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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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“What!!” Brown exclaimed. “Quinn!”

“Please say something!” she said with tears coming from her eyes. She had narrated everything to him at the small garden located at the back of his house.

“I don’t know what to say! You have to allow me think!!”

He rose from the chair the two of them were sitting and began to pace round.

“I don’t like the way you are quiet.” she uttered.

Brown turned to face her. “I don’t know what to say because what you have told me is unexplainable. I don’t think you should blame your brother for the mess you did in his life. If I was in his shoes I don’t think I will forgive you so easily.”

“But what I did was a long time ago.”

“Yes it was a long time ago but it can never be forgotten so easily! Don’t blame your brother for trying to rat you out. The money you are paying him to keep him quiet about who you really are is okay.”

“But he is threatening to stop blackmailing me. I think he will reveal my secret.”

“Your secret?” he asked. “You do not have one but three! What you did to your brother must not come out to the public because you are celebrity. People will talk and judge you. Or is it about the second one? Your career will be over! Or the third? Your friendship with Rebecca will scatter! She will be disappointed in you.”

“I don’t want that to happen.”

“How could you do it to Rebecca? You said she was more than a friend, a sister to you.”

“I wanted to prove that Desmond is an animal, a cheat and a deceitful human.”

“But will Rebecca see it like that? Did you tell Dabota?”

Quinn nodded by answering him.

He widened his eyes. “And what did she say?”

“She was angry with me but I explained things in my own way. What I planned that day when I went to see Desmond did not work out well.”

“Does she know about your second secret?” he asked.


“Why are you hiding it from Dabota and Rebecca?”

“I feel they will no longer love me. I am scared that my friendship will fail if I tell them. I don’t want to lose their friendship.”

“But you will if Rebecca finds out the truth about what happened the day you went to confront her husband.”

“Please don’t tell her.”

“I will not because you told me to keep it as a secret but you have to open up.”

“I can’t!” she cried loudly. “I am ashamed of myself!”

Brown walked to sit by her side. “It will be difficult but you don’t want her to hear it from another person. You have to tell her yourself.”

“What can I do to stop my brother?”

“Offer him more money.”

She sighed and wiped the tears from her face with her hands. “I have to break up with Jackson.”

“You should have done that long time ago,” he said warmly. “Jackson is my friend and I am not happy you deceived him. He really wants to marry you.”

“I know and I gave him hope that in two or three years’ time, we will get married.”

“You never should have told me all these because I love Rebecca. I don’t ever want her to know you told me.”

“I won’t tell her I told you.”

“You have to put yourself together and plan to tell everything to Rebecca and Quinn. You will look like a stranger and a bad person if your brother comes and tell them himself.”

“I know,” she said. “I will see Rebecca this week.”

“Please do and don’t forget to tell her she will be mine.”

Quinn smiled and looked directly at his face. “I will.”

“Let’s go inside and get you something to drink.”

“I rather go home and rest.”

Brown dazzled a smile. “No problem. Please do not harm yourself. I believe Rebecca and Quinn will never stop loving you for who you are. I do not believe they love you because you are a celebrity.”

“Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.”

“You are my friend.”

They rose and hugged each other before going inside the house. He escorted her outside to her car and she drove off. Brown went inside, his cousin Pamela came to ask him if he wanted to eat dinner.

“I am not hungry until Rebecca agrees to be my woman.” he said with a smile on his lips.

She laughed aloud. “Then you will die of starvation.”

“I will die a happy man in Rebecca’s arms.”

Pamela could not stop laughing. “That will be in your dreams.”

He frowned instantly. “I will not be eating tonight.”



“But why?”

He explained what happened between him and Rebecca.

“She left because she is a married woman! Leave her alone.”

“I cannot leave Rebecca alone because I love her. Anyways, I know what to do?”

Pamela gave him an inquisitive look. “What do you want to do?”

“It’s none of your business. I need to sleep Pamela, goodnight!”

Desmond arrived home three days later from where he travelled to and Rebecca went to open the door for him. The moment he entered, he grabbed his wife and raised her up. He kissed her lips.

“I miss you.” he said and dropped her down.

She glanced at him and asked. “Where are your bags?”

“I said I missed you and you could not say it back?”

“I’m sorry! I miss you too.”

He walked inside, sat down on a couch and removed his shoes. 

“Where are your bags?”

Desmond carried one of his shoes and threw it at her. She saw it coming and quickly shifted to her left side to dodge it from hitting her.

“How many times will you ask me?” he asked in an infuriated tone.

