“Yes and the others too.”

Her cook could not believe what she was hearing. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong.” she replied and gave a faint smile. “On my way here I thought about my life. Will I continue to sleep with men for the rest of my life? What will happen when I turn old? Will men still look at me and give me money? If I continue this way, I think I will end up alone for the rest of my life.”

“What changed your mind?”

“I don’t know if my mind have changed but the news of Rebecca getting pregnant touched me.”


“My prayer for her is to give birth to her baby safely and when she does, that child is going to take care of her when she becomes old and pale. Who will take care of me when I grow old?”

Debbie sighed audibly and sat by her boss side. “I know how you feel and I want to tell you that it is not too late to start afresh. You are still young and pretty. Have you seen someone you like?”

“This is not about seeing someone I like but do what’s best for me.”

“And you are going to break up with the men in your life?”

“I will break up with the married men one after the other. I will take my time to do that.”

“Do whatever will make you happy and I am excited about your friend’s pregnancy.”

“Me too but I would have been more happy if she was pregnant for someone who deserves her. A good man that will love and take good care of her.”

She rose up. “I will continue to pray for her.”

“I think you should stop because if your prayers had worked she would never have gotten pregnant for that scum!”

“Please don’t talk like that.”

“If Desmond is the one for Rebecca, I pray for that child to stay and enjoy life.”

“I will not agree to that!” Jackson uttered to Quinn the next morning after eating breakfast. She asked him if she could move back to her house.

“But it is my house and we are not yet married.” she said. 

“We can get married now if you want.”

“I am not getting married in two or three years’ time. I have told you already and I will not change my mind.”

“Why are you so stubborn?!”

“I am not stubborn but doing what is right for our relationship. I can decide to move without your permission but I am asking you because I respect you.”

“Did I do anything to upset you?”

“No! You are a good person.”

“So why are you leaving me?” he asked.

“I am not leaving you but giving us space.”

“But I don’t want space!”

“You have to let me go or I will live without your permission.”

The angry look on his face changed. He searched her eyes. “Are you cheating on me?”

She turned her back not to look at his face. “No.”

“Look at me and tell me to my face!”

Quinn shut her eyes and thought about the one who makes her happy. 

“Turn and face me!” he yelled.

She opened her eyes and turned to stare at him. “I am not cheating on you.” She said softly.

“You are lying!”

“What do you want from me Jackson?!”

“I want you to tell me the truth!”

“I have told you and you won’t believe me!”

“I will get to the bottom of everything! I will find a way to get to your brother and find out if you are sleeping with another man apart from me!”

“Leave my brother alone!”


“Whatever thing I have with my brother is my business and not yours!”

“You can leave.”

Quinn gazed into his eyes. “I can leave?”

“You said you wanted space, I am giving it to you. I want you to leave my house today.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” she asked.

“I am asking you to leave my house!”

“With pleasure!” she said with anger in her voice and walked away from him. She went into their bedroom and opened the wardrobe to pack her belongings into a suitcase.

Dabota organized a lunch date between Rebecca and Brown. When she told him about it on the phone, he sounded thrilled and was eager to see her again.

Brown Smith arrived at the eatery on time. He could not wait for the exact time, which was 2pm. He got there by 1am and ordered for a glass of water. He was dressed casually still looking clean and muscular. A young lady eating with her boyfriend winked at him but he looked away from her. She was ugly to him. He was not interested in any woman but Rebecca.

A dashing smile glimmered on his lips as he saw the woman making his heartbeat beat faster.
Rebecca was wearing a blue jumpsuit, white heels and she held a black purse. He pushed the chair to allow her sit and sat opposite her. She was forcing the smile on her lips to disappear but as she made eye contact with him, the smile grew wider. She was very shy but excited to see him again.

You look very beautiful Rebecca,” he said.

“Thank you.” she thanked him in a serene tone.

He called a waiter and they both ordered for jollof rice, fried plantain and turkey. Brown asked for a fruit wine for the both of them.

“I am very, very, very, happy to see you again,” he said to her. 

Rebecca giggled. “I am happy and grateful for the artwork.”

“I am grateful too for accepting it.”

“I asked for us to see because I wanted to thank you personally and ask about your father’s health.”

He was surprised. “Thank you for asking about my father. He’s sick but we will continue to hope for him to get better.”

“I’m really sorry about his health.”

“Thank you. What about your parents?”

“They are fine.”

“Do you want to talk about them?” he asked.

“Maybe some other time.” she said and sighed. “I don’t know if I am doing the right thing by seeing you. I am married woman.”

The waiter brought their food and left them. Brown opened and poured some wine into their glass cup. They began to eat.

“But you are not doing anything bad.” he said to her. “We are friends for now.”

“For now?” she asked dazed. “Do you think I will leave my husband for you?”

“He does not treat you right.”

“I am two weeks pregnant.”

He dropped his spoon on his food. ”I am shocked to hear this.”

“Shocked that a married woman is pregnant for her husband?”

“I am sorry to say this,” he said. “Your husband was the cause of losing your two pregnancies.”

Rebecca frowned, she remembered the night Desmond raped her.

“Are you angry with me?” he asked as he sighted the frown.

“No.” she said and smiled.

“Do you love your husband?” he asked.

“I married him because I loved him.”

“But do you love him now?”

“I don’t want to talk about him.”

Brown romanced her face with his eyes and laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” she asked.


“I will not accept that. You have to tell me why you are laughing.”

“I am laughing because I am in a good mood. I can’t describe how I feel right here with you in front of me. I know you are a married woman and I hate it. I always try to stop thinking about you but I can’t. I love you Rebecca and I will make you mine. It might take time for you to realize that we belong to each other but I will make you my woman.”

She swallowed. Cold guzzled inside her body as he said those words to her. “But I am pregnant.”

“I will take care of you and the baby if you allow me.”

Rebecca stood up instantly. She wanted to cry but not in front of him. “I am sorry for coming, I have to go.”

He was surprised at her reaction and rose on his feet. “I am so sorry for offending you.”

“You did not offend me but I just have to go.” Rebecca didn’t walk but ran out of the restaurant to enter her car. As she turned on the ignition to drive away, she burst into hot tears. She could not drive quietly but sobbed loudly.

Brown went home in a sad mood. He could not understand why Rebecca left him like that. His cousin opened for him and he was shocked to see his friend's girlfriend waiting for him in the living room.

“Quinn!” he called her name. His cousin left them alone.

She stood up from the sofa and walked up to him.  Her eyes were red and swollen. “I have been calling your phone but you were not picking.”

“I wasn’t in the right mood to pick any call. I did not bother to check my phone. Have you been crying?”

“I need to talk to someone.” she said soberly.

Brown touched her calmly on the left shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“A secret?” he asked.
“Yes. I need to speak with someone otherwise I will do something drastic to myself.”

“You need to calm down and tell me what is going on?”

“I have to share it with you because I feel you can keep my secret.”

“What secret?” he asked. “Let’s go to somewhere quiet and talk.”

To be continued….by 6pm on Wednesday. Make una chop small kiss muah!


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