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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Unforgivable Housewife!! Episode 11

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I called Tunde to give him the good news that my husband has accepted to collect the loan for me. He was happy for me and told me to be hopeful. During the weekend, I was very nervous and I wanted the new week to come as fast as possible. I wanted Monday to come so I will know the latest about the loan.

I behaved like an obedient wife and when Jude left the house on Saturday, telling me he wanted to go see a top official. I knew it was a lie but I allowed him to go.

“Take your time,” I said calmly. “You don’t need to rush and come back.”

Jude was happy with my behavior, he never knew I had plans for him. Smiling at him, I cursed him in my heart. Tunde called me at night to inform me Rosemary was calling to find out why he had not visited her. 

“Run for your life!” I screamed over the phone. “She is looking for another victim.”

“Do I look like someone she can toss around?”

“Tunde you never can tell. I am sure she wants you to herself. She has seen a fine boy nah. A bachelor, what do you expect?”

“Well, I told her I was busy but would visit her next weekend.”

“But you won’t.” I said.

“I will visit her.”

“Tunde!” I uttered his name. “Don’t try it!”

He laughed over the phone. “Of course I won’t. I was only joking, I wanted to hear what you will say.”

I sighed out of relief. “Please don’t try to give me a heart attack.”

“I won’t, I was only joking.”

“Okay. Talk to you later.”

I ended the call.

Jude came back looking exhausted, I did not bother to ask him why, my mind was only on the loan. On Sunday, we went to the church together and later went to my parent’s house to pick our children. Sarah and Sebastian were excited to see their father. They jumped on their father’s body and I knew, they were going to miss him greatly when my plans work.

My father entertained us with an expensive wine. I told my mother I wanted to see her urgently for an important discussion. We excused ourselves from the men and left to the kitchen.

“”You must be kidding me!” my mother expressed. “Are you telling me that your husband is not aware that your children are following to travel?”

“No mom.”

“But why?” she asked with a worried expression on her face.

“I have told you about his cheating ways.”

“Men cheat on their wives and they still stay together.”

“But women can’t cheat, right?”

My mother touched my shoulder with her right hand. “Marriage is not a bed of roses, there are good and bad times. You just have to focus more on your children.”

“The bad times are becoming frequent.” I said. “I am fed up.”

She dropped her hand. “I want you to be patient with Jude.”

“I will but I don’t want you to talk about travelling with the children with him.”

She sighed. “If that is what you want, no problem.” 

We went back to join the men in the living room. We stayed there for another one-hour and drove back home. I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner and Jude assisted me to teach the kids. We ate in peace, I cleared the dishes, washed them and carried my children to sleep.

I went to meet Jude in our room and went on my knees. He rose from the bed in surprise.
“Why are you on your knees?” he asked and raised me up.

“I want to plead for you to try your best and collect the loan. The reason I called my mother aside to the kitchen is to discuss about the hotel business. She said I have to put an effort to build it before my father can help.”

“You don’t need to beg me because you are my wife. You have tried for me and I have to do everything I can to make you happy. I will get the loan for you.”

I had to kiss his dirty mouth to thank him. Trust me, I acted I wanted to vomit, that I needed to take my drugs. Drugs I never used but flushed down the toilet. I was free to go to my room but Jude never knew as I left him, the smile on my lips were remarkable.

The following morning, I did my normal activities, took the kids to school, helped Jude wear his suit. He left, leaving me alone in the house as usual. I ate breakfast, watched a movie and slept. The loud knock on the door woke me up. I got up to check the unexpected visitor. The demon in my dream stood in front of me after opening the door.

“Rosemary!” I said in amazement. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

She gave me a smile that pissed me off, a smile that could make me smack her on the head and use cane to whip her flat buttocks. 

“Is this no longer my home?” she asked.

“Of course!” I opened the door very wide for her and her protruding belly to enter. Big shapeless fool was all I could call her inside my mind as she entered. “Please sit down.”

Rosemary sat down and spread her legs wide. “Where is our husband?”