“But you didn’t answer me.”

“Must I?” he asked and rose up. “I am hungry.”

Rebecca sighed and shook her head. “Dinner is ready.”

“I will go to the room, have my bath and come back to eat. Make sure my food is on the dining table when I come down stairs.”

“Dinner will be set on the dining table.”

She did not want to argue with him or do anything that will upset him. Making him angry could make him beat her. Rebecca wanted to protect her child at all cost. When she went to the kitchen, she questioned herself that how could someone travel for three days and come back without bringing anything. He told her he was going to buy some clothes and yet none followed him home. The only thing that was different was the clothes he was wearing. She decided to dish their food and place them on the table to eat. He came to join her few minutes later.

Desmond sat down close to his wife, “You could not wait for me. Why?” 

“I am very hungry.”

“Well. I am hungry too and I will have to eat and not talk.”

“Ok dear.”

After eating, Rebecca carried the plates and went to keep them inside the sink in the kitchen. She came back to clean the table with a tablecloth. She wiped the table clean and turned to go back to the kitchen when her husband called her back.


She turned to face him. “Yes?”

“Have you gone to check the result?” he asked.

“What result?”

“The pregnancy result!!”

“Oh! You don’t need to shout. The test came out negative. I am not pregnant.”

He sighed as a sign of relief. “Thank you Jesus.”

Rebecca stared at him dazed. “Thank you Jesus?” she asked. “Is that what you are supposed to say?”

“I have told you I don’t want a child!”

“A child is the greatest gift from God to married couples.”

“Don’t teach me what I already know.”

“So you know a child is a gift from God?”

“No,” he replied. “What I know is that you talk too much and if you don’t keep your mouth quiet I will teach you a lesson.”

“Can I go and wash the dishes?” she asked.

“Since when did you start asking me permission for that?’

“I do not want to leave here and then you accuse me of walking out on you.”

Desmond rose on rose feet. “You can go,” he said. “After you are done, come and join me on our bed.”

Rebecca nodded and turned to the direction of the kitchen and went to do her chores. She went to the bedroom after she was through cleaning the plates. She undressed, went into the bathroom to bath and came out to clean her body. She wore a red nightie and joined her husband on the bed. He dragged her close to his body. His sight and his touch turned her off. She was no longer interested in the man that won her heart few years ago.

“How are your friends?” he asked.

She blinked her eyes and stared into his eyes. “My friends?”


“Which of my friends?”

“Are you no longer friends with Quinn and Dabota?”

“They are my friends.” she said gently.

“So how are they?”

“They are fine.”

“Send my regards to the two of them when next you see them.”

Rebecca could not believe what she was hearing. “You are okay with me hanging out with them?”

“Yes.” he replied. “They are your friends and I don’t want to keep them away from you.”


“Yes.” he said. “Did you go anywhere when I travelled?”

“No.. I mean, I only went to the hospital.”

“You are free to hang out with your friends anytime. I know you can never cheat on me because you are a good woman.”

Rebecca smiled faintly. “Thank you for trusting me.”

“I love you Rebecca.”

“I love you too,” she said. He took her into his arms and began to kiss her on the lips.

The next day, Quinn drove on her Lexus jeep to the office of Jackson in the afternoon. She was looking very radiant in a black dress and red heels. His secretary directed her to his office to wait for him. Jackson did not waste time to join her few minutes later. He was dressed in a black suit. He went to hug Quinn, pecked her on her right chin instead of her lips. He did not want to spoil her red lipstick.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting,” he said. “I was in a meeting.”

She smiled. “You did not waste my time. I hope the meeting went well?”

“Yes it did. How are you?”

“I’m glowing.”

Jackson smiled at her. “I can see that,” he said. “I hope you are happy in your house?”


“So what are you doing in my office?” he asked. “Did you come for us to have lunch together?”

Her glowing facial appearance disappeared. “I need to talk to you.”

“I hope there is no problem?”

She only stared at him.

“Quinn, talk to me.”

She closed her eyes and swallowed. She touched her forehead and rubbed it gently.

“What is it?” he asked curiously. He was beginning to get impatient of her silence. “Look at me.”

Quinn opened her eyes to glare at him. “I want us to break up.”

Jackson jerked. “Why?!”

“The relationship is no longer working.”

“What do you mean the relationship is no longer working?” he asked. “I love you!”

“I know but we have to let go of each other.”


“It’s for the best.”

He uplifted from his chair and removed his tie. “You came to my office to tell me this?”

“Is for the best, I will forever be grateful to you.”

“I don’t want to break up,” he said and walked close to her. “I want to be your husband. You said we were going to get married in two or three years from now. What changed your mind?”

“Jackson, you have to listen to me. Getting married to you will not work.”

“You are not making sense to me. You have to tell me a very good reason for me to think about it.”

“There is no need to think because I no longer your girlfriend.”

“You are still my girlfriend Quinn.”

She frowned and uplifted. “I am going.”

“To where?”

“To my house,” she replied and sauntered to the door. “I have told you what I wanted to tell you.”

“I will contact your brother.”

That got her attention and her eyes were scared. “Leave my brother out of this.”

“I have to know why he has been collecting money from you.”

“Is he my brother and I am helping him.”

Jackson gave her a nod and stepped towards her. “I will not break up with you until I find out what you are hiding from me.”

“I am not hiding anything from you.”

“Time will time.” he said and frowned. “Get out of my office.”

Quinn opened her mouth. “I should get out from your office?”

“I am angry with you at the moment, please leave.”

She said nothing, unlocked his door and walked out. Jackson moved to where he dropped his phone and dialed an international number.

Brown Smith called Dabota to text Rebecca’s phone number to him. She sent the phone number to his phone without delaying. She thought she was doing the right thing. Rebecca’s happiness was all she wanted.
Dabota was dressed in a white top and blue jean. She carried a brown Louis Vuitton bag and headed to her entrance door to leave when Debbie approached her.

“You are looking beautiful this afternoon.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you going to see your friends?”

“No.” she replied. “Not today.”

“I thought you have broken up with your married lovers.”

“Yes I have broken up with two of them.”

“Not all of them?” her cook asked.


“But why?”

“Relax Debbie, I am not going to see any of them. I met someone and I think I really like him.”


“Is he single?”

Dabota laughed. “Of course he is single but I only want to talk with him today. We have not started dating but we like each other.”

“That is good news. I am really happy for you.”

“Well, put me in your prayers.”

“So you believe in prayers now?’

“I have to because I really like this person.”

“I am happy for you and you have to go now.”

“Of course!” she uttered and smiled blushingly. “I don’t want to keep him waiting.”

Two days later, Rebecca was driving to Quinn’s house to see how she was doing. Dabota and her planned to meet there. She heard her phone ring and she picked it up from the passenger seat and answered.
Hello.” she said.

“Hello Rebecca.”

His voice sounded the same. “Brown! Wh..why are yo..you calling me?”

“I wanted to check how you are doing.”

“I am fine.”

“Why did you leave like that?” he asked. “Did I do anything wrong.”

Rebecca had to park her car along the road to speak with him. “You did not do anything wrong. I just had to go.”

“But why?” he asked. “You asked Dabota to set up a date for the two of us.”

“Just for me to thank you.”

“Are you sure it was only that? Do you like me? Please I just want to know.”

“Please don’t make me feel guilty. I will come and see your father to check on his health.”

“To check on my father’s health or to see me?” he asked and smiled.

She chuckled. “Both.”

“I love you Becca.”

“Thank you.”

“I know you do.” he said.

“Thanks for your call.” she said.

Brown said to her. “Thanks for listening.” He ended the call.

She kept her phone, turned on the ignition and drove away to her destination.

Rebecca arrived and met Dabota already at Quinn’s house.

“You are late.” Dabota said. 

“I am sorry.” She said and went to hug the both of them before sitting down in their middle.

“How are you?” Quinn asked.

“I’m fine.” 

The actress offered them a plate of fried turkey wings with apple juice. As they ate together they talked about going on a vacation together.

“I don’t think Desmond will allow you to go with us.” Dabota said.

“Oh I forgot, Desmond asked after the both of you.”

They widened their eyes.

“You must be joking!” Quinn said.

“I am not and I am no longer comfortable with him anymore, I feel there is something he is hiding.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. He said I can hang out with my friends and he has nice to me in a way.”

“Maybe he wants you to think he is good husband.” Dabota said.

“I don’t want to talk about him anymore and I am worried.”

“Worried about what?”

“I have been trying to get in touch with Maureen but her number has been switched off.”

“Don’t forget she is in the village and there may not be frequent electricity.”

“That could be true,” Quinn said. “Maybe we should travel together to check up on her. She gave you her address.”

“That is a good idea.” Rebecca said. “I will let you two know on the day we will travel.”

The went back to eat and talked about fashion and celebrities. They didn’t want to talk about anything that will make them sad. It was getting towards evening when Dabota and Rebecca decided to leave.