I had to fake a smile that looked like a genuine one. “Our husband went to work, he is not yet back.”

“Oh, okay. What about our children?”

God forbid! My children can never be yours. The devil is surely a big Lair. 

I said. “The kids are still in school. I will be going to pick them up very soon. I go there on time because of the danger of kidnapping and other evil things happening in the country.” I said that to make her know her stay was brief.

“That means I will be leaving soon?”

“Something like that.” I said calmly. I didn’t want to sound rude. “I will go to the school and get something from the market before coming back home.”

And then she said something that gave me stomach ache.

“Can I follow you?”

Was this witch trying to get on my nerves? Well, I remained calmed. I was only going to use wisdom to discharge her from my house. Gosh! Her sight and the way she talked disgusted me.

“It will be unfair for me to allow you follow me and stress yourself. I do not want to harm your baby and seriously you need rest.”

“But I am strong.”

“You are not strong enough when you are carrying another load inside you. I will plan for a day for the both of us to spend time together, maybe on a Saturday.”

“What about spending the weekend here?”

God will punish you. I flashed a wide smile at her, flaunting my teeth.

“That is not a problem.” I said. “I will discuss it with Jude.”

“You don’t need to because I have asked him before. He said if you agree, no problem.”
I was burning inside, God knows if I wasn’t planning to destroy Jude and Rosemary, I would have stamp my feet on her stomach, disfigure her face and poisoned Jude. Have they taken me for a fool? What if I wasn’t pretending? What if I wanted peace? I gave my husband two miles, he wants to forcefully take 10 miles. God punish Rosemary entire generation. God punish Jude Lawson for his betrayal. I just wanted him to come and tell me the loan has been accepted.

“That won’t be a problem, I will contact you when I am ready.”

“Please do that before next month,” she said. “I want to spend some time with you.”

Was this rat thinking straight? Spend some time with me? Na me f**k you?
“Okay no problem.” I said. She did not want to tell me she was traveling out of the country to give birth to her premature child next month. Thank God for my brother for letting me know about it.

I checked the time on the wall clock, I frowned because there was still time to stay at home. I rose up. “What can I offer you to drink?”

“Is there something to eat?” she asked and smiled at me. “You know pregnant women are always hungry.”
Was I the one that impregnated you? I asked myself silently. “There is food.” I replied. “Give me few minutes, let me make it hot for you.”

“What do you have?” she asked.

“It’s Rice and chicken stew.” I replied.

Rosemary scratched her head. “Don’t you have Beans and bread. That is what I feel like eating.”

Was this woman going mad in my house? A beggar with an annoying choice of food. Poverty can never change some people. It is already embedded inside their blood.

“I have raw beans at home and it will take time to prepare.”

“Okay. I will try and eat the rice.”

Try and eat my food? I hope she won’t waste what I took my time to prepare. I left and went to the kitchen. Since I already knew she was likely not to finish the food, I dished out some portion of the stew from the fridge and added, excess curry and thyme, and pepper. I made it hot for her and set the plates on the dining table.  I did not need to tell her it was ready, she was up on her feet coming towards me. She sat down, took her spoon and ate from it. 

Rosemary coughed instantly.

“Sorry.” I said. “I hope you like the food.”

She cleared her throat audibly and opened her mouth for air to enter.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Pepper and the spices. I don’t think I can eat this food.”

“But that is what we ate. The pepper and spices are not too much.”

“Thank you Modupe,” she said and stood up. “I think I should be going home.”

“But there is still time for us to spend together.” I said in a concerned tone.

“I know. Let me go home and cook what I want.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, remember I will be spending the next weekend here.”

She has already concluded on her own. I wish her nothing but misfortune. 

“Okay Rosemary, let me walk you to the door." She walked to the living room, carried her purse. I carried back the plates to the kitchen and joined her. I escorted her outside my home to find a taxi for her. We saw one, negotiated the fare and she went away. I stood, waiting for the vehicle to leave my street. 

“Lazy dirty cunt!” I uttered and dashed inside.

At 1:30am, I drove to pick my children back home, ate lunch and waited for Jude to come back home. He came back at 6:30pm. I allowed him to take his bath, eat dinner and watched his favorite tv show.
After I took my children to their room, I went to sit beside him in the living room to ask about the loan.

“They have not approved it.” He said.

My heart sank. “Oh no.” He noticed the dull expression on my face. 

“They can’t give me the loan just like that,” he said. “But that does not mean it won’t be approved.”

“Are you sure the loan will be given to you?”

“Yes and with my connection it will be approved and given to me very soon.”

“How long will it take?”

“A week or two, it depends on how I follow it up.”

I wanted to get the loan as soon as possible. I was getting tired of seeing his face and living with him.
I begged him to try and put more effort so that I can go on with the project. He promised to work on it.
For the past two days, I was sober because what I wanted was not with me. On Thursday evening Jude came back from work with a cheerful facial expression. He gave me some documents to look at and I screamed out of joy. 

The loan has been approved! You should have seen the way I danced. I have never danced like that before.  My heart was filled with joy! I gave him a big kiss and prayed for him. As I prayed, I was swearing at him inside my heart.

The money was going to be forwarded to his account on Monday. I acted very patient but in my mind I wanted it immediately. The next morning, on Friday, before Jude went to work, I spoke to him about the children.
“Why didn’t you tell me on time about the children spending their holidays in the UK?” he asked. “Why are you telling me now?”

I lied they were going to the United Kingdom, I didn’t want him to know it was United states of America. “I am sorry for keeping it from you but can they go?”

“Of course they can but we have to go and see them after two weeks.”

“No problem honey.” I said like a good wife. “There is another thing I want to suggest.”

“What is it?” he asked. “I hope there is no problem?”

“Not at all, I only want you to spend the weekend at Rosemary’s place."

Jude widened his eyes. I guessed he was shocked to his bones. “Why?”

“She wants to come here for the weekend and the kids will be around while I prepare them for their travelling. I want her to come but the children will be confused about her presence here. I do not want to give them a bad impression and they are still little to understand what is going on between you, Rosemary and I.”

He smiled at me. “I am very lucky to have you. You are right but I do not need to stay in her house for the weekend.” 

I hugged him. “She needs you Jude, remember she is heavy now. The father of her baby needs to stay by her side.”

“Thank you for your care. You are a wonderful wife.”

“And you are a wonderful husband.”

I have already packed few of his things and put them in his car. He promised to call me often as he was going to spend his weekend with another woman.
I am dangerous. Why? Because I am Angry.

The weekend was smooth for me. Tunde came over and we ate and drank some alcoholic wine. It was fun to have a sibling ready to do anything for you just to make you happy. Tunde rocks! I told him I will contact him when to send the nudes. Before he left, I parked all my children’s clothes, toys and my outing clothes in my wardrobe and gave them to him to keep for me in his house.

On Sunday, I took Sarah and Sebastian to their grandfather’s house. They were travelling on Tuesday.
Jude, the human without a complete brain arrived home on Monday evening. He asked after the kids and I told him they have travelled already. I did not want him to know they were still around.

“When will I talk to them?” He asked.

“When they have settled.  You will speak to them next weekend.”

“But that is too long to wait. How did you know they have arrived Uk?”

“My mother called me immediately they arrived there with a pay phone.”

‘I need to talk to Sarah and Sebastian as soon as possible.”

“You will dear.”

“The money has been transferred to my account,” he said. “I will do the necessary procedures and transfer the money to your account tomorrow.”

“Thank you dear.”

“I want the hotel project to be a success. We can never suffer.”

“Of course.”

“Remember I used this house and the one I am building as collaterals?”

“Yes I know and I am grateful.” I said. “Have you decided a name for the hotel?”

“Jude Law Suites.” He said and smile widely. “It sounds foreign right?”

Foreign indeed. You sound meaningless. Selfish ingrate! Gold digger!!

“It is perfect my love.” I said.