Quinn spoke. “I will miss you girls.”

“Me too.” Rebecca and Dabota said at the same time.

“I am coming,” she said. “Let me pack the plates to the kitchen." She left them and someone knocked on her door. Rebecca motioned to the entrance door to open and who she saw startled her.

“Please who are you looking for?” she asked.

“I am looking for Quinn Dominic.” 

Dabota quickly went to check the owner of the deep voice she heard. She stared at the young man surprised. “You are looking for Quinn Dominic?”

“Yes.” he said and entered. “Where is she?”

“Who is that?” Quinn asked, coming towards the living room.

“Someone who refused to give us his name.” Dabota replied.

Quinn walked in to check her visitor. She stared at him stunned. Her eyes, mouth and legs could not move.

“Are you okay?” Rebecca asked.

“Hello sis.” the man said.

Her friends appeared shocked!

“Is this your brother?” Dabota asked.

Quinn swallowed. “Y..yes.”

“But why is half of his face disfigured?”

“Quinn never told you?” he asked.

“Told us what?” Rebecca asked.


“My friends were about to leave when you came. Please Rebecca and Dabota, I will call the both of you later.”

“You have not told us what happened to his face.” Dabota said.

Rebecca said. “Dabota let’s go, I think Quinn and her brother needs their privacy.”

“Whatever! Nice to meet you Hank and I will love to know you better.”

“No problem, take care.”

They left and Hank turned to face his sister. “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

“What are you doing in Nigeria?” she asked.

“No one told me you are the owner of this country!”

“But I was not expecting you. Can you travel back?”

Hank laughed mockingly. “I am back for good! I saw your friends and I am disappointed you never told them about what happened to me. You see what I go through every day. They looked at me like… nothing! I’m sure this scar on my face frightened them. I always look like a monster. I talk with one side of my mouth because of you! Half of my face is ugly and I can never get a woman to love me! Women are only after my money!! I am not only a miserable person but an angry man!!!”

“I am sorry!” she said and started to cry.”

“How will your fans and friends feel about you when I reveal the truth?”

Quinn fell on her knees. “I am begging you.”

“You disfigured my face!”

“Forgive me.”

“I can’t wait to see how Rebecca will react when she finds out the truth.”

“I did it because I love her. I wanted to prove to her that Desmond is not the one for her.”

“But he outsmarted you and noticed your phone was on record.”

“I wanted to show it to her but he saw it, slapped me and dragged my phone from my hands.”

“But how could you have slept with him?” he asked.

“I didn’t feel a thing and you know it!”

“But will Rebecca understand? No! She doesn’t know the truth about you!”

“What do you want from me?!” she asked with dripping dropping down her face.

“I want to tell everyone about you. How will blogs, newspapers, TV stations carry the news? Nollywood superstar Quinn Dominic slept with her best friend's husband. Nollywood superstar poured hot oil on her little brother when he was only 6 years old! Nollywood superstar Quinn Dominic is nothing but a closeted lesbian and she is having a secret affair with a South African artist Carrie Pretorius. I will make your life miserable like mine!”

To be continued…Saturday morning ooo. Love you guys!


  1. WTF! E don happen!! Wow..Quinn is finished. Her own plenty ooooooo
    i dont even know what to say.This is a blast! What will happen in next episode? Dabota own is coming soon. That Desmond is surely hiding something. i dont trust him at all.. dont even know what to say anymore

  2. ASSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Goosebumps all over me. Damn!!! This is the bomb!!!

  3. What!!!!!!!! Quinn own don finish. No wonder she broke up with Jackson. Living a lie. Rebecca will not be a happy about this. I'm in shock.

  4. A dramatic follow up, thanks for sharing!

    1. @Blogoratti.. Thank you.
      @Shunshine...shine shine baby..lol
      @Jolly Saft..Thanks bae
      @Dragon... *kisses

  5. Wow! Never saw this coming! What!?

  6. Thanks Carina for the links to the other storie. *thumbs up*

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  9. This is great. I'll take my time to read all.


  10. Woooh,this is really complicated. I feel for quinn. Are secret is unforgiven able expecially that of the brother, thou he might forgive but cannot forget because of the scare...he wil need to go for face surgery, and it takes the Grace to survive it.desmond is hiding something and I still don't like him.

  11. But there should be a reason why quinn poured hot oil on her brother when he was jst sick. I must commend u, u r a good writer.

    1. I meant when he was just six, typo error

    2. I meant when he was just six, typo error

    3. Kudos carina,ghen ghen iyaf set oh.

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