I followed him to his room to help him undress. When I was about to leave, he grabbed me by my waist and turned me to face him. He kissed my lips but I pushed him away.

“What is the meaning of this Modupe?!”

“I am still sick!”

“I don’t care whether you are sick or not, I want to make love to my wife!”

“Please give me a week to be myself.”

“No! I want you now!”

I knew he had been patient enough. Which man will allow his wife deny him of her body for weeks just because of a sickness that is not deadly. I vowed never to sleep with him but tonight, I was having a rethink. I did not want sex to destroy the plans I had. If I deny him my body, only God knows if he will give me the money. I, Modupe Lawson had to sleep with the man I love to hate.

I felt dirty after the intercourse with him. I slept off and woke up the next day to tidy up the house, prepare Jude for work. He left while I waited for an alert. At 12pm, I heard my phone beep, I ran to check it only for me to see it was a message from MTN. I hissed aloud and went back to sit down to watch a wrestling match. I heard another beep after few minutes but I ignored it. My phone began to ring and I went to pick it up.

It was Jude calling, asking me if I had seen the alert. I said no but he was convinced I must have gotten it. I told him to call me back later for me to check my phone. Behold! An alert of the money. I turned on sound city channel and I danced to the song Shoki and Skelewu. I was the happiest woman on earth. My mother also called to let me know their flight to the US was successful. I quickly took a taxi to go see my lawyer to discuss about divorcing Jude. I told him to prepare the necessary documents and send them to Jude the next Monday. I called Jude to thank him. When he came back, I thanked him again and again until he fell asleep.
Wednesday morning, after Jude left for work, I called Tunde to bring his car to carry my remaining clothes, shoes, and bags. All my necessary belongings went into his vehicle and mine.

“Aunty,” the gateman said my name. “You dey travel?”

“No,” I replied. “I am taking my clothes to the dry cleaner.”

“Okay ma.”

We drove away to his house, we off loaded my things and took my car to a car dealer to sell. I sold it for a ridiculous amount. At 2pm, My partner in crime, Tunde followed me my bank to ask how I can split and transferred the money into a foreign account. I was told the procedure will take few days  to process. I gave Tunde ten million naira for his hard work. I also gave him back the documents for the land.

I went home to rest. Jude came in few minutes after I arrived. I continued to behave like a dutiful wife.

“Where is your car?” he asked.

“It has a little fault,” I lied proudly. “I took it to the mechanic to repair.”

“I have told you we are supposed to have more than two cars in this house but you refused. What will you be using now?”

“I will find another alternative.” I said. “Don’t worry yourself.”

“When will the project start?” he asked. “When are we going to the site?”

“Next week.”

“Have you contacted an architect for the job?” he asked.

“Yes, I will be seeing him on Saturday.”

“Good, I will also like to see him too.” He said.

“No problem.”

After that, I complained of headache and used it as an escape to go and sleep. The following day, I waited for him to go to work. I went to see my lawyer to sign my side of the divorce papers. I left to Rosemary’s house to give her the bomb I have prepared for her. I told the taxi man that brought me to wait for me. I was ready to pay him double. He agreed and Rosemary welcomed me and I insisted we sit down outside to talk. Her hungry looking mother brought two plastic chairs for us to sit. She offered me water but I declined. I was not there for that.

“I know you are travelling outside the country to give birth.” I said in a serious tone.

She stared at me surprised. “Jude told you?”

“No, but I know. For your information it will be cancelled.”

‘What!” she exclaimed. “What does that mean?”

“It means you will no longer be in Jude’s life as from today.”

She rose up angrily. Her eyes were red. “Are you threatening me?”

I rose up on my feet. “You are too little for me to threaten.”

“What is the meaning of this Modupe?” 

I landed her with a hot slap. She stood aback and raised her chair to hit me. I quickly stopped her.

“Call my name with respect! I know Jude is not the biologically father of your bastard unborn baby!”

Rosemary glared me flabbergasted with my words. She could not say anything but look into my eyes. She was scared. 

“You are nothing but a paper in my hand." I said to her. "I will squeeze you with my bare hands.”

“Jude is the father!” she yelled. Her mother and brother came out to check why she shouted.

“I have not told Jude about what I found but I will. If you think Jude is the father, no problem. There will be a DNA test after the birth of your child.”

“What is a DNA test?” she asked solemnly.

“I almost forgot you are an illiterate.” I said and explained what it meant.

Rosemary, her mother and brother fell on their knees holding my legs. They knew it was the end of the road, world for them. Oh, they knew wealth was running away from them. Daft people!

Rosemary was crying, begging me like a little kid. I was laughing hard, enjoying myself. 

“I told you Rosemary, that you would crawl and beg me.”

“I will do anything you want, please forgive me. Don’t tell Jude he is not the father of my baby.” She said repeatedly. I was not ready to hear more of her pleads. I removed their hands from my legs and screamed for the driver to hear me. The driver ran to check on me and freed me from their filthy hands. Before we knew it, Rosemary was screaming in pains, did I feel pity for her? No. Don’t call me heartless. When my husband was penetrating her, did she have sympathy for me? Hell, no!

Her scream was getting louder and I felt she was going into an unplanned labor. She was not due yet but I guess the trauma caused it. I did not allow my taxi man take him, I told him we should leave immediately. I called JJude to come home, that something terrible had happened. He rushed and I pressed play with my phone. Rosemary never knew I was recording our conversation with my handset. 

Jude stared at me dumbfounded. He was pleading with me to tell him it wasn’t true.

“It is true!!” I uttered and left him as he sank into one of the sofas in the living room. I’m sure he felt used. Jude switched off his phones after calls from Rosemary’s mother. He could not eat dinner. The next day, Friday I begged Jude to borrow me his car to take to the market for food stuffs. He agreed and apologized for what he said to me in the past because of Rosemary. Trust me, I told him I had forgiven him long time ago. He took a cab and left for work. I drove to the bank and the money was wired into my foreign account. I called Tunde to book a flight ticket for me and wait at the airport. I will be joining him there. I 
went back home and wrote a short note for Jude.

With joy in my heart, I am writing to inform you I am no longer interested to be your wife. Divorce papers will be on your desk on Monday. I wish you nothing but heartache, trauma, misery and sickness all the days of your dejected life. Have fun leaving homeless. The houses will no longer be yours. Goodbye.’

I parked his car in the compound, carried a pestle and smashed all the windows, used nail to write the word ASSHOLE on his car. I was very contented! The gateman could not do anything but watch me like an action movie. 

I took a taxi to the airport, met and hugged Tunde. He used his phone and sent my soon to be ex husband nudes to his contacts in his email. I was going to miss my brother. He gave me my flight ticket and that was when it dawn on me, I was never going to see Jude again. The man I loved at the beginning and hated at the end. Tunde wished me good luck and told me not to bother if Jude comes to ask of me. There was never a written agreement about the money yet. I can tell the world he gave me the money out of love, he gave me the money to take care of his children. Jude collected the loan in his name and he will suffer because of that. I am wondering what he is going through when he finds the note and realize his world has fallen apart. Only God knows the suffering Rosemary has placed upon her child.

Will Jude commit suicide? I think yes! Will Rosemary swim in poverty? I think yes!

I am thrilled, grinning inside the plane. My plans worked and an award should be given to me. Don’t judge me for what I have done. This is a lesson to men who think they can get away with cheating. I did not have to cheat on Jude for revenge. My name is Modupe. I hope you won’t forget me? I hope you loved my story. I remain Modupe Lawson until I know the divorce papers have been signed. I remain the Unforgivable Housewife!!!
The End.
Thank you for loving this story. I do not know what I will be posting every Monday yet. It could be a short story or another one like this. It could be erotica, horror or any other genre. Whatever enters my head, I will write and post. Thank you dearies.  CHOP KISS “Muah!!!!


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  9. Lovely story. I enjoyed every bit of it. Good work Carina.

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